[Top 10] LOL Best Mobility Champions That Wreck Hard!

Best Mobility Champions, Mobile Champions League of Legends, LoL
League of Legends Champions are becoming more and more popular on the rift

Mobility is something we are seeing more and more on the rift!

Recent champions in League of Legends have become more and more mobile as Riot grows more creative with their newest champion concepts.  

While some champions like Hecarim, Rammus, Talon and Taliyah are some of the most mobile in the game in terms of getting across the map, they don’t feature on this list as we are looking at mobility during fights on the rift.

Mobility has such potential for great game plays on the rift, while also being insanely fun to play. Combining mobility items with these abilities can cause you to wreck the rift harder than before!

10. Irelia

FAKER PERFECT GAME WITH IRELIA! - T1 Faker Plays Irelia Mid vs Galio! | KR SoloQ Patch 10.19

While Irelia only has one ability that increases her mobility, don’t count her out yet. Using her Q Bladesurge to farm allows Irelia to rack up the gold quickly, and when she has her full build with attack speed items such as Blade of the Ruined King, she is a terror on the rift. 

Irelia can be used with this one mobility ability to chase down enemies, score the multikills and if you’re lucky, score yourself a pentakill.

Why Irelia has great mobility:

  • Q Bladesurge: Irelia can dash forward and attack her target while healing herself. If the target dies, the cooldown on Bladesurge is refreshed. It can be used on minions and champions alike.

9. Rengar


There is a reason why some players refer to Rengar as a “Scary Kitty”. His ability to jump out of the bush and attack is enough to give you a jumpscare, while also killing your squishy champs. 

If Rengar builds mobile items such as Youmuu’s Ghostblade, especially for its active ability, you’ll know fear on the rift.

Why Rengar has great mobility:

  • Passive Unseen Predator: Rengar when hidden in the bush gains the ability to leap on a target. This ability is very useful when playing Rengar Jungle.
  • R Thrill of the Hunt: With increased movement speed and camouflage, Rengar can quickly catch up on a target and secure the kill.

8. Kayn


If you are familiar with Kayn, you know that he is able to choose between two paths: Shadow Assassin Kayn and Rhaast. The former is best used when the enemy team is squishy and you need to channel the assassin, while the latter is anti-tank. 

It is the Shadow Assassin Kayn that we are talking about when we say Kayn has mobility.

Why Kayn has great mobility:

  • Q Reaping Slash: Dash
  • E Shadow Step: Kayn has the ability to walk through walls, allowing him to move across the map at much quicker speeds.
  • R Umbral Trespass: While the ability is not mobility based, it works well with Kayn’s mobility abilities as he can hide in the enemy’s body and when he secures the kill, he can use his E to get away.

7. Rakan

RAKAN DISGUSTING MOBILITY..!! - New Rakan Support Gameplay - League of Legends

One half of the Xayah-Rakan combo, Rakan is a highly mobile support champion. He is able to help his allies through his mobility. Often his mobility is heightened by buying items such as Mobility Boots or Shurelya’s Battlesong. Due to his mobility, he has been seen in different roles on the rift, however, never in the meta of the game.

Why Rakan has great mobility:

  • W Grand Entrance: Rakan can dash to an area and knock up any enemies in that area.
  • E Battle Dance: Using this ability to shield an ally, Rakan flies to that champion and gains the ability to recast it once more.
  • R The Quickness: Rakan gains huge movement speed as he charms and deals magic damage to any enemies hit.

6. Katarina


Katarina is a mid laner that makes every Lux main squirm. Her abilities to dash and move around the lane can be very difficult to deal with, especially if you play mage champs

Many players will build items like Lich Bane to increase her movement speed or Nashor’s Tooth to increase her attack speed.

Why Katarina has great mobility:

  • W Preparation: When Kata tosses a dagger in the air, she gains movement speed.
  • E Shunpo: Kata blinks to the target and strikes it. Alternatively, she can use this ability to quickly escape and blink to an ally.

5. Samira

CHALLENGER Samira Guide - Learn How To HARD CARRY w/ Samira In Season 11

Samira is a daredevil character who doesn’t act like a normal marksman as she revels in the up-close fighting. With dashes and a moveable ultimate, Samira is one to be wary of.

Most pick Samira as a choice for the bottom lane while using Immortal Shieldbow as her mythic item.

Why Samira has great mobility:

  • Passive Daredevil Impulse: If any enemies are affected by immobilising effects when Samira attacks them, she will dash to her attack range.
  • E Wild Rush: Samira dashes through enemies and structures, gaining attack speed. If she kills an enemy, the ability is refreshed.
  • R Inferno Trigger: Samira’s ultimate allows her to shoot all enemies around her. It is very similar to Katarina’s ultimate, however, Samira can move during hers.

4. Akali


Akali is a pain to play against especially if you are playing a champion with a lot of skill shots. She’s fast, hard to hit and a damage dealer. A real pain.

Items such as Lich Bane help increase Akali’s movement speed.

Why Akali has great mobility:

  • W Twilight Shroud: Akali throws down some smoke, gains invisibility when in the cloud and gains some movement speed. 
  • E Shuriken Flip: Akali does a backflip and throws a shuriken forward. If she hits an enemy with this ability, she can recast it to dash to the marked enemy.
  • R Perfect Execution: Akali performs a leap, damaging any enemies she hits. When she recasts the ability, she dashes in a direction and executes all enemies she strikes.

3. Pyke


Pyke is one of the most mobile support champions in the game. He can use his mobility in a multitude of ways that allow him to close the gap, stun and assist with team fights and kills.

If you’ve played against a Pyke as a squishy champion, you’ll know the fear his mobility causes, especially if his build maximises the mobility aspects of his kit (such as Youmuu’s Ghostblade).

Why Pyke has great mobility:

  • W Ghostwater Dive: Pyke camouflages himself, greatly increasing his movement speed and activating his passive allowing him to regenerate health.
  • E Phantom Undertow: Pyke dashes leaving behind a shadow of himself that eventually catches up with him. When it does, it stuns any enemies it passes through.
  • R Death from Below: While his ultimate isn’t the most mobile, Pyke blinks to a location to execute his enemies.

2. Camille

Faker Destroying With Camille Mid! - T1 Faker Plays Camille vs Qiyana Mid! | KR SoloQ Patch 10.16

The Steel Shadow is a fantastic top laner with great mobility. Camille has the ability to move across the map quickly due to her abilities. Yet they also help her in combat.

Often, Camille is coupled with the item Death’s Dance which givesCamille  bonus movement speed when she gets champion takedowns.

Why Camille has great mobility:

  • Q Precision Protocol: Camille’s next attack deals damage and grants her movement speed.
  • E Hookshot: Camille pulls herself to a terrain, leaps off said terrain and knocks up any enemy champions on her landing. She can use this ability to scale around the map very quickly.
  • R The Hextech Ultimatum: Camille uses a dash to get to her target champion, forcing them to stay in the area as she deals bonus magic damage with her basic attacks.

1. Akshan

Akshan full gameplay - infinite stealth, mobility resets and team revives

Is it any surprise that the newest champion (at the time of writing) is the most mobile in the game? Recently Riot have been laser focused on making mobile champs that can create fun and dynamic plays on the rift.

Akshan’s kit is extremely mobile. If the build focuses on mobility, Akshan can be extremely difficult to deal with.

Why Akshan has great mobility:

  • Passive Dirty Fighting: When Akshan attacks an enemy, he fires an additional attack with reduced damage, however if he cancels this attack, he gains movement speed.
  • W Going Rogue: When Akshan activates this ability, he gains movement speed as he enters camouflage when moving towards marked enemies known as Scoundrels. However, he needs to stay in the brush or near terrain to maintain his camouflage.
  • E Heroic Swing: Akshan fires his grappling hook into terrain. Then he swings around it in an arc while firing at the nearest enemy.
  • R Comeuppance: This ability is similar to a mobile version of Caitlyn’s ultimate. Akshan locks onto a target and charges up bullets. He then releases the bullets and deals damage to the first champion, minion or structure. This ultimate works well with his other mobile abilities.

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