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In Memory of Stan Lee (1922-2018) Excelsior

Dedicated to the memory of Stan Lee 


Hey there, true believers, and welcome to my guide for Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4. Playing as everybody's favorite wall crawler has never been this much fun, and with this trusty guide at your disposal, you will be web slinging like a pro in no time. It will help you through the main storyline and give you all sorts of tips and tricks for the Ultimate Spider-Man experience, pun intended! By the time you are done reading this, you will be able to play the hardest difficulty and still keep up with Spidey's quips!

Now, the game is split up into three acts, each with their own missions that you will have to go through. Each mission per act will thus break up this guide.

Act 1:

Clearing the Way and the Main Event

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Part 1-Prologue 


These two missions are so close together that I am just doing them as one. Here is the video in full. I will be providing links to important parts of each video below.

After a quick introduction and suit up, you are going to be thrown right into the role of Spider-Man. Just follow the on-screen prompts and you will be fine!

Web-Swinging is so easy, J. Jonah Jameson can do it!

Now head to Times Square. The Kingpin’s men are hitting the NYPD hard. Once you are there, you will get your first taste of combat.

Some quick tips for first-time players on how to fight and win. If you are playing on the higher difficulties, pay extra attention, as this could mean winning and losing.

  • Always trust your spider-sense! If you feel that vibrating sensation and see the tingling on screen, you are about to be attacked. So keep a finger on the circle button at all times!

Trust your BSFF (Best Spider-Friend Forever): The Spider-Sense

  • Deal with the enemies with guns first, since they can hit you at long range. Later, you will be able to disarm them. For now, though, use web bullets to incapacitate them
  • Always build up focus as much as you can. Not only will help you do more damage, but since you can use it to heal yourself in combat, It can save your life.
  • Use Web Strike to shorten the distance between you and an enemy.

Delivering Knuckle Sandwiches at the speed of light, or your money back!

  • When facing multiple enemies, remember that Spider-Man’s combat relies on constant movement. When you are not attacking an enemy, jump, dodge, and keep moving to make yourself less a target.
  • Finishers not only look cinematic, they also help give extra XP
  • If you see some schmucks in range of something that can be brought down, do it. It is good to take multiple people out at once.
  • Enemies with shields can be a pain, but they have another weakness besides vulnerable backs: throwables. Hit them with throwables, and they will be knocked out, either drop their shields, or be stunned long enough for a K.O.

Shields hate stuff thrown at them.

Now that you have cleared out the rabble, it is time to take on the big man himself: Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin of Crime.

When dealing with Fisk’s turrets, remember to keep dodging. Hiding behind the other pillars is a good idea, but those guns will rip them apart eventually. Wait for an opening, jam them with your web bullets, and then throw them at Fisk’s safe area.

You're really going to use turrets on the guy who dodges bullets?

Fisk is tough, but he has a predictable attack pattern of charging at you. Keep some distance from him, and then either web him up or throw things at him to stun him. After that, move in and punch the daylights out of him.

I'mma Deck ya in the schnoz!

After Fisk moves the fight to outside his office, he will call in his goons for back up. Do not focus on Fisk! Take down his support or they will overwhelm you while you are dealing with their boss. In addition, Fisk will start rubble at you. Dodge it, or throw it back at him with a well-timed L2-R2.

Aww, he brought little minions. They are so punched!

Repeat the strategy I told you before, complete the QuickTime event, and watch as the Kingpin goes to prison!

Have fun in the slammer, Heisenberg! 

My OTHER Other Job and Keeping the Peace

Excellent foreshadowing, Insomniac

After you are done with the lab, you can leave. You will be able to come back later and work on the mini-games for extra XP and tokens. Those tokens are going to be important later, so make sure you get them.

Oh, and you will be able to listen to New York’s biggest grouch, J. Jonah Jameson, now in Podcast format! Head to meet with Captain Watanabe in Chinatown for the next mission.

Spider-Man and Yuri's voice actors are married in real life. Fun fact.

I never had to deal with this in Far Cry 5. Ubisoft knew what to do.

  • This mission will also introduce you to the crime alert. Your map will show any criminal activities occurring in your part of the city, and you can intervene.

  • Later, you will be able to disarm enemies with melee weapons. For now, get them in the air and pound them.

  • Brutes are a lot like the Kingpin: big, tough and can hurt if you let them. Use the same tactics you used on the Kingpin and teach them a lesson!

How could he forget where he put these?

  • The first of the many backpacks belonging to Spider-Man that you will find throughout the city. Not only do they provide Backpack Tokens for gear creating, they also provide mementos from Spidey’s life. Really helps to flesh out his in game backstory. In addition, you will a costume from Spider-Man: Homecoming if you get them all.

    • Find them by accessing more Oscorp towers to clear the map fog. It will show you everything from crimes to side missions and collectibles.

  • Take down these wannabe gangsters. However, always be prepared for them to get back up. Just use what I taught you and you will be fine.

Get I can get a pizza please?

Now that you have finished unlocking the towers in Chinatown, it is time to fix up your suit.

Something Old, Something New and Fisk Hideout Introduction

The Kingpin really did a number on Spider-Man’s costume. It is time to head to Octavius Industries to do some repairs on it.

They need to add this suit to the comics.

From here on out, you will be able to begin constructing spider suits and mods for Spider-Man to use. Each suit has its own power to use that unlocked by constructing them. After that, you can swap them out while keeping the suit you like.

Feel free to experiment to find what spider suit you like most, but the suit powers and mods come down to three categories: Defense, Offense, and Stealth

  • Defense increases your health and lets Spider-Man take more hits before he goes down. It is good if you want to play it safe and outlast the enemy.

  • Offense increases Spider-Man’s combat strength and how much hurt he can dish out. If you are confident in your ability to dodge your enemies, as if I was, this is for you.

  • Stealth is for players who want to take down enemies with as little fuss and danger. It makes it easier to track your enemies, but harder for them to track you.

After you finish showing off the White Spider suit, head to the Fisk Construction Site to see what his flunkies are doing.

I honestly thought these were wristwatches when I first saw them.

  • Side missions like the hideouts have bonus objectives that provide extra hideout tokens and XP. If you want to win them, you will have to be strategic about fighting.

  • To meet the bonus objectives here, I highly recommend that you have the suit power Battle Focus equipped. It automatically recharges your focus for a short amount of time, letting you get off enough finishers.

    • Getting more hits in a combo and finishers also helps refill your gadgets. Use that to refill your impact webs, and use them to web enemies to the walls.

    • As you level up, your focus bar will increase, allowing you to hit harder, perform more finishers, and heal more.

  • Dodge the bazooka thugs and the snipers. Get in close and beat them down to get rid of them before they become a nuisance.

  • If you mess up the hideouts the first time, you can come back and try again when you are stronger.

  • You can now equip your camera to photograph important landmarks throughout the city to get landmark tokens. Bonus: some of them are references to locations in the comic books, so that is awesome.


Just like old times, huh, Peter?

  • Full disclosure, there are also secret photo locations that are not on the mini-map until you get the upgrade at level 50. But here’s a link that will show you where they all are:

  • Lastly, you will need to acquire tokens by doing side missions and quests throughout the game, like science mini games, backpack finding, photographs, and stopping crime. Start doing as many of these ASAP and build up tokens to craft new suits, gadget upgrades, and suit mods.

For she’s a Jolly Good Fellow

Head to the F.E.A.S.T. Center in Chinatown for Aunt May’s surprise party. This mission does not do much, but you can talk to the people in the center and Easter eggs. Talk to Martin Li after you are done looking around

Happy Work Day, Aunt May!

After you are done with May’s party, you will get a text from Yuri. Head outside through the front door to suit up

As you are passing by, you will run into Gloria, the homeless woman you saved as Spider-Man earlier. You will see her throughout the Center in the game.

Hi. I'm totally not a super-hero!

Do not touch the Art

After taking down a few of the enemies, you will get a cut scene where Spider-Man’s saved  by none other than Mary Jane Watson. His ex-girlfriend.  

I can feel the awkwardness. And cut it with a knife

  • From here, you will be able to take control of MJ as she explains why she is at the auction house. As MJ, you are free to walk around the Auction house and listen to her comment on some of Fisk’s items. When you are done with that, head over to Ms. Rosemann.

  • After you ditch Ms. Rosemann, sneak inside her office. It is easy to avoid her, so do not worry too much.

Once you are inside the office, you will need to get inside that Nio statue’s secret compartment. To do this, look at Ms. Rosemann’s desk, the artifacts, and her photo to figure out how to set the statue in the proper pose.

Get the statue into this pose

  • You will find a table of weapons that can be equipped to the statue. Choose the one on the far right. and you’ll unlock the statue. 

Use this item, the one on the right

Perfect statue pose

After retaking control of Spider-Man, you will need to take out the masked men one by one, quietly. Here is where the stealth power I mentioned comes into play.

  • Use the Sound of Silence power to get rid of the bad people without being detected. Even if they see you, they will not call for back up.

  • After MJ is caught, Spider-Man jumps in to save her. These masked men have the same move set as regular thugs, but their punches are much more powerful. They have access to Chi. Don’t let them hit you, or you will go down quickly!

    • Do not take them on at once. Try to separate them into smaller groups and then pick them off with your gadgets, punches, web throws.

  • Do not get comfortable after round one, because a new wave comes in. This time, one of them is using a scythe.


Are they using chakra or ki? Because it looks like they are!

  • When that scythe hits the ground, it will create shockwaves of chi that can hit you from a distance Avoid them best you can, and use the tactics you use on enemies with melee weapons to take him down.

After you have dealt with the masked bandits, meet up with MJ and enjoy their talk, and the Stan Lee cameo, before he is called away by police sirens

RIP Stan Lee and Steve Dikto, the legends who gave us Spider-Man

A Shocking Comeback

Yuri gives you a phone call to tell you what those police sirens are about: the Shocker is robbing banks. Head southeast to deal with him.

  • This is not really a boss fight, but a chase. Shocker will just run away from you. Keep up with him your web slinging. Use free diving to pick up speed: dive to the street, then web sling at the last moment to give you a burst of speed.

  • Once you have gotten close enough, hit the triangle button to pin him to the ground. However, he will get up again and run away.

  • Now, he will start hitting you with shock blasts Press circle to dodge them, or else you are going to get seriously hurt. Also, watch out for exploding cars. Get close to him, and then take him down!

I had a joke for this, but then I forgot it. Pretty shocking, huh?

The Mask

  • This is a straightforward mission. Go to the F.E.A.S.T. Center and ask Martin Li what he knows about the Demon mask. Afterwards, either talk with some of the residents or leave. (This mission is from 12:32-17:00. Everything else is side missions)

  • After you leave, you have to wait a little bit before you get your next story mission. If you have not already, explore the city, stop crimes, complete side missions to earn XP and earn tokens for upgrades.

A Day to Remember, Harry’s Passion Project, and Financial Shock

Spidey would wreck him in thumb-wrestling

  • Shocker is a tough opponent since you cannot get anywhere near at first. He throws up a sonic shield to protect from melee attacks, and will just keep firing shock blasts.

  • Dodge his strikes, and wait for him move to you. He will strike the ground with a shock blast, which will power down his shield. Web throw debris to stun him, and then deliver the punches.

  • Once you have webbed him up, he gets mad and just starts hitting the ground with shockwaves. Stay in the air, and wait for him to bring down more debris. Then rinse and repeat to web him to the floor.

  • He cannot move his legs, but with his arms free, he can still use shock blasts. Dodge him some more, and when he gets tired out, use your webs to pull down the pillars keeping the giant, metal thing up. Bring it down on him, and finish the fight!

And that's a wrap, people! Good job, today! 

The fight with Shocker is over, but we learn something scary: Shocker was working for the people in the Demon masks. Whoever they are, they are dangerous. Now they will be out in full force in the city. Be on guard, as they will occasionally ambush you from the rooftops. They have rocket launchers, so be weary of them!

Wheels within Wheels

A short time after you finish the fight with Shocker, you get a call from Yuri: these “Demons” have been taking over Fisk’s operations, hitting his depots and caches across Manhattan, including one in the shipyards on the west side of the islands. Head there and investigate. Yuri will be sending backup in the form of one of her best officers: Jefferson Davis.

Where does Fisk get the money for these guys?

Sure enough, you arrive at the docks to find Fisk’s men are already there, guarding it from an impending Demon attack. In addition, they have the place heavily guarded and lined with snipers.

  • Unlike the last stealth mission, being seen will not mean game over. It just makes things a lot harder. If you are confident enough, you can go in guns blazing, but I recommend you thin out the enemy.

They never saw it coming.

  • If you have any stealth mods crafted, equip them and the Sound of Silence Power. First, go after the snipers. They are isolated, so the guards will not notice if you pick them off.
  • Next, try to break up the groups. Use web bullets to create sounds to lure guards away from one another. Like flies caught in a spider’s web.

  • Eventually, the guards will start to check in. That is when they will realize something is up and start actively looking for their friends. Wait for them to split up, and then pounce on them.

  • Once you have thinned them out enough, mop up the rest quickly.

  • After you finish off the guards, Officer Jefferson Davis will arrive, and it is clear he respects Spider-Man.

Finally, a cop in this game who isn't worse than useless. If you play the game, you know what I mean.

After you finish talking with Davis, head to the back of the warehouse. There you will find an air duct to take you inside the warehouse.

The front door is locked, and the power junction to it is on the right. Officer Davis will hand you his stun gun. Use it to create the electric web gadget. Equip that, and then fire it at box to open the door.

Officer Davis will notice the scrape marks on the ground in front of one of the storage containers, but its lock by another junction box. Use R3 to scan for junction boxes to find three on the right side of the warehouse. It is going to be the one on the second floor.

The three junction boxes. Go for the middle one on the second floor

The Door opens to reveal…nada. Time to look for clues. Head up to the second floor on the left side. There will be a container with scrape marks.  After that, head over to the elevator in the upper right corner of the warehouse and use your webs to pull it, and Officer Davis, up.

Going up, sir

Like the last one, this one is locked by a junction box. Head to the roof near the elevator, and use R3 to find the box and activate it. Again, nothing inside, except for another junction box.

They cannot hide from the Spider!

Follow the box’s trail back downstairs to the left side elevator. Pull it up to the top floor to reveal the second box. Turn it on to find a secret passage in the floor.

Help Jefferson get past the debris in the tunnels, and it will take you to the vault where Fisk was storing his weapons. Weapons that just were stolen by the Demons. You head outside and take them on!

Jefferson Davis is actually a good fighter! So why are the other cops so useless?!?

  • You can use your electric webs to stun enemies in combat. If you stun one while they are all bunched up, the shock will pass to them, stunning them all.

  • Unlike the rest of the police officers in this game, Davis is actually good at fighting. He will provide you support by stunning the Demons with his stun gun. Work with to take them all down.

  • After you defeat them all, one of the trucks manages to escape. Head after it, but be warned that they are carrying rocket launchers. Keep hitting the circle button to dodge them, and then get in close enough to jump on top of the truck.

  • Finish the QuickTime events and watch as Jefferson Davis saves Spider-Man in one of the coolest scenes in the entire game.

Pure. Cinematic. Action.

Home Sweet Home and Stakeout 


Well, apparently Peter’s property owner decided to evict Peter before he even got home, and threw away all his stuff! Including the drive, that has all his Spider-Man Research on it!

Dude, throwing him out is one thing, but throwing his stuff away? That's harsh!

That feeling when you find something you were sure you threw away by accident.

  • Once you get the drive, you get a new gadget: the web bomb. A grenade shoots out webbing to ensnare enemies. Test it out on the thugs conveniently about to attack you.

The web bomb. Basically Spidey's webs in a grenade form, and we're cool with that.

  • Use the web bomb sparingly, like when you are outnumbered and your health is low.

You get a mysterious message on your phone. You answer the message, and hear the voice of a very familiar femme fatale feline: Black Cat!

  • When you look for her cat, try to look for a drawing of her on one of the nearby buildings. The cat will be nearby. In addition, Baby Jameson is a secret photo op! I found that out by sheer accident.

    • In this case, look for the cat on the building to the left of your current position.

No spoilers! I haven't finished the DLC yet, and I don't want to know what happens

Couch Surfing and Straw, Meet Camel

After being unceremoniously kicked out of his apartment, Peter has no choice but to crash at the F.E.A.S.T. Center with his Aunt.

After you wake up, head outside of the F.E.A.S.T. and head to the building across the street. You will meet Howard, a kind man who looks after a flock of pigeons that just got scattered around the city. Help him out by finding them. In addition, you will get tokens out of them.

While Davis preps for the award ceremony, he wants you to go and check out another Fisk Construction Site. There is a lot of activity going on there. BTW, this level was seen at E3.

This is one of the highlights from E3

  • The Demons have overrun the construction site. Equip the Sound of Silence power if you want make sure you are not caught.

  • If you are going to go through with a full on assault, I would recommend equipping mods that specialize in increasing your defense and offense. Just make sure to separate the enemy from each other. The Demons may be tough, but they are vulnerable on their own.

Bring it on, Masked Maruaders!

  • Once the big brawl with the Demons starts, swap out your suit power for Web Blossom. This lets you fire massive bursts of webbing that can capture enemies in one go. It is useful in fights with large opponents.

  • Use every trick you have so far. Web up your enemies and throw them at each other, throw objects at them, use finishers, and watch for the ones armed with swords and shields. They can use blasts of that dark energy.

  • It goes for the Demon Brutes. Just use your Brute tactics to stop them

    • Oh, and do not forget: DODGE!

I got nothing to help you with that helicopter. Just keep up with it, do not die, and do not mess up the QuickTime events.

And the Award Goes To...

I honestly got nothing to say here. Just watch and see what happens.

End of Act 1

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