Top 10 LoL Most Banned Champions in Ranked Games

lol Most Banned Champions
"Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code."

10. Vayne

Vayne, The Night Hunter

Vayne is a hyper scaling late game adc. Later in the game, Vayne shreds tanks and squishies alike with her true damage and maneuvers around invisibly.  

  • Vayne’s W deals true damage every 3rd hit, dealing more and more as she scales. This quickly become a nuisance to all her enemies as her damage skyrockets.
  • Vayne’s R also gives her movement speed and invisibility, making her a hard target for even champions like Rengar.
  • Lastly, her E pushes her targets back into walls, making trying to stop her before she scales a real pain. All of these things add up to make Vayne a very bannable champion.

9. Katarina

Katarina, The Sinister Blade

Katarina is an assassin who jumps into the fray using her daggers. Having one of the most powerful basic combos, she doesn’t even need her ultimate when she’s ahead.

  • Katarina is well known for her level 3 solo kills. In mid lane, most champions can not play of an early level this much. Her kit gives her large amounts of damage, a dash, and an AoE.
  • Katarina’s ultimate deals a lot of damage while still having a very large area. Taking in account that she is usually in melee range when ulting means she gets a lot of value off of one ability.
  • Katarina’s only limit to her abilities are her cooldowns. She has no resource and so her abilities essentially cost nothing. Allowing her to spam her abilities forever. Most people don’t want to deal with katarina in lane, so they ban her.

8. Zed

Zed, The Master of Shadows

Zed is a lethality assassin who leaps in, executes his target, and recedes back into the shadows, leaving his enemies to die.

  • Zed has the ability to vanish, appear next to his enemy, deal damage, then leave, all in an instant with his E and R.
  • The frustration occurs when after Zed combos you, you are in this limbo state where you know you are going to die, but you can nothing about it.
  • Because he builds lethality, his roams are very potent, causing many people to ban him even outside of midlane.

7.  Riven

Riven, The Exile

Riven is a top lane carry who uses her mighty sword to destroy her foes. Using her dashes, stuns, shields, and damage, she out-skills her opponents to victory

  • As Riven is mained by a fair amount of people, it is common to see people banning her just to hope to ban someone main.
  • Riven’s kit is bursting with all sorts of uses. Her AoE stun, many dashes, and a big shield keep many people from allowing her into champion select.
  • As Riven is a high skill champion, some people just don’t like get out-skilled, so riven becomes the go to ban for many.

6. Leblanc

Leblanc, The Deceiver

Leblanc is a mage assassin that plays tricks to players, attacking far from sight and making clones of herself, while keeping her enemies right where she wants them.

  • Leblanc’s passive, summons an EXACT copy of herself, dots, buffs, everything. This clone can be controlled and easily deceives many trying collect her bounty.
  • Her ultimate ability allows her to use a spell again, making her more versatile, and allowing her to double dash and kill you from across your screen.
  • Leblanc’s root causes problems for many players, as it guarantees she will hit her damage, making her annoying, and bannable.

5. Akali

Akali, The Rogue Assassin

Akali is an assassin that recent changes have only increased this champion’s notoriety. Her multitudes of dashes combined with spell vamp and invisibility make her a formidable foe.

  • Akali’s W has enraged players ever since the rework. The invisibility under turrets makes tower diving a breeze
  • Meanwhile, she still had several dashes to make her escape, or go in on another target. Her R not only acts as a dash but also as an execute.
  • She also has tons of spell vamp, making her impossible to kill even if she was out of her smoke screen.

4. Rengar

Rengar, The Pridestalker

Rengar is an assassin jungler who leaps at enemy backlines from camouflage, and using insane amounts of damage to erase his foe’s.

  • Rengar uses bushes to ambush his foes. Any bush in the game allows him to jump to his enemy and deal damage.
  • His ultimate, gives movement speed, a dash, and camouflage. Making him scare the entire backline with every ult he has.
  • Rengar also has incredible damage outputs that make many players ban him any time they play and adc.

3. Fizz

Fizz, The Tidal Trickster

Fizz is a mage assassin that uses invulnerability and dashes to evade his foes while dealing damage, his low cooldowns allow for repeated uses in trades.

  • Fizz has an ability most people call the the troll-pole. As it seems to taunt you with how long he is invulnerable and how often he does it.
  • His dash, just seems to add another layer of salt to the wound after he lands his R making it seem like he can come from anywhere.
  • And when he gets fed, his damage numbers can rival rengars, putting him in the top 3 most banned

2. Yasuo

Yasuo, The Unforgiven

Yasuo uses his almost infinite dashes, knockups, and abuse of crit to make ridiculous plays and deal ridiculous damage.

  • As with Riven, Yasuo is mained by a fair amount of people, it is common to see people banning him just to hope to ban someone main.
  • Yasuo is able to use crit so efficiently that by two items, he is as strong as any other champion in the game, now matter how far behind he is.
  • He can also use a dash on every person, making him able to chase you to the ends of the earth, and also making him a hated and banned champion.

1. Teemo

Teemo, The Swift Scout

Teemo blinds, slows, turns invisible, and taunts you. He sometimes wins lane by making the other player disconnect.

  • Teemo is hated by the vast majority of player in LoL, making him a very bannable champion. His R applys 3 dots from across the map, chunking half your health.
  • His Q, completely shuts down almost all adcs or attack damage dealers, meaning laning is horrible because every cannon your are Q’ed being forced to miss it
  • And of course, the fact that he can just turn invisible wherever and whenever he pleases leaves many with an unhappy attitude after playing against Teemo.

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