[Top 10] League of Legends Best 1v1 Champs

lol Best 1v1 Champs

While you were playing League, you must have come across some toxic player. Have you ever wanted to just crush that annoying player? Putting them to their place with a good fight? But do you lack the knowledge of which champ would be best for a skirmish?

Here's a list of champions which you can select the best 1v1 champs in the game, fitting for almost all of the fights.

10. Fizz

Our friend here can be a real pain on your back. Fizz is a highly mobile champion where it is hard to pin down, can easily escape from grasp and can easily pin you down.

Why Fizz is awesome for 1v1: At the start of the fight, he can slow the enemy with his ultimate, while slowed can deal tremendous damage with his skills and after a while his ultimate also damages the enemy. With his e, he can easily escape from enemy's skills by becoming untargetable.

  • Burst AP damage with his skills
  • Can't be targeted with his E (easy to engage and leave a fight)
  • His slow with his ultimate makes it harder to dodge his skills
  • His Q is a good engager and a gap closer skill.

9. Kha'Zix

Kha'Zix is a solid choice in a 1v1 situation. It has two passives that favor alone targets. One grants extra effects on its basic attacks, the other gives additional effects to its skills.

Why Kha'Zix is awesome for 1v1: Kha'Zix can easily wreak havoc amidst the enemy team in a fight. Entering and leaving is very easy with its E. Its ultimate lets him evolve his skills every time a point is allocated to it, making his E skills nonexistent with an assist or a kill, making its W a cone AoE with a slow and making its Q gain a range. You can also evolve its ultimate, making Kha'Zix able to be invisible a total of 3 times for a duration of 2 seconds each.

  • Best passive for a 1v1 situation
  • Burst damage with Q
  • Can easily enter and assassinate the enemy ADC with ultimate, especially so if they are Isolated

8. Vayne

Vayne is a super carry. Meaning she is really hard to stop in the late game. But if the game goes on for that long, that is. Other than that, she heavily relies on the snowball effect.

Why Vayne is awesome for 1v1: Her Q makes dodging skill pretty easy while giving her a bonus physical damage based on her AD. Her W is a passive skill that makes Vayne's third basic attack deal bonus true damage based on the targets Max. HP. Her E also applies stacks to her W while pushing the target away from her, if the target hits a wall they are also stunned for 1.5 seconds. Her ultimate giver her bonus AD and enables her Q to have a lower cooldown while making her invisible for a duration after using it.

  • Bonus true damage, basically a tank destroyer
  • Easy to carry the team at the late game period.
  • Her passive makes her run to the visible enemies faster.
  • A good CC

7. Renekton

Renekton specializes at diving the enemy team and singling out the priority targets. His 'Fury' gives him additional effects to his skills while dealing extra damage.

Why Renekton is awesome for 1v1: Renekton can tank and deal damage at the same time. His Q heals him as well as deal damage, meaning he can stay longer in a fight and his passive makes this healing stronger. His W stuns the enemy, giving more time to punish and his E is the perfect gap closer. And if he hits an enemy with E, he can cast it again and dash for a second time. Finally, his ultimate give him more HP and deal magical damage around him for a duration while giving him a range.

  • Burst damage with full fury Q
  • High damage and stun with W
  • Easy to engage and disengage with E
  • Bonus Hp and range with a radius of magical damage with ultimate

6. Kled

Kled is… a different kind of champion in the game. Years of battle left him a little bit unstable. Accompanied by his not so trusted steed, Skaarl, Kled charges to battle.

Why Kled is awesome for 1v1: Kled has a big health pool, he shares HP with Skaarl, making him hard to kill. Though, Skaarl flees after its HP is reduced to 0, leaving Kled by himself. He has 2 sets of skills while mounted and dismounted, making his playstyle vary by a tiny bit. Another reason to pick Kled: he is the only character that openly curses in the game.

  • High HP with Skaarl
  • CC skills with damage
  • Easy engage with E and ultimate
  • Invulnerability while dismounting Skaarl

5. Yorick

Yorick can take a punishment while dealing damage. His mist walkers annoy the enemy while he safely pushes the lane all the while he traps the enemy.

Why Yorick is awesome for 1v1: Every time he kills something with his Q, he leaves a grave where he can summon mist walkers. These mist walkers help him push the lane and if Yorick enters a fight, these walkers help him deal with the enemy. His W can trap enemies after a second, while enabling allies to pass through the obstruction he made. His E deals damage and marks the enemy,  making his summoned creatures dash towards them. His ultimate summons a more powerful creature to help him in both battle and lane pushing.

  • High damage with ghouls
  • High HP recovery with ultimate
  • Mobility restrain with E, combo with W after
  • Good lane push

4. Irelia

As a blade dancer, Irelia jumps around the battlefield while damaging her enemies. Her skills helps her control the battlefield while dealing tremendous damage. Her controlling skills makes her prowess more dazzling.

Why Irelia is awesome for 1v1: Her passive makes her attack speed increase with every ability hit. This stacks up to 6 times and at full stacks her basic attacks also deal bonus magic damage. Her Q makes her jump to enemies, refreshing the cooldown with a kill, be it a minion or an enemy champion.  Her W reduces incoming physical damage and her E stuns enemies in a line between two points. Her ultimate is the real deal though, as she launches her blades to the enemies, creating a spade shaped area while dealing damage. If enemies exit this area they are disarmed, meaning they can't use their basic attacks for a while.

  • High mobility
  • High burst with Q
  • High area CC with E and ultimate

3. Diana

Diana is an assassin mage, she can easily engage her enemy and make them hurt all over the place. Her basic attacks deal extra damage and her skills complement each other well. Overall she is a nightmare to her enemies.

Why Diana is awesome for 1v1: Her basic attacks deal extra magic damage to an area in front of her while restoring her mana. Her Q travels in an arc, damaging enemies and marking them, giving sight of them for a duration. If she uses her ultimate on a marked enemy, all of the marks expire and she dashed to the target without suffering a cooldown for the ultimate. Her W gives her a shield and 3 orbs orbit around her, bursting and dealing damage. If all of the orbs explode, the shield is reapplied to her with a renewed duration. She can essentially have double shields with this skill. And her E is a small AoE around her, pulling enemies to her while revealing them and slowing them.

  • High burst damage
  • Can engage multiple enemies and make them suffer
  • Her W shield scales with her AP
  • She can easily give pursuit

2. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is an unstoppable beast. His skills give him extra shield and he can even heal himself, staying in battle for a long time. He was good before his rework and he is better after the rework.

Why is Mordekaiser awesome for 1v1: With his new ultimate, he is the 1v1 champion, dragging his enemy to another dimension to fight while applying a huge debuff on them, stealing their stats for himself. His Q deals damage in an area but it deals extra damage to a singular target. His passive makes him deal extra damage with his basic attacks and stacks to 3 times. After full stacks, deals extra damage to the area around him for a duration, while refreshing the duration with every hit to the enemy champion or hitting a large monster. His E gives him magic pen. passively and his W stocks the damage he is dealt as a shield, healing him after casting.

  • High damage and magic penetration
  • A defensive shield with every hit taken and self heal
  • Area DoT around him
  • Literal 1v1 ultimate, stealing the enemy's stats until he respawns if he kills them.

1. Jax

With his street lamp, Jax decimates his opponents while searching for a worthy opponent. His skills with weapons make him hard to hit as he makes his way through the ranks of his enemies.

Why Jax is awesome for 1v1: As long as he attacks with his basic attack, he gains a stacking attack speed buff. He can jump to an enemy or friend, damaging the target if enemy, with his Q. His W makes his next basic attack or Q more powerful, dealing additional magic damage and his E gives him 'Evasion', making enemies miss him with basic attacks and he takes reduced damage from AoE skills. He can activate it again to end this state early or can wait it out, either way, he stuns enemies around him after he leaves the 'Evasion' state ends. His ultimate passively empowers his basic attacks, dealing extra damage with every third, every second if Guinsoo is fully stacked, and if activated, he receives bonus armor and MR for a duration.

  • Extreme attack speed
  • Tremendous damage
  • Armor and MR for a long while
  • Hybrid damage with skills (Q -> AD | W -> AP | E -> AD)

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