[Top 10] Rurouni Kenshin Best Moments

Rurouni Kenshin Best Moments
With this new sword he can forge a new path.

With so many memorable scenes in the anime, which ones are good enough to make it as the best scenes in Rurouni Kenshin?

The story of Himura Kenshin’s journey to atonement was a tale a number of anime fans were hooked on back then. A lot of us grew up watching Kenshin struggle with wanting to put his slasher days behind him yet, people of his era still call out to him as a hero to the revolution. A good mix of drama, comedy and romance, Rurouni Kenshin (or Samurai X) has been well loved by fans, and with all the hype of the live action movies, we welcome a new generation of fans to this anime classic.

 The anime had a lot of memorable moments, but there are quite a few that strike harder than others. Here’s what I think are a few of the anime’s best moments.

10. Hiko Seijuro Entrance

Hiko's Entrance Scene

While all hope seems lost for Kenshin’s friends, Hiko Seijuro comes in and saves Yahiko from a killing blow. He blocked a strike from Fuji and even pushed the sword aside as if it was nothing despite the strike being able to slash the Aoi-ya inn in half.

If you want to learn how to make your entrance memorable, then we should all learn from the great Hiko Seijuro. He didn’t have much screen time in the anime, but on the rare occasions that he does show up, he manages to make a great impact. While the entire battle isn’t too long as compared to other battles in the anime, it’s a great show of how strong the master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style is.

9. Kenshin’s Group Circus Act

Kenshin's Group Circus Act Scene

While Yahiko and Marimo run off to get gunpowder for the canon act, Kenshin, Kaoru and Sanosuke are left to entertain the crowd to buy them time. The three of them are forced to do unusual circus acts till the two kids come back for the final act. It seems only Kaoru is truly enjoying being a knife thrower.

Time for a break from all the fighting and take a look at the lighter side of the anime. It was entertaining to see the characters try out circus acts, especially the knife throwing bit. If you watch the full episode you’ll even get to see Kenshin perform the Hiten Mitsurugi Style with an umbrella—all for the sake for staying in character.

8. Saito has a Wife

Saito Mentions His Wife Scene

After the murder of Eiji’s family in Shingetsu village, Misao and Kenshin are troubled with what to do with the boy since they cannot bring him along. Saito suggests leaving Eiji with his wife Tokio, who he claims is a good woman and will be able to take care of the boy.

It was unexpected. To think Saito Hajime could get married with how he was portrayed in the anime especially with his morbid sense of humor. What made this moment stand out even more was Misao and Kenshin’s remarks about Tokio probably  being some sort of Buddha if she’s able to put up with the likes of Saito. I wish she was given some screen time or at least a panel in the manga.

7. Kenshin’s Entrance

Kenshin saves Kaoru Scene

Before Gohei could kill Kaoru, Kenshin makes his entrance and saves her. During the battle, they slowly piece together the identity of Kenshin as the Hitokiri Battousai.

Like student, like teacher, Seijirou isn’t the only one who made a dramatic entrance in the anime. Much like how his own teacher came at the right time to save Yahiko (Kaoru’s apprentice), Kenshin drops in just before Gohei could kill Kaoru. How Kenshin describes the way of the sword and how he much prefers Kaoru’s ideologies sort of tells us how the anime’s theme would be.

6. Kenshin learns the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki

Kenshin Learns the Final Attack Scene

As a final test, Seijuro and Kenshin face off with both their lives on the line. Kenshin must defeat his master in order to survive. After he contemplates his reason for wanting to defeat Shishio and worries about who he wants to protect, he finally understands what he was missing in life and learns the ultimate technique.

Less on the battle and more on the premise of the technique, here we see Kenshin finally want to come out alive of this training so he can protect the people he cares about. This is probably one of the few times we actually see Kenshin fear for his own life. The requirement of learning this technique is to discover both the significance and insignificance of your own life. The passing of this technique to a student also means his master was also prepared to die, good thing Kenshin delivered the blow using a sakabato.

5. Yumi Komagata Death

Yumi Death Scene

As Shishio’s body hits its limit and is at death’s door, Yumi Komagata steps between Kenshin and Shishio. She  tries to plead Kenshin to spare Shishio however, Shishio decides to impale the both of them. This is probably the saddest scene in the entire anime, and no one said that sad moments can’t deserve a spot in a best moments list. Her death hits harder if you read the manga or watched the OVA regarding Kenshin’s past lover, if you haven’t yet, you should at least see that point of the OVA.

4. The Good Ending

Kenshin's Last Scene

Unaired scene where Kenshin is reflecting on his life so far as he stares over at a sleeping Kaoru. The scene fast forwards and we see Kenshin and Kaoru married with their son, Kenji. My mind has decided that this is the canon ending and whatever happened to Kenshin in the last OVA never happened. I think after everything he's been through the guy deserves to be happy and surrounded with the people he loves. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the 3rd season of the anime but if they give us an ending where Kenshin is doing okay, then I will wholeheartedly accept it.

3. Kenshin vs Saito

Kenshin vs Saito Fight Scene

Originally Saito only wanted to test  Kenshin if he is strong enough to stand against Shishio, but due to the slow awakening of Kenshin’s past self as the Battousai, his old rivalry with Kenshin from the revolution sparks to life, making him fight more seriously. Saito’s superior appears and manages to stop the battle from continuing. 

While we’ve seen Kenshin’s alter ego come out back and forth in previous episodes this was probably the farthest gone he’s been—even Kaoru couldn’t stop him. Kenshin manages to snap himself out of it by punching his face. The drama in these episodes are well welcomed and a great way to enter the second season.

2. Kenshin Vs Cho (Kenshin’s New Sword)

Kenshin vs Cho Scene

In an effort to save Iori, even with a huge disadvantage without his sword, Kenshin faces Cho. Seiku hands him his father’s last masterpiece without knowing what type of blade it is. With the new blade, Kenshin manages to beat Cho and thought he had broken his vow to not kill. However, he comes to realize the last sword forged by Shakku is another sakabato.

We see that Kenshin is actually willing to break his vow if pushed hard enough. He had no idea that the blade was a reversed blade sword and even briefly believed it was a normal sword. Good thing for him he gets to keep his vow and his new blade will now help him keep it and grant him the ability  to protect the people he cares about.

1. Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki Against Shishio

Kenshin uses the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki on Shishio Scene

Both Kenshin and Shishio decide to use their ultimate attack against the other. Shishio thinks he has the upper hand but he did not expect the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki creates a vacuum that can draw Shishio closer to Kenshin, allowing Kenshin to hit Shishio with the full force of the attack. The battle itself is a pretty good moment but I think what really made it stand out was Kenshin’s final blow against Shishio—this attack did not kill the main villain due to Kenshin using a sakabato, the attack wasn’t enough to do Shishio in. He did die due to his body reaching his limit a few moments later.

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