Top 10 Best Combo Attacks in DBZ

Best Combo Attacks in DBZ
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Best Combo Attacks In Dbz

Wassup everybody! Your friendly neighborhood Shounenman here with another Dragonball Z list for you to break past your limits with. Today we are going to focus on one of my favorite parts of any battle, the team attacks. DragonBall Z has had some amazing fights where teams had to come together to face an opponent much stronger than themselves. This has led to some of the best scenes in the entire series. From fathers helping sons defeat foes to enemies taking on a dangerous opponent together, these techniques are a spectacle to see. So without further ado, let’s go together and check out the best combo attacks in DBZ!


10. Purple Comet Attack Vs Goku

Coming in a number 10 we have the Purple Comet Attack Vs Goku! During the Namek saga, we got introduced to a lot of new characters with a whole different power than we had seen before. When the Ginyu Force landed and attacked our heroes they were completely outclassed by the villains. Just as it seemed like they were going to kill Gohan and friends, Goku showed up. Once he started showing off the new strength that he gained in space, the whole battle changed. 


All of a sudden the Ginyu Force was on the back foot against an enemy far stronger than themselves. Jeice and Burter decided they had to use their most powerful technique to stop him. They both began charging, Jeice’s red energy poured out of him while Burter’s was blue. Then they flew into each other and created this purple swirling energy ball in the sky. Energy attacks started flying at Goku out of it but unfortunately, Goku didn’t bat an eye and just screamed destroying all of them.


9. Assisted Special Beam Cannon Vs Raditz

Coming in at number 9 we have the Assisted Special Beam Cannon Vs Raditz! Now I know I may be skewing the definition of combo attacks a little bit here. However, Piccolo would have never hit Raditz with his special beam cannon without Goku’s help. Raditz was the first real villain of DragonBall Z. After showing up on earth, one of the Saiyan’s first actions was to humiliate Piccolo before he went and stole Goku’s son. These reasons on top of the sheer power that Raditz had, gave the rivals a reason to join forces.


 During their fight with the new villain, it became clear that they were going to lose. When Gohan burst out of the ship and damaged Raditz their chance opened up. In a last-ditch desperate attempt to stop him Goku grabbed the evil Saiyan in a full nelson. Holding Raditz from behind Goku told Piccolo to fire a special beam cannon and the Namek gladly obliged. With no way to get free Raditz was defeated but this was also Goku’s first death in Dbz.


8. Miracle Blow Vs Broly

Coming in at number 8 we have Miracle Blow Vs Broly! This attack comes straight from the movie-verse of DragonBall Z. In his first-ever appearance Broly made a hell of a debut. The legendary Super Saiyan showed off his rage by tearing through the Z-Fighters with ease. Goku was the key to Broly’s anger, for reasons that are never clearly explained, Broly hated Goku since they were kids. Normally you can see a back and forth between the villains and heroes of DragonBall Z but this battle was a completely one-sided beatdown.


 It seemed like everyone was going to fall before the legendary Super Saiyan until our heroes gave all of their power up to Goku. When this happened our favorite Saiyan power soared to a level that has no clearly defined limits. He no longer had any fear of the monster Saiyan and walked towards him with determination. Whatever Goku’s new level of strength was, it was plenty to finish the fight. With one punch he buried his fist inside of Broly’s stomach defeating the mad Saiyan.


7. Family-Kamehameha Vs Broly

Coming in at number 7 we have the Family-Kamehameha Vs Broly! For this entry, we are taking it took the second coming of Broly. In this movie, Goten and Trunks found themselves facing down a furious Broly. Unfortunately for Goten who looks exactly like Goku, Broly wanted to kill him and everyone around him. The children survived for a while but they were quickly being overwhelmed and would have died if not for Adult Gohan showing up. He fought Broly to a standstill until the Legendary Super Saiyan went into his full power mode and let loose his fury once more. 


The children of Goku put up a valiant effort against Broly but they ended up on the wrong side of a beam struggle against his most powerful attack. Gohan and Goten were both firing Kamehamehas at his attack but it wasn’t enough. Luckily this is when Goku showed up and added his Kamehameha to the attack making it the Family Kamehameha. This was too much for Broly and he was once again blasted away.


6. Fusion Spirit Bomb Vs Vegeta

Coming in at number 6 we have the Fusion Spirit Bomb Vs Vegeta! This is one of the best Krillin moments in the entire series and it happens at the end of the very first saga. During the Saiyan saga, we got introduced to Vegeta who seemed impossibly strong. While Goku always seemed to have a trick up his sleeve to help him keep up with the elite Saiyan warrior he never had the upper hand. Vegeta always came back from everything our hero threw at him. Near the end of the battle, Goku lay on the ground bloody and broken after Vegeta’s assault. With the evil Saiyan busy fighting Gohan, Goku called out to Krillin. 


When he walked over to his fallen friend, our favorite earth-raised Saiyan handed him the spirit bomb energy. It was Goku’s last chance to stop Vegeta and he had to entrust it to Krillin. He aimed it carefully at Vegeta and threw it hoping to hit him in the back but the elite warrior dodged it. It went straight towards Gohan and his father told him to bounce it back at Vegeta, so he did. This hit took Vegeta far into the sky screaming the whole way.


5. Accel Dance Vs Future Gohan

Coming in at number 5 we have the Accel Dance Vs Future Gohan! A fan-favorite storyline from DragonBall Z is the Future Trunks arc. It took us through a timeline where Androids 17 and 18 were never defeated. In this reality, Goku died of a heart attack so he wasn’t around to help against the metallic monsters. The Z-fighters fell one by one until nobody was left except Gohan and Trunks. Future Gohan is most people’s favorite version of the character. He was a gritty, one-armed warrior who fought with everything he had to try and stop the androids.


 During his final fight against them, he showed his real strength. They believed he was going to be a pushover but Gohan gave them everything and proved to be too much for them one on one. Unfortunately, he couldn’t fight them both and when they unleashed the Accel Dance on him he was finished. They bounced his body between them with kicks and punches before firing down on him with countless energy bullets.


4. Father-Son Kamehameha Vs Cell

Coming in at number 4 we have the Father-Son Kamehameha Vs Cell! The Cell Saga was a crazy ride for everyone watching. We got introduced to the android with a perfection complex that would do anything to gain his final form. He consumed whole cities of people while avoiding the Z-fighters. Then he absorbed both of the androids, thanks in part to Vegeta, and obtained his perfect Cell form. The monstrous android created an arena and held what he called the Cell games. He wanted to try his power out against Goku before destroying the planet and this was his way to do it.


 However, Goku did the unthinkable a surrendered during their fight and Gohan ended up fighting Cell himself. After a long seesaw-like battle, Gohan was in a beam struggle against Cell, they both were firing Kamehamehas at each other. Gohan only had one working arm and this was causing him to lose until Goku showed up behind him. With his father’s support and a sneaky blast from Vegeta, Gohan was able to destroy Cell with his attack. This move has been dubbed the Father-Son Kamehameha and is a fan favorite.


3. Father-Son Galick Gun Vs Zamasu

Coming in at number 3 we have the Father-Son Galick Gun! Vs Zamasu I loved this combo attack so much when I saw it for the first time. It’s an awesome call-back to the Cell saga when Goku and Gohan did a similar attack. That's, not the only reason it’s awesome though. The other thing that makes this great is how it shows the evolution of Vegeta’s character. We saw his transformation into a true hero during the Buu saga of DBZ and in Super, he has only gotten better. 


Now Vegeta stands with his son as they both fire off the move that the prince of Saiyans himself created. The old Vegeta would have never stepped in to help Trunks but he now has so much depth. When Trunks fired off his Galick gun at Zamasu it was an amazing moment where he stood up to a god but when Vegeta stood beside him and attacked as well, it became epic.


2. Final Kamehameha Vs The Trio Of Danger

Coming in at number 2 we have the Final Kamehameha Vs The Trio Of Danger!  Alright, before we even start this one off let’s address what everyone thought when they saw this entry. Yes, I absolutely picked this Final Kamehameha over Gogeta’s. The fused warrior’s version of the attack is obviously more powerful. However, I think this one has a cool factor to it that the other just doesn’t match. When Goku and Vegeta faced down The Danger Trio nobody was worried that they would lose to them but the canines did put up a great fight.


 In the end, the team tried their most powerful attack, which gets an honorable mention on this list, the Triangle Danger Beam. It’s a move where they all charge up together and fire energy beams at their opponents. To counter it Vegeta charged up a Final Flash and Goku charged a Kamehameha. Then we got to see them mix the attacks together instead of it coming out mixed already. The display was brilliant and it made for a memorable moment.


1. The Miracle Of Universe 7 Vs Jiren

Coming in at number 1 we have The Miracle Of Universe 7 Vs Jiren! This is not only my favorite combo attack in all of the entire series, it’s also my favorite scene from Super. Jiren was the most powerful foe we had ever seen in the show. He shrugged off attacks like they were nothing and just kept coming. It seemed like no matter what Universe 7 did, they just couldn’t keep him down. Even Ultra Instinct Goku wasn’t able to stop Jiren the Grey. In the last moments of the Tournament Of Power Goku, Frieza, and 17 all faced Jiren in a stand-off, to be honest, the only reason they win in the end is that there are three of them. 


We get a little banter between Goku and Frieza before they all set off against the warrior. We even hear a great line from 17 during their banter when he says, “you guys done yet, or you wanna hug too?”. What comes next is my favorite fight scene from Super. This combination attack from Frieza and Goku is an extremely hard push to defeat Jiren. My favorite part is when an exhausted Goku is charging down towards Frieza and their opponent, and his hair keeps going in and out of Super Saiyan. This fight shows why Super is an awesome anime in its own right and deserves all the praise.

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