LoL Best Azir Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Azir Skins Ranked From Worst To Best)

LoL Best Azir Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Skins Ranked From Worst To Best)
I shall raise my whole empire from sand.

We’ve talked about Anivia being a chicken but let’s talk about a real chicken now. Azir is the type of bird to lead a whole empire into the sand and then rebuild it. You see he has the power of necromancy. To summon his fallen soldiers over and over again but each time he summons them they are built of sand.

Perhaps if he made his soldiers that can walk maybe he has a chance to rebuild his fallen empire but sadly each soldier he creates is a paraplegic. But anyways we are talking about his skins. Even though the champion has been out for a couple of years by now he does not have a lot of skins, only 6 in fact. So with that let’s get into ranking them! 

6. SKT T1 Azir (Ok)

Let’s start with the worst skin for the champion and that’s the SKT T1 Azir. In my life, I have never used worse skin than this one. If you like this one you’re lying to yourself because you like the team and that’s it. There is no other reason behind it. So do yourself a favor and improve your KD/A by not using this skin. 

How To Get SKT T1 Azir:

You can only get this skin from a chest because it’s a legacy. 

5. Original Azir (Ok)

The original skin for the magnificent chicken emperor. When he came out he was considered one of the best-looking champions in the game and he still is even today. Riot put a lot of effort into creating this champion and made sure that he will be played for years to come. The only downside is that he’s really hard to learn and hard to master so not a lot of low-elo players play him. When it comes to the skin it’s basic and has a unique color palette. With yellow and a sprinkle of red here and there. 

How To Get Original Azir:

You can obtain the champion and the skin for 4800 BE or 880 RP or 8$ in total. 

4. Galactic Azir (Average)

This skin came out with the champion. Mainly if you didn’t like how the original champion looked you could always buy this one for cheap and change up the color pallet. If you thought that’s all oh no, they also added new effects and new running animations. It was quite a good skin when it came out I must say and people still use it even today. The only downside is that it looks a bit bulky. 

How To Get Galactic Azir:

You can buy the skin for 975 RP or 9$ in the skin shop. 

3. Gravelord Azir (Good)

After being released for 1 year and having no skins at all Riot Games decided it was time to create a new skin for him. One that suits him. It turns the chicken into a real necromancer and the soldiers that he spawns look like zombies. Which is a great change. It also gives him a new voice filter if you ever got tired of listening to him ramble about Shurima. Sadly no additional quotes. 

How To Get Gravelord Azir:

Make your way to the League of Legends skin shop and buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$. 

2. Warring Kingdoms Azir (Excellent)

I love the Warring Kingdoms skin line. It's just sad that Riot Games doesn’t make them anymore. Let me start by saying that this skin has unique animations and new effects while also making Azir look like an albino chicken in Chinese armor. It’s quite impressive what they have done with this one. The model is also smaller compared to the original while the casting and auto-attack animations are pretty much the same. 

How To Get Warring Kingdoms Azir:

You can only get this skin through chests because it’s a legacy. 

1. Elderwood Azir (Best)

The most recent skin that the champion got was for the Elderwood skin line. I have no issues with this as it is one of my favorite skin lines in the whole game. It turns the whole champion into a magical leshen, if you know you know. If by any chance you dislike the standard colors the skin comes with you can always change it with chromas. Oh, and every single animation has been changed to some degree so the champion might feel a bit new when you use the skin. 

How To Get Elderwood Azir:

You can purchase the skin in the League of Legends client for 1350 RP or 10$. 

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