[Top 10] Apex Legends Most Kills In One Game

Apex Legends Most Kills In One Game
Loba uses her finisher to kill Revenant and says, "It's not you... it's me."

10. Watch ShivFPS get 27 kills!

ShivFPS queues in as a solo Bangalore and immediately picks up the deadly R-99 and R-301 combo. Maneuvering quickly around the landing spot and using smoke to confuse the other teams, ShivFPS manages to get eight kills before leaving where he landed. The video cuts to a dramatic multi-level fight that includes enemies flying through the air, eventually resulting in another three kills. ShivFPS switches the R-99 for a volt and swiftly takes down another squad for a total of fourteen kills with six squads remaining. The rest of the game goes fairly quickly with ShivFPS throwing a few well-placed grenades before winning the game with a total of 27 kills.


9. Watch iiTzTimmy get 28 kills! 

The game begins with iiTzTimmy playing as Octane with a Peacekeeper and Flatline equipped. His team lands on the four-story building on the edge of Fragment with zip lines on either side. He moves nimbly from floor to floor, reviving teammates and wiping a squad before moving on. Gold armor and Octane’s health regeneration keep iiTzTimmy in the fight with eleven kills as he and his team go back to the original building. He moves on to destroy a few teams fighting on train tracks while both his teammates are killed. Leaving the tracks with nineteen kills, he returns to respawn both teammates after grabbing the banners. For the final fights, he keeps the Peacekeeper/Flatline duo and bullies a Wraith from the top of a tower before winning with a total of twenty-eight kills. 


8. Watch Bakers World get 30 kills! 

Bakers World starts the match as Valkyrie and chooses to drop hot and immediately get into the fight. He uses two light guns to wipe two squads: the RE-45 shoots quickly in the up-close battles while the Scout finishes them off. Using Valkyrie’s ultimate ability to move to a different location, he drops into another intense fight and wipes everyone for a total of eight kills with twelve squads still in the game. Despite having the low ground in an area that relies on having the high ground, Bakers World wipes another team before moving up to a better vantage point. Using a 3x sight on the Scout allows him to hit enemies from a far distance and they keep the high ground to another twelve kills before the ring arrives and forces them to rotate. Bakers World enters the final five squads and plays along the edge of the ring. He runs out of light ammo mid-fight and uses Valkyrie’s abilities to skillfully navigate away from the chaos while his teammate stays in the fight. They both use Valkyrie’s ultimate to get into the final ring where Bakers World picks up a gold knockdown shield in a care package. The final fight goes quickly with Bakers World cinching the win with an incredible 30 kills!

7. Watch Calimiti get 30 kills! 

Calimiti ends this game with the same amount of kills as Bakers World, but accomplishes it by queuing in as a solo Wraith with no teammate. He lands in an area of King’s Canyon and moves quickly through the buildings to track down six other players before moving on to the next area. He keeps the R-99 and Havoc for another fight and uses grenades to finish off a downed enemy while healing up. The fighting attracts other squads but Calimiti switched to a Spitfire and is able to take them down easily with a “Nice try” as he gets the kill. Armed with thirteen kills and two light guns, he lands a few shots on a faraway enemy before finishing off the rest of the team. Fighting at the edge of the ring nets him a few more kills before entering the final five squads with a total of twenty kills as the second ring closes. It takes a few minutes to find the final two teams due to the large map area still available. Calamity kills two of three squad members and allows the third to come pick up the banners to respawn the team. Calimiti farms them for damage again before finishing off the final squad for a grand total of thirty kills and the win!

6. Watch JamesFearless get 31 kills! 

JamesFearless joins the game as Horizon with a full team and drops in the multistory Fragment building which is already very busy. He immediately engages with a Volt and an Alternator before moving across to another building and wiping the first squad of the game. He engages in several more fights inside buildings, relying on chaos and great aim to get twelve kills before leaving the area he dropped into. The battle continues on the other side of Fragment where  JamesFearless realizes he will get thirty kills as team after team shows up to third party and loses swiftly. The battle moves to Harvester and with only five squads left, JamesFearless has 24 kills and works swiftly toward the 30 mark. In the final three squads, he gives clear directions to let the other squads revive after being downed. His teammates are wonderful support as they finish the last fight and JamesFearless lands his much wanted thirty bomb with 31 total kills! 

5. Watch Lilollypump get 33 kills!

Lilollypump queues into World’s Edge as Valkyrie and drops with his team in the hot drop building in Fragment. Using an Eva-8 with no bolt, he fights until he runs out of ammo and grabs a sniper. Valkyrie’s abilities get him across the lava pool with ease to rejoin his teammates where they finish up a fight and Lilollypump becomes the kill leader with five kills. Using his Seer teammate’s abilities, they are able to easily track down two more teams and win the fights with grenades and Valkyrie’s tactical abilities, doubling Lilollypump’s kills from five to ten. As a rival team holds the high ground for the next fight, Lilollypump uses Valkyrie’s tactical to fly over a ring of fire Fuse ultimate and take down two members of the opposing team despite them having the advantage. He quickly finishes off the team and they move on to the next fight with fourteen kills and ten squads left in the game. A huge fight at Epicenter uses the best of all the squads’ abilities nets several more kills before returning to Fragment where Lilollypump gets the twenty bomb. From there, the rest of the match flies by in a bloodbath. Lilollypump and his team work as a cohesive unit by using tracking and offensive abilities in tandem. He has thirty kills leading into the final fight at Epicenter where he wipes the final squad for a total of 33 kills!

4. Watch Mendokusaii get 36 kills!

This clip is one of the oldest on this list, evident by the lack of legend selections as Mendokusaii queues in as Wraith in the old school King’s Canyon. Both teammates are downed and killed almost immediately, leaving him solo for the rest of the match. Since he landed in Skull Town, it is a pretty hot drop and he wipes two squads just in time before running out of ammo. He portals into a fight and maneuvers through a trapped-out building before landing another four kills for a total of ten. He keeps the Wingman/R-99 combo to do a ton of close-range damage to anyone who approaches and has nineteen kills with only seven squads left in the game. After getting out of the closing ring, he immediately runs into two fights and barely wins both, moving on with 25 kills. Mendokusaii downs two enemies and leaves the third to revive them, but the enemy forces him to engage in the fight and he wipes the whole squad. With two squads left and thirty kills, he finishes them both off with ease for a total of 36 kills, beating the world record at the time! 

3. Watch BakersWorld get 38 kills! 

In contrast, BakersWorld is one of the most recent clips on this list, using Seer in season ten on the updated World’s Edge map. He starts the game with a Prowler/Rampage combination and quickly becomes the kill leader. A mixture of Seer’s abilities and great aim nets eight kills with the entire squad still alive in Fragment. The squad moves into the hot drop building next to the lava where teams are still fighting and death boxes are everywhere. An important note to BakersWorld’s playstyle is that he wastes no time in finishing every enemy he downs, either by the legend’s finisher or shooting past the knockdown shield. Armed with sixteen kills, the squad flies up to take the bridge on the side of Fragment where BakersWorld throws his ultimate ability to highlight the two teams fighting and kill them both. As the fight moves into open ground, he engages long ranged fights with the Rampage before finishing them off with the Prowler, landing 30 kills total and entering the final five squads. The rest of the fighting all takes place in the same area in Harvester; BakersWorld continues to use Seer to highlight the enemies as they appear and rotates inside to heal when necessary. He and his Valkyrie teammate finish off the last squad easily, leaving him with a world record of 38 kills and winning the game!

2. Watch Badoli get 39 kills!

 As Pathfinder, Badoli drops from the ship alone in King’s Canyon into Market and picks up a Havoc. He gets four kills in under two minutes and loots the boxes for a Wingman/Devotion combination. Grappling swiftly around the building, he is able to net another two kills before moving on to the next fight where he downs a Wraith who was just respawned. Despite being out of ammo for the Wingman, he destroys another team using the Devotion before dropping it for the R-99 fan favorite. With 13 kills, he engages a team on a dropship and uses Pathfinder’s grapple to gain the high ground before finishing the team and moving on. Badoli shows off his skills with Pathfinder throughout the entire match, grappling easily across open spaces and aggressively pushing each fight he comes across. As with most of the games on this list, more and more squads try to third party as the ring gets smaller, allowing Badoli to double his kills to 26 in only a few minutes. Keeping the R-99/Wingman throughout the end of the game gives him a great mix because he can crack enemy shields with two well-placed Wingman shots before a flurry of R-99 bullets finish them off. In the last five squads, Badoli plays aggressively, going for care packages and third parties to get 35 total kills. The final ring and final fight are in an area that’s pretty open but Badoli uses the rocks to hide behind before wiping the final squad for a total of 39 kills and nearly 6k damage!

1. Watch Mortveus get 40 kills! 

Mortveus makes an interesting choice right off the bat choosing to queue in as Crypto. Since Crypto has had the lowest pick-rate for many seasons, it is very rare to see him in pro games. The team drops in Skull Town (which is very common in pro games of the time) and uses Crypto and the Bloodhound teammate's scanning abilities to track down enemies easily. Mortveus uses an Eva-8 and R-99, both high damage weapons to get ten kills within the first few minutes; however, in the mid-game, Mortveus uses two R-99s for maximum damage and surely to strike fear in his enemies. He also has yet to use Crypto's abilities in this game, meaning he is winning by sheer damage alone and almost at a disadvantage compared to other players who are using legend abilities. With 18 kills, Mortveus runs across the map with his squad in search of more enemies and plays the edge of the ring in the cave to take out the squads fighting on the other side. The squad moves to the Cage and takes out the team trying to hold it before moving on to another fight where Mortveus uses the Havoc/R-99 combo to melt enemies for a total of 35 kills with four squads remaining. The squad returns to the Cage and cinches the win against the remaining three squads in less than two minutes! Without using abilities, Mortveus wins the game with a truly insane 40 kills and over 7000 damage!

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