Top 10 Overwatch Best Heroes (2020 Edition)

Overwatch Best Heroes
Heroes of Overwatch charge in!

Which heroes of Overwatch are the best in 2020?

When it comes to Overwatch, your first thought will be of one of the many heroes available. Anyone could tell you that the depth and fun factor of Overwatch is dependent on the diverse roster of characters.

So the question is, which hero should you  select at the start of a match? While each hero can contribute in their own way, certain ones have risen to the top of the pack. Keep reading to learn the ropes for the top ten best Overwatch heroes.

10. Hanzo

Hanzo preparing to eliminate a healer from the shadows

Coming in at number ten is Hanzo, a projectile sniper from the DPS category. Hanzo’s wide kit of abilities lends itself to his versatile nature in the heat of battle.

While it requires practice, his basic attack can be used to instantly pick off vulnerable targets from afar. In addition, Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow allows you to see through walls, helping to locate hidden enemies.

Even if you get pounced on by mobile heroes, Hanzo can manage due to his Wall Climb, Lunge and Storm Bow abilities.

Hanzo excels in:

  • Putting out ample amounts of damage regardless of his positioning near the objective 
  • Using his Sonic Arrow to wall hack, allowing for attacks on unsuspecting enemies
  • Getting quick eliminations on healers or short range enemies that are unprotected
  • Utilizing his powerful Storm Bow ability to melt shields and high health tanks

For Hanzo details:

Hero overall usefulness: 80/100

9. Orisa

Nobody is taking this objective

One of the few Omnic characters in the roster, Orisa fulfills the role of a main tank that the team can anchor behind. One of her signature abilities, Protective Barrier, provides a shield wall that your team can use to gain advantage over the enemy.

Orisa can buff herself with Fortify and pull enemies with Halt, all while barraging them  with endless fire. With a well-placed Supercharger ultimate, your damage-boosted team will be able to eliminate the enemy with ease.

Orisa excels in:

  • Performing as a durable main tank that can hold its weight in combat
  • Flexible shield placement that  helps mitigate enemy teams dependent on long range damage
  • Team compositions that want to bunker down on the payload or an advantageous point
  • Putting a stop, literally, to mobile heroes that are jumping into the backline and harassing your teammates

For Orisa details:

Hero overall usefulness: 83/100

8. McCree

McCree laying down some frontier justice

While he may be number eight in this list, McCree certainly ranks higher in “most recognizable” Overwatch heroes. Famous for activating his ultimate strictly at “high noon”, McCree offers players great DPS and skillful gameplay all mixed into one spaghetti western package.

While his Peacekeeper can eliminate enemies at far range, McCree also serves as a protector for your team. His Flash Bang grenade stuns enemies, putting an end to annoying flankers and devastating ultimates.

Despite being tricky to land, a successful Deadeye ultimate can lead to team wipes and a fresh play of the game.

McCree excels in:

  • Players wanting to challenge their mechanical skills 
  • Ace Mccree mains can take out enemies regardless of their mobility or distant positioning
  • Serving as a guard dog for the team, isolating flankers with Flash Bang so allies can follow up for the elimination
  • Having a powerful ultimate that can turn the tide of battle or clear space for your teammates
  • Fulfilling the roleplay of a rootin’, tootin’ cowboy legend in a first person shooter game

For Mccree details:

Hero overall usefulness: 85/100

7. Sigma

Sigma absorbed in the complexities of the universe

The most recently launched tank hero, Sigma is a crazed scientist who has an obsession with gravity. Sigma uses his eclectic kit of abilities to keep the enemy team at bay.

Sigma’s Experimental Barrier can be placed and recalled almost immediately, distinguishing himself from other shield tanks. If your team is taking too much fire, Sigma can use his Kinetic Grasp to absorb the damage and convert it into personal shielding.

His ultimate, Gravitic Flux, is perfect for setting up team combos due to how it lifts all captured enemies into the air and stuns them.

Sigma excels in:

  • Using his barrier to push through choke points, or to shut down enemy snipers and turrets
  • While best used alongside another tank, Sigma can absorb errant damage flying around the objective, serving as protection for your team
  • His Accretion ability knocks down any enemy it hits, putting them out of the fight for a few crucial seconds
  • With a well coordinated team, Sigma’s ultimate can be utilized to set up enemy team wipes

For Sigma details:

Hero overall usefulness: 88/100

6. Mercy

The doctor is in to heal up her teammates

A retired doctor of Overwatch, Mercy is a healer that once had an entire meta dedicated to her. While those days are long gone, Mercy’s kit is still incredibly useful for teams looking to dominate the battlefield.

With her Caduceus Staff, Mercy can heal and damage boost her allies, allowing for on the fly control over the situation. One of her most powerful abilities, Resurrect, can revert the elimination of critical teammates and change the team fight.

Even if Mercy is in trouble, she can activate her Guardian Angel boost or Valkyrie ultimate to simply fly away from danger.

Mercy excels in:

  • Healing your team. Healing is Mercy’s main focus, and if used correctly, can save allies from certain death
  • By flying around the objective with Guardian Angel, Mercy’s fast-paced gameplay will truly make the player feel like a combat medic
  • If certain teammates are struggling to stay alive, Mercy can bring them back to the battle quickly with Resurrect
  • Damage boosting allies so they can put out significant DPS and land epic plays

For Mercy details:

Hero overall usefulness: 90/100

5. Zarya

Zarya weilding her fully-powered Particle Cannon

Number five is the Russian bodybuilder and Omnic destroyer, Zarya. Unlike the previous tanks mentioned in this list, Zarya is considered an off-tank, which means she performs better when partnered with another tank.

Zarya’s kit includes two types of bubble barriers: one that appears over herself, Particle Barrier, and one that spawns over allies, Projected Barrier. Despite seeming like simple abilities, these barriers require finesse as the damage inflicted on them directly powers the DPS of Zarya’s Particle Cannon attacks.

With precise timing, Zarya can use her Graviton Surge ultimate to capture the enemy team, perfect for allied attacks.

Zarya excels in:

  • Protecting main tanks and allied teammates through the use of individual barriers
  • With a decent pool of personal shields, she also tanks through damage meant for allies
  • Her Particle Cannon is  a laser beam, so it can travel through absorption type defenses like Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp
  • Graviton Surge is a powerful ultimate that pulls all enemies captured to one point, serving as a cornerstone for team wipes and ultimate combinations

For Zarya details:

Hero overall usefulness: 91/100

4. Ana

Ana may be old, but her healing is always swift

The first of the post-launch heroes, Ana is a healer from the early days of Overwatch. A mother and a friend to other heroes, don’t be deceived by her grandmotherly charm.

Ana’s sniper based healing requires a fair amount of mechanical skill and consistent focus. Despite having low mobility, Ana makes up for it with a Sleep Dart and a Biotic Grenade to protect her team.

Her ultimate, Nano Boost, can save a teammate from the clutches of death by restoring health, boosting damage and buffing the ally’s defense.

Ana excels in:

  • Healing that moves in a channel, helping the team get through particularly tough choke points
  • Putting a rest to flankers and enemy ultimates with a well placed Sleep Dart
  • Biotic Grenade can help with healing allies or negating healing done to hit enemies, which is a great counter to skilled enemy healers
  • Preventing key members of the team from getting eliminated through the usage of Nano Boost

For Ana details:

Hero overall usefulness: 94/100

3. Baptiste

Baptiste using his Exo Boots to reach new heights

Just when you thought you learned about a mechanically challenging healer, say hello to Baptiste. Having collected his signature gear from various sources in the past, Baptiste is a healer with a complex kit of abilities.

Not only does his Biotic Launcher shoot a precise, three-round-burst for damaging enemies, it also doubles as a grenade launcher for healing allies. Baptiste’s Exo Boots allow him to jump to high points for better positioning, and his Immortality Field provides the only source of pure immunity for allies.

Taking on the role of Baptiste requires constant decision making, as his abilities can make or break a team fight.

Baptiste excels in:

  • Putting out considerable healing with his Biotic Launcher and Regenerative Burst abilities
  • Can defend himself and allies thanks to a basic attack with solid DPS potential, and an Immortality Field to prevent eliminations
  • Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix can defend allies or boost healing depending on its placement, requiring an active playstyle and quick decision making
  • Playing on maps with a lot of verticality, since his Exo Boots allow for instant upward mobility

For Baptiste details:

Hero overall usefulness: 95/100

2. Moira

The correct usage of Moira's Biotic Orb, as her primary focus is healing

A personal favorite of mine, Moira is an Irish geneticist currently working for Talon, an enemy organization to Overwatch. Her dual kit, requiring both damage and healing, is appealing to many different players.

While Moira’s main focus should be healing the team with Biotic Grasp and Biotic Orb, her healing based ammunition is refueled by damage. Players will need to juggle between being aggressive and defensive depending on the situation.

While it can be tempting to chase down enemies with your damaging Biotic Grasp, never forget that your main goal is to keep your team alive!

Moira excels in:

  • Offering a good amount of healing while also fending off enemy attackers
  • Her biotic orbs can bounce great distances, healing allies or damaging enemies without necessitating her presence 
  • Moira’s kit also includes a Fade ability, allowing her to become immune to damage and escape from persistent attackers 
  • Coalescence, her ultimate, provides a channel of healing and damage that works through enemy shields, offering a versatility unique from other healers

For Moira details:

Hero overall usefulness: 98/100

1. Reinhardt

Reinhardt charging head first onto the objective, with or without the team

Honor. Justice. Courage. This is what to expect when taking on the role of Reinhardt. A retired soldier of Overwatch, he lives by this code. And when choosing this tank, so shall you.

Rein’s kit includes a durable shield for protecting allies, and a powerful hammer for knocking down enemies. While Reinhardt is built for tanking, he can put out some serious damage with his fire strike ability and basic attack.

As Reinhardt, you will lead your team through tough choke points to the glittering prize of victory!

Reinhard excels in: 

  • Being an anchor tank that the team can fall behind while you block the big hits
  • Utilizing a large health pool shield to protect allies from relentless fire and damaging ultimates
  • Pushing through heavily protected choke points and making space for allies to wreck the enemy
  • Bringing the hammer down on the enemy which, with a little ultimate coordination, can lead to team wipes

For Reinhardt details:

Hero overall usefulness: 99/100

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