[Top 15] DBZ Best Attacks That Were Amazing

DBZ Best Attacks
Majin Vegeta for the win

Top 15 DBZ Best attacks that were amazing

Was up, everybody! Your friendly neighborhood Shounen man here with another DragonBall Z list for you guys to power up over. Today’s list is a great one. Focusing on the best attacks in DBZ history. Anime is known for its outlandishly brilliant and over-the-top attacks. DBZ is known in anime for having some of the most beautifully destructive attacks in the entire medium. We will see attacks that are great because they are extremely dangerous with crazy destructive potential. We will see attacks that are amazing because they are unique and weird. We will also see some attacks that are just beautiful to look at. So without further ado, let’s go together and see what the TOp 15 DBZ best attacks that were amazing.


15. Dabura's Spit

Coming in at number 15 we have Dabura’s Spit! Here we have our first addition to the unique category. During the Buu Saga, our heroes headed off to confront the evil wizard Babidi. What they were greeted with was his right-hand man, the demon king Dabura. This king of the underworld was being mind-controlled by Babidi and used a very unique ability of his to stop Piccolo and Krillin in their tracks. Dabura’s spit is like a venom that can turn people into stone. All he needs to do is spit on his opponents to take them out of the battle. That makes him a very dangerous opponent.

14. Special Beam Cannon

Coming in at number 14 we have the Special Beam Cannon! This attack sticks right into the destructive category. During the beginning of the Saiyan Saga at the very start of the show, our heroes faced off against Raditz. Raditz, who was newly revealed to be Goku’s brother, kidnaps Gohan who is our hero’s son. Goku and Piccolo then head to face off against the new enemy. They quickly realize that they are no match for Raditz and come up with a plan to stop him. The plan is to use Piccolo’s new technique, the special beam cannon. This new technique allows him to condense his energy down to a point and fire a very powerful beam. Their plan works but Goku dies in the process.


13. Ghost Kami-Kaze Attack

Coming in at number 11 we have the Ghost Kami-Kaze Attack! Here we have an attack falling into the unique category. Straight from the mind of Gotenks, who has some pretty interesting techniques, this attack takes an awesome form. Gotenks creates little ghosts from his mouth one by one. Then he can give them commands to attack people. These little clones of Gotenks will chase down their foes and explode on impact causing a lot of damage. These ghosts have hilarious voices and bring to mind memories of Cell Jrs. As well as having some pretty cartoony and funny tactics.

12. Body Change

Coming in at number 12 we have Body Change! Here’s another one for the unique category. After Goku defeats the Ginyu Force, Jeice escapes while Vegeta kills Burter. Jeice having barely avoided this fate himself rushed to find his leader Ginyu and get his help. When Ginyu faces off against Goku he quickly realizes that he is no match for the Saiyan. This makes Ginyu excited though as he begins to laugh and punches a hole through his own chest. He then fires a full-body beam at Goku which allows him to switch bodies with our hero. Now in the injured body of Ginyu, Goku is powerless to stop the villain from taking off. This attack is such a slick move to completely one-up an opponent that you had no chance of beating.

11. Big Bang Attack

Coming in at number 11 we have the Big Bang Attack! This is a move seated firmly in the destructive category. Vegeta, one of the best masters of destruction on the show, shows off this super powerful move quite a few times in the series. One of my favorites is when he shows up to Goku and Android 19’s fight. Due to a heart condition, Goku was losing the battle against the mechanical monster. Vegeta shows up, immediately showing off his new Super Saiyan form. He then easily batters the Android around before ending the fight with a Big Bang attack that leaves nothing behind but 19’s head.

10. Hell Zone Grenade

Coming in at number 10 we have the Hell zone Grenade! This move falls into the beautiful category. While Goku was still recovering from his heart condition on Roshi island, Android 17,18, and 16 showed up to kill Goku. Piccolo stood in their way as our hero’s lone defender. 17 decided to face our favorite Namekian alone. Having recently fused with his other half Kami, Piccolo gained a tremendous boost in power. Now, much to 17’s surprise, he was matching him blow for blow. During their fight, both warriors pulled out every trick they knew. Piccolo unveiled this new move in which he fired a bunch of brilliant balls of energy around 17. He then made them all crash into him in an attempt to end their battle.

9.Spirit Bomb

Coming in at number 9 we have the Spirit Bomb! This move sits in the beautiful category for me. Here we have one of the signature moves of our main hero and the whole series itself. After Goku died in the battle against Raditz he went to train under King Kai in the afterlife. Here he learned a few of his most famous techniques. One of these was the spirit bomb. A move where he gathers energy from all around, sometimes even ranging out into the universe, to create a beautiful ball of pure energy. Goku has used this move many times in the series to stop many enemies.

8.Human Extinction Attack

Coming in at number 8 we have the Human Extinction ray! This move is definitely in the destructive category. During Super Buu’s assault on Kami’s lookout, he fires off this insane attack. With a focus on destroying everyone on earth, this attack splits into an innumerable amount of beams and does just what its name says. Buu uses this move to kill almost every human on the planet, which was a devastating loss for our heroes. We’ve seen planet-busting attacks before but a move that specifically hunts people down to pierce through them killing them on the spot is particularly cruel. 

7. Heat Dome Attack

Coming in at number 7 we have the Heat Dome Attack! This move falls into the destructive category. We get to see this awesome attack in action when future Trunks goes back to his time and confronts Cell. Cell believes he is sneaking up on Trunks until the half-Saiyan starts berating him, calling him a lame version of a boogeyman. At this point, Trunks was far stronger than this still 1st form Cell. He easily blasts Cell away from the city into a field. He then proceeded to beat Cell effortlessly. Cell tries to fire a Kamehameha but Trunks blows him away with the Heat Dome Attack.

6. Candy Beam

Coming in at number 6 we have the Candy Beam! The candy beam is a move that embodies the very essence of unique. During the fight between Goku and Majin Vegeta, their energy was stolen to fuel Majin Buu’s revival. Once he was brought back to life Buu began a rampage starting with Babidi’s right-hand man Dabura. Dabura, who could see the bubble gum-looking monster was uncontrollable and attacked it hoping to protect his master from his own undoing. Buu unaffected by the demon king’s attack used his candy beam turning Dabura into a cookie and eating him. What a horrible fate for his foes.

5. Father-Son Kamehameha

Coming in at number 5 we have the Father-Son Kamehameha! During the Cell Saga, the monster Cell decided to hold a tournament to give the earth’s warriors one last chance to defend themselves before Cell destroyed it all. All of our heroes showed up but only Goku and Gohan faced off against him. Goku loses his fight then dies saving everyone when Gohan mistakingly lets Cell build-up for self-destruction. After Cell comes back due to regeneration Gohan ends up in a beam struggle with the seemingly unstoppable villain. Goku speaks to Gohan from otherworld cheering him on and with his dad backing him up, he destroys Cell for good.

4. Instant-Kamehameha

Coming in at number 4 we have the Instant-Kamehameha! This is in the destructive category for sure. This attack is one of my favorites for so many reasons. It’s one of the more clever tactics Goku has employed in his battles. In a fight with Cell during the Cell Games, Goku charged up a Kamehameha from the sky aiming down at Cell. He seemingly was going to risk destroying the earth by firing downward at the villain. He even had Cell himself convinced but right before the release of his attack, he teleported under Cell and blasted his entire top half clean off.

3. Spirit Sword

Coming in at number 3 we have the Spirit Sword! This attack sits in the unique category, The spirit sword is a fan favorite move from a fan-favorite character. During the seemingly unstoppable rampage of the monster Majin Buu, many things happened. He defeated all of the Z-warriors, killed almost everyone on the planet, ate entire cities of people, he even absorbed a lot of our heroes. In a desperate attempt to stop him Goku and Vegeta fused together into Vegito and became so strong that Buu no longer stood a chance. During their bout, Vegito whipped out this awesome sword made out of energy and proceeded to further humiliate the monster with it.

2. Final Flash

Coming in at number 2 we have the Final Flash! During the Cella Saga, we saw many crazy things. There were quite a few awesome transformations, battles, and plot lines that we got to see play out. One of these was Vegeta obtaining Super Saiyan 2 and owning Imperfect Cell in a completely one-sided fight. Vegeta falls prey to his trademark pride during this battle and allows Cell to gain his perfect form. To try and correct this mistake Vegeta charges up his most powerful blast challenging Cell to stand here and take it. Having Vegetas own pride cousin through his DNA Cell accepts. At the last second, he realizes his mistake. When the Final Flash hits Cell it almost completely obliterates him showing off this moves pure power.

1. Neo Tri-Beam

Coming in at number 1 we have the Neo-Tri Beam! This one sits in the destructive as well as the unique categories. Tien was a character that hadn’t held any importance since the Saiyan Saga. However, during the Cell Saga, he shows up to stop Imperfect Cell from gaining his perfect form by saving 18. Now Tien’s power level was nowhere near Cells but he had a move up his sleeve that allowed him to even the playing field a little. Using his own life force the Neo-Tri Beam amplifies his power 100x in his attack. He continues using this on the monster over and over again pushing him deeper and deeper underground until our hero passed out. This move allowed Tien to fight someone who was way out of his league and that’s why it’s my all-time favorite attack in DBZ.

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