Tokyo Revengers Best Boyfriend Ranking (Ranked)

We have the best of material!

10. Takuya Yamamoto 


So for boyfriend material we are only gonna focus on the Toman Boys. Let’s be honest, me being a guy I might not know what boyfriend material is, but let me tell you exactly what it isn’t, someone who doesn’t put effort behind his proclaimed love, someone who isn’t loyal, someone who does the bare minimum and expects the opposite. 

So going off those means our boy Takuya here is A1 boyfriend material. From his willingness to defend those in danger, despite his frail body and inability to fight well. For any woman, man, or however you identify as, Takuya is a gentle soul with a strong heart. 

What's Great About Takuya Yamamoto

  • Strong Heart
  • Gentle Soul 
  • His fierce love for those closest to him. 


9. Haruki Hayashida

Haruki, also known as Pah-chin to those in the Tokyo Manji Gang, isn’t as easy on the eyes as say, Draken or Chifuyuu, however, his confidence and pride in himself and those around him are par none. When Pah-chin’s friend’s girlfriend was brutally assaulted by members of Moebius, he immediately wanted revenge. 

He only dialed back until Mikey’s eventual vengeance due to the fear of dragging other Toman members into the mess. He is a fierce defender who has the brawn and the passion to back his words, perfect boyfriend material for someone who’s big on rough looks and great personalities. 

What's Great About Haruki Hayashida 

  • Fierce loyalty
  • Great sense of care
  • Unwavering


8. Nahoya “Smiley” Kawata

Smiley is a different breed entirely, but that is part of the reason I think he fits so well on this list. Nahoya is loyal to his family above most else, outside of Mikey. Nahoya’s brother is probably the closest thing we’ll get to seeing him emote behind that glassy smile, however, if he has respect for you as a person, you might just be able to become family, which according to ,Nahoya, he never wants to see cry. 

What's Great About Nahoya Kawata 

  • Fierce loyalty
  • Undying respect
  • Great hair
  • Has a twin brother for your friend


7. Baji Keisuke


Baji is not only made up of one of the best materials for a boyfriend, but he is also one of the best characters in the series hands-down. SPOILER ALERT Baji was at first thought to e a traitor of Toman before t is revealed that he went undercover, going as far as to take the role of the villain all so that his comrades can remain protected. 

Baji is as selfless as they come in the Tokyo Revengers world, he has incredible acting skills as well due to him being completely inconspicuous the first time we meet him as a character. Baji is also truly perceptive being one of the only characters inside Toman to see who the real enemies were, besides Takemichi

What's Great About Baji Keisuke 

  • Fierce loyalty
  • Incredible acting skills
  • Super perceptive
  • Great hair
  • Will beat anyone up who even blinks at you wrong. 


6. Manjiro Sano


The reason Mikey’s s high on this list is because what better boyfriend to have than the leader of Toman himself? Flashy bikes, gang members at your disposal, and a charismatic, attractive boyfriend who loves to joke around and play pranks on you. Can’t get any better than that, but underneath all that surface-level stuff Mikey is a man of depth. 

Throughout the story Mikey is forced to grow up, still retaining that charisma while holding a deep sense of longing and melancholy, thickly covered over. Mikey is always teetering on the edge of his darkest thoughts, but he will protect you like none other and if he feels he can let his guard down around you, well then he’s just a big softie. 

What's Great About Manjiro Sano

  • Big prankster
  • Owns one of the biggest gangs in Tokyo
  • Cool bike
  • Great hair
  • Fiercely loyal 
  • Big softie if you get to know him. 


5. Takashi Mitsuya


Takashi is boyfriend material simply off of the fact that he acts as “mother” of the Toman boys. He cares for his two sisters while his parents are away at work, usually all the time. 

He is also a very calm and collected person who has the patience to unravel the feelings of a partner and understand why they’re acting such a way or put meticulous amounts of thought into a present he may be getting for you, Takashi’s just smooth like that. 

What's Great About Takashi Mitsuya 

  • Calm and collected
  • Caring and empathetic
  • Meticulously observant
  • Very smart


4. Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu is what’s known as the “best boy” of the series by fans, due to him being one of if not the most universally loved character on Tokyo Revengers. Chifuyu is an absolute bro who will stop at nothing to help his friends, even getting shot in the process just to make sure his friend is protected. 

Acting as Takemichi’s advisor throughout the story, Chifiuyu has shown his boundless loyalty and cunning plenty of times over, and his fearlessness in his willingness to stand up to what’s wrong, even if it comes from the top brass, is admirable. In his first year in middle school, Chifuyu made his stance clear he was against bullies, even though he had the power to make the school his if he truly wanted. 


What's Great About Chifuyu Matsuno 

  • Fearlessness
  • Loyalty
  • Against bullies
  • Super cunning
  • Again, great hair


3. Naoto Tachibana


If Naoto cares about you as much as he does his sister in this show then he is absolutely boyfriend material. Naoto was able to remember a single detail a middle-school gangster told him 10 years prior to save his sister. 

He also ends up tracking down said middle-school gangster and kicking off this entire plotline we now know to love about Tokyo Revengers. It is Naoto’s tenacity that gets him the win in many situations, as well as his righteous and no-nonsense attitude. 

If Naoto cares about you deeply it seems like there’s nothing in this world that will stop him from saving you, and I think that’s amazing. 

What's Great About Naoto Tachibana

  • Fearlessness
  • Righteous attitude
  • Air of no-nonsense
  • Immense care and passion for family and those closest


2. Ken “Draken” Ryuji


If it comes to boyfriend material in the original Tokyo Manji Gang, it doesn’t get any better than Mr. Draken himself, Ken Ryuji. He is the vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang, very tall and incredibly strong. He also has a sick head tattoo and a fierce amount of loyalty to his comrades. He is also probably one of the strongest members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

Draken is also able to keep his cool in situations and think empathetically about situations, such as when the father young girl who was assaulted by Moebius began screaming at him and Manjiro. Instead of wanting to lash out like his friend, Draken instead forced Mikey into a bow, knowing that the father was simply upset and needed a place to put his feelings. 

Draken is a great guy and a hunk. 

What's Great About Ken Ryuji 

  • Empathetic
  • Observant
  • Super strong
  • Vice President of Toman
  • Super Tall
  • Easy on the eyes


1. Takemichi Hanagaki



Okay, I’m sorry, there is no one on this list topping Takemichi in the boyfriend department. Takemichi heard his MIDDLE-SCHOOL girlfriend had died in a tragic murder after getting tangled up in his old gang, got pushed in front of a train, woke up in the past, and his first major thought was “I need to save her”. 

He is the man anyone would want in their life, someone who doesn’t give up even if it costs him his life, as seen countless times throughout Tokyo Revengers as he risks his life episode after episode for her safety and well being. Takemichi is also a super bro.

What's Great About Takemichi Hanagaki 

  • The true best boy
  • Will do anything for you
  • Will go back in time to save you
  • Awesome pompadour hairstyle.


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