[Top 7] UFC 4 Best Stances That Are Powerful

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A stance is the difference between a contender and a champion.

In UFC 4, a fighter's stance tells a story.

When customising a character, you have the option to edit the fighter’s stance, selecting from a variety of pre-sets based on the stances of real fighters. 

The stance that you choose can have a significant impact on fighting style. Strikers may prefer to have their hands nice and high to land and block strikes, whereas grapplers may prefer to drop their hands to prepare themselves in case a takedown comes. 

The purpose of this article is to highlight the most practical stances in UFC 4, and what kind of player they work best with.

Without further ado... 

Let’s get it on! 

7. Andrei Arlovski 

The best thing about this style is the way that it blends striking and grappling like vermouth in a martini. Also used by lightweight title contender Justin Gaethje, Arlovski’s stance helps to land takedowns against the opponent, and keep them on their toes when rocked. It works especially against weak grapplers, or later in the fight when the opponent isn’t anticipating the takedown. 

Use this stance if you like to start on the feet and then move to wrestling, and aim to land a large volume of strikes.

What makes this stance great? 

  • Comfortable and loose 
  • Emulates Justin Gaethje 
  • Good to mix strikes and wrestling 
  • Good for footwork and movement 
  • Helps for grappling


6. Alistair Overeem 

Want to send your opponents to the shadow realm? Just use ‘The Reem’s stance to acquire his power and striking skills to use against your opponent. The former Strikeforce heavyweight champion’s style works especially well in southpaw, and lets you land a cross that hits harder than a Ford Escort! 

This build works best for strikers, in particular kickboxers. The striking style allows you to land a vast array of strikes on your opponent.

What makes this style great? 

  • Good for power punches 
  • Can easily land straights 
  • Good for boxing 
  • Good for southpaws 
  • Back hand always ready 

5. Nate Diaz 

A Diaz brother stance that works well for boxers? 

“I’m not surprised, motherf@#*&ers!” 

This style is great for those who keep the fight standing, the tall posture aids movement when leaning out and dodging strikes, and the hands also help to serve your opponent the perfect 3-piece combo. 

Use this style if you like to box your opponent throughout the fight, and make them miss with movement and leaning. If you hit them hard enough, they might start wrestling?

What makes this stance great? 

  • Tricky and loose 
  • Good for boxers 
  • Tall posture for head movement 
  • Helps footwork 
  • Cardio king 

4. Jon Jones 

This style will have you fighting like the GOAT-contender himself. Jones’ tall, striking based stance helps to mix punches and kicks together to form brutal kickboxing combos that can send your opponent to the next Michael Jackson concert. If you do wish to wrestle, the style can also help to take your opponent to the ground.

Use this style if you are a ranged fighter who stays out of the pocket and frustrates the opponent with unorthodox strikes. 

What makes this style great? 

  • Emulates the superstar Jon Jones 
  • Great for kickboxing 
  • Helps to mix punches and kicks 
  • Tricky stance to keep the opponent guessing 
  • Good when fighting at range 

3. Eddie Alvarez


The former UFC lightweight champion’s style is so far up the list because it’s so good for strikers that it is also the stance used by Petr Yan in UFC 4. If you have read our article on ‘Top 10 fighters in UFC 4 that are powerful’, you’ll know that Yan works best for those who like to use pressure boxing throughout the fight to score points and wear down the opponent’s body and chin, and this stance proves no different. 

Use this style if you like to pressure your way to victory by staying on your feet and flooding your opponent with fast boxing combos. 

What makes this stance great? 

  • Good for boxing 
  • Helps movement and blocking 
  • Good for pressure fighters 
  • Helps with stamina 
  • Land strikes quickly and accurately 

2. Ovince Saint Preux 

Despite the fact that Saint-Preux has won 4 fights using the exact same (Von Flue) choke, his stance in UFC 4 is used by ‘The Last Stylebender’ Israel Adesanya. Therefore, this stance is great for kickboxers, allowing the fighter to mix a range of strikes on the feet to confuse and damage the opponent. 

Use this stance if you like to use a variety of strikes to land lots of damage early in the fight.

What makes this stance great? 

  • Used by Adesanya 
  • Good for kickboxing 
  • Tricky stance to keep opponent guessing 
  • Easier to land kicks 
  • Land kickboxing combos with ease 

1. Henry Cejudo 

Last but certainly not least, is the style used by ‘Triple C’ himself. The best thing about this style is that it takes the good aspects of each style, and fits them together to perfectly complement the ‘virtuoso’ archetype. 

Use this style in order to effortlessly mix striking and grappling, forming a steady balance between your pleasure and the opponent’s pain until you reach the title! 

What makes this stance great? 

  • Complements the virtuoso archetype 
  • Mixes striking and grappling 
  • Well-rounded 
  • Tricky stance to keep opponent guessing 
  • Looks cool! 

And that’s it!

We hope that this article has helped you to find the perfect stance for your fighter. Thank you for reading, and as always... 


Go out there and open a can of whoop-ass!!!

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