Top 10 Best LoL Champions 2019 (Best LoL Champions Season 9)

best lol champions current patch
Wanna get here? Abuse those champions!

Patch 9.5 is right around the corner! Kayle rework and Morgana's VGU are coming, as well as some nerfs and buffs.

The major buff is coming for Akali, who's been hit hard with the nerf hammer in the last patches. This buff will at least make her viable in mid and top lane.

If you're a meta slave, be prepared, for his is our list of the top 10 most overpowered, unbalanced and annoying champions of this patch!

Top 10 OP LoL champions on Season 9

10. Vladimir

Vlad is getting picked left and right on Korea. The meta shifted in his favor, as he can deal pretty easily with most top laner. Our blood sucker also has a colossal presence in team fights and is really hard to put down.

  • Vlad sustain allows him to play freely in the laning phase. Against champions like Nasus, Riven and Jax, who are doing really well, he can simply farm up and outscale them.
  • Phase rush is Vlad best friend in this patch. This rune allows Vlad to kite his enemies, even in a hard engage.
  • We all know that his W is a pain in the ass. He can avoid a butt load of damage with this spell, which makes him even more difficult to kill.

9. Thresh

I love this green megalomaniac so much! And I'm really happy he's in the tier list, and so should you! He has everything a support can ask for, and even more! The only thing he can't do is make his ADC click on THE LANTERN, GOD DAMNIT!

  • Thresh is a god among supports. He can set up ganks, makes it easier to get his ADC ahead and peel really well.
  • His Q is scary and his presence can make a lot pressure on the laning phase.
  • His lantern is what makes him so perfect. He can set up ganks, fake them for pressure or simply save someone in a bad position.

8. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is your save pick, and will always be. Also, she's really good in the early game and can spike earlier then most ADCs, making her a incredible champion for this early game meta.

  • If you like crits, Caitlyn is your bae. Her IE/Shiv spike is really, really strong in this meta.
  • She has a great laning phase due to her range and tools to disengage in a gank.
  • Caitlyn, as Jinx, is solid at all stages, but she shines brighter in the early game.

7. Kassadin

Remember season 3? When Kassadin got banned on 98% of Worlds games? Yeah, it's almost like that all over again. He has everything to explode someone, get away with it and repeat the processes. If you like 1v9s in the late game, pick him up!

  • Kassadin counters are in a bad shape right now, except for Talon, so make sure to ban his ass out of the game.
  • Our void BOI scales really well. REALLY WELL. He can burst ADCs with ease and will disrupt the enemy backline.
  • His ultimate is broken. A low CD flash that can be used to escape, engage, give chase or simply scare the living hell out of the enemy team ADC.

6. Riven

Everybody hates her, except for those who enjoy playing her. Riven is a rage inducing champion who has a s*** ton of mobility, a ridiculous big shield and a lot of damage. Seeing her above 52% (she has 53,6%) is enough to make me really mad. But that's fine, the nerf hammer will hit her too, sooner or latter.

  • Riven synergies well with Spear of Shoujin, which makes her strong as hell. This items allows her to win almost all trades and turn ganks into to double kills.
  • Many riven counters got nerfed, including Urgot, a champion that could make her life really difficult in all stages of the game.
  • Riven scales really well and can snowball a game easily from the start. As games are more and more lane focused, this benefits Riven a lot.

5. Kayn

The edge is strong in this one. If you like anime, you probably will like Kayn. He can be tanky or do a crap load of damage in his blue form. But everyone knows that blue form is not that great, so stick with Raast and everything will be fine.

  • He does well with new Conqueror, which makes him insane in mid to late game.
  • Against the meta junglers he does incredibly well, as they can't punish him that hard on the early game.
  • He can get his form really quickly now, which takes him out of his weak first form way faster.

4. Zyra

Like plants? Like edginess? Then Zyra is your go to support! She's great, simply as that, and she can do absurds amounts of damage in team fights. Even with nerfs she is still strong in this meta, giving a lot of pressure in the lane.

  • Her ultimate does massive damage in AOE. It can change the tide of a battle and lead her team to victory.
  • Zyra's E is a strong tool for locking down enemies and set up ganks.
  • Her pressure is hard to deal with, and the enemy ADC will always be low if you manage to hit your pokes.

3. Jinx

Everybody most loved psychopath is on the loose! If you're looking for a solid ADC to play on your ranked games, Jinx is your best bet!

  • Jinx has a solid impact in all phases of the game. She can dish out a lot of damage and clean up fights really easy.
  • She has a nice 2/3 items power spike, which makes her stronger then most ADCs in the mid game.
  • Jinx has A LOT of synergy with the current meta supports.

2. Nasus

Our big ol' dog is rampaging on the top lane with 52,9% win rate. Nasus is getting stronger as some of the champions that countered him are being nerf, opening space for him to shine and stack his Q.

  • Nasus received some buffs that made him really strong. His Q hits even harder and he dominates in low ranks.
  • Ignite got nerfed, and this means that a lot of early game champions such as Pantheon and Darius don't have all that murderous potential anymore, leaving Nasus more comfortable in his lane.
  • Nasus mid game spyke doesn't take that long anymore, since his stacks on Q are much easier to get in his current state.

1. Lissandra

I would make a Lissandra x Elsa joke right now, but I'm depressed for having to deal with Lissandra all the time in the mid lane. She's strong AF right now, and if you don't like dealing with broken champions, ban her right now!

  • One rune to rule them all: Aftershock. This makes Lissandra tanky as hell. All she has to do is hit you with her W to proc Aftershock and you won't be able yo damage her.
  • She has high pressure on the lane, and can set up ganks easily, as well as escaping like a boss with her E.
  • Her ultimate can be used to outplay someone or to simply destroy your enemy lanner. Ah, lets not forget that her ultimate HEALS HER. FOR. WAAAAAY. TO. MUCH! *inhales angrily*

And that’s all, folks! This is my tier list to help you climb the ladder and reach your goals. Also, a least tip: Reworked Kayle is awesome, strong and challenging to play, as her early game is really slow, so try a few normal games before jumping into ranked.

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