[Top 10] DBZ Best Fusions

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[Top 10] DBZ Best Fusions

Was up, everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Shounen man here with another Dbz list to satisfy all your Saiyan desires. Today we are focusing on one of the top favorite things of many fans about the show. This action-packed anime is filled with some of the most intense battles in anime. On top of all the wild ways it amps up the energy Dbz has fusions where warriors can combine and become a more powerful warrior. We’ve seen the most powerful and impressive to the most ridiculous from this show. Let’s go together and discover the best fusions that Dbz has to offer.


10. Gotenks

Coming in at number 10 we have Gotenks! I know I know, Gotenks might seem like he is being low-balled here as a lot of fans really love him. For however he just never hit the same as the other fusions. That’s not to say that this rowdy youngster wasn’t a sheer joy to watch every time he was on screen. With unique moves as well as constant banter he is always putting on a show. His Galactic donuts and Ghost Kamikaze are his two most notable attacks.


9. Fused Zamasu

Coming in at number 9 we have Fused Zamasu! This guy was a very interesting villain indeed. A former North Kai of universe 10 who became the apprentice of the Supreme Kai in that same universe and has a distrust of mortals. His distress grew exponentially after he was defeated by Goku in a sparring match, turning him into a Zealot. Fully falling into his evil he eventually fuses with his future self with potara earrings. This new fused Zamasu was seemingly unstoppable until an extra powered-up Trunks jammed an energy sword into him cutting him in two.


8. Super 17

Coming in at number 8 we have Super 17! This character is from the least favorite of the shows in most fans’ eyes, DragonBall GT. I believe, however, this show, while not being as good as the other offerings from this series as a whole, has many awesome things to offer. Super 17 is one of these aforementioned things. Being a fusion of the good 17 and a new evil 17 that was created by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu in hell he is incredibly strong. With the ability to absorb any energy attack to increase his power as well as an intense offense he was on the verge of killing Goku until 18 helped him. Together they realized he couldn’t absorb and defend himself at the same time allowing Goku to punch straight through his body.


7. Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed)

Coming in at number 7 we have Super Buu(Gotenks absorbed)! Buu was a true monster. At this point in the series, he had killed almost everyone on the planet including the Z-fighters families with only a few remaining. Gotenks was in a battle for not only his life but the planet’s life itself. In the end, he was no match for Super Buu but was saved by Gohan coming in with his newfound power. He was on track to kill the monster until he absorbed Gotenks and began to easily overpower Gohan. He gained Gotenks unique attacks, even having his own Ghost Kamikaze attack.


6. Perfect Cell

Coming in at number 6 we have Perfect Cell! Cell was the most powerful creation made by Dr. Gero. His purpose was to find Gero’s other creations 17 and 18 then absorb them. Until he did this he would never be perfect, this is what drove Cell. After some crazy fights as well as some help from Vegeta he was able to absorb both androids and complete his mission. In his perfect form, he was able to fight Goku to a point where the hero stopped and admitted defeat. It really seemed like was going to destroy everything until Gohan unlocked his rage that the whole show had been waiting for since the Saiyan Saga. After an intense battle Cell and Gohan ended up in a beam struggle that due to Vegeta as well as Goku’s interference Gohan came out on top.


5. Kefla

Coming in at number 6 we have Kefla! Kefla is a member of the team universe 6 team. She is a fusion of two Saiyans from universe 6. When the Saiyans Caulifla and Kale are seemingly about to lose to Goku they fuse using the potara earrings becoming the much more powerful Kefla. Upon her appearance, she goes straight for Goku, utterly outpowering him and forcing him to use SSB. She still fights him to a standstill by going Super Saiyan. Powering up a giant blast she tries to finish Goku but his Ultra instinct kicks in allowing him to pull off one of the most amazing Kamehameha's ever.


4. Tiencha

Coming in at number 4 we have Tiencha! This is a way different entry from the rest of them but it sits fondly in my heart. Dbz Budokai 2 was a unique version of the Dbz formula we had seen before. With a new board game style system, it allowed for interesting matches. A favorite fusion that this game had to offer was Tiencha, which was a fusion of Yamcha and Tien. With awesome combination moves like Dodohameha, wolf fang machine gun fist, and Wolf fang volleyball fist he was a hilarious yet cool character to use.


3. Piccolo/Kami

Coming in at number 3 we have Piccolo/Kami! This moment in the series was a long time coming for fans of not only Piccolo himself but for fans of the original DragonBall series. During the Cell saga, our Namekian hero decided that he needed a big power boost. To gain this jump in power he needed to become whole again and fuse with his other half Kami. It was a touching as well as a powerful scene when Kami disappears inside Piccolo. His newfound strength is amazing. Whereas before he couldn’t take on even the weaker androids, now he was fighting on par with Android 17. His Hell zone Grenade was an amazing sight during his battle with 17.


2. Gogeta

Coming in at number 2 we have Gogeta! I had such a hard time choosing between my top 2 but ultimately for me, Gogeta fell to number 2. Gogeta is a fusion of Goku and Vegeta using the fusion dance. First appearing in the movie Fusion Reborn Gogeta shows us what he’s got against the monster Janemba. This manifestation of evil was easily defeating Goku and Vegeta until they fused into the new super warrior. His finishing move Stardust Breaker was just as beautiful as it was devastating for Janemba. His more recent battle with Broly was one of the best fights in the entire series and I can’t recommend it enough.


1. Vegito

Coming in at number 1 we have Vegito! Here is my number 1, not only my favorite fusion but one of my favorite characters in the entire series. When it seemed like Super Buu was unstoppable and the world would be destroyed. Goku and Vegeta put on the Potara Earrings to create, in my opinion, the most powerful fusion there is. He immediately began thrashing Buu with no trouble. When he gets turned into candy then beats Buu up as the candy is one of my favorite scenes in the show. Then we have the much more recent battle with Fused Zamasu. This battle is another that I can’t recommend enough and won’t spoil here.

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