Top 10 DBZ Most Evil Villains and Their Best Scenes

 DBZ Most Evil Villains
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[Top 10] DBZ Most Evil Villains And Their Best Scenes

(Villains assemble!)

Was up, everybody! Your friendly neighborhood Shounen Man here with another list to discuss one of the best digital mediums out there. Anime is great, with so many art styles and different stories it is simply hard to match. One of the best of these is Dragonball Z and it gives a lot to the anime community. One of its best offerings is the show’s incredible villains. From the ever tyrannical space emperor Frieza to the uncontrollable gum monster Buu, Dbz’s villains are incredibly eccentric and aggressive in the best of ways. Which one of these villains is the evilest and most horrendous, let's find out?

10. Cooler

Coming in at number 10 we have Cooler! Cooler was a great enemy to bring into the mix to face off against Goku. Right after Goku defeated Frieza, using every bit of power he had to do it, he came back to earth and was enjoying a peaceful living. Until his brother came to fix what he saw as a mark against their family honor. Believing that the Saiyans killing one of them was pitiful and had to be fixed by killing Goku. He was more powerful than his brother as well as more evil. He even had an extra transformation up his sleeve. Cooler was going to kill everyone on the entire planet just to make sure no one knew his brother was killed by a Saiyan. I’d say that qualifies as really evil.

9. Garlic Jr

Coming in at number 9 we have Garlic Jr! Garlic Jr was an amazing villain for the early days of Dbz. He had a vendetta against Kami, the protector of earth, for sealing his dad away in the dead zone. Garlic Jr accomplished something no other villain was able to do. He wished to be immortal using the dragonballs making him a very serious danger for our Z-warriors. No matter how hard they fought him he was unstoppable, even having a big muscle form. In this form, he has a great scene where he beats on Goku and Piccolo at the same time.

8. Janemba

Coming in at number 8 we have Janemba! Janemba is a very interesting monster. It can’t be argued that Janemba is a very evil villain as he is entirely made up of the evil from humanity. Janemba has two forms, his first is a big yellow one that acts like a child but is actually quite powerful. After Goku went Super Saiyan 3 he was able to batter Janemba around. This is when he went to his Super Janemba form. This form is much smaller but way more powerful and terrifying. He seems unstoppable until Vegeta and Goku fuse to become Gogeta. He is then easily beaten by the newly fused warrior.

7. Demon King Piccolo

Coming in at number 7 we have Demon King Piccolo! This is one of my favorite villains in Dragon Ball history. When he first appears he, as well as his men are already more powerful than anything our heroes have faced before. When they finally begin facing him down he proves far too strong. First one of his henchmen dealt a devastating blow to the Z-warriors by killing Krillin. Then King Piccolo caused master Roshi’s death in battle. During this same battle, he also takes Chiaotzu's life before doing the unthinkable and killing Shenron himself.

6. Saiyan Arc Vegeta

Coming in at number 6 we have Saiyan Arc Vegeta! After Goku died in the explosive first battle of the whole series, our heroes were told that two more Saiyans were on their way to earth. These new threats were on a single-minded mission to take the dragon balls for themselves. The most powerful of these two was Vegeta who incidentally became one of the most important heroes of the entire series. During the Saiyan arc, we see him kill his own partner in cold blood before beating and mercilessly torturing Goku. He also shows no qualms about beating and killing children as well as destroying the entire planet.

5. Cell

Coming in at number 5 we have Cell! Cell was the first enemy of his type in the series. He was an android created by Dr.Gero using all of the Z-warriors cells making him a clone of all of the heroes. The main purpose of his existence was to attain perfection by absorbing 17 and 18. To gain enough strength to do this he started absorbing whole towns of people like some horror movie monster. Eventually, he obtained his perfect form before killing both Goku and Trunks. Cell wanted to prove he was the strongest and then destroy the entire planet.

4. Androids 17 and 18

Coming in at number 4 we have Androids 17 and 18! These two villains were created by Dr. Gero. This backfired as they killed him so he couldn’t shut them down anymore. They did some damage in the normal timeline, even breaking Vegeta’s arm but it's in Future Trunk’s timeline where they did the most damage. In this timeline, the androids killed all the Z- warriors except Goku who died of a heart condition. They used the entire planet as a playground, killing people everywhere they found them. Only  Gohan and Trunks were left of the Z-warriors. The androids eventually killed Gohan causing Trunks to gain Super Saiyan.

3. Goku Black/Zamasu

Coming in at number 3 we have Goku Black/Zamasu! Goku Black and Zamasu are one and the same, just from two different timelines. In one Zamasu steals Goku’s body before killing him and most of the other sentient life on the planet. Zamasu had a vendetta against all of humankind believing them to be abhorrent creatures that deserved only death. After losing to Goku his views became distorted turning him into a villain intent on the idea of destroying humanity to save the universe.

2. Kid Buu

Coming in at number 2 we have Kid Buu! Kid Buu was the climactic villain to the entire Dbz series. His power was off the charts. When he first appears he immediately charges up an energy ball that Goku and Vegeta have no chance of stopping and destroys the earth. He then learns instant transmission by seeing Goku do it and begins teleporting around attacking anyone or anything that he can find. He eventually gets lured to the Kai planet where he has one of the most intense battles in the series with our heroes.


1. Lord Frieza

Coming in at number 1 we have Lord Frieza! If you have read my articles before then you probably know that I am a huge fan of Frieza. It is always amazing to see how his schemes come into play as he causes havoc for our heroes. What my truly favorite trait that Frieza has is the innate ability to be extremely evil on the fly. I mean he makes decisions in the heat of a moment that are magnificent in their scale of evil. Destroying planets at the mere thought of losing, killing Broly’s father just to get him to get stronger due to his rage. Frieza has so many moments of pure twisted evil that he had to top this list.

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