[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Drop Locations For Broken Moon

Apex Legends Best Drop Locations For Broken Moon

10. Alpha Base

Alpha Base might be at the bottom of this list, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its strengths. Alpha Base has some decent loot to get you going, but it's not as great as many other areas on Broken Moon. 

The main problem here is the long sniper lines around the POI, opening you up to some snipers coming from up to three different locations.

What Makes Alpha Base So Great:

  • Has some decent loot when compared to other locations
  • Some fantastic rotations thanks to zip rails to stasis array
  • Finally, it's good for an early game to fight thanks to its open areas if that's your kinda thing.


9. Terraformer

It's super likely that you've landed at Terraformer, hoping for a super fun game, but it's ended up in death almost instantly. Terraformer is very central and has the promise of high-tier loot, but because of where it's located and how it's set up, you end up being fourth partied most of the time. 

The loot might be good, but if you are the first ones to drop you're gonna get a few other squads landing on you and punching you to death.

What Makes Terraformer So Great:

  • Fantastic high-tier loot if you are the first ones to land
  • Can be a great place for fighting if super intense and early battles are your thing.
  • Fairly central on the map so has some great rotations to other highly populated areas of Broken Moon.


8. Cultivation

Cultivation is mainly on this list because of how fantastic it looks. To many, Broken Moon is the worst map in Apex history. It has some pretty poor loot all around and is kinda annoying to fight in, so we need to find some plus points for it. Cultivation is fairly open and flat, meaning it's easy to get caught out in no man’s land. 

The loot here is okay, so it's not particularly special. The thing is, if you want a cool location to look at, then cultivation is your spot. It also has some decent rotational value as every area in Broken Moon has zip rails.

What Makes Cultivation So Great:

  • Decent rotational value thanks to zip rails
  • Okay, loot and crafting most of the time for early pickups.
  • Pretty quiet so if you want a good-ranked spot then this might be your location.

7. Bionomics

Bionomics might be the best-looking area of the Broken Moon map, it's got some pretty open space with some great loot around. It's gonna be fantastic for those of you who enjoy sniping out there, but other than that is probably an area to push into rather than land at. 

You can easily get yourself caught out here, but if ranked is what you play, then god damn is this place perfect. It's away from highly populated areas, and you can easily rotate thanks to broken moon being full of zip rails.

What Makes Bionomics So Great:

  • Decent rotational value thanks to zip rails
  • Okay, loot and crafting most of the time for early pickups.
  • Pretty quiet so if you want a good-ranked spot then this might be your location.
  • Looks fantastic so it's great to chill out and look at lol


6. Eternal Garden

Now onto some of the best locations on Broken Moon. This map has a few points of interest so it's easier to talk about the best ones if you talk about some stinkers. Eternal Gardens is the first great location to talk about in this list, and it's all worth it. 

It's one of the best-looking areas on Broken Moon and has some pretty great loot with separate buildings so your team can split off and loot. The only main issues here are the long sightlines, but that's just broken moon in general.

What Makes Eternal Garden So Great:

  • Decent rotational value thanks to zip rails
  • Great loot and crafting most of the time for early pickups.
  • Sightlines for sniping if that's your thing
  • Has broken moon’s only balloon for even better rotations.


5. Stasis Array

Despite being an area that offers so-called “mid-tier” loot, there is more than enough to kit out you and the rest of your team. Another fantastic thing about Stasis Array is its proximity to the centre of the map, meaning you can rotate out and make sure you have a gun before entering the better areas of the map. 

What Makes Stasis Array So Great:

  • Ziprails are here, so it has fantastic rotations
  • It's near higher-traffic areas of Broken Moon, meaning you can get some loot and rotate into a fight.
  • Cover is available here so it's great for fighting if it comes down to it.


4. Production Yard

The whole point of the broken moon is about funnelling into the centre of the map for a massive fight, and Production Yard is one of the best for that. The outer area of this map might not provide much in terms of great loot, but the area as a whole has some pretty great items up for grabs. 

It's best to land here and move towards the middle of the POI for a fight before rotating into the middle of the map, which yeah, is just around the corner.

What Makes Production Yard So Great:

  • Decent rotational value thanks to zip rails
  • great loot and crafting most of the time for early pickups.
  • Great for an early fight so you can rack up those kills
  • A great place to land, fight and move into our next location.

3. Promenade

Now, you might have thought this one would be number 1, but honestly, it's not all that great. The only reason Promenade is so loved is because it's the best part of Broken Moon for fighting. Everyone either loots up in other POIs we have already mentioned then rotate into Prom, or land here and try to fight off the rest of the lobby. 

Despite the game saying it has mid-tier loot, promenade has as much high-tier loot as any other designation. It's fantastic to fight in and move around thanks to the zip rails, but god it gets boring sometimes.

What Makes Promenade So Great:

  • Decent rotational value thanks to zip rails
  • Fantastic loot for early-game and even late-game fights
  • The most populated location on the entire map even in ranked games, so rack up those kills.
  • Fantastic to rotate into as well because it's so central
  • The hub of Broken Moon.

2. The Core

Core is another popular drop on Broken Moon, but its loot more than makes up for it. There is an abundance of crates that surround this POI, so you won't be lacking in loot that's for sure. The loot is great and the area is central, meaning it's great for early fights and rotations into other areas. The best drop point here is the middle as it's going to have highly aggressive players wanting kills just like you.

What Makes The Core So Great:

  • Momentum is always going to be high here thanks to its great loot and central location
  • Decent rotational value thanks to zip rails
  • Some of the better loot on the map so you can get some attachments and better guns.
  • It is perfect for those who want high-kill games as many people will drop here.

1. The Foundry

Now, if Promenade isn't at the top spot of this Broken Moon list, then what is? Well, that of course would be the ever-loved Foundry. Ever since Broken Moon was released in season 15, Foundry has been a loved location. It has high-tier loot, and it means it. 

The point of interest might be at the back corner of the map, but because of the ziplines throughout Broken Moon, it's insanely easy to get to Promenade if you so desire. Squads will land here or in the surrounding area, so you're gonna have a fight or two. Land here for some great loot, great fights and an overall perfect starting location.

What Makes The Foundry So Great:

  • Decent rotational value thanks to zip rails
  • Some of the best loot on the map so you're gonna be kitted when leaving
  • Ziprails all the way to promenade for those massive fights.
  • Perfect location for early loot and early fights thanks to its location and loot.

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