[Top 10] LOL Best 1 vs 5 Champions That Wreck Hard!

Best 1 v 5 Champions LoL, League of Legends 1 v 5
Some players love to risk it all and 1 v 5.

Some champions in League of Legends are able to annihilate another team all on their own!

Ever see an enemy champion all alone on the rift and think they’re easy prey? Only to watch them single-handedly destroy your entire team? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Well, some champions are better adapted to take on multiple enemies at a time than others. So let’s get to it and see who made the list!

10. Yasuo


The 0/10 power spike may not be real, but a good Yasuo player can actually take on an entire enemy team and win. A well-timed ultimate on multiple enemies can delete a number of squishy enemies at the same time. Then, all he has to do is outplay the tanks.

With a high skill ceiling, Yasuo is one of the harder champions to 1 v 5 however, hence why he isn’t higher on the list.

How Yasuo can 1 v 5:

  • His Q Steel Tempest sends out a knock up which helps aid his ultimate.
  • Yasuo can use his W Wind Wall to block any projectile attacks.
  • He can use his E Sweeping Blade to close the gap when chasing down another enemy or to dodge an ability.
  • His R Last Breath relies on Yasuo knocking up any enemies, in which he can blink to them and deal high damage.

9. Yone

Yone Montage 2020 - LoL Best Yone Plays (Pentakill, Tricks, 1v5, Broken) | League of Legends

Of course, the brother of Yasuo also , makes the list because when Yone is in the right hands, he is super busted. 

Yone can hunt down enemies one at a time and annihilate them. When enemies are bunched up together, Yone can ult them and take them out in one big swoop.

How Yone can 1 v 5:

  • His Passive Way of the Hunter deals magic damage every second attack and increases his critical strike chance. Therefore, the longer Yone is in battle, the more damage he will do.
  • Yone’s W Spirit Cleave deals damage in a cone while granting him a shield. The strength of the shield depends on how many enemies he has hit in the cone. More enemies = more shield.
  • His E Soul Unbound forces his soul to leave him body behind. He gains movement speed while in this form. Yone can attack and chase down escaping enemies and then safely return to his body at the end of the ability.
  • R Fate Sealed allows Yone to blink to the last enemy hit in a line with a slash. Enemies are then pulled towards him, allowing him to finish off any enemies still left standing.

8. Kassadin


Kassadin as a champion isn’t very strong until he hits his power spikes. The first power spike comes when he hits 6 and can use his ultimate. However, the real power for Kassadin comes in the late game phase. When we say power spike, we mean it.

Kassadin’s ultimate is what truly sets him apart as a great 1 v 5 champion.

How Kassadin can 1 v 5:

  • His Passive Void Stone allows Kassadin to ignore unit collision, so when he is chasing down an enemy, he is able to get through minions quicker.
  • His W Nether Blade gives him significant bonus magic damage and restores mana, sustaining Kassadin in longer fights against the enemy team.
  • His E Force Pulse slows enemies while damaging them, helping Kassadin when he is picking off enemy champions.
  • Kassadin’s R Riftwalk is the main reason why he is a great 1 v 5 champion. 

7. Pyke

LEAGUE OF PYKE MONTAGE - The Best Calculated Pyke Outplays

The assassin-support is an obvious choice for this list. Pyke’s abilities scream 1 v 5 champion.

This is where Pyke stops becoming the support and becomes the carry through his ability to take down each enemy on the opposing team one at a time.

How Pyke can 1 v 5:

  • Pyke’s Q Bone Skewer can help pick off squishies, pulling them towards him.
  • His W Ghostwater Dive gives him movement speed so he can gap close or chase down his target.
  • Pyke can use his E Phantom Undertow to stun enemies before killing them or to close the gap when needed.
  • His money maker, R Death From Below, allows Pyke to blink to the location of a low health enemy and execute them. When successful, Pyke can recast the ability continuously. Scoring a pentakill with Pyke is just another day really.

6. Samira

Samira LoL Montage (Pentakill, 1v5, Outplays, Ult, 200IQ...)

The Daredevil from Shurima is one hell of a fighter. Samira is able to take on enemy teams and come out of it alive with a pentakill. OP, right?

Samira’s kit is made for the daring, for those who wish to run into the middle of an enemy team with guns blazing.

How Samira can 1 v 5:

  • Passive Daredevil Impulse: If any enemies are affected by immobilising effects when Samira attacks them, she will dash to her attack range, helping her hunt down targets.
  • Her W Blade Whirl blocks any projectiles directed at Samira, helping her sustain when in the middle of a fight.
  • E Wild Rush: Samira dashes through enemies and structures, gaining attack speed. If she kills an enemy, the ability is refreshed.
  • R Inferno Trigger: Samira’s ultimate allows her to shoot all enemies around her as she moves. Therefore when she is in the thick of the enemy team, she’s dealing insane damage to everyone around her.

5. Akali

Akali Rework Montage #11 - One Shot - 1v5 OutPlays

Akali’s hyper mobility allows her to dodge attacks, take down enemies quickly and achieve a pentakill in record time.

When there is a fed Akali in the rift, make sure you aren’t caught out in the jungle alone or she’ll most likely get the kill.

How Akali can 1 v 5:

  • W Twilight Shroud: Akali throws down some smoke, gains invisibility when in the cloud and gains some movement speed. She can avoid enemy skill shots when in the smoke as she can’t be targeted.
  • E Shuriken Flip: Akali does a backflip and throws a shuriken forward. If she hits an enemy with this ability, she can recast it to dash to the marked enemy.
  • R Perfect Execution: Akali performs a leap, damaging any enemies she hits. When she recasts the ability, she dashes in a direction and executes all enemies she strikes.

4. Mordekaiser


The Iron Revenant can be a difficult match up on the rift, especially when he’s fed and able to take out every single player on your team. Maybe, for this one, turn off chat so you can’t see the flaming.

Mordekaiser’s durability and sustain in lane and team fights keeps him in the game even when he is all alone against the entire enemy team.

How Mordekaiser can 1 v 5:

  • When he hits three attacks, Mordekaiser’s Passive Darkness Rise is activated,  giving Mordekaiser movement speed and a damage aura.
  • His Q Obliterate works well if Mordekaiser is 1 v 1 against each opponent as it deals more damage to a single target.
  • W Indestructible gives Mordekaiser a shield which he can consume in order to heal.
  • When chasing down enemies or needing to pull them closer to him, Mordekaiser can use his E Death’s Grasp.
  • Mordekaiser can pick off an enemy champion and take them to another dimension using his realm of death. He steals a portion of their stats and if they die in the realm, he takes their stats with him back into the rift until they respawn again.

3. Vayne

Vayne Montage 15 - Vayne 1v5 Pentakill - League of Legends

Of course, the Night Hunter has made this list! Vayne is a late game hyper carry champion that is usually seen in the bottom lane during the laning phase and seen destroying enemy teams single-handedly in the team fight phase. 

When Vayne ults, she can decimate an entire enemy team. On. Her. Own.

How Vayne can 1 v 5:

  • Vayne relies heavily on her R Last Call to end the enemy team. She gains increased attack damage during her ultimate, and it empowers her other abilities.
  • Using her Passive Night Hunter, Vayne gains 30 movement speed when moving towards nearby enemies. When ulting, Vayne gains even more movement speed.
  • Vayne can use Q Tumble, with increased bonus damage on her next attack. When ulting, she gains invisibility and reduced cooldown on Tumble.
  • Her W Silver Bolts deal true damage (based on a percentage of the target’s max health) on the third consecutive attack on an enemy. She can pick off enemy team mates one by one until she has her pentakill.

2. Jax

Jax Montage 2020 - Jax Pentakill

Jax is one of the best champions that can 1 v 5 the enemy team. When your team mates have all been killed and only Jax is left, you can still have hope that he will pull through.

His ability to get out of a fight alive is almost unrivalled. Almost.

How Jax can 1 v 5:

  • His Passive Relentless Assault gives him increased attack speed when he has consecutive basic attacks. The longer the fight, the more attack speed he will gain.
  • Jax can Q Leap Strike, which closes the gap between him and an escaping enemy and deal damage. 
  • Use W Empower to deal increased damage.
  • You can activate your E Counter Strike before reaching the target(s). Jax then stuns the enemy or enemies and can deal damage without taking any hits.
  • His R Grandmaster’s Might deals bonus magic damage every third attack. He can recast the ability to strength his armour and magic resist.

1. Master Yi

Master Yi 1v5 Pentakill Montage

Number one on our list is the one and thankfully only, Master Yi! 

You might have guessed he would take the number one spot, and for good reason. He can be a great asset to your team, or an absolute nightmare to play against if he’s on the enemy team. It is very rare that a Master Yi does poorly in the game.

How Master Yi can 1 v 5:

  • His Passive Double Strike makes Yi strike twice every few attacks.
  • His Q Alpha Strike is one of the main reasons why Yi can kill an entire enemy team on his own. While he deals damage to four nearby enemies, he is also untargetable for a moment. Basic attacks also reduce the cool down on his Q.
  • Between hunting down targets, he can sue his W Meditate to heal a percentage of his health.
  • His E Wuju Style deals bonus true damage on his basic attacks.
  • The reason why a fed Yi is a terror on the rift: R Highlander. This ability gives him incredible movement and attack speed. He is also immune to slows. If he kills an enemy when using his ultimate, its duration is extended, so he can continue his killing spree until he has his pentakill. OP.

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