[Top 10] Demon Slayer Best Characters We Love

[Top 10] Demon Slayer Best Characters We Love
This anime just has a lot of memorable and unique characters we can do a Top 50.

So many characters to choose from, we had to do a sword fight to maintain the best.

Demon Slayer became one of the most known anime in the modern world next to “Attack On Titan” and “Dragon Ball” series. With a stellar animation from studio Ufotable, thrilling action, memorable quotes, a great soundtrack, and most of all, a loveable and incredible characters, it’s no wonder we had to do a top-tier list with the best characters we love from the anime.

10. Tanjiro Kamado

Our first entry had to be Tanjiro Kamado. He is the most popular choice on the show for so many reasons. He is a kind character and a very good friend, he is a great brother with the ultimate quest to save his sister and he is an incredibly trained swordmaster. His motive, personality, and belief, it’s a rare combination to be likable at the same time. Something tells us that when his journey comes to an end, it will be one of the most heartwarming moments we have experienced in anime.

What makes Tanjiro great:

  • Compassionate when demon open their heart
  • Brave
  • Loyal
  • Works hard for Nezuko’s sake

9. Kyoujuro Rengoku


Kyojuro has a friendly attitude, enthusiasm, and courage that are infectious. He is the Flame Hashira inside the Demon Slayer Corps. His code of honor goes back to his mother who taught him to always protect the weak. He is well remembered because he participated in the best fight in the series with incredible animation.

What makes Kyoujuro great:

  • Great personality
  • Appealing design
  • Strong fighter

8. Shinobu Kochou


For some, she is the waifu of the series. For others, an amazing and strong female character with a fun and easy-going personality. She is an incredible fighter who takes great pleasure in being cruel to them, right before killing them. With a uniquely stylish appearance and fighting style, makes Shinobu is one of the most loveable female characters in anime and cosplayers. Her technique is the Insect breathing with poison swords.

What makes Shinobu great:

  • Bizarre personality
  • Her style of clothing
  • Powerful

7. Nezuko Kamado


As you may know, Nezuko Kamado is Tanjiro Kamado's sister who managed to survive Kuzan's attack becoming a demon. She has two sides all fans cherish, One is the cute little sister character that everyone loves and the other is the destructive demon character that everyone is a fan of. Despite her demonic hunger, she nobly refuses to harm people or even drink blood.

What makes Nezuko great:

  • Protective
  • Fighter
  • Loyal to her brother, Tanjiro

6. Giyuu Tomoika


In case you don’t remember, we meet Giyuu in the first episode when we follow Tanjiro and Nezuko. He immediately tries to get rid of Nezuko, but as soon as he realizes that she isn't dangerous, he lets her live. He is the master of the water breathing technique. Giyuu is a reserved person who always has a serious look on his face and prefers keeping to himself.

What makes Giyuu great:

  • Strict
  • Protector
  • Hit water technique includes great animation every time

5. Inosuke Hashibira


Raised in the forest by wild boars, it’s no wonder This man is known for an unreal amount of violence and aggression when he is on the battlefield. If you take his boar mask off, you’ll see a really attractive face. What is best about this character is not that he is loud, aggressive, and prideful but that he is always brimming with overconfidence, as a result of the faith he’ll win any fight he participates in.

What makes Inosuke great:

  • Wild Fighting Style
  • Great humor
  • Eccentric personality

4. Akaza


The protagonist of one of the best fights so far in the anime. Akaza has a hate/love relationship with fans and this is because his personality is quite captivating. He is the rank 3 Demon from the 12 Kizuki and his strength is beyond incredible. We meet him ​​In the movie “Mugen Train”, and Akaza arrives knowing well enough the stakes awaiting him by fighting the Demon Slayer Corp, but incredibly they are not threat at all. 

What makes Tanjiro great:

  • Powerful demon
  • Cool personality
  • Participates in a memorable fight

3. Daki

This gorgeous woman also happened to be the cruelest being you will ever encounter. She was the main villain of the first season and one of the Upper Ranked Moons. With a very sad backstory, Daki stole our hearts with her heartwarming story of how and why she became a demon. Even moments before she died, Tanjiro showed compassion making her a loveable and probably missable character despite her horrible actions.

What makes Daki great:

  • Gorgeous character design
  • Heartwarming backstory
  • Good villain

2. Uzui Tengen


A very popular male character that is probably the best good-looking of the series. With a little red flag on his side, having three wives, he has a unique and awesome ability to fight. His breathing technique revolves around the concept of sound, making his ears to be super sharp and identifying sounds from miles away. He fights with two swords making him fast and deathly moving better than a ninja.

What makes Uzui great:

  • Confident
  • Good looking
  • Two sword fighter

1. Enmu


One of the demons with a lot of screen time, Enmu seems to be the main antagonist of the movie before Akaza revealed himself for the epic battle. This powerful demon looks pacific but can be deathly. A character with a very sadistic personality, and enjoys the pain and suffering of humans, with his favorite and signature method of torment, tormenting dreams. He will give his victim a happy and pleasant dream before turning it into a nightmare.

What makes Tanjiro great:

  • Villanous design
  • Signature technique
  • Diverse and androgen design 

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