Heroes of the Dorm: Here Are Your Heroic Four

The Heroic Four kicks off May 12, 1pm, PDT
Don't miss the life-changing action of the Live Finals!

Today, four collegiate eSports teams climb towards the conclusion of a journey that began in February, or in the case of some, several years ago. Regardless of who hoists the trophy as the confetti rains down, we can be sure of one thing- the Heroes of the Dorm Live Finals will be an epic battle between four deserving teams who have put their blood, sweat and tears into reaching this moment.

The Heroic Four

University of Kentucky- Scratch ‘Em

The scrappy team from Kentucky is fielding a number of veteran Heroes of the Dorm Players, as well as two sets of brothers. In 2017 they reached the Heroic Four before falling to LSU in the Semi-Final. They return in 2018 hungry to take the step and play in the Grand Finals.

Roster- Mike "Quonzar" Dittert, Michael "Zabutak" Pina, Roger "RogerThat" Dittert, Daniel "Piccaboo" Pina, Noah "Gogoing" Overby

Universite Laval- Rouge Et Au

Formed in 2016, the team from Laval has performed strongly throughout their matches, boasting a winrate of 91%. Could this be the year the Canadians march the whole way to the top?

Roster- Daniel "ULHairyBlob" Gourdeau, Anthony Christopher "ULQuantum" Charron, Simon "ULElectromad" Deroy, Jerome "ULEarth" Levesque, Patrick "ULWouka" Langlois

Cal Poly Pomona- Pomona Ponies

At the inaugural Heroes of the Dorm in 2015, The Pomona Ponies registered as a five man roster in their freshmen year of college. In each subsequent Heroes of the Dorm, they have advanced to at least the Round of 32 . Now, in 2018, they are further than ever before and looking towards Buffalo as the last obstacle on their road to the Grand Finals.

Roster- Andrew "Alterations" Koscal, Steven "Artificious" Nguyen, Hunter "ElCazador" Gaukel, Joshua "Crabfish" Childers, Warren "PALLY" Willis

University at Buffalo- ImprobaBull Victory

Buffalo enters the Heroic Four as the lowest seeded team to reach the Live Finals, having eliminated a favored UCI in a dominant 3-0 win. There's no doubt they will look to leverage a high win-rate and rather off-meta picks to upset the Pomona Ponies and reach the Grand Finals.

Roster- Robert "V8der" Sands III, Jianyu "sethlordson" Zhang, Marc "Markybottz" Coiro, Justin "Matzoballz" Goo, Allen "FantaFiction" Hu

Live Finals Format

The Live Finals begin May 12, 1 p.m. PDT at the Blizzard eSports Arena in Burbank, CA. The event begins with the two semi-final matches, leading to a final, spectacular clash in the Grand Finals. All matches are Best-of-5.

As in previous years, the teams are facing off for a chance at college tuition. The winning team will earn college tuition for up to three years or $75,000, with the teams subsitute winning tuition for a single year of college, up to $25,000. Each of the teams to qualify for the Heroic Four have also earned a custom built PC with a value of approximately $1,000.

Where To Watch

The Heroic Four will be played live at the premier Blizzard Arena in Burbank, with tickets available now.

If you aren't lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles area, the Live Finals begin airing May 12, 1 p.m. PDT on twitch.tv/BlizzHeroes and at www.HeroesoftheDorm.com.

Supported by a full roster of talented casters and hosts, the event will be high in both production value and entertainment. 

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