Overwatch Best Heroes for Each Map

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So many maps, so little time!

Each map calls for a different strategy; knowing which heroes to use is key!

One of the most fun parts about Overwatch is the strategy involved. You can't use just any hero on any map; the map needs to be nearly memorized and each hero's abilities known well to figure out just who works well in each different situation. Without further ado, let's take a look at the best tank, damage hero, and support hero for each Overwatch map. 

1. Ayutthaya 

Capture the Flag in Ayutthaya

Best Tank: Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball's mobility is great for Capture the Flag

What makes Wrecking Ball the best tank for Ayutthaya: 

  • His mobility makes it easy for him to protect allies in both the open and enclosed spaces
  • Ultimate ability is really useful for protecting allies and deterring enemies in each team’s respective point
  • His survivability is key for capture the flag, especially on this map when enemies can easily ambush you 

Best Damage: Sombra 

Sombra's abilities make her really good at Capture the Flag

What makes Sombra the best damage hero for Ayutthaya:

  • There are lots of passageways that remain unused, which are good places to leave the transponder
  • She can easily surprise and take down individual enemies by appearing out of nowhere in one of the enclosed passageways 
  • Her ability as a scout can really be utilized in this map to scout out the enemy team’s flag

Best Support: Lúcio

Lúcio's skill set makes him excellent at navigating Ayutthaya

What makes Lúcio the best support hero for Ayutthaya: 

  • Once again, mobility is key in this map, and Lúcio definitely has mobility! 
  • He can easily escape from being backed into a corner
  • When the team is near one of the flags or in the middle of the map, it’s easy and convenient for Lúcio to heal the entire team 
  • Speed boost makes a huge difference for allies who have the flag or are protecting the flag! 

2. Black Forest

The ominous Black Forest map

Best Tank: Roadhog

Roadhog's hook can be a great advantage on this map

What makes Roadhog the best tank for Black Forest: 

  • This map has lots of great hiding places for Roadhog so he can surprise enemies by hooking them out of nowhere
  • The edge of the map can be used to his advantage by timing the hook right to make enemies fall off or forcing them back off the edge with his ult 
  • Roadhog can kill individual enemies quickly, which is useful when playing elimination in this map 

Best Damage: Widowmaker

There are lots of great places to snipe from in Black Forest

What makes Widowmaker the best damage hero for Black Forest: 

  • Lots and lots of cover for a sniper! While small, this map is more difficult to explore, which means that most likely only the most experienced players will know where you’re shooting from
  • The middle area of the map offers a clear view to headshot enemies
  • Widowmaker can easily move around the map with the grappling hook, so once one sniping spot is discovered, she can simply move to another one in a matter of seconds! 

Best Support: Ana

Ana can easily get at teammates and enemies in this map

What makes Ana the best support hero for Black Forest: 

  • In the same vein as Widowmaker, Ana has some great vantage points for clean shots on this map
  • There’s lots of high ground where Ana can see a good majority of the open area so she can shoot enemies and heal allies
  • She can survive in this map on her own or with a team 

3. Blizzard World

A huge, difficult to maneuver map

Best Tank: Orisa

Orisa's shield is a big asset in this map

What makes Orisa the best tank for Blizzard World: 

  • Her shield really comes in handy when defending the point (and the payload too) 
  • The shield is also helps your team not to get immediately killed at the choke point when going to attack the first point
  • Orisa’s gravitational orbs keep enemies from escaping into the various little random passageways 

Best Damage: ‎Torbjörn

Torbjörn's turret can stop the enemy team in their tracks

What makes Torbjörn the best damage hero for Blizzard World:

  • He’s an especially good pick for defense with a great spot above the first point to set up the turret
  • Whether pushing or stalling the payload, there are lots of good niches and corners for Torbjörn’s turret to be placed throughout the map that catch enemies off guard
  • Basically, Torbjörn’s turret can make or break your team in this map. When set in the right place, the turret can easily get you on an elimination streak

Best Support: Lúcio

Lúcio can easily navigate the twists and turns of this map

What makes Lúcio the best support hero for Blizzard World: 

  • Teams tend to mostly stick together on this map, so it’s easy for his healing abilities to benefit the entire team 
  • Opportunities to boop enemies off the edge of the map 
  • His sustainability allows him to keep healing his teammates for longer, which is a critical advantage on this map (especially on attack) 

4. Busan

The map of cute, cuddly things!

Best Tank: Zarya

Zarya has a chance to get some great use out of her weapon in Busan

Why Zarya is the best tank for Busan: 

  • She works well in the first area especially, because of its close combat nature 
  • Once it gets to more open spaces, Zarya can really make use of getting some arcs on those Explosive Charges
  • Barriers work well in this map, as the team stays close together 

Best Damage: Reaper​Reaper has a chance to single out members of the enemy team 

Why Reaper is the best damage hero for Busan: 

  • Reaper can do serious damage in the close quarters areas 
  • His ultimate ability will do a lot of damage anywhere, but he can definitely take advantage of it in the Sanctuary area, as it’s not easy for enemies to escape
  • There are lots of pathways and nooks for him to escape to using Wraith Form if he gets low on health 

Best Support: AnaThere are lots of chances for good shots with Ana in Busan

Why Ana is the best support hero for Busan: 

  • Great sniper vantage points
  • Sleep darts can be used effectively in close combat 
  • Team sticking together means it’s easier for Ana to heal teammates quickly

5. Castillo

This fun, small map is perfect for elimination

Best Tank: D.VaD.Va's mobility and strength make her the best tank in Castillo

What makes D.Va the best tank for Castillo:

  • Boosters allow her to reach the upper levels of the map easily 
  • Agility is helpful for the wide area
  • Weapon can hit home mid range

Best Damage: ReaperReaper is able to easily access both levels of the map to track down enemies

What makes Reaper the best damage hero for Castillo:

  • Can also access upper levels easily with shadow step 
  • Easy escape if being backed into a corner or towards the edge of the map
  • His heavy weapon damage comes in handy during elimination

Best Support: MoiraMoira is able to stand on her own with powerful attacking and healing abilities 

What makes Moira the best support hero for Castillo:

  • Orbs are long range and able to reach the other side of the map or the upper levels
  • Her mobility allows her to get quickly to the other side of the map and escape from tight corners
  • She can hold her own in 1v1 combat, especially in this smaller map 

6. Château Guillard

This tricky map is difficult to memorize, but lots of fun to play

Best Tank: Roadhog Roadhog's hook, strong attacks, and self-healing makes him the best tank in this FFA map

What makes Roadhog the best tank for Château Guillard:

  • Great survivability, with lots of nooks for Roadhog to hide and quickly heal himself 
  • Lots of corners and corridors where Roadhog can surprise enemies with his hook 
  • He can stand up to most heroes in 1v1 combat, which is important for this Deathmatch map 

Best Damage: Junkrat

Junkrat has opportunities to surprise enemies with all of the hidden places in this map

What makes Junkrat the best damage hero for Château Guillard:

  • His abilities give him a great edge in Deathmatch
  • Traps and mines can be set up on or around health packs to disable enemies and damage them
  • Lots of opportunities to rain grenades down on enemies from above
  • Mines can be used to propel Junkrat to the upper levels of the map

Support: Moira 

Moira can send her orbs to reach enemies close or far off in the Chateau

What makes Moira the best support hero for Château Guillard:

  • Once again, Moira is one of the only support heroes who can stand up on her own, which is what makes her good for Deathmatch
  • Her damage orbs travel far, which is useful in big huge map 
  • There are plenty of corners and dead end corridors where Moira can pick enemies off

7. Dorado

This map can make matches last forever with its transition from wide open spaces to a small inside area

Best Tank: ReinhardtReinhardt's shield is especially great for all the choke points in this map

What makes Reinhardt the best tank for Dorado: 

  • Shield is useful for defending and protecting teammates on attack or defense, especially at the very beginning of the match
  • There are plenty of buildings to slam people into 
  • Whether pushing or stalling the payload, Reinhardt is great at heading the attack in this map’s narrower payload path 

Best Damage: Soldier: 76

The adaptability of Soldier: 76's abilities makes him successful in Dorado

What makes Soldier: 76 the best damage hero for Dorado: 

  • His abilities and fighting style makes him able to easily adapt from the open environment at the beginning of the map to the closed area at the end
  • His agility can get him across the large map quickly 
  • The map has lots of branched out areas where Soldier: 76 can go after individual enemies 

Best Support: ZenyattaIn Dorado, Zenyatta has plenty of opportunities for headshots 

Why Zenyatta is the best support hero for Dorado: 

  • There’s lots of open space, which allows Zenyatta to get clear shots at enemies from far away 
  • Healing orbs can be easily thrown to teammates in smaller skirmishes away from the payload 
  • The layout of the map allows Zenyatta to put out a lot of damage but also heal his teammates easily

8. Ecopoint: Antarctica

This map contains lots of little hiding places, but also lots of space for big battles

Best Tank: Wrecking Ball Rolling around in a ball to quickly evade enemies is extremely useful in this map

What makes Wrecking Ball the best tank for Ecopoint: Antarctica: 

  • His agility makes it easy for him to get around the area or escape from one of the narrow corridors
  • Middle open area offers opportunities to use the grappling hook and slam down on enemies
  • His survivability is critical in this elimination map 

Best Damage: Tracer

Tracer's ability to move unpredictably keeps her safe across the map, even if she's spotted by an enemy

What makes Tracer the best damage hero for Ecopoint: Antarctica: 

  • She can maneuver easily inside and outside
  • Recall can keep her alive, as there are no health packs
  • Her unpredictable movement makes her great at 1v1 combat, which is important in elimination 

Best Support: Moira

With teammates and enemies often being spread out in this map, Moira's orbs really come in handy

What makes Moira the best support hero for Ecopoint: Antarctica:

  • The narrow corridors allow her orbs to easily find their target and continuously deal damage
  • Long range projectiles and healing 
  • Survivability

9. Eichenwalde

This large map has lots of passageways to explore--for the purpose of ambushing enemies, of course

Best Tank: Orisa

Orisa's movable shield is vital when moving or stalling the payload

What makes Orisa the best tank for Eichenwalde: 

  • Gravitational orbs keep enemies out of the many hiding places
  • Shield deployment is especially useful at the beginning of the match and the second checkpoint 
  • There are lots of great places for her ultimate to be used, especially because the team tends to stick together on this map 

Best Damage: BastionThere are numerous places for Bastion to set up shop and surprise enemies in this map

What makes Bastion the best damage hero for Eichenwalde: 

  • His turret deployment is really useful for defending the point and payload
  • There are lots of second stories and roofs of buildings for Bastion to set up shop and attack enemies from above 
  • Interior of buildings can also be a great place to hide in order to heal or surprise enemies with an attack 

Best Support: AnaThe payload's path in Eichenwalde provides Ana with great vantage points and clear shots

What makes Ana the best support hero for Eichenwalde:

  • Lots of great sniper vantage points 
  • The main areas of the map are very clear, allowing for good shots
  • Because of the advantages for a sniper, Ana can easily get lots of kills and simultaneously heal teammates in this map

10. Hanamura

This map has two very differently situated points, which means versatile heroes are key

Best Tank: D.VaD.Va's ability to move quickly across the map and thrive in large or small spaces is important in Hanamura

What makes D.Va the best tank for Hanamura: 

  • Her attacks work well in both an open and closed environment 
  • Agility and flight allows her to cross map easily 
  • Ultimate ability can do a lot of damage in the second point especially, because it’s an enclosed space with not a lot of places to run 

Best Damage: Hanzo (ironically)Hanamura hosts lots of spots for Hanzo to get in a good headshot or two, as well as chances to use scatter arrow effectively

What makes Hanzo the best damage hero for Hanamura: 

  • Lots of good places for a sniper to hide, especially around the second point
  • There are also a good number of enclosed spaces where scatter arrow can be used effectively
  • Double jump can allow him to access the higher areas of the map 

Best Support: BrigitteWith both points in this map being pretty difficult to attack, Brigitte's shield and stun can really help her team

What makes Brigitte the best support hero for Hanamura: 

  • Shield protects her when advancing on the point 
  • Because the team usually splits up in this map, Brigitte can easily move from teammate to teammate and throw out shield boosts
  • She can eliminate enemies especially well inside the points, where there’s an enclosed space and she’s backed up by her team 

11. Havana

Hopefully the song isn't stuck in your head now, because this map takes some serious concentration to get through

Best Tank: SigmaOverwatch's newest hero thrives in one of the newest maps

What makes Sigma the best tank for Havana: 

  • There are lots of buildings for his charges to bounce off of! 
  • With the narrower path, his barrier can block a lot of incoming fire
  • His ultimate ability can really be useful in clearing the payload 

Best Damage: McCreeBoth McCree's long and short range attacks can be utilized in Havana

What makes McCree the best damage hero for Havana: 

  • This map deals mostly in close combat around the payload, which McCree excels in
  • There are great vantage points for him to use his ultimate ability 
  • Higher up vantage points also allow McCree to take a sniper-like role and eliminate enemies from long range 

Best Support: MoiraMoira's orbs work extremely well in the closed in environment

What makes Moira the best support hero for Havana: 

  • Towards the beginning of the map her orbs can find their targets easier in the narrower path
  • The wider areas further on in the map allow her to move unpredictably with Fade
  • The team staying together in this map lets Moira easily heal the whole team at once 

12. Hollywood

Lights, cameras, action! With so many different aspects to this map, there's lots of fun to be had

Best Tank: Orisa

Orisa is a solid, reliable tank for this unpredictable map

What makes Orisa the best tank for Hollywood: 

  • Movable shield is really useful, especially once the payload starts moving
  • Gravitational orbs can draw enemies out of buildings, especially towards the beginning of the match 
  • Tides can turn very quickly in this map, so Orisa’s survivability makes her a key teammate

Best Damage: SymmetraSymmetra's turrets can really be put to use in all the small, enclosed buildings around this map

What makes Symmetra the best damage hero for Hollywood:

  • Throughout the entire map, there are fantastic spots to set up turrets that can’t be seen but can definitely be felt
  • In addition to great turret setup areas, there are also lots of little nooks where Symmetra can hide near her turrets to finish off enemies who get too close 
  • She can draw enemies out of the buildings and into the main area with her turrets

Best Support: ZenyattaZenyatta's ult can turn the tides in this map

What makes Zenyatta the best support hero for Hollywood: 

  • His long range orbs can easily hit enemies from far away 
  • Two story buildings give Zenyatta a good vantage point for eliminating enemies and healing teammates in need 
  • Zenyatta can also easily target enemies who are high up

13. Horizon Lunar Colony

Overwatch, in space! 

Best Tank: Winston (again, ironically) Winston is able to easily cross this enclosed map and do some good damage up close

What makes Winston the best tank for Horizon Lunar Colony: 

  • He can get across the smaller map easily with his leap 
  • His shield can majorly help defend the point 
  • Winston’s abilities lend themselves to close combat, which is useful in the smaller areas where the points are located 

Best Damage: Widowmaker

The crowded map makes it easy for Widowmaker to move from vantage point to vantage point

What makes Widowmaker the best damage hero for Horizon Lunar Colony: 

  • Good sniper vantage points, especially around the first point 
  • There are lots of places for the grappling hook to latch onto, allowing Widowmaker to escape quickly if need be
  • Picking off enemies from afar when defending the point is especially useful in this enclosed map 

Best Support: MercyMercy's damage boost can be the difference between Victory or Defea

What makes Mercy the best support hero for Horizon Lunar Colony: 

  • Though the map can be hard to get around, Mercy has an easier time with her ability to fly to teammates
  • Damage boost can really help on attack, as the battles in the points can get really close 
  • Because there are a lot of close combat battles, Mercy can quickly change which teammate she is healing 

14. Ilios

This map is one of the most hectic in the game, as everything revolves around the dead center (literally)

Best Tank: RoadhogRoadhog can easily get lots of eliminations just dragging people down the hole with his hook

What makes Roadhog the best tank for Ilios:

  • He can hook people and make them fall in the pit
  • He’s great for close combat that happens in the middle of the map
  • With the middle of this map often turning into a bloodbath, Roadhog’s sustainability makes him a great choice to stay alive for longer in this map

Best Damage: PharahPharah's unique vantage point is perfect for this map

What makes Pharah the best damage hero for Ilios: 

  • The open area in the middle allows her clear shots
  • Ultimate ability can do tons of damage if used while everyone is in the middle of the map
  • She can also pick off stragglers who aren’t in the middle of the map 

Best Support: Lúcio

Get ready to boop!

What makes Lúcio the best support hero for Ilios: 

  • Gives the team the advantage of speed when trying to get to the point first
  • Agility is really useful when fighting at close quarters in the center
  • Booping people into the pit 
  • As another map where the team mostly sticks together, it makes it easy for him to heal lots of teammates at once

15. Junkertown

The second half of this map can be extremely difficult and long, which is why having certain key heroes is important

Best Tank: Reinhardt

Reinhardt's shield is a lifesaver in the second half of this map

What makes Reinhardt the best tank for Junkertown:

  • Shield is especially useful in second half of the map in the narrower passages 
  • Once again, there are plenty of walls that Reinhardt can pin people on! 
  • Just before the end of the map the fighting can get really intense, which is where Reinhardt’s shield can really come in handy on attack or defense

Best Damage: Doomfist

With very little room to run away, enemies are easily destroyed by Doomfist's ability combos

What makes Doomfist the best damage hero for Junkertown: 

  • There’s space for him to use his abilities but not enough space for enemies to get away from him
  • Tendency of teams to stay together means that Doomfist can get a lot of kills quickly 
  • His ability to do heavy damage makes him a good hero to push the payload in this one, especially because it can get stalled really easily 

Best Support: ZenyattaOnce again, Zenyatta's ultimate can be the team's saving grace--especially at the end of the match

What makes Zenyatta the best support hero for Junkertown:

  • Ultimate ability is really effective on this map, as the team is usually grouped together 
  • Can help damage heroes eliminate enemies when the enemy team is confined to the narrower passages
  • He can eliminate enemies who can get up to higher areas

16. King’s Row

This is a long map with lots of nooks and crannies to explore

Best Tank: Orisa

Orisa's shield can keep the enemy team stumped for ages 

What makes Orisa the best tank for King’s Row: 

  • Shield is especially valuable when defending the point; having Orisa’s shield up at the first choke point to block the attacking team is a game changer! 
  • Keep enemies from going after health packs with magnetizing orbs
  • Survivability is really valuable in this map, as travel time to the point/payload can be long

Best Damage: Genji 

Genji has the ability to really take advantage of the upper levels in this map

What makes Genji the best damage hero for King’s Row: 

  • There’s a variety of open space and upper levels, which is perfect terrain for Genji’s abilities
  • He can easily scale walls to take down snipers or turrets
  • His weapons can hit long range

Best Support: Moira

Moira can easily pick off single enemies in this map

What makes Moira the best support hero for King’s Row: 

  • Like Genji in this map, Moira can also attack enemies far away with her orbs
  • Her orbs can heal easily if the team is gathered together or if they are split up 
  • There are lots of places off the main path where Moira can pick off single enemies in 1v1 combat 

17. Lijiang Tower 

With the insanity of the tiny point, you really need a certain set of heroes to pull off Victory here

Best Tank: D.Va

D.Va can quickly move in and out of the point, as well as keep enemies far away when needed

What makes D.Va the best tank for Lijiang Tower: 

  • Her agility allows her to move quickly to/from the main point 
  • Her unlimited ammo allows her to easily defend the point 
  • She can lead an attack on the main point, using her shield and firepower

Best Damage: Pharah

When aimed just right, Pharah's rockets can severely damage the enemy team inside the point

What makes Pharah the best damage hero for Lijiang Tower:

  • The open area is the perfect space for Parah to fly around and eliminate individual enemies
  • When playing capture the flag in this map, Pharah can be utilized as a scout 
  • She can easily ambush the enemy’s spawn point 

Best Support: Lúcio 

Speed at the beginning of this map is an absolute must

What makes Lúcio the best support hero for Lijiang Tower: 

  • The speed boost he can give the team at the beginning to help them reach the point first
  • Because the point is really small, Lúcio can heal all of his teammates in the point area 
  • More booping people off the edge of the map! 

18. Necropolis

This map is hard enough to navigate without it being so dark!

Best Tank: Winston

Winston's survivability and his huge leaps make him last in an elimination round

What makes Winston the best tank for Necropolis: 

  • As this is a very three dimensional map, Winston is great at getting around with his leaps 
  • His high health and shield help him stay alive in this elimination map 
  • His weapon is difficult for enemies to get away from 

Best Damage: ‎Torbjörn

Finding a good place to set up your turret can destroy the enemy team singlehandedly

What makes Torbjörn the best damage hero for Necropolis: 

  • Setting up your turret in the spawn room and then running away is a great surprise for the enemy! 
  • This map is rather confusing with all its nooks and crannies, and you can use that to your advantage by setting up your turret in unusual places 
  • Overload is really useful in this elimination map to kill off individual enemies 

Best Support: Moira

The spawn points are especially great places to throw Moira's orbs

What makes Moira the best support hero for Necropolis: 

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Moira can hold her own in an elimination battle 
  • Her orbs can be thrown into the enemy spawn point 
  • She can get herself away from threatening enemies using Fade

19. Nepal

The Nepal areas require heroes with long range attacks and decent mobility

Best Tank: D.Va 

Similar to Hanamura, D.Va can pack a punch in both the outside and inside areas in Nepal

What makes D.Va the best tank for Nepal: 

  • Her boosters help her to avoid pitfalls in the map or falling off the edge 
  • She can maneuver well inside and outside
  • Her heavy damage output makes her a great candidate for leading an attack on the point 

Best Damage: Ashe

Ashe's ability to fight well up close and from far away makes her the perfect damage hero for Nepal

What makes Ashe the best damage hero for Nepal: 

  • Her weapon works well at both close and long range, which allows her to defend or attack the point successfully 
  • There are good places for her to camp out as a sniper to protect the point 
  • Her ultimate ability can clear out the small, enclosed points 

Best Support: Zenyatta This map sets Zenyatta up for success in helping his team

What makes Zenyatta the best support hero for Nepal: 

  • The team usually splits up on this map, so Zenyatta can send his healing orbs from teammate to teammate across the map 
  • His long range orbs means he can defend the point by picking off enemies from further away 
  • The figures of the floating Omnic monks outside have to give him good luck, right? 

20. Numbani

This map can be pretty confusing, meaning that versatile and agile heroes are key to success

Best Tank: Wrecking Ball

This is a really fun map to use the grappling hook on! 

What makes Wrecking Ball the best tank for Numbani: 

  • In this huge map, mobility is key, and Wrecking Ball can move fast!
  • With all the buildings around, Wrecking Ball can really make use of his grappling hook 
  • His ultimate ability can keep the enemy team away from the first point 

Best Damage: Hanzo

In this tight map, all of Hanzo's abilities are great assets to the team

What makes Hanzo the best damage hero for Numbani: 

  • The tall buildings give him a great vantage point for headshots 
  • His sonic arrow ability helps the team to see the enemy around all the buildings
  • His double jump allows him to access higher up areas quickly 

Best Support: Baptiste 

The varied layout of this map allows Baptiste to both heal and attack efficiently

What makes Baptiste the best support hero for Numbani: 

  • Lots of high ground he can take advantage of by attacking enemies from up above
  • Good vantage points for clear views to heal teammates and attack enemies
  • The team mostly sticks together in this map, which means Baptiste’s amplification matrix can be really effective 

21. Oasis

This map's small and difficult to capture point is anything but an oasis

Best Tank: Orisa

Whether attacking or defending, Orisa's shield can be a monumental help to the team

What makes Orisa the best tank for Oasis: 

  • While defending the point, she can change where her shield is deployed depending on where attackers are coming from, as the point is accessible from many directions
  • Her ultimate ability can be devastating when used on the point and placed inside the very center, which is hard for the enemy team to access
  • When attacking, her orbs can isolate enemies so the enemy team can be picked off easily 

Best Damage: Sombra

Sombra's scouting abilities can be used to the fullest in this tough to navigate map

What makes Sombra the best damage hero for Oasis: 

  • She can scout out the point without being seen if it’s in enemy hands
  • With her hacking abilities and heavy damage weapon, she can lead an attack on the point 
  • The other areas outside of the point are good places for Sombra to pick off straggling members of the enemy team

Best Support: Brigitte

With players so spread out in this map, Brigitte can easily support the team and deter enemies

What makes Brigitte the best support hero for Oasis: 

  • Stunning enemies can come in handy when leading an attack on the point or defending it
  • She can individually heal multiple teammates, even if they’re a little more spread out around the map
  • Especially when defending the point, her mid-range attacks with her flail help keep enemies away 

22. Paris 

Overwatch's newest map has some challenging obstacles

Best Tank: D.Va

D.Va's boost is extremely useful for getting around in this map

What makes D.Va the best tank for Paris: 

  • She can easily maneuver around the map, which has lots of obstacles and sectioned off areas
  • Her heavy fire weapons make her a great candidate for leading an attack on the point
  • Her durability with high health and her brief shield allow her to stay in the battle for longer

Best Damage: Junkrat

Junkrat's attacks can really shine in Paris' varied environments

What makes Junkrat the best damage hero for Paris: 

  • Lots of open space to throw grenades, mines, and whatever explodey things Junkrat can find
  • He can blast his way pretty well through the chokepoints 
  • Grenades allow him to get past obstacles around the map and access higher ground

Best Support: Lúcio

Paris offers lots of opportunities for Lúcio to use his fun abilities like booping and wall riding

What makes Lúcio the best support hero for Paris: 

  • His mobility, including Wall Ride, really comes in handy with all the different ways to get around the map 
  • The map makes it easy to heal the whole time, as everyone mostly stays together 
  • Using Soundwave to bump enemies back can help your team get through chokepoints and tough spots 

23. Petra

This extremely varied map can be challenging for any hero

Best Tank: Roadhog

Roadhog can be successful in both the inside and outside parts of Petra

What makes Roadhog the best tank for Petra: 

  • Similarly to the Château map, Roadhog thrives in Petra because of his ability to survive 
  • The edge of the map provides an opportunity to force enemies off the edge with Roadhog’s ultimate ability
  • Especially in the inside areas, Roadhog’s hook comes in handy eliminating enemies 
  • Roadhog’s heavy damage gun can destroy enemies quickly 

Best Damage: Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 can maneuver easily throughout this map

What makes Soldier: 76 the best damage hero for Petra:

  • Weapon and abilities work well both inside and outside 
  • His self-healing ability keeps him alive, which is key in this Deathmatch map
  • His ultimate ability can eliminate several enemies in a brief amount of time 

Best Support: Lúcio

It's booping time again! The open edge means lots of chances to use booping to its fullest

What makes Lúcio the best support hero for Petra: 

  • Are you looking to boop people off the edge of the map? This is the place for you! 
  • With speed boost he can escape quickly from oncoming enemies 
  • Like the other two best heroes for this map, Lúcio’s ability to heal himself is extremely valuable in Deathmatch 

24. Rialto

What a great map; you can even relax and take a boat ride if you want!

Best Tank: Sigma

Sigma's damaging mid range attacks and movable barrier are really useful in this map

What makes Sigma the best tank for Rialto: 

  • Works well in a team attack but he can also hold his own in 1v1 combat
  • His barrier becomes especially useful towards the end of the map, when the streets get narrower
  • Once again, his ultimate is just really useful on any payload map. Getting the enemy team off the payload for just a couple seconds can make all the difference!

Best Damage: Doomfist

No one does close combat like Doomfist

What makes Doomfist the best damage hero for Rialto: 

  • Lots of wide areas in the map which allow space for Doomfist’s combos
  • Because of his wide attack range, on this map he can deal damage to several enemies at once when everyone is grouped together
  • His agility allows him to get across the map pretty quickly 

Best Support: Mercy 

Mercy has a lot of room to assist the team in the streets of Rialto

What makes Mercy the best support hero for Rialto: 

  • The space in this map gives Mercy room to easily fly to different teammates
  • Mercy’s agility allows her to easily heal her team whether they split up or stick together 
  • She can easily shield herself inside one of the many buildings if things start heating up

25. Route 66

Matches in this map can very greatly depending on the team comp

Best Tank: Reinhardt

The shield is so, so useful on both attack and defense

What makes Reinhardt the best tank for Route 66: 

  • His shield can be a great asset in protecting teammates at the several chokepoints in this map 
  • When on attack, especially, Reinhardt is great at leading the team out of the spawn point 
  • He can pick off nearby enemies quickly 

Best Damage: Widowmaker

Route 66 is the perfect map for a sniper

What makes Widowmaker the best damage hero for Route 66: 

  • The map features lots of great high ground for snipers 
  • The high ground lasts for a good portion of the map, so Widowmaker can simply use her grappling hook to jump from peak to peak when her spot is discovered 
  • Areas around almost the entire map offer clear shots 

Best Support: Zenyatta

Zenyatta is a great counter to snipers in this map

What makes Zenyatta the best support hero for Route 66: 

  • He can pick off snipers from long range and track them with his discord orb
  • He can easily heal enemies who separate from the team 
  • His abilities work well both in the outdoor and indoor environments 

26. Temple of Anubis

This map can get really crazy, really fast

Best Tank: Orisa 

Her strong weapon and her shield are helpful in defending or attacking both points

What makes Orisa the best tank for Temple of Anubis: 

  • Lots of chokepoints where her shield comes in handy 
  • Her durability with Fortify allows her to stay alive and defend/attack for longer; the walk to the point can be brutal! 
  • She can take down enemies quickly, which is key on this map

Best Damage: Bastion

Bastion is a must-have on this map

What makes Bastion the best damage hero for Temple of Anubis: 

  • On both points there are great places to set up shop as a turret 
  • There are some really interesting side passageways and a couple higher level areas that Bastion can take advantage of when it comes to finding a good place to attack from 
  • If placed in the corner of the second point with a good healer nearby, not much can stop Bastion from eliminating anything that comes anywhere close to the point! 

Best Support: Moira

Moira's long range attacks are perfect for this wide map

What makes Moira the best support hero for Temple of Anubis: 

  • She can do damage from long range when attacking or defending the point 
  • With Fade she can get back into battle more quickly 
  • She can easily assist an attack on the point by sending a healing orb ahead 

27. Volskaya Industries

Though a small, direct map, Volskaya has some interesting curveballs throughout

Best Tank: D.Va

D.Va's mid range weapon and mobility make her an important tank to have on this map

What makes D.Va the best tank for Volskaya Industries:

  • She can quickly get from the first point to the second
  • Her heavy weapons and good health/defense make her successful at both defending and attacking the point
  • She can access the higher ground on the map and take down snipers

Best Damage: Pharah

Pharah can pull off some great ambushes on this map

What makes Pharah the best damage hero for Volskaya Industries:

  • The open area gives her lots of space to fly and rain attacks from above
  • She especially has an advantage attacking the second point just outside the building from high up 
  • Her ultimate can do lots of damage, especially at the second point

Best Support: Ana

Ana is able to attack and heal efficiently in the three dimensional layout of this map

What makes Ana the best support hero for Volskaya Industries: 

  • Lots of high ground to take advantage of 
  • Open space for clear shots
  • In the enclosed space of the second point, Ana can really get a lot of good shots at the point

28. Watchpoint: Gibraltar 

This map has a variety of terrain, meaning adaptable heroes are necessary

Best Tank: Reinhardt

With lots of small spaces in this map, Reinhardt's shield can really make a difference in attacking or defending

What makes Reinhardt the best tank for Watchpoint: Gibraltar:

  • His shield blocks a lot of enemy projectiles in the narrow passages
  • The smaller areas don’t offer many ways of escape for enemies trying to flee from Reinhardt’s hammer!
  • If you like to barrel into enemies and smash them against walls, this is one of the best maps to do it

Best Damage: Mei

The close combat area is perfect for Mei's ult

What makes Mei the best damage hero for Watchpoint: Gibraltar:

  • Almost the whole map is enclosed and the areas are rather small, which is the environment Mei thrives in 
  • She can freeze enemies at close range or even do damage at long range to enemies who might be harder to reach 
  • As teams mainly stick together in this map, her ultimate has the capacity to turn the tides of the match 

Best Support: Baptiste

Baptiste can easily access the second floor of the map with his high jump

What makes Baptiste the best support hero for Watchpoint: Gibraltar:

  • Like Mei, Baptiste works really well in enclosed environments where he is able to heal and deal damage the best 
  • This map offers lots of higher levels that Baptiste can use to track down and eliminate snipers and rain down projectiles from above
  • His ultimate works really well in the more narrow spaces

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