[Top 15] Apex Legends Mastery: Best Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Apex Legends Mastery: Best Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

15. Wattson - Solar Static 

See This Skin In Action: 

Wattson is a highly beloved legend with some of the best skins in the game. For a long time, people would use either her rare recolour skins or her E-Girl-based outfits, but when Solar Static was released everything changed. 

This skin became one of the best Wattson skins of all time and one of the best in the game. I mean, just look at it, it's amazing. The gold and black pop so much in the game and on the battlefield, especially with Wattson’s electrical effects surrounding it.

How To Get Solar Static: Apex Legends Store Rotation


14. Octane - Fiendish Filigree

See This Skin In Action:

Octane is another legend with some pretty phenomenal skins, but Fiendish Filigree has to be one of his best. Though it has no lore connections to the character, this skin just suits Octane perfectly. It's sleek, and punchy and reveals his abs. Octane wants to be a speed demon, and this skin encompasses that amazingly.

The tattoos on Octane’s arms and chest are a great little detail that makes this skin stand out from the rest. It even matches other skins like Wattson’s Solar Static as they were released during the same collection event. Check this skin out for an extremely sleek and simple design full of fantastic golden details that will make any player want to buy it. 

How To Get Fiendish Filigree: Apex Legends Store Rotation


13. Horizon - Terra Nova

See This Skin In Action:

Out of all of Horizon’s basic skins that she launched, the Terra Nova skin has to be her best. She received four designs like everyone else, but there's something about the simple steampunk design that makes this skin special.

The brown base design is littered with amazing golden accents and a black undertone to tie it all together. There's not much else to say about this skin aside from it being one of Horizon’s best until she gets something better. This skin is also easily accessible which is freakin’ awesome.

How To Get Terra Nova: Apex Legends Store Rotation and Horizon’s Skins Section


12. Bloodhound - Great Winter

See This Skin In Action:

Another legend that has some pretty sweet skins is Bloodhound, as this character has been heavily supported since the game’s launch. Though Bloodhound has some pretty crazy skins that completely change the way the character looks armour-wise, the simple design of Great Winter has to be one of the best.

Who doesn't love a simple matt-white skin on a gun or legend? It just looks amazing on anything, and luckily enough for Bloodhound fans, they can rock a full skin of it. Great Winter is a simple yet amazing skin that everyone seems to love.

How To Get Great Winter: Apex Legends Store Rotation


11. Octane - The Victory Lap

See This Skin In Action: 

Another Octane skin appears on this list, and for good reason, this guy has some insane skins. Though he has had a myriad of events and stores exclusive skins, one of his best is one of his launch skins. Octane was the first Legend added to Apex post-launch, which is crazy as even some of the early skin designs were that good.

Over the years skins have gotten better, but the simplicity of The Victory Lap grabs players as it's also one of the most used Octane skins in the game!

How To Get The Victory Lap: Apex Legends Store Rotation


10. Pathfinder - War Machine

See This Skin In Action: 

One of the most iconic skins in Apex Legends is Pathfinder’s War Machine. This was one of the first event skins to ever be released, meaning it was extremely expensive. The price made the War Machine a sought-after skin, but it also didn't help that this skin was perfect.

A slim white skin on a legend like Pathfinder is just perfect and has been on the minds of players since its original release. It has now come back a few times into the store and even received a recolour, but that doesn't diminish the original skin’s power. This is easily one of the best skins in the game, by far.

How To Get War Machine: Apex Legends Store Rotation


9. Fuse - Broseidon

See This Skin In Action: 

The boy Fuse finally enters the battle in the 9th position and with a bang. Fuse might not be a highly-played legend, but his personality and skins are some of the best in the game. It's hard not to love Fuse, his voice lines, personality and overall existence are an amazing part of Apex Legends.

One of his best skins just so happens to be one of the best in the game as well, that being the Broseidon skin. This skin was released a year or so ago and has been the best since in Fuse’s selection. What not to love about this skin? Fuse is a bro version of Poseidon, and even has a shark launcher on his back. It's so good, no wonder people love it so much.

How To Get Broseidon: Apex Legends Store Rotation and Fuse’s Skin Selection 


8. Bloodhound - The Plague Doctor

See This Skin In Action: 

Another one of Bloodhound’s basic skins is up next, and god is it amazing. Some of the best-looking skins in any game are those based on an all-black look. No matter the model of the character, or what the game is, it's always the all-black skins that attract players.

Bloodhound has one of the best all-black skins in the game, as it's also based on a Victorian Plague Doctor. Their mask is completely changed into a Plague Doctor design and their entire outfit is in black and other dark colours. Plague Doctor is just such a nice skin, isn't it?

How To Get Plague Doctor: Apex Legends Store Rotation and Bloodhound’s Skin Selection


7. Mirage - Old Town

See This Skin In Action: 

Oh Mirage, it's so nice to see you on this list, and with such nice skin as well. Mirage is known for having one of the best personalities in the character roster of Apex Legends. One of the ways this comes through is through his skin, and what is better than Old Town Mirage?

This skin makes Mirage into a Cowboy, something he probably played around with as a kid, which makes this skin even more special. Mirage’s upbringing and backstory are sad to say the least, making this skin pretty sentimental for those who have read his lore.

How To Get Old Town: Apex Legends Store Rotation


6. Wraith - Apex Voidshifter 

See This Skin In Action: 

The only Mythic tier skin to appear on this list is none other than Wraith’s Apex Voidshifter. Though some of the others are pretty nice, Wraith’s is by far the best out of the lot. Each phase of this skin is amazing and something you can run without looking like a moron. On top of that, the final version of this skin is one of the best in the game.

This thing is surprisingly enough way more worth the $150 price tag than the others, making it a freakin excellent skin to run. Wraith has more iconic skins than this though, but there's nothing wrong with running Apex Void Shifter to destroy your enemies.

How To Get Apex Voidshifter: Apex Legends Heirloom Store


5. Lifeline - London Calling

See This Skin In Action:

Lifeline has better skins than London’s Calling, but honestly, it's such an iconic skin so we had to include it on this list. London’s Calling is an extremely iconic skin in the Apex Legends community, but more importantly in the Lifeline main community.

So many Lifeline mains use this skin to this day, it's that iconic. Yeah, it's not her best skin, but you honestly can't go wrong with this skin. It's simple, yet unique and one of the most easily recognisable in the game.

How To Get London’s Calling: Apex Legends Store Rotation


4. Valkyrie - Titan Tested

See This Skin In Action: 

Ah Valkyrie, one of the most played legends in the history of the game finally enters this list, and not with her Mythic Skin? Yeah, honestly, that Mythic Skin isn't that great. Sorry to all the people who bought it, but one of her basic skins is much better than that.

Her Mythic Skin went for that robot vibe, but people wanted a Gundam design more than anything. Titan Tested, one of her launch skins, better encompasses that idea and is just a better skin overall. It's simple, yet blocky and full of colour despite being mostly white. You can't go wrong with this skin, it's just amazing.

How To Get Titan Tested: Apex Legends Store Rotation


3. Wraith - The Liberator

See This Skin In Action: 

Wraith’s bald skin had to make an appearance on this list in some shape or form. Whilst many people use this skin to be a sweaty movement player, it's a pretty nice skin and suits Wraith perfectly.

The community laughs at players using this skin, but honestly, it's pretty nice. It's so far up mainly because of how iconic this skin has become, but you shouldn't feel ashamed running around with it. It's a crispy white skin with a sleek look on a legend that wants to avoid fire. 

How To Get The Liberator: Apex Legends Store Rotation


2. Ash - Opalescent Serpent

See This Skin In Action: 

Ash is a legend people don't associate amazing skins with, however, the Opalescent Serpent is easily one of the best-looking skins in the game, and in Ash’s arsenal. This skin is just so nice to look at. It's bright, colourful and just perfect.

It has that white undertone that makes it look even more sleek than Ash’s design already is. The pastel pink fits her model perfectly, and those green accents really make it all pop and come together. It's skin, not many people have, but if you do rock it, compliments are sure to come your way.

How To Get Opalescent Serpent: Apex Legends Store Rotation


1. Revenant - A Gaze Eternal

See This Skin In Action: 

Finally, we have what many call the best skin in the game, and for good reason. Revenant is a legend with some fantastic skins as Respawn seems to love his model design. A Gaze Eternal is just a perfect skin for many reasons.

Despite changing Revenant's body quite a lot, it still manages to keep the essence of the character intact. On top of that, the golden accents covering a marble and blue body just make this skin a fantastic sight in any match. The eyes are also perfect, glowing with a beautiful turquoise that wraps this skin up in a nice bow.

Not to mention that Revenant recently got a massive rework, making the character good for once, so this skin should see more play. 

How To Get A Gaze Eternal: Apex Legends Store Rotation

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