[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Assault Rifles That Wreck Hard!

Apex Legends Best Assault Rifle, Apex Legends Best AR
An unsuspecting Mozambique awaits a clueless BloodHound at point blank

Guns, guns, guns, Apex Legends comes packed with a great variety of choices to pick from its litter. Diverse types and sizes that fit all play styles, from close quarters in your face shotguns and SMGs to the expansive long range snipers class they’ve got you covered. 

The devs have dedicated a tremendous amount of energy into making sure each individual player's methods and techniques can be complimented nicely depending on their weapon of desire. One of the most flexible as well as revered classes to compete against is the AR breed. 

From long, mid to close range it can become extremely irritating to challenge an opponent when they hawk you down with an AR. However, the tables can easily be turned if your loadout consists of one of these hammers; the question is which AR should you go for? 

Well, unfortunately I don’t know your in-game strategies and style, but I can give you a list of the most efficient AR’s and how they are best used. My gift to you, the top 5 best assault rifles that really get the momentum going for some killer gameplay in Apex Legends!     

5) Havoc (best for beginning game/midrange)

The Havoc AR 

First comes a weapon once sought out by everyone and their mother on all four corners of the map, the Havoc. This is an energy weapon known for having a really nasty bite when getting caught on the wrong end of the muzzle. It is powerful up close but can also be used from greater distance when using the select-fire hop-up-- increasing body damage to 60 and headshots to a savage 90. Even without a select-fire it still deals one of the highest damages per shot: 18 to the body and 36 to the head. 

So still, after all that you might be wondering why it lives high up on the list. One word-- turbocharger; a crucial element to the utilization of this gun is its slot to hold the hop-up called turbocharger. 

Without this hop-up there is a .5 second delay (charge-up) before the gun actually shoots, which forces players to anticipate much of the enemies placement and movement beforehand. This adds a slight skill curve, and can have you looking like a practice dummy for a split second if caught off guard by enemies. Lastly, the recoil on the Havoc has also been increased in order to nerf the once much more monstrous weapon. 

Weapon type: 

  • Energy, Auto, Single
  • Weapon Stats: 
  • Mag Capacity: 24/28/32/36
  • Damage (Head/Body/Leg): 36/18/13.5
  • Attachments: Optic, Stock, Mag, Hop-up

Why Havoc is great:

  • 2x headshot multiplier
  • Leg damage is the same as body with select-fire
  • High damage output
  • High mag capacity 

4) G-7 Scout (best for beginning-mid game/long-mid range)

G-7 Scout art design concepts

The G-7 Scout or otherwise known as the “snipers kryptonite” is a semi-automatic AR, ironically once a member of the sniper class. Now it is a fully fledged AR and a dangerous weapon to have in the arsonal.

 It can easily contest snipers due to its elements of mid to long range mixed with a quick fire-rate. Over exposure to a G-7’s bullets can leave you feeling scared, afraid and as hopeless as a newborn infant holding a controller. 

Adding the double tap trigger to this weapon will quite literally double your damage output however greatly lessens weapon handling and accuracy. The G-7 is a highly beloved weapon however it’s lack of close range capabilities can often leave the wielder in bad scenarios, therefore it is better as a secondary weapon as opposed to primary option. 

Weapon type: 

  • Light Ammo, Semi-Automatic, Burst 
  • Weapon Stats: 
  • Mag Capacity: 10/15/18/20
  • Damage (Head/Body/Leg): 34/68/30
  • Attachments: barrel mod, optic, mag, stock, double tap trigger

Why is G-7 Scout great:

  • Great mid to long range.
  • High damage output, even higher with burst shots
  • Great against snipers

3) Hemlock Burst AR (best mid-late game/mid-long range) 

The Retrofitted Hemlock Burst AR skin

The once frowned upon and neglected heavy ammo cousin of the G-7 Scout is the Hemlock. This weapon consists of semi-auto or burst fire and can be very deadly in the right hands. 

Season 6 has given burst weapons such as the Prowler and Hemlock new found life by reducing both recoils along time between burst shots. Devs are playing favorites this season and could give a damn about subtly, either way this weapon’s use rate has risen heavily ever since. 

The G-7 may do slightly more damage per shot, however it can’t even compare when it comes down to the faster fire rate. Another bonus is the 3-round burst which makes it a little more viable in close quarter fights nonetheless it truly shines at mid-range combat, allowing for quick knockdowns on good shot connections.

Weapon Type:

  • Heavy, Semi-Automatic, Burst 
  • Weapon Stats: 
  • Mag Capacity: 18/24/27/30
  • Damage (Head/Body/Leg): (per bullet) 44/22/17  
  • Attachments: barrel mod, optic, mag, stock 

Why Hemlock is great: 

  • Steady accuracy 
  • High burst damage output
  • Quick Burst and single fire rate
  • 2x headshot multiplier 
  • Great mid-long range

2) VK-47 Flatline (best end game/close-mid range)

Flatline art design concepts 

The Flatline is considered the heavyweight contender out of the entire AR class. It consumes heavy ammo and is slightly harder to control than most automatics. Unfortunately, the removal of anvil receivers has made it less optimal for longer distances however, is there really a need for range when you shred your opponents up close and personal? 

Best at mid and close range this weapon can swallow enemies in mere seconds and is still very controllable in ‘off the hip' situations, such as against SMGs and shotguns. The only real hump for getting comfortable with the Flatline is it’s recoil pattern (which was recently improved) but after that, you may become susceptible to becoming a feen for this gun. 

Weapon Type:

  • Heavy, Auto, Single
  • Weapon Stats:
  • Mag Capacity: 20/25/28/30
  • Damage (Head/Body/Leg): 38/19/14
  • Attachments: optics, mag, stock

Why Flatline is great:

  • High damage output
  • 2x headshot multiplier 
  • close/mid range
  • Consistent off hip firing 
  • High mag capacity 

1) R-301 Carbine (best end game/close-mid range)

R-301 art design concepts 

Last we have the AR of all AR’s, the creme de la creme, and trademark of Apex Legends itself: the R-301 Carbine. Recoil and the R-301 aren't familiar with each other and don’t want to be. 

When shooting, it is as still as a Tibetan monk meditating, while combined with the hitting power of a sledge hammer. This weapon is known as the standard and has barely been touched or adjusted by devs since the launch of Apex Legends.

The Carbine is one, if not the easiest weapon to control in the game, furthermore its great damage output makes it a highly favored weapon among all other options. Its single fire mod makes it great for mid to long range picks and when in auto can be devastating to an unsuspecting opponent. It is great with or without sights as well as accurate off the hip, the R-301 remains superior due to these factors and can be scary good in the right hands.

Weapon Type:   

  • Light, Auto, Single 
  • Weapon Stats:
  • Mag Capacity: 18/20/25/28
  • Damage (Head/Body/Leg): 28/14/11
  • Attachments: barrel mod, optics, mag, stock

Why R-301 carbine is great:

  • Very little recoil
  • High damage output
  • 2x headshot multiplier 
  • Close, mid, long range capabilities 
  • Single , auto modes
  • Easy to control off hip

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