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The best Lucian ownage plays by the best players in the world.

Lucian is an all-around fantastic bot lane pick. With a ton of mobility from his Relentless Pursuit and Lightslinger, his play-making potential is off the charts and his auto attacks bring massive damage. The players below have mastered the art of Purification and their craziest plays provide a great example for those trying up there Lucian play to the next level.


10. That’s an Expensive Dragon by Still Not Enough

Watch: https://youtu.be/B4pIFvAM8qY?t=69

Lucian pentakill

After the enemy team sticks around too long to pick up a dragon, Still Not Enough uses fantastic target prioritization to make quick work of them. Bouncing from one opponent to another lets him lay down maximum damage without missing a moment. By bringing everyone on the enemy team down to low health, it’s easy for Still Not Enough to play clean up.


9. I’ll Drink You Under the Table by Skee Skee Dreamz

Watch: https://youtu.be/56W2FAiJgWg?t=221

Lucian double kill

After going toe to toe and beer to beer with Gragas, Ahri dashes into the fray in an attempt to save her all but doomed teammate. But, using Lucian’s insane mobility and kite ability, Skee Skee Dreamz can turn the battle back into his favor while forcing his adversaries to use both of their ultimates and leaving with a smooth double kill.


8. It’s too Early for This.. by Gosu

Watch: https://youtu.be/oEweAPn1kQw?t=121

Lucian tower dive evasion

Mere minutes into the game Gragas, Twitch, and Morgana decide to attempt an ambitious early turret dive. They didn’t know that they were attacking Gosu though. Almost as if he foresaw the whole event unfold, Gosu maneuvers his way around his enemies despite their significant level advantage and uses strong micro-awareness to level up his dash ability at just the right moment to turn his opponent’s ambitious turret dive into an opportunity to thrive.


7. Slip & Slide by GOD FIST LEE S1N

Watch: https://youtu.be/xibvZz81M2k?t=306

Lucian kites Poppy

Looking down your sights at a tanky Poppy running your way is not what most people like to see. Most people are not GOD FIST LEE S1N. Making use of both Lucian’s strong kiting ability and the slow from his Blade of the Ruined King, GOD FIST LEE S1N can whittle down Poppy throughout her chase and kill her with barely a scratch.


6. That’s Right, Focus the Nami by Judgement Cut

Watch: https://youtu.be/kkjC5hVodzU?t=182

Lucian triple kill

With much lower health than most of us noobs would consider acceptable, Judgement Cut weaves around his enemies and deliver some serious damage, resulting in a double kill after his Nami support lands a strong bubble on Vi and Galio. Once Rakan and Galio are out of the picture, Vi decides to focus on attacking Nami instead of Lucian. As a result, Lucian can gain level 6 and drop is ultimate to pick up an easy triple kill.


5. What Else Ya Got? By Ostrich

Watch: https://youtu.be/FEi0g5iJedQ?t=1

Lucian early quadra kill

This is an insane quadra kill. After his allied Karthus does little more than just die, Ostrich is left alone with 4 enemies staring at him with blood in their eyes. However, Ostrich can use his early lead to tear through his enemies and pick up a quadra kill at 11 minutes. Ostrich capitalizing on an early lead to further solidify his dominance and his keen awareness to discern the outcome of the fight which landed him #5 on our Best Lucian Players countdown.


4. Not Enough Skill(shots) by CodeRen

Watch: https://youtu.be/IN09bFT9FCQ?t=241

Lucian double kill

CodeRen almost certainly didn’t expect Lux to crash his party while he was right in the middle of killing Senna, but ya know, the more the merrier. After dodging a few skillshots but soaking a couple too, CodeRen dips, twists and shifts his way into a double kill against a couple of champions who throw tons of projectiles your way. Seeing through the chaos and finding the path to this double kill is what landed CodeRen at #4.


3. Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast by Doublelift

Watch: https://youtu.be/X2S1VgriVkw?t=94

Lucian smooth tower dive

Always keen to remind his viewers why he’s one of the best adc players on Earth, Doublelift coordinates with his lane partner perfectly to spread his damage like butter and perform one of the smoothest tower dives I’ve ever seen. Between his communication, execution, and strategic ability to think through the play based solely on his XP made Doublelift an easy lock for 3rd.


2. We’re Gonna Need More Coffins by MayneShauna

Watch: https://youtu.be/B4pIFvAM8qY?t=322

Lucian-Malphie combo

A whiffed Malphite ultimate is never a good place to start a fight. It’s even worse when Malphite immediately flashes backward after whiffing that ultimate and Rengar is hunting just feet away, waiting to pounce. However, Lucian can do a lot against such a vicious onslaught. By Malphite body blocking Caitlyn’s ultimate plus Rengar under tower, MayneShauna is given the room required to drop Rengar where he stands then shift his focus to Thresh and Caitlyn while Caitlyn auto attacks the tower. Making use of his enemy’s mistakes and laying down maximum damage while under siege is what made MayneShauna a strong #2 pick.


1. May I Have this Dance? By AnatomicKiller7

Watch: https://youtu.be/56W2FAiJgWg?t=81

Lucian's insane mobility

Among the more impressive aspects of this play by AnatomicKiller7 is that he is not in a particularly strong position in the beginning. He’s got one kill and some cs, but that isn’t a lot to work with to pick up a near-solo triple kill. What this takes is pure skill. After chunking down both Yasuo and Blitzcrank, AnatomicKiller7 is blocked by Yasuo’s windwall, effectively removing him from the fight for a few moments. During that time his allied Samira is taken down, leaving him alone. Despite the odds AnatomicKiller7 dashes around Yasuo to dodge his skillshot and secure that kill. Having just gotten level 6 throughout the fight, he burns his ultimate to finish off Blitzcrank. After the dust settles, Jarvan comes along. Having been taken down to about ¼ health, AnatomicKiller7 flashes to avoid Jarvan’s knockup and solidify his triple kill. 


A mix of mobility, damage, and situational awareness. These key aspects are what separate the best from the rest of us. So take a hint or two away from these pros, click lock-in on Lucian, and get grinding.


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