[Top 10] LOL Best Backdoor Champions

 LOL Best Backdoor Champions
“Winning, at any cost, remains a victory. Don't worry about the rules, make the rules! "

Hey, guys, all good? Frankenstein here in the area bringing more news to you, about League of Legends, and this time it will be about an insane top 10 of the best champions who make the famous “Backdoor”.

"Backdoor" for those of you who are new here, is the famous game that is won by destroying the enemy Nexus alone. That is, when you are in an intense game, where the opposing team is decimating your team and you have no chance of winning the game, but there are champions on your team that destroy structures very quickly.

So, while the enemy team is focused on scoring kills or giving "pickoffs" to your allies, you are playing alone and hiding, preparing to try to guarantee victory on your own.

In short, you win the game alone, while the opposing team focuses on other problems. Come enjoy and analyze the article!

Let 's go!


10- Shaco

“How about a magic trick? I am not responsible if you die for that!”

About Shaco:

Shaco is one of the most complicated characters to play in the jungle, especially for his skill kit, cooldown, damage building and efficient ganks.

Depending on the build you are going to do, shaco can be an extremely irritating champion, doing an excellent “split push”, escaping quite efficiently if necessary, destroying structures with his demonic toy boxes and his ultimate skill.

What makes Shaco so good for Backdoor? 

  • Invisibility.
  • This is one of the main reasons why Shaco is a good backdoor champion. If by chance he doesn't have a teleport, his stealth is essential so that he can go through strategic locations and thus perform the backdoor.

Prevalence of Shaco in Backdoors: 85/100

Insane Shaco backdoor


9- Tryndamere

“It is impossible for you to control my ultimate, hatred, destruction, everything reigns in me!”

About Tryndamere:

Tryndamere is brutality in person. This character has the intention of hatred, strength and mainly chaos.

This champion is very difficult to play, although many think it is easy or even "mono finger".

To play with Trynda, you have to keep in mind the champion's gameplay, the right time to use the ultimate and the build you are going to build.

What makes Trynda so good for Backdoor? 

  • Invincibility, mobility and damage.
  • These are the three categories of the Tryndamere complex.
  • When the game is long overdue, and basically all characters full builds, Tryndamere has to get in on the action with his insane "split push", his well-used teleportation, and it looks like no, but he should stay away from battles.
  • Trynda makes a very efficient backdoor.

Prevalence of Tryndamere in Backdoors: 89/10



8- Master Yi

“My blade not only cuts, it disembowels you!”

About Master Yi:

Master Yi is a champion adored by many and hated by many others as well. Yi presents a very interesting kit, with a complex damage, double damage, super resistance, mobility and even an extremely powerful "late game" character.

This champion is used a lot on the Jungle route, making damage if he makes ganks efficiently and gets good kills.

What makes Master Yi so good for Backdoor? 

  • Movement speed and attack speed..
  • Master Yi is an excellent champion in the "late game", either for his insane ability to burst his enemies, or for his extreme efficiency in destroying the tower.
  • As Yi usually does not present teleportation in his game, he has to basically focus on his movement speed, this issue being solved with Flash or Ghost.
  • If master Yi touches a structure, make sure that depending on the build he is in, this structure will be decimated without much effort.
  • A well-played Master Yi, with a good build and good movements, manages to make an excellent backdoor in complex matches.

Prevalence of Master Yi in Backdoors: 92/100

Backdoor Master Yi - League of Legends


7- Nasus

“How many stacks does it take to farm a tow?”

About Nasus:

Nasus is an excellent champion on the top route. He is extremely complete, strong, with a good skill kit and with good stamina.

Nasus generally uses teleportation and ghost.

The person who plays with Nasus has to basically focus on farming minions, jungle monsters, champions and everything in between. The more you farm, Nasus gets your Q more powerful, always causing more damage.

This is fundamental in the destruction of structures.

What makes Nasus so good for Backdoor? 

  • Nasus is a well-suited champion to perform the backdoor. He enters position 7 here because he is a very strong champion and at the same time a tank.
  • Nasus' focus on the backdoor is due to its high damage with its "Q" and its equipment tank kit.
  • Imagine Nasus with a good stack in his "Q", in a difficult match of 40 minutes or more, where any "pick off" can decide the game? Well, the focus will always be on the backdoor and Nasus does it with mastery.

Prevalence of Nasus in Backdoors: 94/100




6- Fiora

“How many stacks does it take to farm a tow?”

About Fiora:

Fiora enters our Top 6 with mastery.

This character is a champion who has a peculiar ability which is his "Parry" and his ultimate.

It features a very complete equipment kit, a very interesting skill combo and a facility to pull routes very quickly.

Fiora comes with real potential here on our list.

What makes Fiora so good for Backdoor?

  • Any character can do backdoor, everything will depend on the game, the moment of the game, the available skills and the spells.
  • Fiora is a character who manages to be very resistant, has an excellent theft of life and does very high damage.
  • For these and other reasons, Fiora together with his teleportation or his insane and fast "split push", manages to make a drastic backdoor with intense destruction of structures and, next to them, of his enemies.

Prevalence of Fiora in Backdoors: 95/100

INSANE Hard Carry Fiora Backdoor



5- Jax

“Murder always serves to solve things!”

About Jax:

Jax is an intensely insane champion. This character is constantly banned in ranked ranks and in some cases in the competitive scenario.

Jax has a complete kit of strength, protection, escape, "split push".

This champion is used on the top route, but can be played as a jungler as well.

Jax enters our top 5 here as an exceptional champion, including for the backdoor.

What makes Jax so good for Backdoor?

  • Jax has a really interesting combo of gear and spins. This champion has incredible route cleanliness, an extremely low cooldown of skills and a great 1 to 1 exchange power.
  • Jax, usually at the top, uses the teleportation spell, and that basically says it all in terms of his backdoor playing style.
  • Sometimes this champion alone already dominates the entire game alone, but when he is very focused and ends up not having a good performance, he has other cards up his sleeve, like trying to make the famous backdoor.

Prevalence of Jax in Backdoors: 96/100

Jax Backdoor




4- Kled

“Blood, blood, blood!”

About Kled:

Kled enters our top 4 here as a very interesting and curious champion. This champion is very complex to play, but if you do it well, he is unlikely to encounter problems on a route, or ganks or group battles.

An important point of Kled is its power to clear routes and to have two types of skill bars, which confuses its enemies a lot.

Kled has a very peculiar item kit, along with his skills.

What makes Kled so good for Backdoor?

  • Kled has a very interesting ultimate, which he advances with extreme speed for a course and shortly after applies a charge. Kled is usually played on the top route, along with teleportation and flash, being very interesting in terms of backdoor.
  • The cleaning of routes is very good, it has a very safe range of equipment and if the game is very complicated, it still has its teleportation and ultimately is able to travel a very fast path to the enemy Nexus.

Prevalence of Kled in Backdoors: 97/100

Kled backdoor!

3- Camille

“How many times will I have to cut you off so you can learn who's boss here?”

About Camille:

Here in our top 3 comes the most different champion in LoL, who is also used on the top route or in the jungle, Camille.

Camilla joins this list because she is an extremely versatile champion. Her combo of skills, movement speed, her complex and unique gameplay are factors that influence how strong this champion is.

Winning from the backdoor is a type of victory that you feel a huge explosion of personal events, however, when you are with complex and well-structured champions like Camille, in a game that is theoretically lost, you feel like the most important person in the game.

What makes Camille so good for Backdoor?

  • Camille has come as a complex game style since the beginning of the game.
  • As bad as the game is, a well-made and well-equipped Camille makes all the difference.
  • Being a champion that is usually used on the top route, her teleport helps a lot in the champion's mobility.
  • Her ultimate creates a barrier where she pushes her enemies away, causing her to battle only with one enemy and driving out the others.
  • This is very interesting, because when you are in front of the Nexus, you will need to get rid of as much damage as you can, to bring glory to your team.

Prevalence of Camille in Backdoors: 98/100

Camille Backdoor



2- Udyr

“How many times will I have to cut you off so you can learn who's boss here?”

About Udyr:

Udyr is another extremely complicated character to play. He enters our Top 2 here for his game complexity.

This character can be used in Jungle or the Top route, varying from person to person and gameplay.

Usually on the Topo route, it is used with Ghost + teleportation.

In the jungle, ghost or flash is used together with smite.

Udyr is intensely strong, he is very resistant, he has an extreme attack speed and a lot of damage power. Its route cleaning is extremely fast.

What makes Udyr so good for Backdoor? 

  • I am absolutely convinced that Udyr is here in the Top 2 because he really deserves it. There are many other champions that could be here, but seeing the character complexity of the last 3 champions, Udyr presents a more complete and stronger kit.
  • This character has the sole purpose of decimating and destroying everything in front of him, be it champions, minions, structures.
  • His combo of skills makes Udyr quite complete, useful and deserving of the Top 2.

Prevalence of Udyr in Backdoors: 99/100

Udyr Backdoor



1- Kassadin

“The emptiness is as cold as the souls that detach themselves from the bodies of the dead.”

About Kassadin:

Kassadin is a very curious character and the fact that he is here in our Top 1, makes reference and respect to our insane player xPeke.

Kassadin has a very difficult kit to play, with a mana control, cooldown of skills and very complex equipment.

Everything in Kassadin is complicated, he is a champion of melee damage, but he has abilities at a distance, he has magic damage and at the same time he does physical damage, it is very complex, but very strong.

Kassadin is incredible.

What makes Kassadin so good for Backdoor?

  • Kassadin has a very peculiar ultimate that makes him teleport through the void and this causes a little damage, in an increasing and constant way, but there is another aspect that is mana, where more and more the ability is used, more mana is going to be spent. This means that you must have control over the champion and his abilities.
  • Kassadin here in our top 1 backdoor, came to stay as an essence, a classic, a very beautiful backdoor that has marked for many years in League of Legends.
  • Making a Kassadin backdoor is extremely complicated, however, it is possible and it is very intense and crazy to see.
  • Kassadin is well deserved here in the Top 1.


Prevalence of Kassadin in Backdoors: 120/100



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