[Top 5] UFC 4 Best Fighter Type - What Should You Play?

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Which style will work best for you?

UFC 4 has completely changed the game from previous titles

In previous games, custom characters had a “style” which determined their stance whilst perks, moves and attributes were all selected manually. Now, character customisation has movedto a relatively more balanced ‘archetype’ system, where players can choose from a variety of pre-made styles to boost certain playstyles. 

Some archetypes can be more effective than others. Regardless of whether you want to channel your inner Buakaw with ‘Razor’ or make heads roll with ‘Powerhouse’, this article is made to help you select the style that leads you all the way to the belt.

5. BJJ - Vanguard 

Starting our list is the ‘Vanguard’ archetype. Ever wanted to look like Ryan “The Wizard” Hall? Me neither, but this grappling-based class will have you working your magic from the bottom, with the perks ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Craft’ boosting your defence in both grappling and submissions, making a submission loss more unlikely than Khabib vs Tony. 

The main downside to this build is that it focuses more on grappling rather than stand-up. All matches begin standing up, and if grappling is not your strong point then you might be smelling the canvas in the first round. If you do choose this build, then the perks ‘Wake up call,’ ‘Skirmisher.’ and ‘Taekwondo.’ may keep you in the fight long enough to score a takedown, or even land a well-timed kick. 

This build might even help you land a 'Wiz-bar' like this!

Overall, this build allows you to bolster your defences, but more aggressive and strike-heavy players may wish to read on. 

What Vanguard excels in: 

  • Stand-up, grappling and submission defence 
  • Pulling off submission wins 
  • Using an opponent’s sloppy striking to take them to the mat

Pick Vanguard if: 

  • You have a defensive playstyle 
  • You prefer grappling to striking 
  • You like seeing a tap just as much as a knockout


Vanguard details: 

  • Defensive perks 
  • Crafty strikes/submissions 
  • Grappling based 

4. Boxer - Powerhouse 

This video isn’t specific to an archetype, but gives you tips on how to strike and avoid the ground, which is similar to play style that best complements the powerhouse archetype. 

Next on the list is the boxing-based ‘Powerhouse’. This build allows you to control the octagon with freakish power. Something interesting about this build is that, despite what the name may lead you to believe, there are no perks that increase power. However, “Fast Hands” boosts the speed and accuracy of your punches. The rest of the perks mainly concern your health, as “Bulldog” helps your blocking, “Pay to Miss” helps your sways, “Force of Nature” reduces incoming damage when you have more health than your opponent and “To Your Feet” lets you stand up from the ground more easily. This style hits harder than tequila on an empty stomach, boasting 5 star power, perks to make your opponent miss, and moves to punish them for it. The best way to play it is by staying on your feet and learning how your opponent strikes and how you can exploit it to land some devastating blows. 

This build helps your stand up, specifically punches, and thus may be favoured by striking specialists who can pick their opponents apart with their bare, or in this case, gloved, hands. However, on the ground this build has no real answer besides the Derrick Lewis approach: “Just stand up.” If you’re a higher level and face opponents who can do both, you may have the edge on the feet long enough for a ‘left, right, goodnight’ but it’s no use having heavy hands if you can be easily twisted into a pretzel. 

It is said that in his prime, Mike Tyson did 2000 squats a day (Nearly as many as me!) 

What Powerhouse excels in: 

  • Swaying and countering heavily against punches
  • Landing flashy KOs and stuns 
  • Exchanging strikes and fighting wars of attrition 

Pick Powerhouse if: 

  • You like to attack by countering your opponent’s moves 
  • You like throwing punches and hate grappling 
  • You have good head movement and timing 

Powerhouse details: 


  • Based on punches, power and head movement 
  • Strong, fast punches and blocking 
  • Boxing style, may struggle against grappling 

3. Kickboxer - Sniper 

“Precision beats power, and timing beats speed.” - Conor McGregor

Again, not archetype specific but Adesanya is a sniper, and this is a good example of how he can be used. Although he doesn’t win, this is still a top-tier fighter showing the best way to play to your strengths. 

Halfway up the list is the sniper. This build makes you feel like the opponent’s wife is in your DMs, with “Crazy Legs” and “Frontal Assault” boosting the speed/accuracy front, side, switch and roundhouse kicks to pepper your opponent from the inside. 

The best way to use this build is to get your opponent on the front foot, coming forward and missing thanks to the perk “Skirmisher” increasing your backwards movement speed, then BAM! If you get caught, don’t worry, the perk “Wake Up Call” lets you recover from stuns and knockdowns more quickly, and “Slippery” lets you deny, escape and counter in grappling situations more easily, so you can stay on your feet and sweep the opponent off of theirs. 

The best way to play this build is to let your opponent come forward and swing carelessly, focusing on the counters and staying out of range, only stepping in for the occasional rang-finding kick. Overall this build is very strong for those who prefer to play patiently and passively, and as the video shows, it can show signs of success against good opponents. 

5 star punch speed lets you send a bolt from the blue (Which has been proven to work in 13 seconds flat).

What Sniper excels in: 

  • Catching the opponent off guard with a well-timed blow
  • Forcing the opponent to make mistakes 
  • Turning a fight around with one well-placed strike 

Pick Sniper if: 

  • You like to play patiently 
  • You like staying on the feet and countering shots 
  • You don’t mind waiting to land a KO shot 

Sniper details: 

  • Counter based, makes opponent pay to miss 
  • Swift, accurate kicks and even faster punches 
  • Based on movement and defence 

2. Kickboxer - Razor 

This video outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the powerhouse class, perks and moves and how you should play whilst using the razor archetype. 

The runner up archetype will turn an average UFC 4 player into Rodtang, as the ‘razor’ archetype is similar to the Muay Thai approach, providing knees, elbows and roundhouse kicks to grind your opponent’s body to Larb Moo. The style also boasts perks such as “Out the gates,” “Crazy Legs,” and “Razor Wire” which improve the speed and accuracy of standing knees, roundhouse kicks and switch kicks, as well as reducing stamina loss for strikes thrown within the first 2 rounds. In true Thai fashion, the build also boosts grappling advances and counters to keep the pain train rolling on if the fight moves to the clinch. 

The best way to play this build is to stay in the pocket and let loose with knees and elbows and keep serving your opponent the good old 3-piece combo (with a soda!). Overall, this is a very strong build for strike-heavy players. The key to victory is to keep the fight standing, let your kicks do the talking and come out strong in the first 2 rounds, either to get an early finish or to chip away at your opponent’s gas tank for the later rounds. 

This style emualtes the style commonly seen in Muay Thai fights

What Razor excels in:

  • Kicks and knees to wear down the body
  • Getting KOs/body TKOs
  • Fighting in a phonebooth and exchanging lots of strikes

       Pick Razor if: 

  • You like to play aggressively 
  • You like to stand and bang 
  • You want to see your opponent headbutt the canvas 

Razor details: 

  • Striking-based 
  • Strong roundhouse kicks and close knees 
  • Similar to Muay Thai style 


1. Balanced - Virtuoso 

‘Virtuoso - A person highly skilled in artistic pursuits.’ Martial arts counts, right? 

Watch the video to see how a top-tier player mixes up different styles to dismantle opponents. 

In my humble opinion (and in the opinion of many others), the virtuoso archetype holds the best for the best style in the game. This build is the ‘Jack of all trades,’ and allows you to control the octagon, regardless of whether you like to frustrate your opponents with swift sidekicks from out of range, or get in close and send them on a one-way trip to suplex city. The build uses “Steel checks,” “Frontal Assault,” and “Razor Wire,” to improve your knees, front kicks and side kicks as well as punishing your opponent for even daring to go for your legs. If you like to fold shorts while your opponent is still wearing them, the perk “Like Glue,” makes grappling on the feat easier when advancing and countering and if you do decide to take them down, the perk “Slam Boost,” makes sure that they don’t get back up.

If you like boots on the ground, the best way to use this style is to stay at range, and use your front/side kicks to find your distance, frustrate your opponent and learn how they respond to certain moves. If you would rather see them tap or nap, get in close, get his attention with knees and elbows, then initiate a slam to show them who’s in charge. 

What Virtuoso excels in: 

  • Mixing stand up and grappling together 
  • Fighting at a variety of ranges to confuse the opponent
  • Limiting the opponent’s options by grappling and checking leg kicks 

Pick Virtuoso if: 

  • You like to mix striking and grappling 
  • You fight patiently and stay on the outside 
  • You prefer a points win or a 5-round war over an instant KO 


Virtuoso details: 

  • Strong kicks, knees and takedowns 
  • Wears opponent down over time 
  • Jack of all trades 

And that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new from it. I appreciate you taking your time to read it and wish you the best of luck in your matches. 

Now go out there and serve some knuckle sandwiches!

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