10 BioShock Infinite Cosplays You'll Love

Beautiful cosplays and BioShock Infinite, how can you go wrong?

10.) The classic Booker and Elizabeth

Credit to the incredible ver1sa

9.) The Lutece Twins

So lifelike, from Aicosu.

8.) This genderbent Booker

Absolutely incredible by Angela Bermudez

7.) A motorized patriot

Amazing work done by Erri Kitten Cosplay

6.) The best dad ever

From the wonderful Aingeal11

5.) The breathtaking Elizabeth

Beautiful Elizabeth done by ver1sa

4.) This creatively done Elizabeth

Another great one from Angela Bermudez

3.) Booker DeWitt

Because you can’t have this list without a Booker, done by Titanesque cosplay.

2.) The perfect Elizabeth makeup

This infuriatingly perfect makeup was done by Sallywhale

1.) Booker and Elizabeth one more time, because they're perfect

This unbelievable cosplay done by ver1sa

Weren’t those awesome? Don’t you want to just run home and replay BioShock for the tenth time? Go ahead, no judgement here.

If you think another cosplayer deserves some recognition or you just feel passionately about one of these cosplayers leave a comment and let me know!







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