[Top 10] CS2 Best Weapons For Kills

Best CS2 Weapons for getting kills
Turn your opponents into spectators!

Upon its recent release, Counter Strike 2 has had gamers scrambling to comprehend the changes to each individual weapon's new behavior and statistics. Some of the weapons that were underrated in Counter Strike Global Offensive are now extremely viable in Counter Strike 2 because of the buffs to their damage or range. 

The new loadout system allows for players to pick and choose which guns they will be taking with them into a match. Gone are the days of Counter-Terrorists having to choose between the M4A1-S and the M4A4; now you can pick both!

These are the best weapons in Counter Strike 2 for getting kills, ranked from good to the absolute BEST.


10. MP9/MAC-10 (Good)

The MP9 in CSGO is only available on the Counter Terrorist team and its counterpart on the terrorist side is the MAC-10. Both guns are low budget, high reward SMGs capable of overpowering assault rifles and snipers depending on how well they are used.

The MP9 has an extremely high firing rate, which makes it perfect for out gunning assault rifles at close range or rushing onto a bomb site. Both the MP9 and MAC-10 are must-haves for those early force rounds when you want to outbuy the enemy without breaking the bank.

The MP9 excels with many different attributes:

  • Close range combat due to its high fire rate
  • Mid range combat due to its easily controllable burst fire
  • Strafing combat because of its good handling
  • Fast situations such as getting to the bomb site quickly, with its lightweight for running
  • Affordable cost in early rounds

The MAC-10 is tied for this spot as it is effective in similar aspects, including

  • Close range combat with its high fire rate and bullet damage
  • Strafing combat due to incredible handling and movement accuracy
  • Run and Gun combat due to its lightweight
  • Low cost for early and even late rounds


9. P90 (Good)

Are you on a low budget but still want the firepower to break through the enemy line? Do you like to run and gun without stopping, or spraying and praying until that lucky shot hits its target? Do you simply want to make the enemy mad and get in their head by beating their AR with an SMG?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the P90 is the perfect gun for you! As a fast firing and high handling SMG, this weapon can tear through unsuspecting enemies quickly without the need to reload and blasts through armor like a laser beam. Its massive 50 round magazine can take out the entire enemy team before they realize they’ve been criminally rushed by an SMG demon.

The P90 takes the number 9 rank because of its:

  • Massive magazine capacity
  • Exceptionally high fire rate
  • Incredible handling and strafing accuracy
  • Fast movement speed 
  • High damage
  • Surprisingly good long range potential


8. FAMAS (Good)

Another budget weapon for saving cash for the best guns, the FAMAS is a second rate assault rifle that can get you first rate kills. Despite its lower damage than the top tier assault rifles the FAMAS has incredible accuracy and it is extremely easy to use, making it a solid pick for early rounds and saving money.

The price to pay for the FAMAS makes it the least expensive assault rifle in the game, which gives it a high damage per dollar ratio. Buying a FAMAS is money well spent because it will allow you to keep up with your teammates economy when you are down bad on cash. It is also the only assault rifle that has a burst fire option, giving it more adaptability in different situations.

The FAMAS is a good budget weapon because it has:

  • The lowest cost of any assault rifle
  • High damage output 
  • Extremely easy to shoot accurately
  • Usable at long range
  • Burst fire option


7. Dual Berettas (Good)


The dual wield Berettas, or more commonly known as “the dualies”, are very close to being the best sidearm in Counter Strike. This choice is extremely underrated for early rounds as they only cost $300, and they immediately boost your pistol magazine capacity to 30 bullets. These incredible pistols crank out damage twice as fast as any other pistol. 

With competitive damage and a high fire rate, the dual wield Beretta pistols can lay down impressive suppressing fire without the need to reload. As the Berettas are underrated by many players, you can take your enemies by surprise and rush them with these mini firecrackers.

Just make sure you can hit all of your shots, because reloading the dualies will take an extremely long time.

The dual Berettas are a good pick for your first round weapon because of their:

  • High Damage
  • Fast Fire rate
  • Huge ammo capacity (compared to other pistols)
  • High mobility
  • Good accuracy
  • Extremely inexpensive


6. Nova (Great)

If you have skills such as camping, waiting, standing still, or have extreme patience, then you should try out catching your enemies slipping with a blast to the chest from the Nova shotgun. Its newly buffed range and impeccable damage make the Nova sure to double your money and kill count during rounds that you are low on funds.

With incredible damage and handling, the Nova is capable of taking down an entire team of opponents in the hands of a player using it properly. It is a pump action shotgun, so shooting it back and forth from the cover of a wall or a doorway will decimate enemies while keeping the player safe. 

The Nova performs well both as an aggressive weapon and as a passive trap due to its high damage output and increased range. This shotgun will ensure that no matter what situation you are in, you will walk out of it alive and leave your enemies yelling at their monitors. 

The Nova shotgun is a great weapon (and the best shotgun) because:

  • Notoriously high damage
  • Easy to aim, easy to fire 
  • Quick reload time
  • Wonderful handling, allowing for shots to hit while moving
  • Low cost making it perfect for save rounds
  • High visibility with minimal screen clutter 


5. Semi-Auto Snipers (Great)


Don’t be fooled by the fact that these snipers have made it into the top 5 of this list, because choosing to use these weapons in a competitive match can cause problems for you and your team. Renowned as rage inducing weapons, the semi automatic snipers will definitely allow you to get more kills in Counter Strike.

However, the cost of using these weapons is losing any respect you may have had from your teammates, and provoking your enemies to purchase their own autos. Heed this warning, because the one place you do NOT want to be is on the other end of an auto sniper’s scope.

The Semi Automatic snipers are considered “cringe” and hate worthy because of how strong they are, and because of how easy they are to use. Do you want the power and presence of the AWP but don't feel confident in your aim or timing? Then grab either of these sniper rifles and hammer away shots down mid or long, and you’ll get plenty of kills while enraging the enemy team. 

The SCAR-20 and the G3SG1 are two of the best weapons because:

  • They have unlimited combat potential due to spam-ability
  • High damage per shot
  • High magazine capacity
  • High fire rate
  • Penetrating bullets that pass through both walls and people
  • Completely steady and accurate scope
  • Little to no recoil


4. Desert Eagle (Best) 


The desert eagle, known to most players as the “deagle”, is one of the best weapons to use in order to get kills in Counter Strike 2. This massive pistol fires off 50 caliber rounds through its extended barrel and can kill an entire team in only five bullets. The Deagle will one-shot any headshot regardless of whether an enemy has armor equipped, because its humongous bullets pierce through anything that crosses their paths. 

The Deagle is the least expensive weapon in the top 5 at only 700$ which means that it can be purchased on almost any round, including the first round. Buying this weapon is a high risk high return gamble for early rounds, because its low handling makes it inaccurate.

For the seasoned player the deagle is an easy purchase decision to make because it does as much damage as an assault rifle at a fraction of the price. 

The Desert Eagle is one of the best weapons to use for getting kills because:

  • Extremely low cost, virtually always buyable
  • Unmatched damage with one-shot kill headshots
  • High fire rate for close range spamming
  • Extremely long range for a pistol
  • Sidearm, meaning you can also carry an AR at the same time


3. M4A4 (Best)

 As the third best weapon in Counter Strike 2, the M4A4 assault rifle is highly priced and outputs a high amount of kills to match. At 3100$ it is among the more expensive weapons in the game, but it  sets the standard for the counter terrorists as their flagship rifle. Many players prefer to pick up the M4A4 due to its controllable spray pattern, because it is more accurate than an AK-47 while also having a higher fire rate. 

The M4A4 is better than its silenced counterpart, the M4A1-S, because of its higher damage and penetrating rounds. Although the S is slightly less expensive, it may not be able to get as many kills as the A4 due to its reduced fire rate, damage, and wallbang potential. The M4A4 also carries 10 more bullets in a magazine than the S, meaning you have more room to miss shots as well as more potential to take down multiple enemies.

In Counter Strike 2 it is now possible to equip both of these assault rifles in your weapon inventory, meaning you can pick and choose which one to use based on your economy and game plan.

The M4A4 is one of the best weapons in Counter Strike because:

  • Has high damage and penetrating rounds
  • Has a large magazine capacity
  • Easy recoil control and steady bullet spray
  • Fast reload time
  • Has good handling and is quick to ready 
  • Higher fire rate than the M4A1-S and the AK-47


2. AWP (Best)

The AWP sniper rifle is likely one of the most well known weapons in any FPS game, and this is due to its game-changing presence on the Counter Strike battlefield. A player wielding an AWP can completely secure an entire area of a map, as well as strike fear into the hearts of any enemies that hear its screeching bullets echoe around them. An AWP in the game will change everything, as the enemy team will almost certainly refuse to peek at certain angles or go certain paths for fear of losing their heads. 

The only possible way to combat a good AWPer is to have your own AWP, or to know line-ups for smokes in places that AWPers often watch from. The AWP is among the most expensive weapons in the game at $4,750 and players will need to save for multiple rounds in a row in order to acquire it.

This huge sniper rifle is a one shot one kill demon that can be used at any range in the hands of a skilled player. The only downfall of this weapon is that it is risky to buy due to its incredibly high price and the possibility of dying and giving the AWP to the enemy team.

The AWP is the best sniper rifle in CS2 because:

  • Unbelievable damage, one-shot kills anything except wallbangs or leg shots
  • Steady, multi zoom sniper scope
  • Incredibly easy to use at any level of play
  • Did I mention it one shots players to the body?
  • Map presence and game changing aura
  • Defend site easily, or take site easily
  • It takes only one tiny shot to kill any enemy above the waist
  • Extremely fast aim-in time
  • Decent no-scope accuracy


1. AK-47 (Best)

Despite the AWP being an incredible sniper rifle and extremely powerful, there is another weapon in Counter Strike that will consistently one-shot enemies at a little more than half the price. The AK-47 is the most bought, most picked up, and most sought after weapon to use in a game of Counter Strike due to its high damage and consistent statistics. 

It is the only assault rifle that will consistently and assuredly kill an enemy in one shot to the head, even if that player is wearing armor and a helmet. It is also only available on the terrorist team side, so many counter terrorists will pick up AK-47s off of the bodies of their opponents. 

At $2,700 the AK-47 will never truly break the bank, making it the cheapest option of the flagship assault rifles. In order to use this weapon to its full potential, I recommend spending a little time in a deathmatch or private match in order to learn how to reign in this beast of a weapon. The most important part of the AK-47 is that it has high penetrating rounds, which allow it to wallbang enemies through doors and other objects.

The AK-47 is (still) the best weapon in Counter Strike for getting kills because:

  • High damage and penetrating rounds
  • Large magazine capacity
  • One shot headshot potential
  • Fast reload time
  • Controllable recoil with practice
  • Inexpensive price compared to other ARs


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