The 3 League of Legends Champions With the Most Awesome Backstory

Nautilus was once a sailor, until he was betrayed by his crew and possessed by a horror from the ocean depths.

Every Champion in League of Legends Has a History—But Which Ones Have the Coolest?

I’ve known some LOL players who were impressively well-versed on the story behind each of the League champions, but in case you aren’t or you want a refresher, here’s a taste of some of the most interesting champion lore in the League of Legends canon.

Vi is the Bad Cop to Caitlyn’s Good Cop

Like any good anti-hero, Vi started out on the wrong side of the tracks, swindling and stealing to survive on the streets of Piltover. Nabbing hextech armor and stripping it taught her the workings of the technology and led to her building hextech gauntlets she wears on the Rift today. 

Vi in her “officer Vi” skin.

Vi spent a good portion of her early days in the ranks of a small but successful band of criminals who took her in and taught her how to pull a successful heist.

She finally cut ties with the bad guys after an operation gone wrong, and several years later, Caitlyn caught up to her. Instead of arresting her, the sheriff offered Vi a deal: work for the police busting up bad guys and get out of jail free.

To this day, Vi works as Caitlyn’s partner on the Rift and in Piltover, using her hextech fists and her years of criminal know-how to help see justice served.

Zed Opens the Pandora’s Box of Ninja Secrets, Becomes Shadow Master

Zed in his “shockblade” skin, which is different from his default black and red costume.

After another failed attempt to show up his rival Shen, Zed snuck into a private area of his ninja clan’s temple and found an ominous box.

Zed opened the box, and shadows touched his mind. When the master found out the dark knowledge Zed had gained, he banished Zed.

But Zed wasn’t down for the count. He amassed an army of followers and marched on his former master’s dojo for revenge. Zed and his master disappear into the dojo, and only Zed emerges.

The dojo now belongs to Zed, and he rules as Master and trainer for the Order of the Shadow—all thanks to the dark knowledge gained from cracking open that box.

Nautilus is Actually a Sailor Cursed by a Deep-Sea Horror

Nautilus’ crew abandoned him to a deep-sea monster.

The Guardian’s Sea is the home of Bilgewater and a playground for pirates. When the Institute of War commissioned his crew, Nautilus and his fellow sailors traveled deep into the uncharted reaches of the territory.

Far beyond where anyone could find them, the sailors discovered the ocean waves changing from sapphire to inky black. The sea had transformed into a strange, dark substance none of the crew recognized.

Nautilus alone volunteered, and the crew strapped him into a diver’s suit for the descent.

But then the black sea reached up and took hold of Nautilus, leaving him hanging by his fingertips from the edge of the ship. In a terrified bid to save their own lives, the sailors pushed Nautilus from the ship and sacrificed him to the depths.

He awoke reborn, the diver’s suit now molded to him, a new dark power at his command. After he finally trudged his way from the bottom of the sea to Bilgewater, Nautilus decided to join the League of Legends and attempt to find and punish the allies who had cursed him to a monstrous half-life.

Nautilus has one of the best “joke” animations in the game. 

Which champion has your favorite backstory? Read more champion backstories and decide for yourself.

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