Why Apex Legends Is Popular: 10 Reasons Players Love It

Why Apex Legends Is Popular: 10 Reasons Players Love It

10. Each Legend Provides Variety

Apex Legends is completely built around the characters that you can choose from as you enter a match. With each legend, comes different abilities, ultimates, passives and playstyles that tend to be vastly different from one another.

Because of this, each game isn't the same if you play different legends as you can approach situations, fights and loot differently. Playing Rampart? Then you probably want to pick up an LMG and get shooting. Playing Wraith? Then you most likely want to avoid that LMG and grab the R-99 in the bin around the corner.

This sort of thing also applies to how you enter a fight, approach enemies or think about the circle coming in around you.


9. Each Game is Unique Thanks to Strategy

Being a competitive Battle Royale game means that Apex Legends has a lot of strategy to it. Each match plays out differently thanks to the maps, legends and players, but one of the biggest factors to unify these is your own strategy. 

This makes Apex quite unique when compared to other Battle Royale games and also makes each match you enter a unique experience. Sometimes you might think about pushing a fight on high ground, but then in the next game, it doesn't seem like a great idea because of the circle coming in, the loot you have or the legends your team consists of. 

There’s so much to think about in each Apex game, and that's what makes it fantastic to play.


8. Map Variety

Over time, Apex has made itself even better by adding more and more maps to the pool. Unlike other Battle Royale games like Fortnite that just change the basic map each season, Apex not only changes each map but adds more to the pool.

Apex currently has a rotation of 3 maps at a time, and these rotate between King’s Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus, Storm Point and Broken Moon. Some players enjoy certain maps and hate others, it's just how the community is right now. The thing is though, despite their hatred and love for certain maps, it's hard to deny that these maps bring a lot of variety to the game. With an hourly rotation most of the day, your play session won't get boring.


7. Fluid Maps

Speaking of maps, each one is pretty fluid to play on. Now don't get me wrong, some maps feel more fluid than others, but overall the map design in Apex is fantastic. Even the most controversial map in the game right now, Broken Moon, has a lot of fluidity thanks to its rails all over the map that allows players to move swiftly from one area to the next.

Apex is all about fights, repositioning and getting into that final circle. This means that the maps need to be fluid and naturally move you from one area to another. This is exactly what makes the maps in Apex great as they are designed around how the players interact with each other. 

Players want fights, so some areas of the map act like funnels whilst others allow players to gank and get higher ground. Each map has its flaws and its perfect points, but overall it's one of the best aspects of the game hands down.


6. Team Aspects

Unlike most Battle Royale games, Apex doesn't have a solo mode. The devs have dabbled with it in the past through events, but overall the game is balanced around its team aspects. You can either play Apex in Duos or Trios, meaning you will have teammates in basically every match.

This brings something unique with Apex as there are so many ways a team can interact, coordinate and pair up their legends and their abilities. The game feels endless in this aspect and it's one of the reasons people love it so much. 

Whether it's coordinating with randoms or grouping up with some friends to destroy in ranked, the team aspect of this game is fantastic. It allows for some creativity in team building and provides some fun for anyone who wants to hop on with some friends for a few games.


5. A Tough Experience

Some Battle Royale tend to get quite easy over time as you get better and better. Look at Fortnite for example. Yeah, you might have bad games, but it's a pretty easy Battle Royale when compared to something like Apex. Because of how volatile an Apex lobby can be due to the various legends people can choose, how loot works and the ring, it can be a tough experience even for veteran players.

This is why people keep coming back to the game and love it so much because it provides a nice challenge. The game has had some issues in the past with matchmaking, and could still be improved nowadays, but overall the challenge is there in every lobby. In ranked play, this is especially true as it's a tough experience for everyone in your rank range.


4. The “Main” Mentality

One of the best parts about hero and character-based shooters is the idea of “mains”. People will gravitate towards certain legends, whether it's because of their playstyle, skins or their character in general. Every Apex player has their main character who they will play time and time again no matter what happens.

The game itself also adheres to this idea with Heirlooms, a rare item that you can select for the character you play the most. It's a great rare and little incentive for your main character and shows to others that this specific legend is your own.


3. Weapon Variety

The weapons in Apex also all feel different and have their own use. In other games like PUBG and Fortnite, most guns kind of feel the same. Yeah, they have differences, but it's not like the gun feels too much different from another in the same class.

With Apex though, each pistol, rifle, shotgun and sniper has its distinct way of playing and its attachments. This also plays into the ammo system as the game classifies certain guns into each Ammo type to try and unify them, but each still has its own style and use. No matter what gun you pick up in Apex, it's going to do some good damage and be a different feeling from the next. 

Whether it's the Flatline, R-99, Peacekeeper or Mozambique, they all feel unique from one another.


2. Ping System

The ping system is something that every other Battle Royale implemented into their game after the initial success of Apex Legends. This simple system of being able to ping items, loot, players, enemies, areas, buildings etc., is one of the main reasons why Apex succeeded early on.

This simple system allows players to communicate no matter their situation. The button for this isn't in an awkward spot and is easy to do even whilst shooting. The variants of pings the game has implemented allow players without a microphone or anxiety to give out information to their team in a simple yet effective way. It's just so good, and is one of the reasons that makes Apex so great


1. The Movement System

And finally, the main reason people love this game so much is of course the movement systems. Being based on the Titanfall engine meant that Apex carried over some of the most important movement techniques into its modern Battle Royale setting, without the wall running of course.

Because of this, systems such as super gliding, tap staffing and wall bouncing were a part of Apex, allowing players to move in some pretty creative ways. Though it wasn't exactly intended by the developers, they have accepted it as part of the game and even showed it off to the wider community recently. 

The movement system goes from being super simple to being quite complex depending on what you want to learn, so it's great for all types of players. The movement just makes Apex what it is, and it's easily the main reason why people love it so much.

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