The 30 Best Light Yagami Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful/Best Looking)

30 Light Yagami Cosplays That Are Out Of This World
Since 2006, Light Yagami has taken over the world by storm. His cosplay may seem simple, but it's actually tricky. Not everyone can pull off the intimidating “Light Yagami look” easily. But here are the Best Light Yagami Cosplays which are almost perfect.

30. Maru Cosplay

Cosplay by Maru-cosplay

Light Yagami’s father cannot believe that his son sees erotic magazines of women. Little does he know; his son kills people as a hobby. What would be more shocking to him? 

29. Soyotome

Cosplay by Soyotome

Who knew that finding an ordinary-looking notebook on the school grounds would change Light Yagami’s life? The moment Light begins to use Death Note, the darkest side of his personality reveals. A dark side which no one knew existed.

28. Samazzas2

Cosplay by Samazzas2

Ever wonder how hot Light Yagami would be if he were a girl? All members of the Kira task force would have definitely fallen in love with her. 

27. Galactic Reptile

Cosplay by Galactic-Reptile

If Light Yagami had a favorite song lyric, it would be “I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name.”

26. Sorano Suzu

Cosplay by SoranoSuzu

Light wasn’t born evil. He was born intelligent, with a strong sense of justice like his father. Light had a bright future in the police force, but his fate changes the day he uses the Death Note. Light’s intentions are not wrong, but his methods are.

25. Jackbert Sparrow

Cosplay by Jackbert Sparrow

Isn’t it hard to be a college student while working with a task force? Well, not for light Yagami, who’s a prodigy and a genius. 

24. Kisaragi Kun

Cosplay by Kisaragikun

Its hard for anyone to go up against Light Yagami not only because of his wits and the Death Note, but because of his innocent face and sweet-talking. Oh, and he can specially make girls get over heels for him, just like Misa.

23. BanditYinG

Cosplay by BanditYinG

If Light Yagami is nice to you, Run, like literally run away. He wants to gain your trust, use you and then discard you. He will kill you so swiftly you’ll keep wondering what happened in the hereafter. 

22. PrincessofNil

Cosplay by PrincessofNil

Light is a decisive genius with an unwavering determination for cleansing the world. He’s too perfect, but he’s a human, and humans have weaknesses. Light’s weakness is his pride which eventually leads to his destruction.

21. Alex Celcus

Cosplay by Alex Celcus

To some people, Kira is the god of justice, but to some, he is an unjust human who took the lives of the innocent. Your fate is now in the hands of Light Yagami, and he decides whether you live or not. 

20. NyarthCosplay

Cosplay by Nyarthcosplay

Light Yagami is unlike the students his age. He’s mentally so mature that he’s helped the police in solving cases. Light also dresses formally, such as wearing suits, and he talks to adults with respect and decency, which teenagers usually don’t do.

This feature of him makes him particularly liked by his friends, families, and teachers.

19. Yuko

Cosplay by DrawigYukoChan

It may seem that Light Yagami has friends, family, and even a girlfriend, but in reality, he’s alone. Money and love don’t interest Light. Light feels like he’s too smart and self-sufficient and so he doesn’t need anyone else.

18. Rhyme

Cosplay by RhymeLawliet

Without the Death Note, Light is a compassionate and understanding man with a true sense of justice. He cares about the people around him and puts in efforts to help them in their difficulties. But after having the Death Note, Light becomes a human with a messed up and evil sense of justice. 

17. Ayla1191

Cosplay by Ayla1991

Light’s high IQ, supreme foresight, and calmness are his ultimate weapons against anyone who tries to take him down. Even in the most challenging situations, Light remains calm, which makes him too hard to read.

16. Megane-Saiko

Cosplay by Megane-Saiko

Before obtaining the Death Note, Light’s eyes are brighter and more open, which shows his innocence. However, after he starts using the Death Note, Light’s eyes become more narrow and dull, which shows that his soul is tainted and he’s become evil.

15. Matchaasan

Cosplay by Matchaasan

Light’s life became too boring because everything around him felt too easy. But finding a Death Note fascinated him and gave a purpose to his life—a challenge that made things around him more interesting.

14. Kanemisakii

Cosplay by Kanemisakii

Light Yagami is top of his class, good at sports, has excellent social skills, and is popular among ladies. He’s the representation of a perfect human. His future was secure until the day he decided to take on the role of god even though he is only a human.

13. ZIN Inc

Cosplay by ZIN Inc

Light Yagami has a god complex. He’s a killer; he’s self-centered and selfish. But we all still love him. His smartness, his cool & calm behavior, and his unpredictable strategies make us want to see more and more of him.

12. LightYagamiCosplays

Cosplay by LightYagamiCosplays

Light dedicates his life to bringing justice in this world while knowing he could not go to heaven or hell in the hereafter. Light’s dedication to changing the world is literally insane.

11. The Sinister Love

Cosplay by TheSinisterLove

Light Yagami indeed does not feel awkward doing literally “everything” in front of a scary-looking Shinigami. His bathroom breaks would never be boring for him with Ryuk around. 

10. Nanjo Koji


Cosplay by NanjoKoji

Light Yagami’s so intimidating that he can make something as simple as eating potato chips look intense and sexy. He may be evil, but he’s undoubtedly the hottest character in the anime. 

9. Kira Winter

Cosplay by Kirawinter

Light Yagami killed 124,925 people. All of them without ever having a single drop of their blood on his hands. He is one clean killer, isn’t he?

8. Lunomar

Cosplay by Lunomar

Light Yagami is not only powerful because of having a Death Note. But his main reason for being powerful is having a genius mind with which almost no one can compete. Except for L, of course.

7. Jin

Cosplay by Jin

Light Yagami is a self-proclaimed God of the world. Don’t be fooled by his innocent appearance. There is a god in disguise. Wait, more like a devil in disguise.

Light may look like he’s in love with Misa, but oh no, that’s just him using her for his benefits.

6. Ariderion

Cosplay by Ariderion

Light Yagami does have not only brains but also good luck. By having Misa by his side, Light has the Shinigami eyes, which makes him almost invincible.

5. Fausto The Endless

Cosplay by Fausto-The-Endless

Light Yagami is a simple student of bringing justice to this world. But it isn’t too long until he becomes obsessed with his power and is willing to pay any cost to keep it.

4. AmethystPrince

Cosplay by AmethystPrince

The world’s full of bad people, and Light Yagami is ready to serve justice to them. Light will change this world into a better, just place. However, he will eradicate anyone who dares to come in his way.

3. Shunsuke

Cosplay by Shunsuke

Light Yagami is an ordinary college student who only focuses on his grades. He is so polite. Talking to him makes you want to befriend him, or that is what he will make you believe.

Little do you know, that black notebook he carries has the potential to take your life within seconds.

2. Masataka Kubota

Cosplay by Masataka Kubota

No one looks hotter than Masataka, aka Light Yagami, as a genius ruling the world at the tips of his fingers. Good looks, intelligent, and a sweet talker, can there be any better combination in a man than this?

1. Tatsuya Fujiwara

Cosplay by Tatsuya Fujiwara

All Death Note fans admit how perfectly Tatsuya Fujiwara carried out the role of Light Yagami. He portrayed a clear difference between Light Yagami, an average high school student, and Kira, the evil behind an innocent face.

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