[Top 11] LOL Best 1vs9 Champs (That Are Great!)

League of Legends Champions

Check out the best 1vs9 LOL champions!


League of Legends is filled with several characters with the crazy potential to be able to carry games and lead their teams to victory! Here are the top 11 champions who can easily carry their teams and take the enemies down on their own!

11. Draven

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 A former soldier who wields a spinning ax! Draven is well-known for his early game and late game carrying potential with his severe damage.

Why Draven Is Great for 1vs9:

  • His passive allows for him to gain extra gold depending on his performance.
  • His ultimate is extremely long-ranged and allows for his enemies to be hit multiple times due to its high speed.
  • Draven’s kit is built to make him snowball he will gain severe movement and attack speed!

10. Kayn

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League of Legends’ hilarious shadow reaper is one of the greatest fears not only in the jungle but for every lane! Kayn is specifically built to be able to deal with any type of enemy in his different forms.

Why Kayn Is Great for 1vs9:

  • Kayn can either be an assassin or a tank for his team.
  • His kill participation is always very high as Kayn can travel through all of Summoner’s rift quite speedy!
  • His ultimate allows for him to avoid taking damage and speed over to his priority target, making team fights much easier for him. 

9. Samira

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The terrifying Desert Rose! Samira mainly played in the Bottom Lane, is one of the strongest ADC champions in League of Legends with her vampiric abilities!

Why Samira Is Great for 1vs9: 

  • She is both melee and ranged, meaning she can face her opponents if they come right up to her or if they are far.
  • Her W ability allows for her to dodge all projectiles, surviving large amounts of bursts thrown at her.
  • Her ultimate has the lowest cooldown in the game and it allows her to do much damage and heal when she has fully peaked to her “S” form. 

8. Katarina

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One of the strongest and most mobile assassins in League of Legends. Katarina, the Sinister Blade is known for her insane burst that kills enemies in seconds!

Why Katarina Is Great for 1vs9:

  • Katarina can go invisible as she “teleports” to her dropped blades, allowing her to allow many abilities.
  • Her roam is absolutely amazing and always gets her extremely ahead.
  • Her ultimate, commonly known as a “spin to win” allows her to spin when her opponents stand, she can kill an entire team if they do not position correctly!

7. Fiora

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The Grand Duelist always comes in to pop the vitals of all her enemies and allows her to kill many opponents in seconds!

Why Fiora Is Great for 1vs9:

  • Her passive “Duelist Dance” helps her not only commit to doing much more damage, but because she goes around her enemies, she is able to dodge them more.
  • Fiora can completely parry anything that comes her way with one of her abilities.
  • As she is such a strategically dodging champion, she not only has much health but can survive fights with more than 1 opponent easily!

6. Irelia

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The Blade dancing assassin has always been one of the most phenomenal champions in League of Legends. Irelia’s kit is generally known for its horrifying amount of dashes making her hard to target!

Why Irelia Is Great for 1vs9:

  • It absolutely does not matter how “fed” an opponent is, Irelia builds lethality items causing her to do much damage no matter the case.
  • Irelia’s Q ability could make her easily dodge moves by either going through her opponents or through enemy minions.
  • Her ultimate ability slows all enemies that get hit by it or hit the sword cone! This allows her to easily catch up to her opponents for a speedy kill in any team fight!

5. Tryndamere

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This Barbarian is most played as a Top Laner and once he becomes ahead, he is unstoppable.

Why Tryndamere Is Great 1vs9:

  • Tryndamere has a fear ability allowing him to avoid enemy hits and make his opponents slow.
  • His attack speed becomes almost impossible to survive to.
  • His ultimate allows him to not die, being able to avoid all enemy attacks and survive while being right in the middle of the entire enemy team.

4. Yasuo

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The Ionian fighter of League of Legends can 99.9% of the time be trusted in carrying an entire team! Yasuo is one of the most played champions in League of Legends and is able to be in all lanes!

Why Yasuo Is Great 1vs9:

  • Does not use any sort of mana, his passive allows for him to block the first enemy attack automatically
  • Attack speed is the way to go! Yasuo is able to destroy his opponent in a heartbeat just with the speed he can hit his enemies!
  • Yasuo’s ultimate can grab all enemies that have been launched into the air, this means he could wipe out an entire team all on his own!

3. Yone 

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Yasuo’s dead brother, or at least we thought he was dead until he comes back to bring down all his opponents! This dual wielder also is one with the wind and can destroy teams with his insane kit.

Why Yone Is Great 1vs9:

  • Yone relies on attack speed, like Yasuo, to be able to do insane damage and to commit to quick kills.
  • Also a non-mana user, he can stay in lane much longer than most enemies due to this and also having life steal!
  • Yone’s ult can catch entire teams and knock them up so he could keep stunning them and quickly kill them all on his own!

2. Master Yi

Pro Gameplay

Well known for his insane jungle success, Master Yi can wipe out teams in seconds with a kit that makes him stealthy and speedy!

Why Master Yi Is Great 1vs9:

  • His Q ability allows him to do damage and become untargetable as he is teleporting to every enemy in his way, dealing damage to all!
  • Master Yi can heal with one of his abilities allowing him to stay out and fight longer or survive bursts of damage mid-fight.
  • His ultimate allows for him to be speedy and not avoidable in the slightest! He can catch any enemy trying to run away, especially from team fights!

1. Vayne

Pro Gameplay

The Night Hunter always is meant to be feared any time she is seen in the character selection lobby! Vayne, no matter if behind or ahead is always able to come back and defeat all her enemies!

Why Vayne Is Great 1vs9:

  • She can fall behind, the moment she begins to kill minions, she can catch back up by buying items to maximize her kit’s damage!
  • Vayne is both stealthy and fast with a low cooldown ability that lets her roll and becomes invisible as she does so!
  • The best tank shredder in the game! No matter how tanky, if played correctly, Vayne can shut them down!


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