[Top 15] LoL Best Champions For Every Role

Best LoL champions
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[Top 15] LoL Best Champions For Every Role

Best Top Laners:

15-Garen (Top Lane)

“This kingdom, and its people, have given me everything. What kind of man would I be if I gave any less in return?”

Checkout Garen in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nL01Po0YDA (Daveyx3 Gameplay)

Ever heard of “The Might of Demacia”?

Garen, the proud noble warrior who fights like one of the Dauntless Vanguard he is popular among his fellows and respected well enough by his enemies—not least as a scion of the prestigious Crownguard family, entrusted with defending Demacia and its ideals. Clad in magic-resistant armour and bearing a mighty broadsword, Garen stands ready to confront mages and sorcerers on the field of battle in a veritable whirlwind of righteous steel.

Garen’s Strengths:

  • He executes the kit in an extremely easy way.
  • His passive persistence allows for a lot of leniency when making mistakes.
  • His ultimate ability Demacian Justice is one of the most powerful execution tools in the game.

Garen’s Weaknesses:

  • Garen relies heavily on his Decisive Strike ability or Flash to close the gap.
  • It's important to get a lead in the laning phase, because if you can't outtank or kill your opponents, you might feel pretty useless.
  • A lot of Garen's current counters, such as Kayle, Camille, and Darius are all popular meta picks that might leave Garen vulnerable if you first pick him in a game.

Garen’s Ability:


Garen recovers 1.5-10.1% of max health every 5 seconds (based on level). When Garen takes damage from Epic her monsters, turrets, champions, or is hit by an enemy ability, her tenacity is interrupted for 8 seconds. This is one of Garen's greatest strengths and makes his laning phase very forgiving. You must use health as a resource and regenerate health at will while retreating enemy laners. To keep your passive active, it's very important not to take damage from enemies while laning when you're not trying to trade. Note that AoE (Area of ​​Effect) and DoT (Damage over Time) champions always knock out passives. Prime examples are Teemo/Singed Poison, Darius Breed, and Heimerdinger Turme.


Garen removes all slows and gains 30% bonus movement speed for 1/1.65/2.3/2.95/3.6 seconds. The next melee attack within 4.5 seconds deals 30/60/90/120/150 (+0.5 per attack damage) additional physical damage and silences the target for 1.5 seconds of him. This attack can be a critical hit. This is Garen's only CC, but more importantly it grants movement speed steroids. Always think about why you use Q while laning or split pushing, as wasting it leaves you vulnerable.In most cases, Q is better stored than farmed. You should always use Decisive Strike before using Demacian Justice to prevent enemies from shielding themselves from execution damage.

Garen permanently gains 0.25 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance whenever he kills an enemy unit. Garen's bonus her armor and magic defense increases by 10% when her resistance to defeating an enemy is maxed out. Active:
Garen reduces incoming damage by 30% for 2 / 2.75 / 3.5 / 4.25 / 5 seconds. Additionally, Garen gains 70/95/120/145/170 (+0.2 bonus health) shields and 60% of his tenacity for the first 0.75 seconds of her.

Using W is the only skill expression. Misuse of W can result in unfavorable trades and long CCs. Ideally, you'll want to use this spell while you're trading in lane, looking at incoming CC abilities, or turrets he's tanking shots. Timing turret shots is a bit tricky, so I recommend using the practice tool to practice until you get the timing right.


Garen quickly spins his sword around his body 7 times in 3 seconds (+1 for each +25% attack speed), ignoring unit collisions to 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 (level +0-8.2) depending on (+ 0.32 / 0.34 / 0.36 / 0.38 / 0.4 damage per attack) physical damage to surrounding enemies every turn. This damage is increased by 25% against Garen's closest enemies. Judgment can inflict critical hits and deal 33% bonus his damage. Against non-epic monsters, her total damage is increased by 50%. Enemy champions hit 6 times have their armor reduced by 25% for 6 seconds (hit after the 6th refresh time). Garen can negate Judgment early by reactivating the ability after 1 second, reducing the cooldown for the rest of the spin.

This is Garen's signature ability and is where the phrase "spin and win" comes from. Garen's E is his primary DPS and pushing tool (his 3 points on E allows him to clear waves instantly). This is why anticipating your opponent and using E when trading is so important when looking at his incoming CC abilities. Important spells to remember include Shen's Shadow His Dash, Shion's Decimating His Smash, Darius' App Hend, and Mordekaiser's Death His Grip. Using E to trade on trails can also damage minion waves. So be careful when using E to make sure the lane is in the right place. You can also cancel E early and put it on a lower CD. Reasons for early termination include:
You acted, but the enemy jumped out of range and eliminated all minions. As you gain experience with Garen, there will be more situations where you will need to cancel E early.


Garen gains her target's sight for 1 second, and after a 0.5 second delay, Demacian drops her Justice on them, giving 150/300/450 plus the target's lost health to her target's deals true damage equal to 20/25/30% of This is Garen's most powerful tool and the reason why the kill pressure is so high once you reach level 6. This ability means that in melee range he risks being executed champions with about 30% HP. Demacian Justice's range is about the same as Flash's range. Even if an enemy tries to flash, it will happen as long as you press R and the animation is running.You're targeting the most important enemy instead of using R just because someone is in kill range. Please confirm that. Also, don't use R if the enemy is under resurrection effects such as Chronoshift or Guardian Angel. Also, always keep an eye on shield passives/abilities. There is currently no run meter for Garen, so you'll have to play until you can predict the run range.

Why Garen?!

  • Many people consider Garen to be good just at noob spamming, which is fairly correct, because Garen thrives against lower skill levels.
  • A lot of times, you can laugh as players on a flashy "high skill cap" champion try to "outplay" you, but in reality, they only outplay themselves!

What makes Garen one the best Top Laners:

  • Players in the highest rank brackets are vulnerable to Garen and his simple kit.
  • Garen is really good when flanking the enemy team with his Q and E.
  • If he decides to dive in and disrupt the enemy team, his W tenacity will allow him to escape.

14-Shen (Top Lane)

“The Eye is blind to fear, to hate, to love – to all things that would sway equilibrium.”

Checkout Shen in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2jv6QtaBiw (Daveyx3 Gameplay)

Shen, the eye of twilight, is known as the Kinkou among the secretive and lonian warriors. He longs to remain free from the confusion of emotion, prejudice, and ego, and walks the unseen path of dispassionate judgement between the spirit realm and the physical world. Tasked with enforcing the equilibrium between them, Shen wields blades of steel and arcane energy against anyone who would threaten it.

Shen’s Strengths:

  • Shen has a strong laning phase.
  • When combined with certain items, Shen can put additional debuffs on the taunted champions with ease.
  • He is pretty good in late-game fights and can alter the tide of fights easily.

Shen’s Weaknesses:

  • His E is relatively short-ranged, making it difficult for him to land this ability from clear vision.
  • His Ultimate R has a very long cooldown and will force him to lose priority almost instantly.

Shen’s Abilities:


Twilight Assault Spirit Blade Pull and AA Empowerment. Shen drags his ghost to his position and when it arrives, at bonus range he gains three enhanced basic attacks. Stabbing the blade into an enemy increases the magic damage of the enhanced attack, slows the enemy's movement, and grants Shen additional attack speed. This is Shen's core ability, his primary source of damage, and also how Ghost moves his blades. As Shen, you're always trying to slip a blade on an enemy champion. More on this in the mechanic’s chapter.


A shelter of protective spirits around the blade that blocks attacks. Shen prepares the spirit his blade, around which he creates an area that activates after 2 seconds or when an allied champion steps on it. Guard When active, his zone blocks all enemy normal attacks aimed at friendly champions. This includes on-hit-hit effects or spells that count as basic attacks like Ezreal's Mystic Shot. Shen's W may be difficult to master, but it's a very powerful ability that can turn the tide of battle once mastered.


Shadow Dash A dash that deals damage and taunts. Passive energy recovery. Shens E has passive and active voices. Passively, Shen restores energy when dealing damage with Q or E. The amount of energy restored varies for champion levels 1, 4, and 12. Active is a burst that deals physical damage based on bonus health and taunts enemy champions or monsters for 1.5 seconds. It can traverse terrain and can be combined with Flash for super-fast attacks. See the Mechanisms section for more details.



Stand United Global Teleport. Shen's Ultimate is a global teleport. He shields allied champions and channels them for 3 seconds. After channeling, Shen and his ghost flash his blades at the target ally. The shield scales based on the target's missing health and lasts up to 5 seconds. Stand United is Shen's identity. His playstyle revolves around rescuing teammates across maps like a superhero. There is a specific section in this guide on how to use this ability efficiently, so be sure to read that as well.


Ki Barrier Passive Self Shield on Ability Activation. After using an ability, Shen gains a shield. Ki Barrier's cooldown is reduced each time you affect at least one champion with your ability. It's important to note that dragging Ghost Blade onto an enemy with H.Q. will trigger a shield after the trigger ability's effect ends. Q when the spirit blade reaches Shen, W when the protection zone disappears, E when it finishes falling, R when it finishes teleporting.


Why Shen?!

  • It’s going to be close to impossible to die while playing with Shen, no matter what enemies you have.
  • Shen, as a champion, got a very powerful and almost non-punishing kit.

What makes Shen one the best Top Laners:

  • Able to mitigate any form of auto-attack damage with his W, which can make the enemy’s physical damage carries practically useless when this ability is active.
  • His Ultimate R can allow him to act as a guardian for his teammates.
  • His E will be pretty massive during objective and clumped fights, especially if he can get multiple enemies CC'd with it.

13-Darius (Top Lane)

“History only remembers the victors. Stand with Noxus, and be remembered forever.”

Checkout Darius in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQkvu8H4NFU (Daveyx3 Gameplay)

There is no greater symbol of Noxian might than Darius, the nation's most feared and battle-hardened commander. Rising from humble origins to become the Hand of Noxus, he cleaves through the empire's enemies—many of them Noxians themselves. Knowing that he never doubts that his cause is just, and never hesitates once his axe is raised, those who stand against the leader of the Trifarian Legion can expect no mercy.

Darius’s Strengths:

  • Darius is really strong in the early game.
  • He is a real threat in big team fights.
  • He is a great tank with a lot of damage.

Darius’s Weaknesses:

  • Darius has predictable trade patterns.
  • He is vulnerable to ganks.
  • He relies on summoner spells.

Darius’s Abilities:


 arius' passive is an integral part of his loadout and a big part of what makes him a strong powerhouse in lane and teamfights. Our goal is to get as many Bleed 5 stacks into battle as possible. Not only does this greatly increase his AD, but he can quickly apply 5 stacks of his Noxian Might bleed to new targets. This gets 5 stacks of him on the frontline target and uses Blitz on the backline to apply Bleed to the carry, leading to instant his Noxian Guillotine-like Darius combo.


DArius' passive is an integral part of his loadout and a big part of what makes him a strong powerhouse in lane and teamfights. Our goal is to get as many Bleed 5 stacks into battle as possible. Not only does this greatly increase his attack damage, but he can quickly apply his 5 stacks of Noxian Force Bleed to new targets. This puts his 5 stacks of him on the frontline target, uses Blitz on the backline to apply Bleed to the carry, and makes Darius his combo like the Guillotine of Noxus.

W- Darius' W Clipping Strike is a simple yet powerful ability. Most importantly, this is an auto-attack reset. This means that you can cast right after your auto-attack to reset the animation, allowing you to have two fast attacks in quick succession. This allows you to quickly stack Bleeding or quickly reapply it to a target with Noxian powers to prime Noxian Guillotine.A common combo you'll want to use is Lightning Clipping Strike, with 5 Stack Blood and Noxus Quickly apply his Might to rearguard targets to execute them.


 Apprehend is a necessary utility for Darius' gear. Grabs allow you to carry carry to close distance or defensively avoid ganks. Tip for Darius Players: Grab has a mini-stun-like effect at the end of his animation and can be used to disarm the target for a short period of time, giving them a moment to run far away. This is great if you're ganking and need him an extra half second to get away. Also, the passive armor penetration of this ability is greatly underestimated. 35% armor penetration means a lot of extra damage in-game.


Noxian Guillotine is Darius' most iconic ability, and for good reason. This ability alone gives Darius his 1v5 potential. The goal in a teamfight is to trigger Noxian's Might by building 5 stacks of Bloodshed and resetting Noxian by chaining his Guillotine to a low HP target. Use Flash and Ghost to close gaps between carries in teamfights, and instantly apply and release his 5 stacks with Noxian Might. This is the most important skill in teamfights, so it's important to learn how to use it properly. Darius doesn't have a spawn meter like other champions when enemies are low, so he needs to know how much damage he's doing in order not to mess up the reset. , you can easily gank in lane while spinning 2v1.

Why Darius?!

  • Darius is a fairly easy champion to play given his simple kit.
  • He will win almost every auto-attack battle.
  • Extended trades work in the favour of Darius thanks to his passive.

What makes Darius one the best Top Laners:

  • Darius is one of the strongest early game champions in the game, which can be used as an advantage to gain an early lead.
  • Extended trades work in the favour of Darius thanks to his passive.
  • Darius is really good in team fights thanks to his Ultimate R, which can be reset if he gets the killing blow with it.

Best Junglers:

12-Olaf (Jungle)

''When you meet your ancestors, tell them Olaf sent you.''

Checkout Olaf in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7qJp7ChLaA (KingStix )

The unstoppable force of destruction, the axe-wielding, berserker, Olaf, who wants nothing but to die in glorious combat hailing from the brutal Freljordian peninsula of Lokfar, he once received a prophecy foretelling his peaceful passing—a coward's fate and a great insult among his people. Seeking death and fueled by rage, he rampaged across the land, slaughtering scores of great warriors and legendary beasts in search of any opponent who could stop him. Now a brutal enforcer for the Winter's Claw, he seeks his end in the great wars to come.

Olaf’s Strengths:

  • Olaf is one of the fastest champs to clear the camps.
  • He is an excellent objective observer.
  • Insane early lead snowballing.

Olaf’s Weaknesses:

  • Olaf can lose the game when he misses his Q.
  • He has very low passive pressure on the map.
  • He is not a good champion without ULT.

Olaf’s Abilities:

Berserker Rage - Uses passive attack speed and lifesteal during clear. Don't crush the HEIL stack until the SMITE stack is two of him. In battle, keep GOREDRINKER and W when HP is low to maximize your passive healing/DPS benefits. Olaf should understand that at low HP compared to max HP he gains twice as much strength and counter that the enemy may not be aware of these facts. Always fight him with 100% concentration and challenge him to the death. Played perfectly, Olaf can work miracles.

Suction - very important. Hold until he is 100% sure that he will hit the enemy. Throw in combat on cooldown. Always kite towards the left axe. Throw as far as you need to, instead of 1km behind the enemy. A missing Q can result in the loss of an entire battle. If you can't push everything into the enemy's front line, slow down armor by 20%, destroy it, and pack it so your team can track down and deal increased damage. Attract the target you want to kill first (preferably SQUISHY ADC/backline support). Don't forget that hitting Q will greatly increase your movement speed due to your attack speed on runes.



Tough It Out - Never use at the start of a fight unless your team has caught someone and needs to kill them very quickly. Generally, keep HP as low as possible (maximize at 30% of HP). Remember that this is an auto-reset for attacks - use it to clear and speed up bursts and reset E-Cooldowns faster. cool tricks:
If you have Death Punch and can't remember what caused the blood damage, use W to get a small shield and start recalling faster.

Thoughtful Swing - Your main late game damage ability. Used on cooldown. His normal attack cooldown is reduced by 1 second. Focus especially on combat use against tanky enemies. With 2 items, you can solo Baron for 400 true damage every 3 seconds. Always use E first after getting close to an enemy to increase range and don't waste your auto attack cooldown reduction. cool tips:
Using E + SMITE at the same time will give you 1300 DMG of SMITE.

Ragnarok - be very patient with this one. Only use it if you are sure you can hold it for the entire battle. Don't use dash if the enemy hasn't used it yet. In many cases it's better not to ult and not kill - simply pull the enemy back. Don't fight while R is on cooldown. Olaf is terrible without ult. Increases the duration of her normal attack and E by 2.5 seconds. In ULT she uses ZHONYA to never target enemies (ZHONYA lasts as long as she can hold ULT long - 2.5 seconds). Don't get away with ULT - don't get caught or forced to use it silly. Always have a target battle ult - don't start random dragons without R. Holding it makes the enemy aware that they still have it, and part of their attention span is used to think about it. Use it wisely or lose the battle. Consistency of efficiency to use depends on the champion's experience.

Why Olaf?!

  • Olaf's 1v1 potential is extremely strong, which makes him a tough opponent in 1v1 and makes him hard to play against.
  • Olaf plays aggressively and fights enemies whenever possible.

What makes Olaf one of the best junglers:

  • Olaf's Ultimate R lets him avoid hard crowd control because it keeps him from being locked down.
  • Thanks to his Q slow, Olaf can easily chase down any laner or any champion he comes into contact with.
  • Olaf’s 1v1 potential is extremely strong, which makes him a formidable opponent in 1v1 and makes him hard to play against.

11-Ekko (Jungle)

“My devices work best when they don’t work as intended… which is most of the time.”

Checkout Ekko in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I84tKVsEk_s (KingStix Gaming)

Ekko, a prodigy from Zaun's rough streets known as "the boy who shattered time," manipulates time to his advantage. Using his own invention, the Zero Drive, he explores the branching possibilities of reality to craft the perfect moment. Though he revels in this freedom, when there's a threat to his friends, he'll do anything to defend them. To outsiders, Ekko seems to achieve the impossible the first time, every time.

Ekko’s Strengths:

  • Ekko can scale well.
  • He has a high skill cap.
  • Good waveclear after 7.

Ekko’s Weaknesses:

  • Ekko's early damage is low.
  • He relies a lot on W stun.
  • He can be vulnerable to 2-3 items.

Ekko’s Abilities:


Ekko's Zero-Drive charges his spells and attacks with temporal energy. The third hit deals 30 - 140 (based on level) (+ 90% bonus Ability Power) bonus damage and, if the target is a champion, Ekko gains 50/60/70/80% accelerated movement speed for 2/2.5/3 seconds (deals 200% damage against monsters). Z-Drive Resonance cannot affect the same target more than once every 5 seconds.


Ekko throws a device that deals 60/75/90/105/120 (+30% bonus Ability Power) magic damage to enemies it passes through. It expands into a slowing field on the first champion hit, slowing everything inside by 32/39/46/53/60%. It then returns to him after a delay, dealing 40/65/90/115/140 (+60% bonus Ability Power) magic damage to all targets hit upon return.


Passive: Ekko's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage to enemies under 30% health equal to 3% (+3% bonus Ability Power%) of their missing health. Deals a minimum of 15 damage, and a maximum of 150 damage vs. minions and monsters.

Active: After a 3 second delay, Ekko creates a short-lived chronosphere at the target location that slows enemies who enter by 40%. If Ekko enters the sphere, he will detonate it, gaining a shield that absorbs up to 70/90/110/130/150 (+150% bonus Ability Power) damage for 2 seconds. Enemies caught inside are stunned for 2.25 seconds.


Ekko dashes a short distance in the targeted direction. His next attack will deal 50/75/100/125/150 (+40% bonus Ability Power) bonus magic damage and teleport him to his target.


Ekko turns back time, going briefly untargetable and invulnerable. He teleports to where he was 4 seconds ago and deals 200/350/500 (+175% bonus Ability Power) magic damage to nearby enemies on arrival. Additionally, Ekko heals for 100/150/200 (+6% bonus Ability Power), increased by 3% for each 1% of his health lost over the last 4 seconds.

Why Ekko?!

  • Ekko is a very fun champion who scales well, is bursty, fairly safe, and is very skilled.
  • He's pretty easy to pick up, but he has a very high skill ceiling, which makes him feel very rewarding to play.
  • He is generally really good at skirmishing and playmaking.

What makes Ekko one of the best junglers:

  • His W allows him to engage a group or enemy champions, of a single enemy champion with ease.
  • He can quite literally take the enemy backline out in one rotation of spells if he manages to W E onto them.
  • His Ultimate R is the most powerful ability in his kit, as it allows him to undo his mistakes, especially when he chooses a bad fight or fails an all-in.

10-Diana (Jungle)

“I am the light coursing in the soul of the moon.”

Checkout Diana in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu_9vv1VIt4 (KingStix Gaming)

With her crescent moonblade, Diana, the scorn of the moon, fights as a warrior of the Lunari, a faith all but quashed in the lands around Mount Targon. Clad in shimmering armour the colour of winter snow at night, she is the living embodiment of the silver moon's power. Imbued with the essence of an Aspect from beyond Targon's towering summit, Diana is no longer wholly human and struggles to understand her power and purpose in this world.

Diana’s Strengths:

  • Diana is a great assassin.
  • She can be a good initiator.
  • She can catch enemies out of position.

Diana Weaknesses:

  • Building a full-force offence leaves her vulnerable.
  • She doesn’t have an escape mechanism.
  • Her true burstyness doesn't happen until level 6.

Diana’s Abilities:


Every third strike cleaves nearby enemies for an additional 20 - 220 (+50% bonus Ability Power) magic damage (increased by 300% on non-Epic monsters). After casting a spell, Diana gains 15 - 40% attack speed (at levels 1 - 18) for her next 3 attacks.


Unleashes a bolt of lunar energy in an arc dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+70% bonus Ability Power) magic damage.

Afflicts enemies struck with Moonlight, revealing them if they are not stealthed for 3 seconds.


Creates three orbiting spheres that explode on contact with enemies dealing 18/30/42/54/66 (+15% bonus Ability Power) magic damage. Lasts 5 seconds.

Grants a temporary shield that absorbs 40/55/70/85/100 (+25% bonus Ability Power) (+9% of bonus Health) damage. If the third sphere detonates, the shield increases by 40/55/70/85/100 (+25% bonus Ability Power) (+9% of bonus Health).


Becomes the living embodiment of the vengeful moon, dashing to an enemy and dealing 50/70/90/110/130 (+50% bonus Ability Power) magic damage.

Lunar Rush has no cooldown when used to dash to an enemy afflicted with Moonlight. All other enemies will have the Moonlight debuff removed regardless of whether they were the target of Lunar Rush.


Reveals and draws in all nearby enemies and then slows them by 40/50/60% for 2 seconds.
If Diana pulls in one or more enemy champions, the moonlight crashes down onto her after 1 second, dealing 200/300/400 (+ 60% bonus Ability Power) magic damage in an area around her, increased by 35/60/85 (+ 15% bonus Ability Power) for each target beyond the first pulled.

Why Diana?!

  • Diana has a lot of burst damage, and she works incredibly well with Electrocute, as the two go hand-in-hand to blow up squishy targets.
  • Diana blends burst, mobility, and strong duelling power into one unique package.

What makes Diana one of the best junglers:

  • Diana is really good in team fights because her Ultimate R is a large AOE tool.
  • She is one of the best flankers in the game.
  • She can take out the enemy backline almost instantaneously during a team fight if she is left unchecked.

Best Mid Laners:

9-Vex (Mid Lane)

“Just... ughhhhh.”

Checkout Vex in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUNhR-RlyEQ (Shark Zone)

In the black heart of the Shadow Isles, a lone yordle trudges through the spectral fog, content in its murky misery. It is the gloomiest Vex. With an endless supply of teen angst and a powerful shadow in tow, Vex lives in her own self-made slice of gloom, far from the revolting cheer of the “normie” world. Though she lacks ambition, she is quick to strike down colour and happiness, stopping all would-be interlopers with her magical malaise.

Vex’s Stregths:

  • Vex has long-range abilities.
  • She can make irruptive dashes.
  • She has high snowball potential.

Vex’s Weaknesses:

  • Vex has a high mana cost.
  • She relies on hitting skill shots
  • She has no mobility without her ultimate.

Vex’s Abilities:


Vex periodically becomes empowered, causing her next basic Ability to fear enemies and interrupt dashes. Whenever a nearby enemy dashes, Vex applies a mark that can be consumed for 30 - 140 (+ 20% bonus Ability Power) bonus damage that also reduces the cooldown of her empowered state.


Vex launches a wave of mist that deals 60/105/150/195/240 (+ 70% bonus Ability Power)magic damage. After a delay, the wave becomes smaller and faster. Consumes Gloom on enemies hit.


Vex gains 50/75/100/125/150 (+ 75% bonus Ability Power) Shield for 2.5 seconds and emits a shockwave that deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+ 30% bonus Ability Power) magic damage. Consumes Gloom on enemies hit.


Vex commands Shadow to fly to a location, increasing in size as it travels. Upon arriving, it deals 50/70/90/110/130 magic damage (+ 40/45/50/55/60% bonus Ability Power) and Slows by 30/35/40/45/50% for 2 seconds. Applies Gloom to enemies hit.


Shadow excitedly surges forward, dealing 75/125/175 magic damage (+ 20% bonus Ability Power) and marking the first enemy champion hit for 4 seconds.
Recast: Dash to the marked champion, dealing 150/250/350 magic damage (+ 50% bonus Ability Power) on arrival. If the marked champion dies within 6 seconds of taking damage from this Ability, its Cooldown is temporarily reset.

Why Vex?!

  • Vex's mobility in the game has significantly increased.
  • Vex has been a godsend for mage players.
  • Vex provides a kit that is neither overly complicated nor overly simple.
  • She has mostly skill shots, but her abilities aren't overwhelming.

What makes Vex one of the best Mid Laners:

  • Vex has a shield on her W that can protect her from incoming damage.
  • Really good wave clarity with her Q and E.
  • Great pick potential with her Ultimate R, which can also be used to help her roam to other lanes.

8-Zed (Mid Lane)

“Balance is a fool’s master.”

Checkout Zed in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt1usMlBFOc (Prophet Malzahar)

Utterly ruthless and without mercy, Zed is the leader of the Order of Shadow, an organisation he created with the intent of militarising Ionia's magical and martial traditions to drive out Noxian invaders. During the war, desperation led him to unlock the secret shadow form—a malevolent spirit magic as dangerous and corrupting as it is powerful. Zed has mastered all of these forbidden techniques to destroy anything he sees as a threat to his nation, or his new order.

Zed’s Strengths:

  • Zed is a really good teamfighter.
  • He has no mana issues.
  • He can cause so much damage.

Zed’s Weaknesses:

  • Zed has a weak early game.
  • He is vulnerable to CC and squishy.
  • He could be countered easily.

Zed’s Abilities:


Zed's basic attacks against targets below 50% Health deal 6-10% of the target's maximum Health as bonus Magic Damage. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds on enemy champions.
Deals 100% bonus damage against monsters (capped at 300 against epic monsters).


Zed and his shadows throw their shurikens, each dealing 80/115/150/185/220 (+110% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to the first enemy they pass through, and 48/69/90/110/132 (+54% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to each additional enemy.


Passive: Whenever Zed and his shadows strike an enemy with the same ability, Zed gains 30/35/40/45/50 energy. Energy can only be gained once per cast ability.
Active: Zed's shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for 5.25 seconds.
Reactivating Living Shadow will cause Zed to switch positions with this shadow.


Zed and his shadows slash, dealing 70/90/110/130/150 (+65% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to nearby enemies.
Each enemy champion hit by Zed's slash reduces Living Shadow's cooldown by 2 seconds.

Enemies hit by a Shadow's slash are slowed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 seconds. Enemies hit by multiple slashes take no additional damage but are slowed by 30/37.5/45/52.5/60% instead.


Zed becomes untargetable and dashes to an enemy champion, marking them. After 3 seconds, the mark triggers, dealing physical damage equal to 65% Attack Damage + 25/40/55% of all damage dealt to the target by Zed while the mark was active.
The dash leaves a shadow behind for 6 seconds. Reactivating Death Mark causes Zed to switch positions with this shadow.

Why Zed?!

  • Zed is responsible for some of the most impressive outplays in League of Legends history.
  • Contrary to popular belief, however, Zed is one of the easier assassins to master with proper knowledge of his abilities, builds, and role.

What makes Zed one of the best Mid Laners:

  • Can catch enemies unaware with his W, E, and Q combo, especially when the enemy is busy last hitting a minion.
  • His W allows him to escape sticky situations and ganks with ease.
  • His passive ability allows him to finish off low health enemies easily.
  • When combined with his W, he becomes a really strong roamer who can camp lanes with squishy targets.

7-Katarina (Mid Lane)

''Never question my loyalty. You will never know what I endure for it.''

Checkout Katarina in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ohaYM2S6PU (Shark Zone)

Decisive in judgement and lethal in combat, Katarina the sinister blade is a Noxian assassin of the highest caliber. She made her name as the eldest daughter of the legendary General Du Couteau by executing quick kills on unsuspecting enemies. Her fiery ambition has driven her to pursue heavily guarded targets, even at the risk of endangering her allies—but no matter the mission, Katarina will not hesitate to execute her duty amid a whirlwind of serrated daggers.

Katarina’s Strengths:

  • Katarina has  strong early 2v2 and 3v3 Skirmishes.
  • She has a very fun playstyle.
  • She has a very high skill cap.
  • Katarina has high snowball potential.

Katarina’s Weaknesses:

  • Katarina has a weak laning phase.
  • She relies on her enemies’ mistakes.
  • She can be countered by CC.

Katarina’s Abilities:


Dagger's grant sight of their radius and will disappear after being on the ground for 4 seconds.
You can Shunpo to any direction of the Dagger's, if it’s close to a wall, you can even go over them.
Dagger's apply on-hits and Sheen.


Bouncing Blades always lands opposite from the first target struck.
Since Bouncing Blades always bounces 3 times, try to Q 2 Minions into a Champion, this does not draw Aggro and makes the Dagger land closer and faster next to the Enemy.
Most of the time when you engage, you start with Shunpo into Preparation, then you wait to see where enemy goes, and only then you cast your Bouncing Blades.


You become ghosted when using Preparation.
Use Preparation near a Wall to Shunpo over it.
Don't be afraid to just use it for the Movementspeed to dodge Key Spells or to just reset your Shunpo when chasing.
The oldest trick in the book, try to Setup Preparation and run away so people step on it.


You can Shunpo to Jungle Plants (even to Honey Fruit, over the wall) and allied Nidalee W Bushwhack or Reksai E Tunnel or on Enemies like Gangplanks E Powder Keg or Jhin W Captive Audience.
You can Shunpo to Dagger's before they land, making your Shunpo have a shorter Cooldown.Shunpo resets Katarina's basic attack.
Always Shunpo to Enemy Champions on Daggers, since the Shunpo itself will not deal damage if its not in range.
Shunpo apply's on-hits and Sheen.


Death Lotus will light up once an enemy champions gets into range, this also counts for Invisible Champions like Akali's W Twilight Shroud.
Each dagger counts as a separate hit for Conqueror & Electrocute.
You can use Ignite and Exhaust while channeling Death Lotus.

Why Katarina?!

  • Katarina is a strong roaming champion.
  • If your allies are strong, look to roam frequently to get extra kills and snowball your lead.

What makes Katarina one of the best Mid Laners:

  • One item is enough to get Katarina’s snowball rolling in the game.
  • Even if she is behind on CS, she can easily make it up by roaming around the map and cleaning up kills.
  • She can even perform tower dives with her team if the enemy team lacks CC or if her teammate is taking the turret aggro.
  • Her E cooldown reset mechanic allows her to get multiple kills in a very short span.

Best ADCs:

6-Tristana (ADC)

“Boomer says hi.”

Checkout Tristana in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJd2gy_hDbA (Vapora Dark)

While many other yordles channel their energy into discovery, invention, or just plain mischief-making, Tristana the yordle gunner was always inspired by the adventures of great warriors. She had heard much about Runeterra, its factions, and its wars, and believed her kind could become worthy of legend too. Setting foot in the world for the first time, she took up her trusty cannon, Boomer, and now leaps into battle with steadfast courage and optimism.

Tristana’s Strengths:

  • Tristana has an explosive playstyle and kit.
  • She has high snowball and takeover potential.
  • She causes optimal damage easily.
  • She’s pretty strong against both squishies and tanks.

Tristana’s Weaknesses:

  • Even though Tristana’s bad matchups are few, they are extremely punishing.
  • She has low DPS when behind.
  • She relies on good positioning.

Tristana’s Abilities:


Increases Tristana's Attack Range as she levels (7 * (level - 1)).


Active: Increases Tristana's Attack Speed by 65/80/95/110/125% for 7 seconds.


Tristana launches herself to target location, dealing 95/145/195/245/295 (+50% bonus Ability Power) Magic Damage and slowing surrounding enemies by 60% for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.
Kills, Assists, and max stack Explosive Charge detonations on Champions reset Rocket Jump's cooldown.


Passive: Enemies explode when slain by Tristana's basic attacks, dealing 55/80/105/130/155 (+25% bonus Ability Power) (+1% increased damage per 3% critical strike chance, up to 33.3% increased damage) Magic Damage to nearby enemies.

Active: Places a bomb on an enemy or turret that explodes after 4 seconds, dealing 70/80/90/100/110 (+50/75/100/125/150% bonus Attack Damage) (+50% bonus Ability Power) Physical Damage. Each attack and ability charges the bomb's damage by +30% for a maximum damage of 154/176/198/220/242 (+110/154/198/242/286% bonus Attack Damage).
At 4 charges, the bomb explodes immediately. The detonation radius is twice as large if used on a turret.


Tristana fires a massive cannonball at an enemy unit. This deals 300/400/500 (+100% bonus Ability Power) Magic Damage and knocks surrounding units back 600/800/1000 distance.

Why Tristana?!

  • Tristana has one of the most explosive playstyles of any ADC.
  • You are an assassin of squishies at all stages of the game; there is no point where the enemy doesn't have to fear your engagements.
  • Ever heard that Tristana has amazing scaling and that she’s even a hypercarrier? Well, that’s a myth.

What makes Tristana one of the best ADCs:

  • The slowness of her W can allow her to get kills quite easily.
  • Her E tower damage allows her to procure plates and destroy towers with ease.
  • Her self-peeling ability is quite strong, and she can get out of sticky situations with both her W and Ultimate R.

5-Samira (ADC)

“Virtues, I've got a few. Vices, a few more.”

Checkout Samira in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd0LHOn7sz8 (Vapora Dark)

Ever heard about roses blooming in the desert?

Well, obviously, you haven’t heard about Samira.

The Desert Rose, Samira, stares death in the eye with unyielding confidence, seeking thrills wherever she goes. After her Shuriman home was destroyed as a child, Samira found her true calling in Noxus, where she built a reputation as a stylish daredevil, taking on dangerous missions of the highest caliber. Samira is at her best in life-or-death situations. Armed with black-powder pistols and a custom-made blade, she kills anyone who gets in her way with style.

Samira’s strengths:

  • Samira has high snowballing potential.
  • She has strong team fighting ability.
  • She has a high skill ceiling.
  • Her powerful passive gives her fast movement, which lets her join and leave team fights quickly.

Samira’s Weaknesses:

  • Samira is a bit hard to master.
  • She requires quick thinking.
  • She is prone to being a feast of famine.

Samira’s Abilities:


Samira builds a combo by hitting attacks or abilities unique from the previous hit, accumulating one Style stack for 0.5 seconds, stacking up to 6 times. Samira's attacks in melee range deal additional 2 - 19 (based on level) (+3.5% bonus Attack Damage - 10.5% bonus Attack Damage) magic damage. Samira's attacks against enemies already knocked up keeps them in the air for at least 0.5 seconds.


Samira fires a shot, dealing 0/5/10/15/20 (+85/95/105/115/125% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to the first enemy hit.
If this ability is cast towards an enemy in melee range, Samira will instead slash with her sword, dealing 0/5/10/15/20 (+85/95/105/115/125% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage.


Samira slashes around her for 0.75 seconds, damaging enemies twice for 20/35/50/65/80 (+80% bonus Attack Damage physical damage each and destroying any enemy missiles that enter the area.


Samira dashes through an enemy (including turrets), slashing enemies she passes through dealing 50/60/70/80/90 20% bonus Attack Damage magic damage and gaining 20/25/30/35/40% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Enemy champion takedowns refresh Wild Rush's cooldown.


Samira can only use this ability if her current Style rating is S.
Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, wildly shooting all enemies surrounding her 10 times over 2 seconds, each shot dealing 5/15/20 (+50% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage and applying lifesteal. Each shot can also critically strike.

Why Samira?!

  • Samira is an extremely fun and rewarding champion to play with.
  • Daredevil Impulse is Samira’s passive.
  • Damaging enemies builds a “Style rank,” a letter grade that increases with each hit.

What makes Samira one of the best ADCs:

  • Samira has an incredibly strong all-in, which allows her to go for kills frequently, especially when the enemy overextends or walks too far forward.
  • Her Ultimate R is an incredibly strong tool in team fights.
  • Samira’s utility and ability to dash allow her to escape sticky situations, making her an incredibly strong and mobile champion.

4-Kai’Sa (ADC)

“My appearance may frighten you, but make no mistake—I am on your side, and we fight to the bitter end.”

Checkout Kai’Sa in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd0LHOn7sz8 (Vapora Dark)

Claimed by the Void when she was only a child, Kai'Sa managed to survive through sheer tenacity and strength of will. Her experiences have made her a deadly hunter and, to some, the harbinger of a future they would rather not live to see. Having entered into an uneasy symbiosis with a living Void carapace, the time will soon come when she must decide whether to forgive those mortals who would call her a monster, and defeat the coming darkness together… or simply to forget, as the void consumes the world that left her behind.

Kai’Sa’s Strengths:

  • Kai’Sa is a hybrid of a Marksman and an Assassin.
  • She is really good against melees and kiting.
  • She has high survivability.
  • She has high burst and DPS.

Kai’Sa’s Weaknesses:

  • Kai’Sa has a weak early game untill she evolves her Q.
  • She’s hard to play when out of range.
  • She could be mechanically challenging.

Kai’Sa’s Abilities:


Kai'Sa's basic attacks stack Plasma for 4 seconds, dealing 5 - 23 (+1 - 12 per Plasma stack) (+15/25% bonus Ability Power [based on Plasma stacks] ability power) bonus magic damage. Allies' immobilizing effects help stack Plasma. Additionally, Kai'Sa's item purchases upgrade her basic spells to have more powerful properties.
Enemies with 5 Plasma stacks are ruptured, consuming them to deal 15%(+6% per 100 ability power) of target's missing health as magic damage. Maximum 400 against monsters.


Kai'Sa launches 6 missiles that split among nearby enemies, each dealing 40/55/70/85/100 (+50% bonus Attack Damage) (+30% bonus Ability Power) physical damage. Additional hits on a champion or monster deal 25% damage (max: 90/123.75/157.5/191.25/225 (+112.5% bonus Attack Damage) (+56.25% bonus Ability Power)).
Evolved Max Single-Target Damage: 150/206.25/262.5/318.75/375 (+187.5% bonus Attack Damage) (+93.75% bonus Ability Power)
Living Weapon - 100 Bonus Attack Damage - Icathian Rain fires 12 missiles.
Minions below 35% health take 200% damage.



Kai'Sa fires a Void blast that grants True Sight on the first enemy hit, deals 30/55/80/105/130 (+130% bonus Attack Damage) (+45% bonus Ability Power) magic damage, and applies 2 stacks of Plasma.
Living Weapon - 100 Ability Power - Void Seeker applies 3 stacks of Plasma and refunds 77% cooldown on champion hit.


Kai'Sa spends 1.2 - 0.6 (based on bonus attack speed) seconds Supercharging her Void Energy. She gains 55/60/65/70/75% Movement Speed during the charge, and 40/50/60/70/80% Attack Speed for 4 seconds when charged.
Living Weapon - 100% Attack Speed - Supercharge grants Invisibility for 0.5 seconds.
Basic attacks reduce Supercharge's cooldown by 0.5 seconds. Supercharge's cast time and Movement Speed improve with Attack Speed.



Kai'Sa warps to a location near an enemy champion affected by Plasma, gaining a shield that absorbs 70/90/110 (+100/150/200% Attack Damage) (+120% bonus Ability Power) damage for 2 seconds.

 Why Kai’Sa:

  • Kai’Sa is a really fun champion to play with.
  • She becomes incredibly slippery as the game progresses, making her a good ADC to pick into assassins and bruisers.
  • She may be squishy, but she has plenty of self-peeling and damage to deal to targets who are singled out.

What makes Kai’Sa one of the best ADCs:

  • Kai’Sa is a late-game monster, an assassin marksman who can burst squishies and kite tanks.
  • Her E and Ultimate R allow her to be independent in the lane, while her support roams around to get some kills or assists.
  • Her Ultimate R can be used as a way to catch up with and finish opponents as well, especially after they flash or dash away from her.
  • Her hybrid damage and very flexible build make it hard to build against her, and with such an adaptable playstyle, she can fit into almost any team comp.

Best Supports:

3-Nami (Support)

“I decide what the tide will bring.”

Checkout Nami in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_XnG0EpK9c (League of SUPPORT - LOL Replays)

Nami the tidecaller, a headstrong young vastaya of the seas, was the first of the Marai tribe to leave the waves and venture onto dry land when their ancient agreement with the Targonians was broken. With no other option, she took it upon herself to complete the sacred ritual that would ensure the safety of her people. Nami is tough and determined as she faces an unknown future in this new age of chaos. She uses her Tidecaller staff to call on the power of the oceans themselves.

Nami’s Strengths:

  • Provides two forms of CC and can easily interrupt channelled ults such as Jhin at a safe distance.
  • Tidecaller's Blessing adds extra poke damage and slow, and Surging Tides makes it easier to chase down targets.
  • Aqua Prison can land on multiple enemies, which can setup a turnaround, but it requires some luck and skill to land double-plus bubbles.

Nami’s Weaknesses:

  • Aqua Prison can be difficult to land at times, especially if they move quickly.
  • Ebb and Flow heal isn't as strong out of the laning phase, nor is the poke.
  • Mana regeneration can be an issue in lanes due to Ebb and flow cost.

Nami’s Abilities:


When Nami's abilities hit allied champions, they gain 90 (+20% bonus Ability Power) Movement Speed decaying over 1.5 seconds.


Sends a bubble to target area, dealing 75/130/185/240/295 (+50% bonus Ability Power) magic damage to enemies, and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.


Unleashes a stream of water that bounces back and forth between allied and enemy champions.
On Ally Hit: Heals 55/75/95/115/135 (+25% bonus Ability Power) Health and will bounce to a nearby enemy champion.
On Enemy Hit: Deals 70/110/150/190/230 (+50% bonus Ability Power) magic damage and bounces to a nearby allied champion.
Bounces to each target only once, and hits up to 3 targets. The damage and healing value is modified by (7.5% per 100 ability power) each bounce.


Empowers an allied champion's next 3 basic attacks and spells, causing them to slow the target by 15/20/25/30/35% (+5% bonus Ability Power) for 1 second and deal 25/40/55/70/85 (+20% bonus Ability Power) bonus magic damage. Lasts for 6 seconds.


Summons a Tidal Wave from Nami's position. The wave knocks up enemies and slows them by 50/60/70%, dealing 150/250/350 (+60% bonus Ability Power) magic damage. The duration of the slow increases based on how far the Tidal Wave has traveled, with a minimum duration of 2 seconds and a maximum of 4 seconds.
Allies hit by the wave gain double the effect of Surging Tides.

Why Nami?!

  • Nami contributes to all aspects of support.
  • She has some disengagement, some engagement, CC, and she can heal, but she doesn't excel particularly in one thing.
  • She is a safe support to choose if you are unsure what your opponent will choose, and she is not particularly easy to hard counter.

What makes Nami one of the best supports:

  • Nami has lots of poke thanks to her W and E, which allows her to poke the enemy down and win trades easily.
  • She can use her W to heal herself back up if a trade goes poorly.
  • She has lots of kill pressure in the laning phase and in the midgame with her Q and Ultimate R.
  • Can keep her allies topped off with HP thanks to her W and the items she will pick up.

2-Morgana (Support)

“Only those you love can break your heart.”

Checkout Morgana in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3oHEZxV-dE (Shark Zone)

Conflicted between her celestial and mortal natures, Morgana bound her wings to embrace humanity and inflicted her pain and bitterness on the dishonest and the corrupt. She rejects laws and traditions she believes are unjust and fights for truth from the shadows of Demacia—even as others seek to repress it—by casting shields and chains of dark fire. More than anything else, Morgana truly believes that even the banished and outcast may one day rise again.

Morgana’s Strengths:

  • Able to snipe and snare targets from a good range with Dark Binding.
  • All CC is blocked by Black Shield until it falls off.
  • Good counter to aggressive support champions.
  • Soul Shackles disrupts the enemy team, and if they do not respect it, they can be locked up easily for further CC, whether it’s into Dark Binding or other teammates’ CC.

Morgana’s Weaknesses:

  • If you fall behind, it will be hard to use Soul Shackles aggressively.
  • Max-range Dark Bindings is easy to dodge.
  • Sometimes it requires very fast reflexes with Black Shield to block more vital cc.

Morgana’s Abilities:


Morgana heals for 18% of the spell damage she deals to champions, large minions, and large monsters.


Hurls a blast of starfire that roots the first enemy hit for 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds and deals 80/135/190/245/300 (+90% bonus Ability Power) magic damage.


Curses an area for 5 seconds. Enemies on the cursed ground are dealt
from 12/22/32/42/52 (+14% bonus Ability Power) to 24/48/72/96/120 (+37.8% bonus Ability Power) magic damage every second based on the enemy's missing Health.
Every time Soul Siphon heals Morgana, Tormented Soil's cooldown is reduced by 5%.
Deals 155% damage to monsters.


Shields an allied Champion for 5 seconds. The shield absorbs 80/135/190/245/300 (+70% bonus Ability Power) magic damage and prevents disables until it breaks.


Dark chains latch onto nearby enemy Champions dealing 150/225/300 (+70% bonus Ability Power) magic damage and slowing them by 20% for 3 seconds, granting True Sight. After 3 seconds, they are dealt an additional 150/225/300 (+70% bonus Ability Power) magic damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Enemy Champions can break the chains by moving away from Morgana.
While casting Soul Shackles, Morgana gains 5/30/55% Movement Speed towards enemies she has chained.

Why Morgana?!

  • Morgana is currently one of the best picks against aggressive supports.
  • Her laning harass is decent, and if you are able to land a Dark Binding, you have very good kill potential.
  • Shielding an ally will prevent all CC from hitting the target until the shield is depleted.

What makes Morgana one of the best supports:

  • She has excellent waveclear with her W, allowing her to shove the wave quickly and then assist her Jungler on various occasions.
  • Her Q helps her with gank set-ups and picks during the mid-game.
  • The root duration can easily allow her to hide in a jungle brush and wait for her target to wander into her Q range.

1-Pyke (Support)

“There’s plenty of room for everyone at the bottom of the sea...”

Checkout Pyke in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIvMXixATjs (i0ki)

A renowned harpooner from the slaughter docks of Bilgewater, Pyke the bloodharbor ripper should have met his death in the belly of a gigantic jaull-fish… and yet, he returned. Now, he stalks the dark alleys and backstreets of his old town and uses his new supernatural abilities to kill people who make money by taking advantage of others. A city that used to be proud of hunting monsters now has a monster hunting it.

Pyke’s Strengths:

  • Able to gank mid-lane incredibly easily, especially if the mid-laner has no escape.
  • capable of ganking his own lane (only a few support champions are capable of doing so easily)
  • Can hook a bone skewer through small walls, to pull an enemy to him.

Pyke’s Weaknesses:

  • If you fail your roams, you will fall very far behind.
  • In the lanes, he is vulnerable to an early poke.
  • Can struggle to get away from crowd control.

Pyke’s Abilities:


When Pyke is hidden from enemies, he regenerates 9% (+20% lethality) health, based on damage that he has recently taken from champions increased to 40% (+45) when 2 or more enemies ar nearby. Pyke also cannot gain extra Maximum Health from any source, and instead gains Bonus AD (1 AD per 14 health).


Tap: Pyke stabs in a direction, damaging the nearest enemy (prefering champions) for 86.25/143.75/201.25/258.75/316.25 (+69% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage.
Hold: Pyke throws his harpoon, pulling the first enemy struck towards him and dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+60% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage.
Targets hit by either attack are slowed by 90% for 1 second.
If Pyke successfuly hits an enemy champion or the channel does not complete successfully, 75% of the Mana cost is refunded.
Tapping deals 70% reduced damage to minions and monsters beyond the closest.


Pyke gains Camouflage and 40% (+1.5% per 1 lethality) decaying movement speed for 5 seconds.
Stealth - Camouflage: Pyke is hidden from view while enemy champions remain outside his detection radius. Attacking or casting spells ends Camouflage.


Pyke dashes, leaving a drowned phantom behind him. After a short delay the phantom returns to Pyke, striking enemy champions along its path, stunning them for 1.25 + 0.1 seconds per 10 lethality seconds.


Pyke strikes all enemy champions in an X, blinking to and executing targets below 250 - 550 (at levels 6 -18) (+80% bonus Attack Damage) (+1.5 per 1 lethality) health. Enemies not executed instead take physical damage equal to the threshold.
When an enemy champion dies in the X Pyke may re-cast Death From Below again within 20 seconds. If he executed that champion, the last assisting ally will also get kill gold. If he did not, he will still get kill gold as if he did.

Execute Threshold, Lvl 6-9: 250/290/330/370
Execute Threshold, Lvl 10-13: 400/430/450/470
Execute Threshold, Lvl 14-18: 490/510/530/540/550

Deals 50% reduced damage to enemies that survive Death from Below.

Why Pyke?!

  • Pyke has the ability to catch people off guard during the laning phase and mid-game when working with his team to secure easy kills.
  • You are able to share your gold income with your ultimate Death from Below.
  • Easy access to mid-lane by getting past wards with your stealth with Ghostwater Dive and locking them down with your hook Bone Skewer + stun hantom Undertow combo.

What makes Pyke one of the best supports:

  • Pyke is a highly mobile champion thanks to his W and E, which allow him to escape sticky situations pretty easily.
  • He is one of the richest supports in the game thanks to his Ultimate R, which can earn him extra gold.
  • Pyke’s Ultimate R is an execute, which can be a valuable asset in team fights as you can kill the enemy when they’re somewhat healthy.

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