[Top 5] Valorant Best Classic Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Top 5 best Valorant classic skins from average to best

Whether you realize this or not, classic skins are one of the most sought out skins in Valorant. It’s in demand since the classic gun is a 0-credit gun consistent in close-quarter gunfights. Especially when you don’t have the time to reload, you’ll then have to rely on your secondary to finish the job. On that note, here are the top 5 classic skins that look freakin’ awesome and cool at the same time! Take note; the list goes from the good to the best!

5. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic


The gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic or G.U.N bundle was released on September 20, 2020. The whole bundle consists of a baton, an operator, a bucky, a spectre, and a classic. The entire thing is designed like what Marvin the Martian would carry in his pocket somewhere. If you guys don’t know who Marvin is, he’s the Martian in Looney Toons. The one with a Spartan-like hat and a black face. Everybody got their hands on the bundle for its:

  •  sci-fi theme skin line
  •  gunfire shots like it's from outer space
  •  cool and neat design

The whole bundle costs 7,100 credits, while the classic alone costs 1775 valorant points. It will also cost you around 10 radianites for the upgrade and add 15 radiantes per color line if you want to change its colors.

4. Forsaken Classic


The Forsaken bundle is one of the premium bundles that Riot offered the community. It has the feel of a sovereign skin line without it coming from the sovereign bundle - if that makes any sense. Anyway, the forsaken bundle has a neat and beautiful finish that you would want. Especially the in-game feel of the skins is pretty freaking’ cool. We all wanted a sovereign classic, however, Riot took a smart move of making a new collection similar to the sovereign skin line, and that is the forsaken classic. A lot of people bought this for its:

  •  awesome in-game feel
  •  satisfying kill-sound whenever you get the kill
  •  and a superb finisher that will turn your enemies into a dark angel being swept by crows.

The whole bundle is a premium collection, you have to expect that it will be a little bit pricey for its status. The entire bundle costs 7,100 VP. However, the classic alone costs 1775, plus the added effects that will cost you 30 radianites. If you want to make it look like a sovereign classic, you need to buy the gold variant that will cost an additional 15 radianite.


3. Glitchpop Classic


This is hand down one of the skin lines Riot made that really pop when it comes to its color wear and design. The glitchpop bundle episode 2 came in with a classic, a phantom, a vandal, an operator, and an axe. Basically, everything you use in a game is glitchpopped in this bundle. The classic in this bundle has a fantastic feel to it, that is not the only reason people bought this. Other significant reasons they bought it is for its:

  •  cool color schemes in every skin
  •  great in-game effects and in-game sounds
  •  an awesome finisher

The glitchpop EP. 2 is a premium bundle, so you shouldn’t expect it to be cheap. The bundle costs 8,700 valorant points, while the classic alone costs 2,175 valorant points. Add in some radianites for the upgrade and this will cost you around 75 radianites if you want to unlock all its features and color schemes.

2. Spectrum Classic


Riot collaborated with Zedd on this collection, making it one of the coolest skin collections in valorant history. The Spectrum classic is one of the cleanest and the most satisfying gun skin to look at in the classic pistol. People are also a fan of:

  •  the finisher it makes whenever you get the last kill
  •  different colors of the skin itself
  •  the effect it has whenever you inspect the gun

Spectrum bundle costs 10,700 valorant points, while the classic itself costs around 2,67 with a few radianites for its upgrades.

1. Prime Classic


The Prime skin classic is one of the skins in the prime skin collections, one of the most sought-after skins in the game. Known for its clean design and animations, the Prime skin collection is the one you shouldn’t miss out on. You have a vandal, a spectre, a guardian, an axe, and a classic on the bundle. Players are always on the hunt for these skins because of:

  •  clean color finish
  •  satisfying sound whenever you shoot the gun
  •  an awesome finisher

If you play valorant a lot, you must agree with us when we say that the prime classic is one of the classics you would want in your skin collection. Of course, why wouldn’t you want it? It gives you an additional aim. While not literally, it still looks cool and awesome. 


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