LoL Best Karthus Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Karthus Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Karthus Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Karthus Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
He's Michael Jackson the undead version.

Ah, skins love ‘em or hate them they are in the game. Especially when some skins can give you a clear advantage over the enemy. Today we’ll talk about one of my favorite bs champions in the game. Nothing is more satisfying than killing 2-3 people while sitting in spawn leeching off of your teammates. You can just watch the cash roll in and see yourself become the final boss of the match. The only downside to Karthus is that he isn’t an agile champion but if he gets killed he can still use his abilities as a ghost. Except you can’t move from the spot where you died. Don’t be afraid to go in and die from time to time. Now that I’ve explained Karthus, let's get into his skins!

9. Original Karthus (Ok)

Here’s the original skin that comes along when you buy the champion. There is nothing special about it. The colors look bland and worn out which suits the character as he is represented as death or the one who guides the souls into hell. Riot could have made him look a bit scarier and maybe given him a zombie kind of look but it is alright. 

How To Get Original Karthus: 

You can obtain this skin in the League’s shop and you can pay with either BE or RP. If you’re buying with BE it will cost you 3150 while RP will cost you 790 which is around 7 dollars. 

8. Fnatic Karthus (Ok)

For our first actual skin for Karthus, we have the Fnatic one. I’ll come right out and say that this skin is boring and it has to be the worst skin for the champion. It takes everything that makes Karthus special and ruins it. It makes him look like a damn mascot for the team. The only special thing about this skin is that it was rewarded to Fnatic for winning Worlds 2014. 

How To Get Fnatic Karthus:

You can get this skin only through a chest or an orb that you open if you are lucky enough because this skin is legacy. 

7. Statue of Karthus (Ok)

The first time that you look at this skin you’ll immediately know that it’s a reference to the Statue of Liberty, let’s just hope that it wasn’t made by the French as well. When it comes to this skin there is nothing special about it. It just turns Karthus from a scary death character into a statue. What else is there to say? There are only two color pallets used and that is gray and yellow. 

How To Get Statue of Karthus:

Go ahead to the League of Legends skin shop and buy yourself the skin for 520 RP or 5$. 

6. Grim Reaper Karthus (Average)

Now, this is more like it. This skin suits the champion. This is what the original skin should have been Riot, why didn’t you go through with it? This skin does not come with any new animations, or sound effects; the only new thing is that Karthus has a skull for his face now and he wears a black robe. Which is pretty cool in my opinion. You can also change the color of the robe if you so desire. 

How To Get Grim Reaper Karthus:

You can get this skin in the shop inside of League of Legends for 975 RP or 8$. 

5. Phantom Karthus (Average)

Up next we have the Phantom Karthus skin. Well, the first time you look at this skin you’ll think to yourself isn’t he just wearing a dark robe and having red eyes? And the second time you look you’ll know that you are correct. But that is the good thing about this skin. It doesn’t try to be anything too fancy and it keeps things minimalistic. Which in some cases can be a good thing. This skin is reserved for people who like that sort of thing and that is completely fine. 

How To Get Phantom Karthus:

The only way that you can obtain this skin is through chests and having insane luck since it is legacy.

4. Pentakill Karthus (Good)

Finally, a great group that came out of League of Legends that isn’t anime inspired is Pentakill. One of the best metal groups in any video game hands down. You can’t argue with me on this one because I am right. And the best part about Pentakill is that they released 3 albums all sorted into chapters. This skin right here belongs to Chapter 1 of Pentakill. This skin comes with additional quotes and extra VFX effects. 

How To Get Pentakill Karthus:

Go to your client and open up the skin shop to buy the skin for 750 RP or 7$. Once you do buy it make sure that you headbang your head while blasting Pentakill through your speakers. 

3. Infernal Karthus (Good)

This is the first Karthus skin that comes with everything brand new. The color pallet could use a little bit more work as it is just Karthus on fire but that’s alright. The new sounds sound crisp, the animations are smooth and if you get tired of the orange color you can always switch it up with a different one thanks to the chromas. This skin does make his model look a bit skinnier but that is a very good thing as it gives you an advantage over the enemy. 

How To Get Infernal Karthus:

You can get it for yourself over at the League of Legends skin shop for 1350 RP or 10$. 

2. Karthus Lightsbane (Excellent)

This is the most beloved skin for any Karthus player but it is not the best. Sure a lot of people might love using it but it lacks in some areas. Like in animations and sounds. They aren’t as smooth and crisp as they should be. Even though it does look the coolest and the color pallet suits the guy it just couldn’t make the final cut for the number one spot. But if you do love playing Karthus do yourself a favor and get this skin. 

How To Get Karthus Lightsbane:

You can get this skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the League of Legends shop! 

1. Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus (Best)

For the number one skin, we have Pentakill Chapter 3. You see Riot Games never released Pentakill Chapter 2 skins and we can only wonder what those could have been but thankfully they have blessed us with this skin and some great music to listen to while playing League of Legends. This skin has the widest color pallet out of any skin for Karthus. Not only that but it also comes equipped with great animations, VFX, sounds, and a brand new recall animation for the champion. The most important ability for Karthus is his Q and this skin makes it so much easier to hit for whatever reason. 

How To Get Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus:

You can get yourself this skin right now for 1350 RP or 10$ right over at the League of Legends skin shop! 

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