Valorant Best Rifles - Which Rifle is the Best?

Valorant Best Rifles
Some of the best guns in Valorant, the rifle class is not to be underestimated.

4. Guardian (Best for long-range)

The rifle class as a whole is the strongest group of guns in Valorant, but the Guardian takes the last spot for being a semi-automatic gun. It can act almost like a sniper, as its headshot deals 195. However, its lack of a spray means you’ll most likely be losing to other guns with faster fire-rates like its brothers in the rifle category.

Guardian Review

  • A solid replacement for a sniper
  • Great in long-range fights, but will suffer in fights with shorter distances
  • Semi-automatic fire-rate

Guardian Details

  • Fire-rate: 4.75 rounds/sec
  • Damage:
  • Body - 65
  • Head - 195
  • Legs - 49

Guardian Rating: 7/10


3. Bulldog (Best for eco rounds)

The Bulldog is a perfectly acceptable gun for its fast fire-rate (9.15 rounds/sec) and decent damage. It’s also relatively cheaper than the other rifles (2,100 creds), which makes it a good gun for some eco-rounds where you can afford it. The ADS 3-round burst also makes it a strong weapon in close range, but its spread significantly worsens at medium to long-range.

Bulldog Review

  • 3-round ADS burst shot which is great in winning short-range fights
  • Decent at medium-range, but not great at long-range
  • Relatively cheap compared to the other rifles

Bulldog Details

  • Fire-rate: 9.15 rounds/sec
  • Damage:
  • Body - 35
  • Head - 116
  • Legs - 30

Bulldog Rating: 7/10


2. Vandal (Best for all scenarios)

The Vandal is really a hit or miss. It’s an extremely powerful weapon in the right hands, but completely useless if you don’t have the precise aim the gun requires. The spray pattern is harder to control than the Phantom, but it doesn’t matter if you get the headshot you need, it’s just a matter of getting it.

Vandal Review

  • One of the best guns, and highly rewards those with precise aim
  • Best to tap with the gun at long-range rather than spray
  • Operates in the same capacity as the Phantom

Vandal Details

  • Fire-rate: 9.75 rounds/sec
  • Damage:
  • Body - 40
  • Head - 160
  • Legs - 34

Vandal Rating: 9/10


1. Phantom (Best for all scenarios)

Arguably the best gun in the game, the only thing the Phantom lacks in comparison to the Vandal is its lack of headshot damage at medium to long-range distances. Its spray is much more forgiving to players and its faster fire-rate makes it more likely to win in close to medium-range fights.

Phantom Review

  • Lacks the headshot damage at long-range compared to the Vandal
  • More forgiving for bad sprays with the gun
  • Can operate at any distance, although long-range fights are easier with the Vandal

Phantom Details

  • Fire-rate: 11 rounds/sec
  • Damage (0 - 15 m, 15 - 30 m, 30 - 50 m):
  • Body - 39, 35, 31
  • Head - 156, 140, 124
  • Legs - 33, 29, 26

Phantom Rating: 10/10

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