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Before I begin this review, I have to be honest. I am absolutely bonkers for Spider-man. He’s number one on my “fictional people I like” list, handily beating my imaginary friend Thomas. I have been dying to play this game. With that being said, I want to make something clear: I am not going to go easy on this game just because it features the Mickey Mouse of superheroes. As a Spider-man fan and a video game fan, I think it’s important to assess this title with a critical eye. It’s good for gaming when we demand polished and valuable experiences. Luckily, the developers of Spider-man seem to agree with me.

About Spider-man PS4

Spider-man PS4 is an open world action game that puts players behind the mask. From exhilarating web slinging traversal to high-octane acrobatic combat, Insomniac’s foray into the Marvel Universe strives to provide the experience of being Spider-man. The PlayStation community has been foaming at the mouth to see the deliverance of this promise - and now that September 7th has come and gone, that same community is currently feasting on the game’s content.

Spider-man PS4 Story

Seems Fair.

The story follows an experienced, 23-year-old Spider-man as he tries to juggle the many aspects of his life that are going wrong. He’s always late for his job doing lab research, he hasn’t spoken to Mary Jane in six months, he’s on the verge of eviction…oh, and the sinister six are teaming up to take him down. Insomniac delivers a heartfelt narrative bursting with passion for the beloved characters they’re handling. They succeed by maintaining the soul of the Spider-man mythos while taking the liberty of crafting their own version of that world with confidence. It pays off because this development team clearly loves Spider-man. Players can expect a satisfying story that feels like it was ripped right out of a comic book. It’s no God of War, but it’s a fun ride.

Spider-man PS4 Gameplay and Combat

Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever the player doesn't mess up.

The gameplay is the bread and butter of this game, and Insomniac has knocked that aspect out of the park. This game presents fun at every turn. Web swinging and traversal are smooth, glorious experiences. Perched atop a skyscraper, looking out at the city before I begin swinging through it, I find myself filled with the same sense of excitement that comes from sitting at the top of a rollercoaster. I only wish that the swinging were completely manual. Don’t get me wrong, 95% of the movement is completely controlled by the player. But little things, like Spider-man automatically releasing his web line once you get to the top of a swing, can feel frustrating. If I want to do a loop-de-loop, let me do a loop-de-loop dammit. Still, it’s easy to forget that small grievance when I’m getting lost in the flow of web slinging.

Beyond the traversal, combat is top-notch. It’s basically Arkham with Spider-man and that’s not a bad thing at all. Combo possibilities are diverse, interesting, and intensely satisfying. The wide variety of combat skills earned through leveling, suit power-ups, and gadgets provide hundreds of ways to kick ass and look cool doing it. I’ve had countless encounters with thugs, and I still find myself feeling creative each time I enter combat.

Combat is supplemented by a skill tree and gadget upgrade system that provide a worthwhile sense of progression. There’s nothing special to it beyond the satisfaction of finally unlocking that sweet move you’ve been eyeing or that one suit that just looks sooooo sick. Unlocking gadgets and suits is extremely straightforward – the open world is a collectathon, and each collectible provides resources for upgrades. The most basic resource is a “crime token,” which you can earn by responding to crimes as they happen on the map.

All of these mechanics combine to deliver on a wonderful promise. Here is a game that boots up, presents you with a detailed open-world Manhattan, and says to you: go be Spider-man. The only knock against this winning formula is the fact that, well…it feels like there could be so much more. The main story provides fantastic encounters and boss fights, but the side content is a little bit of a letdown. Fighting crime is fun, but there isn’t a whole lot of variety there. Swinging around is so thrilling that I don’t mind stopping the umpteenth shoot-out in a row; I just wish that the destination weren’t so often a step down from the journey.

Spider-man (PS4) Graphics

Dat Suit.

PS4 titles this generation have been killing it in the graphics department, and Spider-man lives up to that. NPCs who aren’t main characters can look a bit creepy, but the starring cast looks great. The real triumph is that the city looks so detailed and beautiful despite the fact that you’re moving through a huge open world at high speeds. I worried that there would be noticeable pop-in, but so far I haven’t…well, noticed it.

Spider-man (PS4): About the Developer

The developers, Insomniac, are clearly the right team for the job of bringing Spider-man into the fold of quality PS4 exclusives. With titles like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive under their belts, they have a knack for designing fantastic traversal mechanics and imbuing their games with humor. Plus, judging by interviews, they clearly love the character of Spider-man. When approached by Sony to make a video game based on a Marvel property, Insomniac chose Spider-man themselves. That just goes to show how dedicated they are to making a polished experience.

Spider-man (PS4) Price

The game is certainly worth the full $60 price, but patient gamers can wait for a sale. There are no online or multiplayer elements to Spider-man PS4, meaning there’s no rush to grab the game beyond sheer fanboy hunger. Fans will be happy to hear that there are also no micro transactions in this game, and the planned DLC will add substantive extra story content and a selection of new suits.



  • Charming story worthy of its cast
  • Absurdly satisfying traversal
  • Almost equally-satisfying combat
  • Impressive graphics, especially for an open world game.


  • Side content feels somewhat underwhelming
  • Minor yet annoying limits on traversal
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