The 50 Best Attack on Titan Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful/Best Looking)

50 Attack on Titan cosplays which bring the characters to real life
Attack on Titan has been ongoing since 2013, and fans worldwide have cosplayed their characters. However, perfecting the Attack on Titan cosplay isn’t easy. In this article, we bring you the top 50 Attack on Titan cosplays which are flawless.

50. Bambicosplay

Cosplay by BambiCosplay

Petra is one of the kindest characters in Attack on Titan.  She admires Levi the most and looks up to her. Despite being kind-hearted, Petra is quick to make decisions in moments of danger and has excellent combat skills as Levi handpicks her for his Special Operations Squad. However, she meets an unfortunate fate too soon.

49. Broken-with-roses

Cosplay by Broken-with-roses

Winning against the Female Titan is very difficult, even if it's Eren in his Titan form. The Female Titan is too smart and has a fighting style which gives her an advantage over her opponent.

48. Asuka10

Cosplay by Asuka10

Beware of Levi Ackerman; if you ever annoy him, he will insult you and make sure you lose your cool attitude. But oh, Levi is not all talk. If you’re stupid enough to attack him, he’ll slice you to pieces faster than you can think.

47. Kogaijikun

Cosplay by Kogaijikun

He’s passionate, energetic, courageous, and holds the power of the founding titan. Eren Yeager will use all his strength to go to any extent to protect humanity. 

46. Mikochi

Cosplay by Mikochi

Mikasa’s love for Eren makes her stronger and stronger. Eren makes stupid mistakes sometimes, but he always has Mikasa on his back to protect him. 

45. Mike’s Toasty Cosplay

Cosplay by Mike’s Toasty Cosplays

Eren portrays his honesty and determination for the survival of humanity by training hard to master the hardening abilities of his titan to retake the Wall Maria. His comrades couldn’t have been prouder of him when he carried that huge boulder towards Wall Maria. 

44. K-I-M-I

Cosplay by K-I-M-I and KamiSachiko

Although Levi treats Eren with disrespect at the start of his meeting with him, he later begins to admire his passion and becomes a mentor. Levi plays a significant role in Eren’s character development and often gives him valuable advice and nurtures him into becoming a better soldier.

43. Benkeisuki

Cosplay by Benkeisuki

Even though Ymir and Historia have secrets, they both love and trust each other the most. To Ymir, Historia is the person she cares about the most, and she will go to any extent to protect her. Thus, the two best friends have a relationship worth admiring.

42. Wigansuithe

Cosplay by Wigansuinthe and anime._.otaku_stuff

Levi enjoyed spending time with one of his first friends, Isabel. But he could not have imagined losing her so soon in a gruesome death which he couldn’t have ever imagined would happen. So now, she only exists in his memories.

41. Kuricurry

Cosplay by Kuricurry

A cheerful and gentle child becomes a fierce and quiet girl. Mikasa is born with talent but an unfortunate fate that keeps taking away the people she loves.

40. ZoreZ

Cosplay by ZoreZ

Being a soldier and a clean freak, Levi can't stop himself from cleaning his blood-stained blades while still on the battlefield. It's almost as his mind says to him, "I'm in so much pain, but this dirt needs to get off."

39. HaneAme

Cosplay by HaneAme

Can anyone else pull off the Survey Corps uniform better than Mikasa? Obviously not. 

38. ElliotCosplay and Ohmicaiah

Cosplay by ElliotCosplay and Ohmicaiah

Jean and Eren have a rivalry and share different points of view. Jean may have resentment towards Eren, but a part of him respects Eren for his courage. Furthermore, having a rivalry with Eren gives Jean the motivation to perform better during his training.

37. Fantalusy

Cosplay by Fantalusy

Our hearts start pounding with excitement when we see the beautiful Mikasa in action. Her silky black hair, red scarf, and intimidating look on her eyes altogether add a special touch to Mikasa.

36. HelgAl

Cosplay by HelgAl

Ever wonder how Eren and the others can bite off their hand so easily without hesitating one bit? 

35. Arshinceva

Cosplay by Arshinceva

Jean Kirstein is pragmatic, which makes it easy to rely on him for decision-making. He is a character who’s good at fighting and also has the wits. He is too blunt about his opinions, so he may not get along with everyone, but he’s a comrade you can trust.

34. Sasurealian

Cosplay by Sasurealian

The female titan’s powers are certainly enhanced when Annie uses it with her excellent combat skills.

33. Misaki-Sai and HelgAl

 Mikasa by Misaki-Sai and Eren by HelgAl

Mikasa is a physically and emotionally strong soldier who is not afraid of the battlefield. But with Eren, she’s an emotional girl who wants to be loved by him and cares about no one and nothing else aside from him.

32. Malindachan

Cosplay by Malindachan

Eren was a passionate, impulsive, and strong-willed soldier who was determined to protect humanity and escape the walls to see the outside world. But he soon has to let go of his impulsive and childish personality due to certain unfortunate circumstances.

31. Jin

Cosplay by Jin

Even the beast titan is afraid of a mere human when it comes to Levi Ackerman. He’s fast, strong, intelligent, and often seems to look like someone cold-hearted. But Levi cares about his comrades and misses them as much as anyone else.

30. Tovarish-N

Cosplay by Tovarish-N

No matter how difficult the situation is, Mikasa Ackerman never loses her cool and is a very intimidating opponent to her enemies. Facing Mikasa on a battlefield can be a person’s worst nightmare. 

29. Snowblind-Cosplay

Cosplay by Snowblind-Cosplay

By having the power of the founding titan, Eren can protect himself and his people from the worst enemies. However, the power of the titan puts many responsibilities on his shoulder. So are his titan powers a blessing to him or a curse?

28. Astellecia

Cosplay by Astellecia

Hanje Zoe may seem like an unusual character, a freethinking researcher, but she’s a smart and capable member of the Survey Corps. She hated the titans but later forgot her resentment towards them and started focusing on titans' research instead.

27. Itchy-Hands

Cosplay by Itchy-Hands

Levi Ackerman moves around the forest, killing titans one by one, but there is one thing he cannot tolerate. Dirt. If you want to become his biggest enemy, make him or his home dirty, and he’ll make you regret it your whole life.

26. Inushio

Cosplay by Inushio

Annie is dangerous because she’s physically very strong, she’s smart, and it’s unable to read her mind. Therefore, you will be unable to predict her next move, and if you are not careful enough, she will take away your life before you have the chance to move.

25. Witchiko

Cosplay by Witchiko

Mikasa has light pink lips, silky black hair, and six abs, making her look like the epitome of perfection. She makes sure to work out frequently, so she doesn’t get out of shape and perform at her best on the battlefield.

24. Ori Cosplay

Cosplay by Ori Cosplay 

His eyes are full of determination, his mind never wavers, he plans the most brilliant strategies, and most importantly, he never gives up even after countless failures. Erwin Smith sets the best example of a leader.

23. Agi and Zhenya

Cosplay by Agi and Zhenya

Even with all the hurt, she’s been through, her love for Eren is what gives Mikasa the strength to keep fighting. She continues to wrap a red scarf around her neck because it gives her Eren’s warmth and remembrance.

22. Lavlien

Cosplay by Lavlien

Nothing hurts more than seeing our beloved Levi Ackerman severely wounded in the arms of his close friend, Hanje. He’s the strongest man in the Survey Corps, and losing him means losing an important asset of humanity.

21. Seiran Kisaragi

Cosplay by Seiran Kisaragi

Ymir, at first, seems like an uncooperative and selfish woman. But she has a kinder side which she reveals to very few people, especially her best friend, Historia. She has secrets about her life and hurt, which makes her show herself as an indifferent person.

20. Liu21318

Cosplay by Liu21318

Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover are a dangerous duo to fight against as they alone have extremely troublesome powers. But when they fight together, they become a force that is too difficult to destroy.

19. LauraNikoPhantomhive

Cosplay by LauraNikoPhantomhive

Don’t underestimate the female titan; landing a blow on her is more challenging than you think with her ability to harden her skin selectively. Oh, and if you manage to get too close to her, she will call a fleet of pure titans who will eat you away.

18. Green-Makakas

Cosplay by Green-Makakas

Hanje is way different from the other members of the survey corps. Everyone else is afraid of titans, but Hanje tries to research the titans and understand them. Doesn’t she look too cute blushing while trying to play with Sawney?

17. TheldeaFix and Haji-san

Cosplays by TheldeaFix and Haji-san 

What can be more epic than two powerful titans fighting against each other with utter hate and determination to kill the other one? It's always too difficult to guess if the armored titan will win or Eren.

16. Itchy-Hands, Presencez, Astellecia

Cosplay of Levi Ackerman by Itchy-Hands, Erwin Smith by Presencez, Hanji Zoe by  Astellecia, and William Tjhin by Mike Zakarius. 

Survey Corps has to go on a dangerous mission together, again and again, not knowing if they will come back this time or which comrade they will lose this time. They don’t have the time to cry about the past because they’re worried about what awaits them in the future.

15. Inushio

Cosplay by Inushio

Sasha is such a simple woman, just feed her meat, and that is all she wants to become happy and enjoy life.

14. Mokrushina

Cosplay by Mokrushina

Poor Armin is so scared of titans but ends up in the Survey Corps, where he has to fight his fears and the titans. He may be physically weak, but his intelligence sets him apart from everyone else in the Survey Corps.

13. Yamatou—Taichou

Cosplay by Yamato--Taichou

Even though Jean is so witty and attractive, he’s unfortunate that he had love at first sight with Mikasa, a girl who’s already in love with someone else. 

12. Kozekito

Cosplay by Kozekito

Jean Kirstein is an intelligent and strong soldier who graduates as the 6th best soldier in the 104th Training Corps. He aimed for a peaceful life inside the walls by joining the Military Police Brigade. However, he couldn’t stop himself from joining the Survey Corps and fighting alongside his friends.

11. DakunCosplay

Cosplay by DakunCosplay

Armin, Mikasa, and Eren are the happiest when they are with each other. Armin always gets into trouble, and Eren steps in out of bravery to help him. But in the end, it's Mikasa who takes both out of trouble. A peaceful life with each other is all they want.


Cosplay by HAPPYHAHA

Sasha Braus, also known as the potato girl, is unarguably one of the best characters in the anime. Her love of food is so relatable. She looks like a lazy girl who’s all about food, but in reality, she’s one of the strongest soldiers in the survey corps.

9. lkainl

Cosplay by lkainl

Historia is the smallest soldier in the 104th Training corps. Surprisingly, Historia graduated as the 10th best soldier in her batch. She’s petite, adorable, and friendly. Looking at her in the anime lightens up our mood, and we just want to look more at her cute face.

8. Lleye

Cosplay by Lleye

We can all admit that no titan looks as hot as the female titan. She’s such a scary titan to be up against, but she looks gorgeous even when she’s fierce. 

7. Kmitenkova

Cosplay by Kmitenkova

Erwin Smith is truly an inspiring character. He’s a leader we all look up to and has a passion and determination, which is worth the admiration of the survey corps and us.

6. Twinfools

Cosplay by twinfools

Eren is a brave soldier who is not afraid of anything and will go as far as he could to protect his people. However, soon his innocent and childish personality is changed to a much more mature and strong soldier. 

5. Faramon

Cosplay by Faramon

Hanji and Levi have one of the funniest and sweetest friendships in the anime. She’s so hilarious and totally loves annoying Levi. Its always so entertaining to watch them together. 

4. Kanda Crosszeria

Cosplay by Kanda-Crosszeria

Mikasa is the most accurate example of “strong and beautiful.” The way she walks, talks, fights, no matter what she does, she looks so gorgeous that we can’t keep our eyes off of her. 

3. Dantelian

Cosplay by Dantelian

Levi Ackerman is the strongest soldier in the army. But that is not it. Levi is so hot and classy that he can easily make you get head over heels for him without even trying.

2. Behindinfinity

Cosplay by behindinfinity

One of the perfect trios of friends, Armin is the brains, Mikasa is the fighter, and Eren is the bravest one of all. If these three work together, they’re the strongest team.

1. Yukigodbless

Cosplay by Yukigodbless

She attacks, she protects, but most importantly, she loves and cares about her friends. Mikasa is a fierce soldier, but deep down inside, she’s a loving and caring woman who wants to live peacefully with the people she loves. 

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