[Top 15] Kamisama Kiss Best Moments Worth Watching Again

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15. Nanami meets Tomoe

This is when Nanami realizes that Mikage’s kindness was not necessarily out of the goodness of his heart, and she’s gotten into a very sticky situation. We also meet the key figures that Nanami will be living within the shrine - Tomoe, Mikage’s familiar; Onikiri; and Kotetsu, a pair of yokai spirits that live in and help take care of the shrine and Nanami.


14. Nanami makes Tomoe her familiar

This whole mess introducing Nanami and Tomoe’s relationship comes in just the first episode! Nanami’s gotten into trouble, and Tomoe is being a smarmy brat, not wanting to help her unless she grovels to him. But Nanami is a bit of a stubborn brat herself, and she won’t do it. (Frankly, I don’t blame her) So she gets him to help in her way by sealing the contract and making him her familiar. Now, they’re stuck together.


13. Tomoe is mad at Nanami

Nanami wakes up fresh from a well-deserved night’s sleep to find that Tomoe has completely redecorated the shrine just for her. How sweet, right? Except, he’s not happy about it at all. Why? I would be pretty mad, too, if someone forced me to be their familiar and I had to do whatever they said. It’s funny watching him get so angry, though! Who’s a grumpy little fox? You are! You’re a grumpy little fox, Tomoe!


12. Tomoe turns Kurama into an ostrich

After Tomoe discovers that that asshole, Kurama, is a crow tengu, he confronts him to find out what he wants with sweet Nanami. That plan turns out to be him wanting to take a big ol’ bite out of her heart to become a land god. So how does Tomoe protect his beloved master? Well, obviously, he’s going to turn Kurama into an ostrich and roast him for dinner. Nothing is more expected than seeing a giant ostrich get chased by a ball of magic fox fire at school, right? But also, I don’t blame Tomoe for wanting ostrich for dinner. It’s delicious.


11. Tomoe saves Nanami from Mizuki

In almost every Shoujo I’ve seen, there’s at least one scene where the main character is nearly attacked before the love interest saves her. Though in certain ways, it gives me the ick; I can’t help swooning a bit when I see our lovebirds reunite, especially at this moment! The pure rage on Tomoe’s face and how he holds Nanami so protectively is enough to melt my cold little heart!


10. Nanami loses her godhood

I get anxious just watching her! I mean, this is a titular moment for the show! Without her godhood, what is Nanami’s role? What is she to do? Lord, can’t this poor girl get a break?


9. Little Tomoe is a menace

Even though he’s tiny, baby Tomoe is still an utter terror. It’s giving Shippo from Inuyasha, but with Tomoe's adult attitude. Although I think it would have been cuter to see full toddler Tomoe, it does warm my heart to watch him be a tiny menace to society and, more specifically, creepy Kurama.


8. Nanami and Tomoe go to the aquarium

After realizing she has a big ol’ crush on Tomoe (and who can blame her?) Nanami tries to take him on a date to the aquarium. Sadly for her, Tomoe is…well…less enthusiastic about it. Tomoe just doesn’t get it. Bless Nanami’s little heart.


7. The Mandatory Beach Episode

Of course, every Shoujo has a mandatory beach episode. I included the entire episode because they tend to be very memorable. (Ex. Ouran highschool host club’s infamous beach episode) Not to mention, we see Nanami as the one saving Tomoe instead of the other way around. I’m always down for badass girls being the saviors. Though I love a good Shoujo, they can be notorious for this trope. (*cough* Inuyasha *cough*)


6. Mizuki and his lil flute

My favorite thing is silly moments like this in animes. Look at this little dork and his silly little flute. He’s just doing his best and is happy to be there. You go, Mizuki. You wheeze on that flute.


5. Nanami performs the Kagura dance

After watching Nanami seriously struggle and do her damnedest to get this dance down, performing it so beautifully is incredibly satisfying! I’ve seen videos of Kagura dances, and I love their references to their movements. I also will always love the sound of those bells. It’s one of my favorite sounds.


4. Nanami gets a Shikigami

Nanami is determined to prove herself as a land god. We love seeing her so determined to prove herself and work hard. So, when Otohiko, our lovely flamboyant wind god (sadly, stereotypical gay men are a common trope in Shoujos), gives her a shikigami egg, we see Nanami doing the “egg baby” assignment in many a US teen show. But after a little accident, we meet the precious baby monkey, Mamoru. Look at that cutie patootie monkey!


3. Drunk Nanami

Despite Nanami being underage, it’s still pretty funny to see her getting drunk after eating a bunch of sake-infused buns. Plus, we get a babysitter Tomoe. Nanami’s such a silly goose.


2. Tomoe realizes he’s in love with Nanami

I feel like one of the things in Shoujo that’s almost as precious as that final reunion moment, where we get to see the couple get together, is when one or the other realizes they’re in love with each other. In this case, we’ve been waiting since the beginning for Tomoe to recognize the feelings he had for Nanami finally! The satisfaction this scene makes me feel.


1. Nanami and Tomoe reunite

I looove this moment! The whole reason we watch a shoujo is to get that satisfying moment when the couple finally gets together. Now, there are bad ones (*COUGH* OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB *COUGH) but this, thankfully for us fans, is not one of them. That kiss, that tender look they give each other, is an absolute chef’s kiss. It makes it all worth it in the end.

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