Spider-Man PS4 Bosses, Ranked Weakest to Strongest

Spider-Man PS4 Bosses
Spidey's on the case!

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man has been out for a while now, and it’s been a commercial and critical success.

Whether you’ve already beaten it and you’re still waiting patiently for the New Game+ patch or you’re still deciding whether or not to give the game a chance, it’s never too late to brush up on what Spidey’s foes are capable of.

Spoilers inbound, as we rank every boss from weakest to strongest.

#11 Screwball

She has a few screws loose

Screwball offers Spider-Man a series of challenges, beginning with taking photos of QR codes on the sides of buildings, which of course are only viewable from a very specific angle. After you scan a code, you’re either ambushed by a bunch of thugs or forced to disarm a bomb. Screwball also livestreams the entire ordeal for the internet to see.

What makes her weak, which is also what makes her rank so low on this list, is the fact that she never actually fights you. She also has no superpowers. All Screwball does is tell her fans to attack you, never taking action into her own hands. She’s dangerous but not as powerful as anyone else on the list.

#10 Tombstone

He's got tough skin, literally

Tombstone is a tough gangster with impermeable skin. Spider-Man finds Tombstone’s shipment of the dangerous chemical that gave him his powers. Spider-Man finds out that Tombstone is using the chemical to make his thugs and lackeys as powerful as he is. Spider-Man crafts a counter agent to the chemical and takes Tombstone down.

What makes Tombstone so dangerous is his attitude after he’s beaten. He says he’ll come back and that he enjoys a good challenge. He’s dealt with quickly in the game, but we haven’t seen the last of him.

#9 Vulture

The man can fly

Leading to the boss encounter with Vulture, he tethers Spider-Man and drags him to the boss arena to fight himself and Electro. He shoots projectiles and does a rush attack, which must be dodged with precise timing. Vulture is fought at the same time as Electro, in the same arena, making it a crazy 2-against-one brawl. On his own, he’s not too hard. His projectiles can be thrown back, and it’s easy to build up the Focus Bar to unleash a stronger attack on him.

#8 Shocker

He'll give you a real shock

Shocker shoots shockwaves out of his gauntlets. He is seen twice, both times committing robbery. Shocker shoots shockwaves at the ground, leaving behind explosive craters him as you chase him through the city.

With the second encounter inside the bank, he’s constantly shooting shockwaves at both you and the debris, which causes it to it become a wild rush of dodging and waiting for an opening.

#7 Kingpin

Powerful in both strength and intellect

Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin, is a staple of the Spider-verse. He’s incredibly wealthy,  strong, and powerful. He’s dealt with at the beginning and put behind bars. However, Fisk’s influence on the city can be seen until the end of the game.

With his name on almost half the real estate, he also has bases protected by armored guards that Spider-Man has to deal with throughout the campaign and even into the end-game.

#6 Scorpion

One poke, and you're dead

Your first interaction with Scorpion is when he poisons you, causing reality to warp. You swing from building to building in search for an antidote, avoiding a sea of poison below you. He later gangs up on you when you’re trying to deal with Rhino.

Scorpion might rank higher on the list if you had the chance to fight him one on one without the threat of Rhino destroying you, but he’s not too hard during the actual encounter.

Still, his poisonous tail and psychotic nature make him incredibly dangerous nevertheless.

#5 Electro

I found him  ELECTRifying

Electro is on a mad quest to become pure energy. He pulls power from transformers and generators, and he shoots walls of electric energy at Spider-Man. He flies high above the ground and shoots lightning in any and every direction. Electro is fought at the same time as Vulture.

A powerful force to be reckoned with, the difficulty is lowered once his power source is taken away. He’s a little trickier than Vulture, but nothing too hard to handle.

#4 Taskmaster

He's a copycat, a dangerous one

Taskmaster appears as a mysterious watcher that gives Spider-Man a series of challenges to complete. The completion of the challenges results in hand-to-hand combat with Taskmaster himself. Taskmaster mimics Spider-Man's movements exactly; everything you throw at him will be countered and blocked.

Combat with him is like a Dark Link battle that can only be beaten with Perfect Dodges and throwing items at just the right time. The final battle with Taskmaster becomes an epic fight against your own shadow.

#3 Mr. Negative

This isn't even his final form

Mr. Negative has the power to influence others and put them under his control. He creates his gang of demons that are a constant threat and even has them set off bombs at City Hall. Mr. Negative corrupts criminals, students, civilians, and even tries to corrupt Spider-man himself.

For his boss fight, not only is he good with a sword, but he summons humanoids to fight you while shooting negative energy, throwing debris, and summoning a giant demon.

#2 Doctor Octopus

Once friend, now foe...

Dr. Otto Octavius is Peter’s mentor and friend throughout the game. His brilliant mind is slowly decayed, and he becomes a mad scientist bent on destroying Norman Osborn’s legacy. He’s revealed to be the ring leader for the Sinister Six.

Not only that, but he also unleashes Devil’s Breath, the catalyst of the narrative and the plot, loose on the entire city.  He even sets everyone on The Raft free to roam the streets of the city. He alters the entire game, and the final boss fight with him on the side of a skyscraper is both epic and cinematic.

#1 Rhino

Big boy, coming to ram you

Rhino tops our list. He is the physical embodiment of brute strength. He’s a walking tank, and, once he starts running at you, he becomes unstoppable. When you finally fight him, you can’t get near him. You can’t touch him. You can’t web him up. He runs straight at you with full force, and nothing can stand in his way.

You have to trap Rhino whiling using the environment to weaken him before you can even lay a finger on him. Scorpion shows up to make things even worse, but the two of them are eventually trapped inside a shipping container.

That's it for my top ten. Do you agree with the list? Leave a comment!

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