[Top 10] Anime with Assassins

Anime with Assassins
Korosensei (the hot new teacher from Assassination Classroom)

10. Black Cat 

Young Train Heartnet may look average, but his mindset is far from normal. He’s secretly an assassin working for the organization referred to as “Chronos”. He has no interest in relationships, pleasure, or even hobbies. Cold-hearted and indifferent, that all changes when he meets Lady Saya. She’s a bounty hunter, but unlike Train she’s able to live like other people. An incident results in Train rethinking his own life. And he restarts it by actually making some friends. 

Train Heartnet 

9. Akame ga Kill! 

Tatsumi wants nothing more than to help his village, on the brink of death from starvation. He hopes travelling to the Capitol will solve this problem. However, he runs into an even bigger one when he realizes how corrupted the Capitol really is. He almost ends up a victim to its injustice. Thankfully, he is saved by a group known as Night Raid. They are a secret band of assassins who take down the Capitol one corrupt person at a time. 


8. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens 

On the surface, the city of Fukuoka is a lovely place. But under its peaceful appearance is a world ridden with crime. There are the killers. The detectives. The revenge seekers. Pretty much shades of gray individuals who feel this is their way of seeking justice. However, somewhere in the city, there is the one known as the “killer of professional killers”, coming to out them all. 

Yes, our main character loves tonkotsu ramen. It’s all in the title. 

7. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 

In this world, it’s like one big Robert DeNiro franchise. It’s a mafia world, ruled by the strongest family known as the Vongola. It’s current boss is set for retirement, but must seek the perfect replacement. Teenager Tsunayoshi is a failing student with no friends, and miserably crushing on a girl in his class. His pathetic life turns around when he is met by Reborn, an infamous hitman with a doll-like appearance. Reborn was sent by Vongola to shape Tsunayoshi into becoming the mafia world’s next leader. 

Killer cute 

6. Baccano! 

1930s Chicago, where mafias practically run the show. Among gangsters and hoodlums, there is one bloodlust assassin who gets the job done. He seems like an average guy on the surface, but deep down he enjoys his job. Well, both of his jobs. He’s a conductor on the Flying Pussyfoot, and he’s about to leave a trail of blood. 

What, no guns? Every mafia franchise always has guns! 

5. Assassins Pride  

Humanity has forever changed and dwindled since the world was invested with lycanthropes. The city-state of Flandore is still productive, protected by glass domes and an underground system. There the nobility and the common class are separated, with the former able to fight the lycanthropes with the superhuman essence known as mana. Melida Angel, born from a noble father and a commoner mother, has still not found her mana yet. Her grandfather enlists the assistance of assassin Kufa Vampir. He’s tasked with tutoring Melida and seeing if she does qualify as a member of her father’s side. If she still can’t find her mana...then Kufa must assassinate her. While that is an order, Kufa does see potential in her, something her own family is unable to see. 

Kufa Vampir (male) and Melida Angel

4. Gunslinger Girls 

In Italy, there is a secret agency that saves little girls from death thanks to cybernetic technology. The catch? Every little girl is trained to become an assassin. Small, innocent-looking, and the least likely to cause suspicion, they are the perfect candidates. However, despite the brainwashing and violence, they are still children. Five girls will struggle with their innocence. While in the face of their organization, they are supposed to be nothing more than merciless killers. 


3. Akuma no Riddle 

Myojou Academy is not your average girls‘ boarding school. The girls may seem charming and innocent, but they are all assassins in training. Their latest “assignment”? Kill Haru Ichinose. Transfer student Tokaku wants to rise to the top, so she also sets her sights on Haru. Although he’s her target, what she didn’t plan on was slowly falling for him. Can she really go through her mission? Or will she listen to her heart? 

Hell. No. 

2. Assassination Classroom 

In a mix of comedy, justice, and just plain WTF, an entire classroom has to kill their teacher. He just destroyed the moon (seriously?), and now he’s plotting to destroy the Earth. Well, unless the kids can destroy him first. Remember those days in class where they would teach you to say no to guns and crap? Well, this class throws those lessons straight out the window. However, it’s really hard to kill this guy (and not because he’s some smiley-faced octopus freak of nature). He’s actually the best teacher ever. And they thought exams were difficult…

Hated villain. Beloved teacher. 

1. Darker than Black 

Hell’s Gate is a mysterious place many have been trying to figure out for years. It just appeared in Tokyo out of nowhere. Along with that, the world of psychics and paranormal rose. Hei is among them, pretty much the best one there is. Along with his blind associate, together they work and rival with several agencies who are determined to unveil Hell’s Gate. 

I...would have a f*cking breakdown if I saw this coming right at me. 

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