Top 10 Best Trunks Fight Scenes In DBZ

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Best Trunks Fight Scenes

Wassup everybody! Your friendly neighborhood ShounenMan here with another anime list that will take you into a future timeline where you know everything about your favorite characters from your favorite shows. Today we are going to be looking at the warrior from the future from Dragonball Z, Trunks. This sword-wielding badass is one of the most popular characters in the whole series and after spending just a minute looking into him, it’s easy to see why. So let’s go together and look at the best Trunks fight scenes.


10. Trick Buster Vs Broly

Coming in at number 10 we have the Trick Buster Vs Broly! We are going to start this list with kid Trunks and some of his best attacks. For the first one, we have to go with the Trick Buster. This technique is essentially just a powered-up energy bomb followed by an energy volley. However, what really makes this attack one of Trunks best is when he used it.


 The little Saiyan was faced with Broly and having to protect Goten. Instead of running from the monster, Trunks went Super Saiyan and began kicking him in the face. Then he flipped over Broly and blasted him with the Trick Buster directly in the chest. It was amazing to see the tiny Saiyan jump right into action to save his friend.


9. Double Buster Vs Goten

Coming in at number 9 we have Double Buster Vs Goten! Here we have one of Kid Trunks’ dirtier attacks. The technique itself is really just Trunks charging his energy up before putting his hands together and blasting an energy beam at his opponent. It’s a smaller version of his big tree cannon, which is really Vegeta’s final flash. Once again it’s the situation he uses the move in that makes it crazy.


 During the 25th world martial arts tournament, Trunks faced off against his best friend Goten. They had a gentleman’s agreement to not use energy attacks or go Super Saiyan but after being pressed Trunks throws that deal out the window.  He then charges this attack and fires on Goten.


8. Big Tree Cannon Vs Android 18

Coming in at number 8 we have the Big Tree Cannon Vs Android 18! The Big Tree Cannon is one of kid Trunk’s most powerful techniques. It’s obviously an attack he modeled after his father’s final flash and begins in the same way. Trunks throws both his arms to the side and begins charging a lot of energy. He then releases one of the biggest blasts that his young body could produce. 


Trunks uses this move in the semi-finals of the 25th world martial art tournament against Android 18. It’s a hilarious moment due to him being on top of Goten’s shoulders as they try to pretend to be one person. Eventually, they get found out to be two children in a costume and get disqualified. 


7. Burning Breaker Vs Cell

Coming in at number 7 we have Burning Breaker Vs Cell! With this entry, we leave Kid Trunks behind and introduce his older more powerful self. This is a rush attack that he uses against Semi-Perfect Cell to prevent him from absorbing Android 18 and obtaining his perfect form. Yelling out, “see if you can take this”, Trunks charged Cell. He punched the monster in the stomach and sending him flying.


 He then rushed after him and began punching him multiple times before ultimately slamming him to the ground with a flying double axe handle to the back. Trunks’s was  filled with a Saiyan rage that he doesn’t normally feel. He would have finished Cell off after this series of strikes if not for his father, Vegeta stopping him.


6. Super Buster Cannon Vs Vegeta

Coming in at number 6 we have the Super Buster Cannon Vs Vegeta! Trunks was traumatized from his life in the future. He had seen so many people fall to the sadistic power of the androids. So when his father stopped him from killing Cell so the monster could power up, Trunks lost it. He couldn’t believe that his father would let his drive for a good fight put the world at risk but he knew he had to stop him.


 It’s a great scene as Trunks charges his attack bigger and bigger. Right in the middle of Vegeta saying Trunks is too weak to attack him, the young Saiyan does just that. He blasts a powerful energy beam taking Vegeta into the sky. It was clear that Vegeta didn’t know if he should be proud or furious.


5. Rapid Sword Stream Vs Goku

Coming in at number 5 we have Rapid Sword Stream Vs Goku! After the best reveal for any character in the whole show, Trunks stood with the other Z-fighter. He explained to them that Golu was alive and due to arrive on the planet at any moment. Once everyone’s favorite Saiyan showed up, the young man walked up to him. After talking for a moment Trunks challenged Goku to a show of power to test his strength.


 He pulls out his sword and attacked Goku with everything he had. It was a beautiful set of stikes full of power but our hero is not to be matched and blocked them all with one finger. That’s right he blocked all the sword strikes with his index finger. This moment was awesome due to seeing Goku’s return and how much stronger he was.


4. Change The Future Vs Android 18

Coming in at number 4 we have Change The Future Vs Android 18! Future Trunk’s story is what makes him one of the fan favorites of the show. The future he hails from was all but destroyed by Androids 17 and 18. He knew that they had killed all the other heroes and even watched them kill his mentor, Gohan. Trunks was faced with their terrible will his whole life but once he came back to his timeline he was ready to save it. 


His first order of business was to find the Androids and kill them. When he finds them and starts the fight they laugh at him because they remember killing Gohan in front of him. However, the laughter dies out when Trunks goes Super Saiyan and charges 18. She blasts him with her infinite bullet technique but he slaps it aside and gets in her face. Then before anyone can react he lets loose a huge blast, obliterating her.


3. Burning Attack Vs Frieza and King Cold

Coming in at number 3 we have Burning attack Vs Frieza and King Cold! This move made it so far up on the list due to its iconic imagery. There is no move that is more synonymous with Trunks than the burning Attack. The hand signs that are almost reminiscient of Naruto he uses right before the blast really get people hyped up. We first see him use this attack after killing Frieza’s henchmen and disappearing. 


He reappears above the villains, yelling out to them before beginning his had signs. After a few seconds, he puts his thumb and index fingers in the shape of a diamond and blasts an explosive energy bomb that the two emperors barely dodge. This was our introduction to one of the best characters and a fan favorite from the show.


2. Heat Dome Attack Vs Cell

Coming in at number 2 we have Heat Dome Attack Vs Cell! This is quite possibly my favorite move by Trunks and I use it every time I play his character in any game. After he kills the Androids in his timeline he has one more job to do before everything is safe. He began looking for Cell, knowing that he had to kill him or nothing would ever be truly over. After tricking the monster to follow him where no one would get hurt he called out for Cell to quit hiding and show himself. 


Cell, believing he was much stronger than Trunks obliged him but didn’t live too long to regret it. Trunks fought with him for a moment before grabbing his tail and launching him into the sky. He then charged up a huge orange aura around himself before unleashing it in a pillar of energy that completely wiped Cell off the map.


1. Shining Sword Attack Vs Frieza

Coming in at number 1 we have Shining Sword Attack Vs Frieza! After the Frieza Saga was over Goku was nowhere to be found. Everyone believed him to be dead so when they felt Frieza’s energy coming to earth they were terrified. The Z-fighters all gathered to where his ship would land in some hope to defend the earth from his terror. Once he landed and got out of the ship they realized that he brought his father this time. The situation seemed hopeless until Trunks showed up and started killing his lackeys.


 This was one of the best intros for any character ever. Frieza was the most powerful warrior we had ever seen and Trunks appeared in front of him and chopped him to pieces with his sword. Just to make sure the job was done he blasted all of the bits of Frieza’s body with an energy blast completely destroying him. This entrance cemented future Trunks as one of the most favorite character for most fans.

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