[Top 10] Spider-Man: Miles Morales Best Suits (From Early To Late Game)

Swing with style … In your way.

Hey there, everyone! Today we’ll be looking at some of the best suits that Spider-Man: Miles Morales has to offer!

It’s one of PS5’s crown jewel games which showcases its power and is a fun-filled sequel to the original Marvel’s Spider-Man game!

I sure had a blast playing this game and as it’s customary and tradition of all Spider-Man games to have additional suits, whether they be for cosmetic purposes or gameplay purposes, they are sure as hell fun to collect!

We’ll be going from Early Game to Late Game order and so without further ado, let’s start with the show!


10. Great Responsibility Suit (Early Game)

One way of looking up to Peter, is bestowed by his idol and mentor himself.

The OG and the classic Peter Parker suit based on the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’s design before making one with his trademark advanced suit with white trimmings.

This suit’s purely for the nostalgia factor as it adds no beneficial effects or mods since it’s based on the famous line of Uncle Ben: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Why it’s a Great Suit:

As explained above, it perfectly emulates Peter Parker’s drive for heroism and touches the soft spot for the hero within us which we can resonate and relate very well with Miles as well!

What Great Responsibility Suit Excels in:

  • The first suit that Miles gets that he can change into, provides for a versatile wardrobe in the early game.
  • Feels as if you’re playing Peter Parker with Miles Morales’s abilities.
  • Gives off the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’s cheerful vibes.

How to get Great Responsibility Suit: Complete the Parting Gift mission.


9. T.R.A.C.K. Suit (Early Game)

One thing that Miles has superiority over is his drip.

Up next, we have the T.R.A.C.K. Suit or Time Response Activated Circuit Kinetic Suit which is another must-have Spider Suit in the Early game segment!

Its inverse color scheme makes for great aesthetics when Miles is gunning for some acrobatics and tricks that can fill up his power bar and provide great camera angles as well!

Why it’s a great suit:

As mentioned above, it’s got great aesthetics and a visor mod that makes Miles take reduced damage from ranged attacks by 25%. VERY useful against those snipers which can be annoying to deal with!

What T.R.A.C.K. Suit Excels in:

  • Inverse color aesthetics make for great camera shots.
  • Untrackable (Visor Mod) – Decreases damage from ranged attacks by 25%.
  • Early Game Suit unlock which adds more wardrobe changes for Miles Morales

How to get T.R.A.C.K. Suit: Reach Level 6 and purchase the suit for 10 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech Parts.


8. Animated Suit (Early Game)

Really not to be confused with the Spider-Verse Suit. Just Cel-Shaded coolness.

Animated Suit is next on the list and this one is for all of the animation lovers like me out there! It’s a good thing that you can get this suit Early Game and get some cool poses on!

I’d recommend getting this suit as soon as you meet its requirements since its Suit Mod will be pretty helpful for you against crowd control and brutes.

What’s great about this suit:

It’s got cel-shaded animation which can be used in real-time cutscenes, what else! That and its Suit Mod of Stronger Webs which makes enemies difficult and longer to break out of is another source of crowd-control and provides ease in combat difficulty when fighting against enemies!

What Animated Suit Excels in:

  • Cel-shaded animation in real-time gameplay provides aesthetics.
  • More wardrobe inventory
  • Stronger Webs (Suit Mod) which makes enemies take longer to break out of is a source of good crowd control.

How to get Animated Suit: Reach Level 7 and purchase it for 20 Activity Tokens and 4 Tech parts.


7. S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit (Mid-Game)

Aggressive Style, right here.

S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit is next on the list and this one's for all the aggro players out there!

This suit is based on the time Miles worked as an agent of S.T.R.I.K.E. which is the United Kingdom’s counterpart to the United State’s S.H.I.E.L.D. and has a more armored appearance with more gauntlets and venom-based power.

What’s great about this suit:

Well, it’s a really good mid-game suit that helps in raised defense and uses the Venom Overclock Visor Mod that increases in Venom Production when low in health which can act as a game changer!

What S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit excels in:

  • Aggressive and militaristic look.
  • Venom Overclock raises Venom Strike production when low in health, proving to be a game changer.
  • Increase wardrobe variation.

How to get S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit: Reach Level 10 and purchase it for 16 activity tokens and 2 Tech Parts.


6. Crimson Cowl Suit (Mid Game)

I am … Spider-Man.

Crimson Cowl Suit is next up on the list and this is personally one of my favorite and most used suits during my playthrough of the game simply due to its black and red color aesthetic placement!

This suit is based on its namesake, the Crimson Cowl A.K.A. Justine Hammer who appeared in Thunderbolts comic series and is perfect for all the stealth-related action!

What’s great about this suit:

Black and red color scheme along with stealth-related mechanics such as the Ghost Strike Visor Mod – a mod that can make enemies no longer hear Web-Strike Takedowns while Camouflaged can make for the perfect stealth suit for the sneakiest takedown deliveries!

What Crimson Cowl Suit excels in:

  • Black and Red Aesthetics.
  • Ghost Strike Visor Mod
  • Additional wardrobe for Miles.

How to get Crimson Cowl Suit: Reach Level 9 and purchase it for 14 activity tokens and 2 Tech Parts.


5. The End Suit (Mid Game)

Show Off.

The End Suit is up next on the list and while it’s not attained during the endgame sequence of the game, it sure feels like Miles means serious business when donning this suit!

It’s another suit with a stealthy and minimalistic approach to Miles's taste for clothing and drip and its Suit Mod that gives an edge!

What’s great about this suit:

Minimalistic Urban setting tackled with Steady Focus Suit Mod that helps slow down the draining of the camouflage meter and will provide an edge in stealthy situations as well as takedowns!

What The End Suit excels in:

  • Minimalistic urban and rugged look.
  • Steady Focus helps for longer periods of Invisibility.
  • Increase wardrobe variation.

How to get The End Suit: Reach Level 11 and purchase it for 16 activity tokens and 2 Tech Parts.


4. Classic Suit (Mid Game)

Be Greater. Be Yourself.

The standard and OG Suit of the one-and-only Miles Morales which will define him in the days to come, this standard Classic Suit is another one of my favorites.

This suit is attained Mid-Game after completing the Time to Rally mission where Rio Morale’s speech goes wrong and Roxxon starts to hunt Spider-Man down now. This is where Miles discovers his camouflage ability as well.

What’s great about this suit:

It’s Visually pleasing and the Zap Slap Mod which creates a concussive force when Underground Weapons are shattered is a must-use against future Underground-related missions as you progress in the game.

What Classic Suit excels in:

  • Visually pleasing aesthetics.
  • Zap Slap pummels Underground forces to the ground.
  • Increase wardrobe variation.

How to get Classic Suit: Complete the Time to Rally mission.


3. Purple Reign Suit (End Game)

Never heard of a spider Prowling.

Ah, yes. Purple Reign. Based on The Prowler, a criminal who is Miles’s Uncle (This twist still hurts.)

This green and purple color combo looks great on Miles and gives off a menacing vibe on its own!

Oh, and it's got little claws at the tips of the fingers too.

What’s great about this suit:

Villainous aesthetic and with the Reclaimer Suit Mod that replenishes 1 gadget ammo when performing a melee takedown on an enemy, it’s a great combo to play with.

What Purple Reign Suit excels in:

  • Unique color combo for great camera shots.
  • Reclaimer Suit mod helps in gadget replenishing.
  • Increase wardrobe variation.

How to get Purple Reign Suit: Collect all the Sound Samples and Complete the Back to the Beginning side mission.


2. Programmable Matter Suit (End Game)

Woah. This looks menacing.

On the #2 spot, we have the Programmable Matter suit! You get this suit by beating all of the Underground hideouts and Roxxon Labs which goes for a sinister look!

What’s great about this suit:

It may not have any mods but its killer looks make up for some killer shots as shown above in the photo! As said before, you get this suit when you beat all Underground Hideouts as well as Roxxon Labs and unlock the Matter Up side mission to get the suot.

What Programmable Matter Suit excels in:

  • Futuristic yet sinister look.
  • Special Takedown initiated – much akin to the Iron Spider Suit from the previous game.
  • Increase wardrobe variation.

How to get Programmable Matter Suit: Beat Underground Hideouts and Roxxon Labs and Complete Matter Up mission.


1. Into the Spider-Verse Suit (End Game)

This suit goes to show why he really is #1.

One the #1 spot, we have the Into the Spider-Verse suit, based on the famous hit movie which deserves its spot!

One of the end-game suits where you have to reach Level 13 AND purchase it for 18 Activity Tokens and 4 Tech Parts. Worth the struggle, though.

What’s great about this suit:

It’s got not only a Suit Mod but a Visor Mod too! They may be aesthetic only but man, they’re so cool! The Vibe the Verse Suit Mod allows Miles to move much differently, just as he did in the movie and the Bam! Pow! Wham! Visor Mod makes for comic book-based visualization attacks that make you feel you’re playing a literal comic book!

What Into The Spider-Verse Suit excels in:

  • Mimics the comic-book aesthetic.
  • Vibe the Verse Suit Mod changes the framerate of Miles movement whereas Bam! Pow! Wham! Visor Mod adds for comic book effects in mid-combat.
  • Increase wardrobe variation.

How to get Into the Spider-Verse Suit.: Reach Level 13 and purchase it for 18 activity tokens and 4 Tech Parts.


And that’s about it with the suits list! I know getting those activity tokens and tech parts may take their sweet time but trust me, they’re worth the time and effort. Now, go out there and vibe!
I’ll see you next time.


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