The Top 10 Best FPS games on Steam (Great FPS Games You’ve Probably Not Heard of)

 Best FPS games Steam

What Are The Best FPS Games on Steam?

Being a staple of any gamer’s diet, First Person Shooters are extremely popular. I’ve uncovered the best titles in the genre, compiled in a list below. Check them out.

10. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm Gameplay

A tactical fps developed by New World Interactive, Insurgency: Sandstorm is a majorly online game with competitive matchmaking and immersive combat environments. The single player experience revolves around a female Kurdish fighter on the road through Iraq. A cooperative mode is available for the single player missions and potentially online, through split screen. It is set for release on December 12, 2018.

When the gameplay opens up we see the iconic AK-47 flaring off through a desert, urban scene. Tight corners and multi-tiered buildings make for close encounters and opportunities for melee combat. With limited to no shielding on characters, players die fast. This means that veterans of Battlefield and Call of Duty will feel right at home playing Insurgency: Sandstorm. If anything, Insurgency kind of bridges the gap between these two series. Additionally, the enviornment is quite intractable, meaning that when one shoots objects in the environment they react with explosion, smoke, and debris. In the demo, a building is hit causing scores of players to scurry out into the fire of sniper rifles. Crouching through these situations seems to help, as cover is essential.

A Timely Hero: Sitting in an open-roofed personnel vehicle is the main character; a Kurdish, ex-slave woman combating terrorists in the region.

Pop, Pop, Watch ‘Em Drop: The player is mowing them down in this shot. Blood is flying, and the tactile position got the enemy by surprise before they could return fire. It appears that the adversary in the back could be have the opportunity to attack.

9. Rust

Rust Gameplay

Rust is a survival game where the goal is to conquer head on against other players in an open world full of opportunity and danger. Struggle against the demands of thirst and hunger while creating adequate shelter and armaments simultaneously. The game was published by Facepunch studios this february. (2018)  It was in development for years with beta and alpha being tested by hundreds online.

Watching the gameplay video, you’ll see that matters gets off to a quick start, smashing rocks, collecting wood, and making axes to swing. After destroying his opponent, the warrior steals the very kilt off the body of his enemy. The poor fella never had a chance but, the rule is, finders keepers. The entire beautifully rendered environment runs with this in mind: Take, take take.

Armored Up: A higher level warrior equipped with hand crafted gear, ready to further explore the lands beyond.

But a Stone’s Throw Away: The character hoists a boulder in order to craft a furnace, as indicated by the corner instructions. (Nearly everything can be utilized for crafting.

8. Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown Gameplay

Set in the swamp of Louisiana, a group of monster hunters track down ghouls and banish them from our Earthly realm. Hunt Showdown is entirely online and the influence of PvP adds thrill. Everyone goes through the areas together but, not always cooperatively. The game runs of Crytek engine and is set in a wild west where zombies and demons exist.  

So, when clearing an area, like the farm region in the video, another player might show up and disrupt the mission. If you get killed in PvP, opponents can take whatever loot you were awarded. Opponents will end up facing the same boss monsters as well, putting you at a greater risk during boss fights. There are many iconic weapons to be equipped, like bolt action rifles and shotguns of various barrels. The most significant however is the multiplied revolver with countless shots in a chain.

Feeling Lucky Punk?: With trusty revolver in hand, the hunter stalks zombies at close proximity.

Two Heads Are Better Than One: Two hunters take on some ghastly ghouls before the situation turns ugly.

7. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm: Gameplay

Go back to ‘Nam, guns a blazing! In the thick of it with an M60 strapped up and communists at the flanks! Choose between several involved armies to fight for in 64 player campaign missions. Spanning the French, Russian communists, Americans and Northern Vietnamese armies, the depth of the long war is adequately represented.

Settings range from the streets of Hanoi to the dense jungles of the countryside with Huey aircraft overhead. From the sounds of it players will be able to pilot these vehicles in game. Much of these environments also appear to be destructible with explosives or gunfire. If there was a way to satisfactorily experience World War 2, Rising Storm would be it.

Fire away!: The platoon assaults a hill with unknown adversaries, outcome also unknown.

Fly on the Wall: A look into the cockpit of an attack helicopter, this ain’t no Huey.

6. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Gameplay

Metro Exodus takes you through into the post-apocalyptic age where it is time to travel out into the wastelands. The game expands where its predecessors left off, Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. Instead of being stuck in the metro system, this time round the studio expanded explorable areas far into the surrounding landscape, meaning coasts, destitute housing blocks; meaning new more fearsome enemies than the “Dark ones” alone.  These soldiers, mercenaries and wild monsters of the wastes will stop at nothing to crush you.

The gameplay opens with a sneaky Russian fellow trying to get out of another of the destitute pieces of infrastructure before the enemies close in on him. There was a campfire outside that must have been used by some of the surface dwellers. After a few shots of the crossbow, they were all dead. C’est la vie. Weapon customization has increased to ridiculous levels in this game making each person’s experience different when trying to survive in the wastes.

Fresh Snow: A broken gas mask is abandoned with a shotgun shell and blood, signifying a recent struggle.

High Tech: Advanced weapon modifications have been applied to this crossbow for superiority in combat.


Scum Gameplay

Scum is a multiplayer survival game produced by Gamespires developers. The premise behind the game is like a prison riot gone off the hook. As in the book/movie the Hunger Games, this bedlam persists for the sake of viewer entertainment. The aim is to collect supplies for crafting and survival. One of the more bizarre features of the game is that one can and has to tend to bodily functions like, well, pooping.

When the game opens up the character stands in a distinct orange jumpsuit, right out of prison. The player then takes off and starts eating berries off of a bush and advances to crafting up a knapsack with what appear to be spears. If and when this hard dude encounters another inmate all hell could break loose, and unless peace is arranged somehow, one will walk away victorious, with the others loot.

Run through the jungle: Out of the incriminating orange, this player heads for the depths of the island where the prison happens to be located.

Prison Yard Play-Date: A couple of knuckleheads gather to discuss their plans.

4. Mist Survival

Mist Survival Gameplay

Mist Survival is a survival game in a world of feral zombies. It is single player and of course available on Steam. Stealth and open world elements make for an interesting playthrough.

Grab whatever is available and moderately useful and staying alive is the idea. Grabbing up bottles and planks of wood, the player eventually turns around and runs to the treeline for cover from the monsters that abound. Weapons are scarce so be frugal. The combat looks somewhat repetitive, just swinging and swinging of blades. On another note, I am reminded of the Slenderman game.

K-nife: Crouching low, the survivor avoids detection of the shadow with the flashlight.

Rolling Liability: Behind the wheel of a sedan, the zombies don’t stand a chance.

3. Unturned

Unturned Gameplay

Unturned is a free to play, block-graphic survival game. Its similarities to the popular Minecraft are not a coincidence. The avatars are nearly an exact copy. The only difference is the addition of well, M-16s, Melee weapons, and far more blood!

The game opens with the player sitting in the corner of the room preparing to leave his nice block house. After collecting a bolt action rifle, the zombies begin to show up in large numbers to the quaint, block community. For every headshot, the hero is awarded a grand sum of 4 exp. Then it’s to the block jeep to go drive around and run over things. Check it out on Steam for free.

Standard Issue: A blocky soldier overlooks tranquil meadows, devoid of anything to kill.

Tow-Bait: Under sun sparked skies sits an armored vehicle in the center of two lanes.

2. Reborn

Reborn Gameplay

A horror game developed by Knife Entertainment, Reborn delves into the occult. Instead of being on the run, as in many other horror games, here you do the hunting. The enemies will become more afraid of you than you are of them. Think of Bioshock’s Big Daddy or Doom or the Predator. No matter how many adversaries there are, you will take care of them.

The game trailer brings the player through flaming areas of sacrifice and demonic possession, providing heavy weaponry to deal with it. Skeletons will appear on fire and there are many tables of candled books like you see below. Prepare for a spooky time with this one.

Soul Sacrifice: Some sort of dark sacrament is being performed here, amongst very creepy mannequins.  

Up close and personal: They say the eyes are the portal to the soul and if so, don’t go through those.

1. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege gameplay

One of the most popular games in the industry, Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical, breach game for teams of players online. Each character has their own set of special abilities that make them of precise benefit to the special forces they fight for. Some provide more defensive tools such as door barring, or turrets, while others have bots that can go under doors and explosives to breach doors, night vision you name it. Everything is destructible.

The game is all about communication and coordinating movements. In the video the squad moves single file into the basement of the house to get the squatters by surprise. Through a red dot sight, we see the leader of the group climb through a window and set an explosion to kill three. Fighting is lethal, obviously, but meaning that ever hit counts. The fight closes within minutes, making a good plan valuable.

Point of View: This shows the player hud and tools available during play.

Smackdown: Tactical soldiers look on as this armored unit gets pummeled.

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