[Top 5] Spider-Man: Miles Morales Plotholes That Leave Fans Wondering

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Today we’ll be looking at plotholes present within the Spider-Man: Miles Morales storyline that leaves us wondering as to why they exist in the first place.

Now, there are some jaw-dropping moments in the game and some that might get you hooked but you can’t help but notice that there are a few moments in the game that just don’t quite make sense when they’re put together.

You may not believe me but I’ll list some of the few points that one can observe during the gameplay that will leave your mind perplexed just as they did mine.


5. Phin’s Transformation to a Hardened Criminal


The first one would be the transformation of Phin Mason becoming a hardened criminal. What doesn’t make sense to me, or add up, is the fact that in the span of a few months after his brother’s death, she gathered technology advanced enough to match Roxxon’s, a multi-conglomerate spearheaded by Simon Krieger.

Not only that, her motivations don’t seem to add up properly as well. I mean, sure, to avenge her brother’s death due to his mistreatment at Roxxon’s hands is VERY understandable and it does make sense to do this, but to involve civilians in the crossfire and perform criminal activities to counter Roxxon’s measures? This doesn’t add up.

Also, her only special powers are related to technology and nothing else but she quickly became a prodigy in battle in the span of just a few months. This one doesn’t make sense as well.


4. Ganke

Tech-Wiz to the rescue.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ganke is a fun guy who is best friends with Miles AND his only tech support. Probably, the founder of the FNSM App in-game which helps Miles build his reputation throughout his Harlem Neighborhood in the absence of Peter Parker.

What confuses me about him is that how did he and Miles even make that pristine black suit to begin with!? I mean, sure, a montage WAS given on how the suit was designed and all but what about the fact that the items that needed to be procured and utilized for making the suit was not easy to come in hand given that Miles’s suit is a special grade suit?

Not only that, how is Ganke able to intercept Miles’s location that quickly after the 2nd Rhino fight even before Roxxon even though Miles is separated by a concrete wall? This seriously doesn’t add up at all.


3. Oscorp Science Center sequence

Weird place.

Ah, Oscorp Science Center. The fabled place where the final boss fight sequence of the game takes place.

I have my definite gripe with this place. First where the puzzle sequence takes place in a flashback where Phin and Miles’s science project was put up at the Oscorp Science Fair but they can’t see it because they don’t have a ticket? But after a myriad of trials and tribulations and tricks, they make it up and there is no crowd presence at all? I mean, from a gaming viewpoint, it’s just to add a puzzle but why add it in the first place when it doesn’t make sense at all?

Also, before entering into this sequence, why does Miles have to go through ANOTHER puzzle set up by the underground forces when realistically, he can just smash through the window in some other corner as well? It’s good from a video game standpoint but being under a time crunch and doing another puzzle? Really not suitable for him given the situation he is in.


2. Hiding Items at the oddest of all places.

Who puts one in the middle of a running train!?

Okay, this may sound odd at most but hear me out on this one.

Remember how there is a sequence in-game where you have to collect Time Capsules you placed throughout the city with Phin so that Miles can reminisce about the time he spent with her?

I mean, that’s good and all, I kinda liked the sequence but placing the capsules in the oddest of all places like the back of a moving train for example, and a faraway moving boat!?

Miles didn’t even have his powers when he placed the capsules with Phin, so how did it even get there?

Apart from that, the Postcards from the game are placed in ridiculous spots as well! I mean, who puts one on the absolute Roof of a Museum that only Miles with his Spider abilities can reach!? 


1. Miles's Voice during his interactions

Kinda confused about whether it’s a “Huh?” face or not.

Now this is my biggest gripe within the game and it grinds my gears in this one.

Remember how Miles go this first FNSM App request from Aaron Davis and Miles changed his voice, in the beginning, to talk to him and right after that, Aaron recognized him despite his voice change? 
I mean, I get it, he is Miles’s uncle after all and he would know.

But what about Phin? I mean, he used his regular voice just to talk to her, and Phin, his childhood friend couldn’t recognize her, not until Miles took off his mask!?

I mean, why? This doesn’t even add to the dramatic effect at all.


And with that, we conclude our plotholes list in Spider-Man: Miles Morales! These were my two cents about it. That’s about it. See ya.


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