[Top 15] LoL Best European Players Right Now

LoL Best European Players

Europe has given rise to several powerhouses that frequently earn the top 4 spots in Worlds each year, and one day we might see them take back the crown they once had in the first World Championship. But who exactly are the players carrying these teams, we’re here to find out.

15. Saken (Karmine Corp, Mid Laner)

Saken isn’t the type of player who will blow your mind with his massive skills, but he’s still a solid player you can count on.

In 2019 he was best known for his Ryze, and even though this champion has been in League of Legends for a long time, not a lot of people can utilize his ult well. Saken, on the other hand, has basically perfected this champion, so while his other picks may have split outcomes, you can always expect a great Ryze performance.

Latest best performance: 1st place European Masters Summer 2021 as a player for Karmine Corp ($46,952 prize amount)

Saken highlights

14. Cabochard (Karmine Corp, Top Laner)

Cabochard used to be the top laner for one of the best European teams in League, Gambit Gaming. While his current position in Karmine Corp isn’t very enviable, Cabochard is the main reason Karmine Corp hasn’t gone under yet, the second being Saken.

When asked how he ranks himself in an interview a few years back, Cabochard said that he believes he’s in the top 2 top laners in Europe. Even though some would disagree with this statement, his skill is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Latest best achievement: 1st place European Masters Summer 2021 as a player for Karmine Corp ($46,952 prize amount)

Cabochard highlights

13. Treatz (SK Gaming, Jungler)

Watching Treatz play, it’s like he sometimes forgets that he’s a support, going in headfirst and almost solo killing the enemy team.

Considering he used to play for the NA powerhouse TSM, I guess it’s hard to just sit back and watch your team struggle to carry games. This might be a reason Treatz role swapped this year and started playing jungle for SK Gaming.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LCS Academy League Spring 2019 as a player for TSM ($10,000 prize amount)

Treatz highlights

12. Armut (MAD Lions, Top Laner)

Famous for his serious gaze into the camera whenever it’s pointed at him, Armut is jokingly known as “The Most Handsome Player in the World”.

His most played champ is Gnar and even though Gnar’s ult isn’t known as being too difficult to execute, Armut makes it look even easier. You will often see him saving his flash so he could set up the perfect Gnar wall stun.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LEC Summer 2021 as a player for MAD Lions ($94,909 prize amount)

Armut highlights

11. Inspired (Rogue, Jungler)

Reaching Top 50 in Challenger at the young age of 15, Inspired proves to the world that he’s worthy of his name. He is the youngest LEC player and also the first jungler to get a pentakill in an LEC match.

Seeing as he’s already accomplished so much at 19, in the future we might see his face in top 15 lists of the Best Players in the World.

Last best achievement: 2nd place LEC Spring 2021 as a player for Rogue ($59,494 prize amount)

Inspired highlights

10. Hans sama (Rogue, Bot Laner)

Hans sama might be more popular because of his streams and Youtube channel, but his professional game shouldn’t be overlooked. Even though he enjoys playing multiple lanes, mostly jungle and top, in tournaments he always plays bot lane adc.

Given his easily bored nature, he doesn’t have a specific main. That being said he did grow fond of Draven after watching Rekkles play him and ended up as one of the best Draven players on EUW, but hey, that’s just Hans sama for you.

Latest best achievement: 1st place EU CS Summer 2016 as a player for Misfits Gaming ($9,965 prize amount)

Hans sama highlights

9. Vander (Misfits Gaming, Support)

It’s extremely reassuring when you have a Thresh support who knows what he’s doing, especially if that Thresh is Vander. He’s someone who’s played adc professionally so he knows what his laner expects of him when he’s supporting.

Also, even if Vander does make mistakes, you can expect a funny reaction from him, but that’s usually when he’s playing solo queue.

Latest best achievement: 3rd place LEC Summer 2020 as a player for Rogue ($35,521 prize amount)

Vander highlight

8. Odoamne (Rogue, Top Laner)

Much like Hans sama, Odoamne doesn’t have specific champions that he mains, but rather plays what his team needs, or when he’s playing ranked or normal games, what he feels like playing.

Having a consistently strong top laner who is versatile and can play almost anything to an extent might not be perfect for a professional player, but overall is a value that should be appreciated.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place LEC Spring 2021 as a player for Rogue ($59,494 prize amount)

Odoamne highlights

7. Humanoid (MAD Lions, Mid Laner)

I don’t know if it’s real skill or just luck, but when I see Humanoid survive on 10hp for the millionth time it stops being “calculated” and starts actually being calculated.

This player will keep you at the edge of your seat and at least when you’re watching LoL games it’s better not to know if the player will make it out alive.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LEC Summer 2021 as a player for MAD Lions ($94,909 prize amount)

Humanoid highlights

6. Bwipo

As strong as a team Fnatic is, it’s no surprise that most of their players would make this list, and one of them,definitely the most chatty of the bunch, is Bwipo. Having played top lane previously and even switching briefly to bot lane, he currently sits in the jungle.

We are yet to see how this position will fit him since he’s never played jungle in professional play before. He was a beast in the top lane, having the biggest solo kill ratio in LEC for a time, so we’ll see if he can transfer that skill to ganking and getting objectives.

Latest best achievement:1st place Rift Rivals 2019: NA vs EU as a player for Fnatic ($20,000 prize amount)

Bwipo highlights

5. Adam (Fnatic, Top Laner)

With a lot of the players who are thought as the best in the world retiring, it makes you wonder whether professional League will stay relevant in the future, but seeing young talents like Adam just dominate the field puts your mind at ease.

Even though he’s only 19, Adam has such a good understanding of the game, especially top lane champions. He knows exactly how much damage his champion is capable of dishing out by taking into account his level, items, and matchup.

His aggressive playstyle might come across as impatient, but it just shows his overwhelming confidence.

Latest best achievement: 1st place European Masters Spring 2021 as a player for Karmine Corp ($48,108 prize amount)

Adam highlights

4. Upset (Fnatic, Bot Laner)

After losing Rekkles, people thought that Fnatic will eventually lose its place as a powerhouse in the European League of Legends scene. The outcome heavily depends on whether Upset can adapt to his new team because in terms of skill, he’s not much behind Rekkles.

Reaching Top 1 of the EUW solo queue ladder this year just shows his determination to become the best and it’s such a shame that we couldn’t see him performing at Worlds 2021.

Hopefully, he gets back on his feet soon so he can show the League community that Fnatic is still staying strong.

Latest best achievement: 2nd LEC Summer 2021 as a player for Fnatic ($59,318 prize amount)

Upset highlights

3. Rekkles (G2 Esports, Bot Laner)

The current top 2 teams in Europe, Fnatic and G2 Esports, and Rekkles has played the adc for both. His skill is apparent to anyone watching his games and is proved by the 4 MVP crowns he earned in EU LCS over the years.

Playing champions such as Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Sivir, and Jhin, Rekkles is the first player to reach 2000 kills in the LEC which shows the pressure and fear he puts on the enemy team, more often than not, getting extremely fed and dominating the late game.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place 2018 World Championship as a player for Fnatic ($870,750 prize amount)

Rekkles highlights

2. Jankos (G2 Esports, Jungler)

Over the years, the jungle position has become more and more stressful with the introduction of Rift Herald, Scuttle Crabs, changes to the Dragons, and reducing the Exp you get from jungle camps. It made it so that junglers need to be on the move constantly, ganking and getting objectives. It might just be the most important role in the game right now and Jankos manages to pull it off almost perfectly.

Jankos is by far the best jungler the West has ever seen and it is a relief that, after years of struggling with not the best of teams, he found his place in probably the strongest European team right now, G2 Esports.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place 2019 World Championship as a player for G2 Esports ($300,375 prize amount)

Jankos highlights

1. Caps

Who other to put in the first place than “Baby Faker” himself, Caps. When going for the top, you usually don’t want to be considered the baby equivalent of another player, but since Faker is basically a god in the LoL community, there can be no greater honor.  And I think most would agree that “Baby Faker” sounds much better than one of his other nicknames fans use when he’s playing badly, Craps.

All being said, Caps definitely deserves the number 1 spot on this list, many would agree that he is one of the best LoL players of all time, myself included. It is no coincidence that Fnatic had the most success while Caps was on the team, and as soon as he joined G2 Esports, they became the best team in Europe.

He took his teams to the finals at Worlds two years in a row, and it wouldn’t be surprising in the least to one day see him on the throne itself.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place 2019 World Championship as a player for G2 Esports ($300,375 prize amount)

Caps highlights

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