[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Ultimates That Are OP

Apex Legends Best Ultimates
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Apex Legends has skyrocketed in popularity since its 2019 release and is well into its tenth season. The battle royale game offers players different maps and modes with a new character every season, meaning the meta is constantly shifting to provide a dynamic experience for players. This can make it challenging to track all the character changes, especially since each legend has three distinct abilities, including an ultimate ability. In this article, you’ll find out which legends have the best ultimates that are OP to help you win once you’re in the arena. Below are the top five OP Apex Legends Ultimate abilities as of season 10, with a brief overview of each!


5. Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt

Bloodhound’s ultimate ability ties directly to their role as the technological tracker. Once Beast of the Hunt starts, the screen becomes grayscale except for enemies and their footprints. Clues to follow the enemies will turn bright red, allowing you to track them across the map with ease and ping the direction they went to your teammates. This is made even easier by Bloodhound’s decreased tactical scan time during the ultimate. The time of the ultimate can also be increased 5-15 seconds at a time by knocking down enemies once you find them! This ultimate is OP, especially when a team is just a little bit ahead of you and you need to know the exact route they took.

What makes Beast of the Hunt Great:

  • Easy to use for new and veteran players
  • Can see through smoke from other legends
  • Can use the Eye of the Allfather tactical ability more frequently

Beast of the Hunt Details:

  • Can be extended by knocking enemies 
  • Increases speed 30%
  • Highlights enemies and enemy footprints in bright red
  • Three-minute cooldown

4. Revenant’s Death Totem

Revenant’s Death Totem is one of the most versatile ultimate abilities in the game. Once he places the totem, any player (that means teammates or enemies) can use it to turn into a Shadow. Once you are a shadow, you have 30 seconds of death protection to play as aggressively as possible, but instead of being killed or downed, you return to the totem. However, any damage you take in shadow mode ignores shields and drops health. Once you arrive back at the totem, use a syringe or Medkit as fast as you can to repair any damage taken. This ultimate ability is great with a team that communicates and rotates well; it is hard to lose with a well-planned Death Totem attack,

What makes Death Totem great:

  • Protects players from death
  • Encourages aggressive/risky plays
  • Acts as insurance in fights you aren’t sure about

Death Totem Details:

  • Lasts 30 seconds and has a 3-minute charge time
  • The totem has 100 health and can be destroyed
  • Both enemies and teammates can use it
  • Damage to shadow players is done directly to health instead of shields

3. Wraith’s Dimensional Rift

Wraith has been a consistently popular choice for players almost entirely because of her ultimate ability. When using Dimensional Rift, Wraith creates a portal from one location to another up to a distance of 75 meters. Once the portal is complete, teammates and enemies can come through the rift at 5x speed. The possibilities are truly endless: having a quick escape in a tough fight, bringing a downed teammate to a safe location to revive, or even baiting enemies. This ultimate is helpful in the early game to cover a lot of distance and late game to maneuver between vantage points quickly.

What makes Dimensional Rift great:

  • Can be used to escape when stuck in a fight
  • Benefits the whole team
  • Supports aggressive or defensive playstyle

Dimensional Rift details:

  • 3.5 minute charge time
  • Portal can be used in either direction by any player
  • Players are immune to damage while in the portal

2. Seer’s Exhibit

Seer is the newest legend to enter the arena in Apex Legends and comes equipped with an ultimate ability that creates a web of tiny drones that highlight any enemies hiding inside. The ultimate has to be thrown and can be destroyed by enemies, so it is a good idea to hide it when possible. The device will reveal the enemies inside the web to both you and your teammates. This can be helpful when deciding whether to push or revive a downed teammate based on what the enemies are doing. Seer’s ultimate ability can be used to simply gather information but is most useful when used with an aggressive playstyle.

What makes Exhibit great:

  • Gives enemy information to the whole team
  • Covers a wide area 
  • Especially useful when combined with Seer’s tactical ability, Focus of Attention

Exhibit details:

  • The web expands to 65 meters
  • 2 minute charge time and lasts 30 seconds
  • Enemies who are crouched or in the air will not be revealed

1. Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic’s ultimate includes throwing a grenade that explodes into a large cloud of noxious gas to both blind and damage enemies. This ultimate is best used in small, closed-off areas such as a building with an enemy team inside. Once the area is covered, enemies caught inside will directly damage their health, and their vision will become obscured. This combination makes it difficult for enemies to rotate and an easy fight for the Caustic’s team. This ultimate can be especially useful in the final ring if a team has a vantage point that you want.

What makes Nox Gas Grenade great:

  • Can do a lot of direct damage to an enemy team
  • Covers a large area and doesn’t require perfect aim
  • Doesn’t do damage to teammates

Nox Gas Grenade details:

  • 3 minute charge time
  • Damages and partially blinds enemies
  • Covers a large area
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