[Top 10] LOL Best Champions For Pentakills

 LOL Best Champions For Pentakills
I only care about KD/A and nothing else matters to me.

So I heard that you want to improve your KD/A on OP.GG or on your profile in general. No worries I got you hombre. You see my playstyle consists of getting kills and being the MVP. How do I do that? Simple.

I play champions that can 1v5 in a team fight and secure myself a pentakill or maybe even two during the whole match. It all depends on how well I play these champions. Of course, I don’t play every single champion listed on this list but some do indeed peak my interest. You need to kill people and snowball in the early game to get yourself a nice pentakill. 

10. Master Yi

“Master of the Wuju.”

I mean did you expect anyone else to be at number 10? I didn’t. The reason why we are starting this article out with Master Yi is that he can get shut down easily. You just throw a few stuns at Master Yi and he’s out of the game. The last thing you might hear from him is a few breaths and an angry kid breaking his keyboard.

Because he was so close to getting a pentakill. Trust me. You weren’t close even 1 bit. But with Master Yi, you can expect to get a lot of kills and in some time you, you yourself will be able to land a pentakill every 10 matches or so. Master Yi’s kit will help you out tremendously. With his Q he can jump from target to target dealing damage, during that period he’s untargetable.

He can heal himself to full HP with W and give himself extra AD thanks to his E. But the best part is his ultimate ability which makes him run fast and gives him a ton of attack speed. During this phase, people won’t be able to understand what’s going on and the next thing they’ll hear is PENTAKILL. Also, low elo people fear him. I dunno why.

Why Master Yi Is Great For Pentakills:

  • Becomes untargetable when using his Q. 
  • Has the ability to attack twice in a row thanks to his passive. 
  • Gains a lot of movement speed and attack speed while using his ultimate ability. 
  • Can heal himself to full HP with W.

9. Kassadin

“The Void shall fear me!”

Oh boy, this guy used to be my old main. The number of pentakills that I’ve gotten for myself playing this champion. It’s enormous. Why was it so easy with him? Well, because you get to dash away and deal a huge amount of damage because of his ultimate ability. You see as long as you have mana this champion is unkillable and hardly anyone can counter him.

He’s a menace to AP champions because his passive gives him extra magic resistance and it’s hard to catch him slipping. Of course, if you don’t know what you’re doing with Kassadin you won’t even score yourself a double kill let alone a pentakill. His other abilities will also help you on your quest to get a pentakill.

With his Q you can silence people and it’s a great poking tool during the laning phase, with his W you deal extra damage when auto-attacking, and his E shoots out a blast of energy at your enemies. Plus Kassadin is a scaling champion which just means you gotta play your cards correctly and get into the late game. That’s when the real fun starts for you. 

Why Kassadin Is Great For Pentakills:

  • Can catch up to anyone and escape any sticky situation. 
  • During the laning phase, he can poke people with his Q. 
  • W enhances his auto-attack damage. 
  • Gains extra magic resistance against AP champions. 

8. Jax

“This is for you kid.”

Jax is a monster when it comes to killing people. He has everything you need for that in his kit. With Q you can jump a great distance, with W you cave their skulls in, with E you spin your lamp and dodge every auto-attack that’s coming your way and if you’re jumping into 5 people you can use your ultimate that gives you a whopping 100 armor and 100 magic resistance.

Talk about being overpowered. Many people hate him and it’s clear why. He’s easy to play, hard to counter, and if you’re a melee champion playing against Jax you pretty much lost the fight already. The only reasonable thing to do would be to leave the match and say that you wish your team the best. 

Why Jax Is Great For Pentakills:

  • He’s able to jump great distances with his Q. 
  • He can build AP or AD. He’s quirky like that. 
  • With E you can dodge any auto-attack coming your way. 
  • Your ultimate ability gives you extra 100 armor and 100 magic resistance.

7. Diana

“May the moon guide you.”

I’ll come right out and say this. I do not know how to play against this champion. It’s weird and hard for me to do that. Playing against Diana makes my blood boil. She deals a lot of damage and for whatever reason she’s tanky. Like why is she tanky? But all Diana players are rolling in the amount of gold they get from killing people.

This champion can single-handedly wipe out a whole team from the face of the earth. All thanks to her ultimate ability moonfall. Where she summons the moon’s light to deal damage to heretics. They burn in the holy fire from the moon. The only one who can withstand this ability is Leona and that’s because she’s her lover. Diana can be played in the mid-lane or the jungle. Pick your poison. 

Why Diana Is Great For Pentakills:

  • Can eliminate a whole team with her ultimate ability. 
  • Gains a shield from her W. 
  • Can dash multiple times thanks to her E. Good luck trying to escape from her. 

6. Evelynn

“They taste better if they run.”

This girl is sadistic and I love it. This is one of my favorite jungle champions to play if I get auto-filled to that role. And who else to pick but our favorite girl Evelynn. She loves hurting people and loves hunting them down even more. The best part about Evelynn is that you stay invisible the whole match.

The only people who can see you are those who are about to die. Oh don’t worry about catching up to them you can simply charm them with your W and pull them closer to you with your Q. But the best part and the most satisfying one is cutting them down with your ultimate ability. Because that ability is an execute and when you kill 3 people with the same ability. It just feels amazing. Now imagine how great it must feel when you get yourself a pentakill.

Why Evelynn Is Great For Pentakills:

  • Stays invisible the whole match. 
  • You get to hunt people down and they won’t even see you coming. 
  • Scales insanely well with AP. 
  • Executing people with R never gets old.

5. Twitch

“I love cheese!”

My favorite champion of all time. A crack-addicted rat. The most amount of pentakills I’ve gotten is by playing this champion. Oh, how great it must be, right? Now it’s a pain. You see Twitch is an ADC that gets owned by everything. Someone is 0-20 and you think you might be able to kill them. Think again they just owned you.

But once you have a full build that’s when you can unleash his true potential. It’s really simple to get a pentakill once you have a full build. All you have to do is go invisible by pressing Q, go behind the enemy team and use R. That’s it. I think it was harder for me to learn to count to 10 than to get a pentakill with this champion. 

Why Twitch Is Great For Pentakills:

  • Twitch can attack multiple people at once. 
  • Scales well with AD and AP. 
  • Using his R gives you extra AD and extra attack range. 

4. Samira

“Welcome to Noxus!”

Samira is the female version of Dante from Devil May Cry. Now if you ever played any of those games you’ll feel right at home and this champion might be for you. You see Samira has decent poke during the laning phase, can slide around with her E, and block all incoming damage from all sides with her W.

Plus she also spins like a ballerina and deals damage in an AoE radius. But the only way you can activate her ultimate ability is by getting an S rank. The way you get this is by combining all of your skills and doing something phenomenal.

You might think that this is a bit dumb but don’t worry this ability doesn’t have a cooldown and the only thing stopping you from spamming it is your mana. Oh and also when you jump into 5 people don’t worry about dying. For whatever reason, you lifesteal an insane amount of HP from your enemies. 

Why Samira Is Great For Pentakills:

  • She heals for an insane amount of HP. Don’t worry about dying. 
  • Her R deals damage in an AoE radius you can also move while casting this ability. 
  • Great poke during the laning phase. 
  • You get to slide around everywhere with your E. Great for dodging abilities and getting in close to slice them with your sword. 

3. Cassiopeia

“Slippery snake.”

Cassiopeia was a normal person at first but later she turned into a snake because of a curse in Shurima. With the body of a snake and the personality of one as well it was hard for her to return to her homeland in Noxus.

Nonetheless, when her sister Katarina found out they came back. That’s where her story ends as I’m told. But we’re not here to talk about lore and backstory, we're here to talk about her pentakill potential. She’s great at turning people to stone and killing them slowly. By slowly I mean throwing poison straight at their face and eliminating them in a few hits.

Is it hard to play Cassiopeia? Yeah, it is but you’ll get used to her champion pretty quickly no worries about that. All you have to think about is landing your ultimate ability and then quickly spam your Q and E keys to get yourself a pentakill. Maybe even throw your W so they can’t run away from you.

Why Cassiopeia Is Great For Pentakills:

  • She’s able to turn almost anyone to stone as long as they look at her face. 
  • People who get hit by her W can’t use any dashes or flashes. 
  • People who are poisoned will get a burst of the magic shot at their faces. 

2. Miss Fortune

“Gangplank killed my parents, I took everything that he owned.”

Are you surprised to even see her on this list? This girl has the best ultimate ability in all of League of Legends. She can target a whole team with her ultimate and kill every last one of them. Not only that but her auto-attacks hurt a ton. You can’t compete against this champion in a basic 1v1. She always comes on top no matter what.

With E you can slow people down from running away from your ultimate. Just mow them down then. People who survive get a cannonball to their face. It’s simple and easy to get a pentakill with Miss Fortune. She’s the queen of the bottom lane and getting pentakills. 

Why Miss Fortune Is Great For Pentakills:

  • Your ultimate is great at mowing multiple people down. 
  • Your Q can bounce from target to target. 
  • Your passive guarantees you a 100% critical strike each time you auto-attack a new champion. 

1. Katarina

“I am a Du Couteau. I am the greatest assassin.”

Here we have my second most favorite champion in the whole game and that’s Katarina the AP assassin. God, I love making plays and dominating the game with this champion. It's so fun. Especially getting a pentakill with her.

Because trust me it’s not as easy as it seems. Anyone can CC you and boom there you have it, you’re gone. Katarina is the perfect champion for you to learn and get as many pentakills as you want and we can thank her passive ability for that. Upon getting a kill all abilities except the ultimate will be reset.

This means if you keep jumping from enemy to enemy nobody can stop you. Don’t worry if there are 2 or 3 people for you to target. You can just spin in place and throw a dagger at every single one of them. That will teach them a lesson not to mess with you. Plus with the new items you get to have HP and AP at the same time. How great is that?

Why Is Katarina Great For Pentakills:

  • AoE's ultimate ability targets everyone who steps into her range. 
  • All ability's cooldowns refresh after getting a kill. 
  • You can build AP and HP at the same time because of the new items, making you tanky. 
  • Best champion to get pentakills with.

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