[Top 10] LOL Best Support Players In The World Right Now

Best Support Players in League of Legends Esports
These guys are the go-to-guys for support

Learn from the masters on how to support your team.

While some of the big names in Esports in recent years have retired, some new players are rising, while others continue to dominate. Check out our list below to see who are the best support players in the world right now.

10. Isles

Isles bumping fists with the opponents

Jonah Rosario, who is best known by the name Isles, is an Australian support player in the Cloud9 Academy. 

Making his debut in Mammoth Academy in 2019 in the OCS Tournament, Isles then moved to Legacy Academy in 2020, where he had more success. In 2020, his team took first in two major tournaments: OPL Split 1 and 2.

After qualifying for the Worlds Championship in 2020 with Legacy, Isles was recruited to the big-name Academy of Cloud9. Here he has more success and we think it’s only the beginning for him.

Major Achievements:

  • LCS Academy League Spring 2021 – 1st place
  • LCS Proving Grounds Spring 2021 – 2nd place ($20,000)
  • LCS Academy League Summer 2021 – 2nd place ($7,000)

Watch Isles own here:

C9AM vs C9A | Week 3 Game 1 | 2021 LCS Proving Grounds Summer | C9 Amateur vs. C9 Academy

Find his twitter here: https://twitter.com/islesworld1

9. Mikyx

Mikyx during a League of Legends match

Mihael Mehle goes by the name of Mikyx, and we think it is one of the up-and-coming names that we are sure to hear about in future big tournaments. 

The Slovenian player debuted in 2016 in Splyce during the EU LCS Summer 2016 tournament. Taking second, Mikyx then reappeared in 2019 in G2 Esports (the team that beat them in 2016) during the LEC Spring 2019 tournament. Here, his new team took first to the sound of $90,088.

Mikyx and his team in G2 Esports have had success after success, one of the highlights being the 2019 World Championship where they were very close to becoming world champions, taking second only to FunPlus Phoenix.

Major Achievements:

  • 2019 World Championship – 1st place ($300,375)
  • 2020 World Championship – 3rd/4th place ($200,250)
  • LEC Spring 2021 – 3rd place ($35,696)

Watch Mikyx own here:

G2 Mikyx "SUPPORT HERO" Montage | League of Legends

Find his twitter here: https://twitter.com/G2Mikyx

8. IgNar

IgNar during a match

Currently the support player for Evil Geniuses, IgNar (Real Name: Lee Dong-geun) is a Korean player that debuted back in 2016. 

While they’ve taken first successfully in some major leagues, they’ve always been close in the premier tournaments but never quite able to take it home. In both the LCS Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 tournaments, they were the runner up.

We think IgNar is one to watch as his career develops, and he hopefully scores a big win with FlyQuest.

Major Achievements:

  • LCS Spring 2020 – 2nd place ($50,000)
  • LCS Summer 2020 – 2nd place ($50,000)
  • EU CS Summer 2016 – 1st place ($9,965)

Watch IgNar own here:

Best Of IgNar - The God of Hooks | League Of Legends

Find his twitter here: https://twitter.com/IgNarLoL

7. Aphromoo

Aphromoo appearing focused

Youtuber and Streamer, Zaqueri Black, is an American player who currently plays support for Dignitas as Aphromoo.

Aphromoo saw some success with Counter Logic Gaming from 2014 to 2017. They took first in both the NA LCS Summer 2015 and NA LCS Spring 2016 tournaments, winning $50,000 for each tournament. 

In 2018, he played support for 100 Thieves and now is playing in Dignitas. He’s one to watch for sure.

Major Achievements:

  • NA LCS Summer 2015 – 1st place ($50,000)
  • NA LCS Spring 2016 – 1st place ($50,000)
  • 2018 World Championship – 9th/12th place ($145,125)

Watch Aphromoo own here:

NAMI is My Clash POCKET PICK | Aphromoo

Find his twitter here: https://twitter.com/aphromoo

6. SwordArT

SwordArT fitted out with a headset to speak to his teammates 

Hu Shuo-Chieh, commonly known as SwordArT, is a Taiwanese player who currently plays the support role for TSM (Better known as Team SoloMid).

Having debuted back in 2016, SwordArT had a string of successes with his then-team, Flash Wolves. Coming in first in the LMS Summer 2016, Spring and Summer 2017, and Spring and Summer 2018 tournaments. Impressive to say the least.

However, SwordArT has had continued success since moving to Suning for the year 2020, yet never snagged the World Championship title after having lost to Damwon Gaming. Maybe 2021, will be luckier for SwordArT.

Major Achievements:

  • 2020 World Championship – 2nd place ($389,375)
  • LMS Summer 2018 – 1st place ($48,709)
  • IEM Season XI - World Championship – 1st place ($70,000)

Watch SwordArT own here:

SwordArt Plays Pantheon - TSM VS C9 Game 1 Highlights - 2021 LCS Summer Playoffs R3

Find his twitter here: https://twitter.com/TSM_SwordArt

5. Keria

Keria rehydrates during Esports matches

Ryu Min-seok is a Korean player for the role of Support for T1. Yet he is better known as Keria. Keria was part of DragonX’s trainee program before debuting in the 2019 KeSPA Cup, taking the 3rd/4th place spot.

With DragonX, Keria was able to have some success in tournaments but never reached the top spot. But we think now that he’s changed to T1, his time is coming.

Yet in the LCK Regional Finals 2021, Keria and his T1 teammates took first place, making spectators wonder if the team is on the rise. Watch out Worlds.

Major Achievements:

  • LCK Regional Finals 2021 – 1st place ($0)
  • LCK Summer 2021 – 2nd place ($86,288)
  • 2020 World Championship – 5th-8th place ($100,125)

Watch Keria own here:

T1 Keria "BEST SUPPORT WORLD" Montage | League of Legends 

Find his twitter here: https://twitter.com/T1keria

4. BeryL

BeryL during a League match

With a long list of wins under his belt, Cho Geon-hee is a Korean player known as BeryL, who plays as support (Also ADC) for Damwon Gaming.

Starting with a bang, BeryL made his debut in Rift Rivals 2019: LCK vs LPL vs LMS vs VCS, where his team took first place. Following this, Damwon Gaming continued to do good up until the 2020 World Championship where they took it all and won Worlds for the first time. 

Yet Damwon Gaming have continued to do well and show no sign of slowing down. Recently, in the LCK Summer 2021 tournament, once again, they took gold. World champions are not to be underestimated, and the same goes for BeryL.

Major Achievements:

  • Rift Rivals 2019: LCK vs LPL vs LMS vs VCS – 1st place ($80,000)
  • 2020 World Championship – 1st place ($556,250)
  • LCK Summer 2021 – 1st place ($172,576)

Watch BeryL own here:

Preseason: Damwon Gaming BeryL - Leona Support - KDA 7/0/21

3. CoreJJ

CoreJJ appearing very happy 

CoreJJ, whose real name is Jo Yong-in, is the Korean support for Team Liquid.

While CoreJJ debuted with Samsung Galaxy, they came second in the 2016 World Championship, missing out to T1, yet came back stomping the rift in the 2017 World Championship and taking home the grand prize.

After winning Worlds, CoreJJ switched to Team Liquid and has placed high or first in most tournaments since, including the LCS Lock-In 2021 where they took home first prize. One to watch in any  upcoming tournaments.

Major Achievements:

  • 2016 World Championship – 2nd place ($760,500)
  • 2017 World Championship – 1st place ($1,723,722)
  • LCS Lock-In 2021 – 1st place ($150,000)

Watch CoreJJ own here:

CoreJJ - 2021 Spring Split - Best Plays! | League of Legends

Find his twitter here: http://https://twitter.com/TLCoreJJ

2. Meiko

Meiko looks happy during a match

Tian Ye, known in the Esports world as Meiko, is a Chinese player who is contracted to EDward Gaming as their support player.

Having debuted with EDward Gaming back in 2015, Meiko was on the team of the first ever winners of the Mid-Season Invitationals. With a steam stream of success for EDward Gaming, Meiko’s debut of that year was the LPL Spring 2015 Tournament, which he took first place.

While having taken first in so many major and premier tournaments throughout the years, including LPL Summer 2021, they have never gotten higher than the 5th-8th placement in Worlds. However, if Meiko continues to perform on this level, that might just change.

Major Achievements:

  • LPL Spring 2015 – 1st place ($129,281)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2015 – 1st Place ($100,000)
  • LPL Summer 2021 – 1st place ($309,683)

Watch Meiko own here:

Meiko Thresh POV vs Ming Rakan] LPL Spring 2021 - RNG vs EDward Gaming - Game 2

1. Ming 

Ming enjoying League of Legends at the highest level

Taking the number one spot is Shi Sen-Ming who is best known as the support for Royal Never Give Up as Ming. 

The Chinese player has had a string of successes with Royal Never Give Up, taking 1st or 2nd in a huge number of major and premier tournaments.

Ming is surely one to watch and definitely hasn’t hit his peak yet. We’re expecting big things from Ming. 

Major Achievements:

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2021 – 1st place (75,000)
  • LPL Spring 2021 – 1st place (306,701)
  • LPL Summer 2018 – 1st place (219,458)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2018 – 1st place (527,650)

Watch Ming own here:


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