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Lightsaber crystals are special to jedi. Each crystal has its own qualities being unique for that user. Star Wars : KOTOR has a variety of crystals that have their own properties. Essentially, there are two types of lightsaber crystals in this game: color and enhancing.

All lightsabers including double blades and short ones have three slots for crystals to be input at a workbench. There are 17 enhancing crystals in total and 5 color ones. When it comes to the best crystals to use however this list will show only the ones that make a game changing difference.  

Personally I've used almost every crystal and any one of them could be considered the best depending on the playstyle you choose.

#1. Opila

Found in the asteroid fields of the Fyrth system, this crystal can be used in lightsaber construction to produce an intense beam that seems extraordinarily quick to the cut.

What Opila Excels in 

Massive criticals : 

  • Oplia has a chance to hit +2- 12 dmg on critical hits. That means you will do + 2 or 12 damage on top of what your lightsaber damage already is. 

Choose Opila if :

  • If you have the critical strike feat. This crystal will raise your critical hit chance and damage.

Opila Stats : 

  • Damage + 3 
  • Massive criticals +2 -12dmg on critical hit  

How To Get Oplia : 

1. Fight and kill the Krayt dragon on Tatooine and you will find it in his layer on Jorak uln’s remains. 


#2. Firkrann

This heavy crystal is created by the natives of Rafa V. If used in lightsaber construction it produces an electrically charged beam that is devastating to droids.

What Firkrann Excels in 

Droid Attacks : 

  • By far this is the only crystal in the game that gets a buff on droids. +2-12 damage per turn on any droid can be overpowered when equipped with other crystals. 
  • This crystal is great for times you don't have ion grenades. Use this as a replacement in case. 

Choose Firkrann If :

  • If you want to take down droid’s with ease. 
  • If you want an ion type of build to your lightsaber. 

Firkrann Stats : 

  • Damage +2-12 vs. droids
  • Attack +2

How to get Firkrann 

1. Go to Korriban and look in any clay container. ( any level ) 

2. You could also find it on Lashowe's remains in Korriban 


#3. Solari

There are many famous lightsaber crystals spoken of in the history of the Jedi Order, though none is as powerful as the legendary Solari Crystal. An artifact of true light side power, only those Jedi who are pure in spirit can wield a lightsaber equipped with the gleaming gem. When the great Jedi Master Ood Bnar initiated his life-cycle change after a thousand years of serving the Order, he bequeathed the Solari Crystal to his most promising student, a young female Jedi named Shaela Nuur. When Shaela disappeared shortly after the time of the Great Hunt, the Solari Crystal vanished with Her.

What Solari Excels in 

Physical damage & Attack : 

  • Having physical damage on this crystal makes most hits ignore armor but only for dark side opponents. 
  • Having the attack bonus to go with it gives players the real light side advantage when it comes to lightsabers. 

Choose Solari If : 

  • You're running light side and you need a crystal that goes up against the dark. The Solari crystal has +1-8 physical damage when facing the dark side, also the only crystal in the game to do that. 

Solari Stats :

  •  Damage +3,
  • +1-8 Physical Damage vs. Dark Side
  • Attack +3

How To Get Solari 

1. Go to Korriban and it should be on one of the skeletal corpses. 


#4. Jenraux

The refined form of Opila, this crystal has been cleansed of all impurities. When used in lightsaber construction it produces a blade of unerring quickness.

What Jenraux Excels In 

Blaster Deflection :  

  • Because this Crystal has bolt deflection + 5 it is the perfect one to have for a short off-hand lightsaber or your main one. 
  • This is one of the only crystals that give blaster deflection + 5. With that being said this makes it one of the rarest Crystals on this list. 

Choose Jenraux If : 

  • Choose Jenraux if you need more blaster defense.
  • If you need to deal damage and be protected from a distance. 

Jenraux Stats : 

  • Damage +2
  • Blaster Deflection +5

How to get Jenraux 

1. Once you get on Maanan defeat a dark Jedi. It should be on his remains 

2. If you go to Korriban you can also find it on Thalia Mays remains. 


#5. Krayt Dragon Pearl

Taken from the gullet of a Krayt dragon, this crystalline "pearl" appears to have qualities that might allow it to function as a lightsaber crystal once properly adapted.

What The Krayt Dragon Pearl Excels In 

Looks & Damage :  

  • The crystal buffs to abilities, damage, and attack. Having +2 in damage and +3 in attack your character/companion will hit most of the time. 

Choose The Krayt Dragon Pearl If : 

  • You want something truly unique added to your lightsaber. There is no other crystal like this in the game which makes it one of the best.  

Krayt Dragon Pearl Stats : 

  • Attack + 3
  • Damage +2

How to get the Krayt Dragon Pearl 

1. Once you kill the Krayt dragon on Tatooine you should be given the pearl right after. 

2. You can also find it on Komad Fortuna’s remains.  

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