[TOP 5] LOL Best Burst Champs For Great Burst Damage

League of Legends Best Burst Champions
Dominate The Summoners Rift With Style

Which Are The Best Burst Champions in League of Legends?

Burst Champions in League are the ones that kill the enemies players immediately before they even get the chance to react.

With this list we present you the top 5 burst champions that will make your opponents rage quit and make you the Legend of the Rift.

5. Malphite

Malphite,Shard of the Monolith

Malphite, known as one of the best tank picks for toplane but in this meta-a brutal ability power carry that is able to solo carry games with his extreme burst power capable of wrecking the entire enemy teams.

If you are looking a team- wide burster with Great follow up (wombo combo) potential then AP malphite is your pick to go.

What makes Malphite a Great Burst Champ:

  • Insanely good AP ratios on his spells/abilities and amazing AOE effects that deal „tons of damage“
  • By building early strong AP items like Ludens Echo or Morellonomicon you can easily burst a lot of enemies already at lvl 6
  • During the mid-game building Rabadons Deathcap makes you a real threat to enemy team
  • Enemies have little to no chance on reacting. By engaging with Flash+Ultimate you take down carries with ease (ult + e + q and they should be toasted),even if you are not fed.
  • In late-game when you are closing in on the full build look for opportunities to ultimate as many enemies as you can (but always try to get the carry)

How To Burst With Malphite:  

4. Kha Zix

Kha Zix, The Voidreaver

Kha Zix, a feared void assassin. Capable of multiple executions in small amounts of time. Kha Zix stalks the jungle looking for potentially isolated pray, ready to surprise them from stealth. Extremely fun champion to play and master if you are looking for jumpy assassin equipped with heavy burst.

What makes Kha Zix a Great Burst Champ:

  •  Being an assassin he is capable of catching enemies off guard and quickly bursting them down, especially when builded full lethality
  • In the last patch the best way to play him is to Evolve your ultimate ability – allowing you to stay in stealth longer and reset your passive more often
  •  When Kha Zix finds enemies alone his Isolation Damage is incredibly good and very few champions will withstand his damage
  •  Later in the game by evolving his E (jump) it gives you resets on every kill/assist making you the killing machine How to burst with Kha Zix:

Kha Zix tutorial by Waffle Jr-OCE Kha Zix  

3. Katarina

Katarina, The Sinister Blade

Katarina-the sinister blade. One of the Leagues most famous champions. A vengeful assassin that is created for immediate team-wipes and a high skill cap. Her kit makes her enemies fear if they let her out of their sights because a few seconds is enough for her to make obliteration. If you are looking for a higher difficulty but flashy plays-Katarina is your champion.

What makes Katarina a Great Burst Champ: 

  • Insane AOE damage with tons of resets granting you the ability to move quickly, to dodge enemy attacks and execute them while doing it
  •  In the early game she is strong 1v1 in lane if played properly. Best combo to burst a single target isE+W+Q+E (make sure to get some auto-attacks in between)
  •  Her core item Hextech Gunblade gives her powerspike so make sure to build it as soon as possible.
  • Teamfights are where she shines. Jumping in on a squishy champion and oneshoting them with E+W+R+Gunblade(but only after your r damages them enough that gunblade kills) gives you opportunity to reset your abilities with your passive and kill the rest.

How to Burst with Katarina:

Katlifes Katarina tutorial  

2. Fizz

Fizz, The Tidal Trickster

Fizz, a harmless-looking yordle, but not at all harmless. This slippery champion makes the top of the list as one of the most OP champions in the game. His kit is perfect for hit and run situations where you take out the enemy carries with ease. Extremely fun champion to play with amazing 1v1 burst capabilities.

What makes Fizz a Great Burst Champ:

  •  In the early game Fizz can take a huge chunks of the enemy laners health with his Q and W while not taking much damage back because of his escape with E
  •  Fizz gets a great power spike at lvl 6. Getting his ultimate ability makes him a burst monster. If the enemy is caught off, fizz lands his R and follows up with E+W+Q and bursts him down extremely quickly
  •  If he gets fed, he becomes a menace. He can take down low-health opponents with only his Q+W+E(or sometimes a simple Q+W does the trick)
  •  His AP ratios are great and with a few core items (Lich Bane and Rabadons Deathcap) he is able to delete enemies

How to burst with Fizz:

Aatrixs Oneshot Fizz tutorial  

1. Syndra

Syndra, The Dark Sovereign

Syndra, the dark mage. She carries enormous amounts of power. During the last few patches she is on top of the League game. Her incredible burst capabilities give her the number 1 spot on the list. Quite easy champion to play but definitely not lacking in damage.

What makes Syndra a Great Burst Champ:

  • When playing Syndra, your main goal is to scale to be able to oneshot almost anyone with very easy combos. You can easily farm in lane with Q and W- allowing you to generate gold and levels
  • Her combos are very easy to learn. During the mid and late-game you can execute opponents from distanceasily. Trying to hit your Q before going all in is good so your R damage increases.
  • Syndras late-game is extremely OP. You can kill your opponents with an Q+E+R combo. Her cooldowns are very low and you can do that very often
  •  When played properly, she is the perfect pick to burst your opponents fast and win some LP

How to Burst with Syndra:

Syndra Tutorial by Skill Capped Challenger Guides  

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